rustic hinge


1988 lp uk reckless records reck3

1970 studio recording

  android funnel: guitar
  peter pavli: bass, cello
  drachen theaker: drums, percussion
  tony hill: guitar
  bruce langhorn: mellotron
  simon house: violin
  charles x: drums
  arthur brown: vocals

produced by android funnel and drachen theaker 

side one

  1. t on the lawn for 3   (a.funnel, d.theaker)
    1. excitation wavelength
    2. litmus transformation
    3. opus pocus
    4. crystallized petard
    5. kinesis
    6. but that was then that was but
  2. last time  (a.funnel, d.theaker)

side two

  1. high tide play rustic hinge   (a.funnel, d.theaker)
  2. rumanian folk dance no. 1   (b.bartok)
  3. macedonia   (p.pavli, d.theaker)
  4. radio kabul   (d.theaker)
  5. rumanian folk dance no. 2   (b.bartok)
  6. mastadon   (a.funnel, p.pavli, d.theaker)