omnibus wind ensemble

music by frank zappa
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2001 sacd sweden opus 3 cd 19423


all compositions by frank zappa, except 'bolero' by maurice ravel

  1. inca roads (arr.per-erik adamsson)

  2. how could i be such a fool (arr.per-erik adamsson)

  3. revised music for low budget orchestra (arr.lars-erik lidstroem)

  4. let's make the water turn black (arr.gunnar persson)

  5. the black page no 2 (arr.per-erik adamsson)

  6. no. 7 (arr.lars-erik lidstroem)

  7. igor's boogie (arr.per-erik adamsson)

  8. be-bop tango (arr.lars-erik lidstroem)

  9. alien orifice (arr.lars-erik lidstroem)

  10. dog breath variations (arr.leif hallden)

  11. uncle meat (arr.leif hallden)

  12. sinister footwear, 2nd movement (arr.gunnar persson)

  13. brown shoes don't make it (arr.per-erik adamsson)

  14. peaches en regalia (arr.lars-erik lidstroem)

  15. bolero (arr.lars-erik lidstroem)