the lama home band

eppe komoke

1997 k7 bel lama tapes 009

recorded between may 1989 and april 1997

  d.d.: voice, guitars, casio, sampler, mouthstuff, tam-tams, dumbells & click-frog
  k.k.: drums, voice, synths, tapes & adds, rhythmbox, korg, bassguitar, flute, xylo &
  j.phlitman: trumpet & sneeze on a2
  m.pingpongballooon: phony voice on b5
  situation: tapes on a5 & b5
  irma v.: mental assistance & marzipan in the morning


  1. tim and his bee
  2. your father is the discountman
  3. morse line fever
  4. we stole your direction
  5. moe is den teid heine?
  6. fuster claws
  7. call of the child
  8. irma v. extract 1: "dinner"
  9. those dirty trucks
  10. closing the door


  1. i lost the animal
  2. bruno dusar 25
  3. when i see mauriske
  4. a branduardi in the fridge
  5. phone captain zero
  6. in the old systems of modern bog
  7. train
  8. kikia
  9. the monsters of snarling part 2 (excerpt)