the sina keuning quintet
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     From Black Page magazine
The Sina Keuning Quintet consists of Sina Keuning (vocal), Arne Bohnet (digit piano), Mike Kidson (soprano + alto sax, percussion & vocal), Jan Roeper (drums, percussion, harmonica, etc) and Allan Wilcox (double bass).  Sina and Jan are Dutch, Arne is German and Mike and Allan are English. This no-border approach does reflect in the music: three compositions by band-members (two by Sina Keuning and one by Jan Roeper), four standards (Monk's Mood, Autumn Leaves, How High The Moon and Frank Zappa's Blessed Relief) and one Knopfler composition (Romeo and Juliet).
Add to this the fact that Sina not only sings Dutch and English but also Frisian and the result becomes even more colourful.  The album sounds very relaxed and I enjoy listening to it again and again.  The band only consists of five and all the participating musicians contribute in a very specific, essential way.  Sina Keuning's voice blends in perfectly with the instruments, especially with Mike Kidson's sax playing.  And I guess it's Jan Roeper's drumming that's responsible for the laid back feeling.  I did mention that the album includes a superb coverversion of Frank Zappa's Blessed Relief, didn't I?

contact: NL /  Allan
contact: UK / Mike 00..44.151.727.5658

-- peter van laarhoven

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The Mike Kidson mentioned in this entry must be the Mike Kidson from 'The Muffin Men'.