pierrejean gaucher

zappe zappa
    - all frank zappa compositions

1998 cd fr siesta records sta 980214

pierrejean gaucher: guitar
éric löhrer: guitar
bobby rangell: sax, flute, vocals
andré charlier: drums
daniel yvinec: bass

  1. heavy duty judy (frank zappa)
  2. cosmik debris (frank zappa)
  3. the purple lagoon  (frank zappa)
  4. sofa / eric dolphy's barbecue (frank zappa)
  5. let's move to cleveland (frank zappa)
  6. welcome to the u.s.a. (frank zappa)
  7. sinister footwear / uncle meat (frank zappa)
  8. yo mama... (frank zappa)
  9. the idiot bastard son (frank zappa)
  10. dupree's paradise (frank zappa)
  11. inca roads (frank zappa)
  12. pygmy twylyte (frank zappa)
  13. medley (frank zappa)
  14. strictly genteel (frank zappa)