doctor dark

metal men
  - all compositions by don van vliet or frank zappa

2006 cdr usa private release

recorded on 2005/10/16 in concert at ’toad’s place’, new haven, ct, usa

doctor dark
  bill saunders: vocals, chantar, slide whistle
  joe nolan: guitar
  travis moody: guitar
  warren brelsford: bass
  eric slick: drums
  steve aseta: alto saxophone 12

all songs by don van vliet, except tracks 1 & 12 by frank zappa

  1. metal man has won his wings
  2. plastic factory
  3. i'm gonna booglarize you, baby
  4. smithsonian institute blues
  5. moonlight on vermont
  6. safe as milk
  7. dropout boogie
  8. veteran's day poppy
  9. electricity
  10. the dust blows forward and the dust blows back
  11. sun zoom spark
  12. the torture never stops