alternative tv

in control
    - incl. 'why don't you do me right' & 'plastic people' (frank zappa)

2006 cd usa anarchy music ary 8068


mark perry, steve carter, lee mcfadden, tyrone thomas, grahame hullett, john isaac, siobhan devigneau, dave morgan and greg anderson

  1. total switch off
  2. now i wanna sniff some glue
  3. good times
  4. in control
  5. why don't you do me right (zappa)
  6. never going to give you up
  7. visions
  8. it's raining
  9. plastic people (zappa)
  10. at war
  11. urban kids
  12. you never know
  13. on you knees
  14. company oflies
  15. revolutio
  16. back to basics
  17. splitting in two