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Knack Focus
Better sound in small packages
Gibson SG
Cucamonga radio show
The Keneallist 2006 05 25
The Guitar Collector CD
Bogus Pomp
Viva Zappa
Zappanale disc two and three
The Spring String Quartet
Absolute Ensemble setlist
Carneyball Johnson
Fattore Zeta  /  The Grand Wazoo
The Amsterdam Percussion Group & Terry Bozzio
ZpZ at Düsseldorf
The Keneallist
The Residents
WM Recordings
Cal Schenkel
Andre Cholmondeley 2006 05 19
Bob Harris
Zappa Bootleg Book
Steve Vai
Mad Kap
Captain Beefheart bootleg
Pictures of an exhibition
Pierrejean Gaucher on tour
The Wrong Object 2006 05 newsletter
Guitar Collector 2006 03
1968 - One Year and its 20 Songs
The Cobham - Duke Band
Electric Don Quixote
André Cholmondeley 2006 05 09 part two
Sheik Yerbouti
Zappanale Disc One
André Cholmondeley 2006 05 09 part one
The Wrong Object
Acid Mothers Temple
John Trubee
Allan Holdsworth & Vinnie Colaiuta
The Great Kat
The Idiot Bastard Son Of T'Mershi Duween
The Grande Mothers Re:Invented
New Zappa bootleg
Sul Divano
Eugene Chadbourne
De Nieuwe Popmuziek
Mario Mariani
Project/Object Setlists
Weirdo Naffn
Der Deal
Frogg Cafe
Kilissa Cissoko
Chris Opperman - 2006 05 02
Joe Conti
The Penderecki String Quartet
Brother A.West
The Oregon Percussion Ensemble
Sotto Voce Tuba Quartet
The Peabody Wind Ensemble
Magazine Covers
L'Atelier de Percussion de l'Université de Montréal
Obscuria Records
ZpZ in NYC
Vinnie Colaiuta
Don Sugarcane Harris
Ahmet Zappa
Another new Zappa bootleg
The Residents on YouTube
Festival de Valbonne – 1970/07/25
Pierrejean Gaucher
Zappanale schedule changes
And here are some dates that you shouldn't forget about:
Mothers Day Music Festival
Zappa Project in Estonia
2nd Festival de l'Alambic Electrique
Eugene Chadbourne on Tour
Zappa Plays Zappa - the dates
Zappanale 17
the April 2006 newsletter can be found at thebignotefiles - 2006/04

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Short bits:

 * * * Two new Zappa bootleg CDs have been announced: "Volare" and "Synclavier Music". This latter one might be the Resolver & Brutality recording that turned up recently. * * *
 * * *  Hans Vandenburg's latest project is called Dierenpark. They have an album out, called "Slip-Tong" on which you can hear a 'Peaches En Regalia' intro drum roll for about two seconds... * * * 
 * * * Jan Donkers wrote a book called "Mijn Muziek" (My Music) that includes a 9-page chapter on Zappa & the Mothers Of Invention. The back of the book has a picture of FZ on it. * * * 
* * * The Ed Palermo Big Band has a new album scheduled on Cuneiform, called "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance" - all Zappa material * * *

nieuwe duke:

in a mellow mood




  • knack focus
        (2006/05/24, mag, belgium)

    • Knack Focus, the Knack supplement, edition May 24, included an illustration as a promo for the Zappa plays Zappa tour.
      • Illustration by Karl.


  • humo
        (2006/05/16, mag, belgium)

    • The May 16 issue of weekly Belgian magazine Humo included a four-page article on the Zappa plays Zappa tour.
      • "Zappa & zonen: de rechtmatige erfgenamen over leven en dood met Frank" by Jurgen Beckers;
      • "Frank Zappa: een handleiding" by CP & SVB.

Better Sound in Small Packages

posted at affz by hoodoo

Better Sound in Small Packages

Published: May 25, 2006

Not long ago, Pamela Henning, an executive at a New York-based film company, listened to her music over an expensive stereo system loaded with 2,000 of her favorite CD's. But, she said recently, it was a bit too much to handle. She bought a five-CD changer, later replaced with a single-CD player. Eventually, she chucked it all.

"I found the old-world technology so time-consuming," said Ms. Henning, senior vice president for integrated marketing for the Weinstein Company.

She decided to transfer all of her music, from Shirley Bassey to Trane, onto Apple iPods, and then back up the iPods on a hard drive, backed up by a second hard drive.

Finally, her music was portable and quickly accessible. And when she wanted to listen in her Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan, she often snapped one of her four iPods into a stereo docking system.

There was just one drawback, she noted: the musical experience was not as rich as the one her old stereo provided.

With the popularity of iPods and other hand-held digital music players - 140 million were sold worldwide last year - many consumers have made a similar compromise, trading music fidelity for portability. The era of big-box home loudspeakers with broad-shouldered stereo amplifiers and their full-bodied sound has been overtaken by microchip-driven miniaturization and home theater systems that tend to be optimized for listening to movies, not music.

"The thing that has changed is the consumers' perspective of what they expect from audio," said Dweezil Zappa, the 36-year-old musician who is performing the music of his late father, Frank Zappa, for new audiences. "I think younger consumers aren't familiar at all with really high-quality audio because for them a CD is the best thing they have ever heard."

But innovation is restless, suggested Mahesh Sundaram, vice president for marketing for Audistry, an Australian-based audio company established early this year as a subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories.

He said technologies that helped put consumers' music at their fingertips could also be used to make that music sound much better than what many have grown accustomed to. "Their reference point is going to shift dramatically," he noted.

The goal, many audio experts say, is to improve sound quality both on portable devices and in the living room. The methods are taking different paths. In some instances, digital technologies are being applied to a new crop of audio components, including speakers, headphones and portable music players, to enhance existing audio recordings. Other approaches include attempts to create richer, fuller recordings in studios and in live performances.

Major audio electronics companies like Creative and SRS Labs, along with Audistry, are increasingly turning to psychoacoustic technologies, which manipulate sound waves to convince listeners that they are hearing much more than they actually are.

Others, like the chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, are investing in supporting PC-like platforms to help musicians, recording studio engineers and producers to capture, store and mix music more accurately. Charlie Boswell, director of Advanced Micro's digital media and entertainment group in Austin, Tex., said the goal was recordings that sound vastly better and computer-driven technologies that do not get in the way of the artistic process.

For example, equipment using Advanced Micro's latest dual Opteron processor was used last month in New York to record the Jammys, an awards event honoring live music performances. Mr. Boswell said the program, which included, among others, Peter Frampton, Dweezil Zappa and Richie Havens, would be available in the fall on a special 5.1 surround-sound DVD (using five speakers and a subwoofer).

The DVD, as well as a series of others made with Advanced Micro chips, can be played in any DVD player but is best appreciated on higher-end music and home-theater systems, offering nuances, warmth and dynamics often not found in live recordings, whether on CD or vinyl, Mr. Boswell said.

Frank Filipetti, a Grammy-winning studio engineer and producer, said he was so impressed with the audio possibilities of DVD's that he is pushing for the recording industry to use them exclusively and phase out CD's. DVD's have enough storage capacity for an album's worth of uncompressed music on them; CD's require compression, though not as much as MP3's and other formats read by digital audio players.

"Why shouldn't the listener at home hear what I hear in here?" Mr. Filipetti said during an interview in a Midtown Manhattan studio while playing back a Frank Zappa track he was readying for a new collection.

But companies that work mostly with compressed music say much can still be done to make it sound better. "We are trying to add back a layer of quality, a layer of experience that people don't realize that they are missing," said Chris Bennett, president of Audistry.

One of his company's offerings is a "sound space expander." Its purpose, Mr. Bennett said, is to convince listeners that music played from speakers that have very little physical separation from one another, as in portable stereos and many music docking stations, sound as if they do. By using a series of proprietary algorithms that will run on the system's microprocessors, Audistry technologies create an impression that the sound is being heard from widely separated speakers, Mr. Bennett said.

At the same time, the technology creates what Audistry calls a "wide stereo image," meaning the space between the music's instruments also seems to widen without distorting vocals at the center of the mix.

Some of the first consumer products using Audistry audio enhancements are going on sale in the United States this month. Among them is the SD-SP10, a 2.1 home audio-video system by Sharp Electronics. The system will cost $350, said Sharp said.

Similarly, Creative Technology, the Singapore-based digital audio pioneer, is turning attention to improving sound quality in consumer products, said Steve Erickson, general manager and vice president for Creative audio products. Last year, Creative released its Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity processor, which is armed with 51 million transistors and is 24 times as powerful as the company's previous audio chip, Mr. Erickson said.

A number of versions of the sound card with varying abilities are available for use in PC's, ranging in price from $130 to $400. But this year Creative's audio enhancement technologies are migrating to a broader range of applications and products. For example, aspects of its digital signal processing abilities could be applied to stereo headphones to create a more natural three-dimensional sound than current headphones can, Mr. Erickson said.

SRS Labs, with its headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif., offers what David Frerichs, the company's executive vice president for strategic marketing and corporate development, calls a "whole eco-system of things we do to leverage our experience" with high-quality audio technologies.

One of the company's newest advances is SRS Mobile HD, designed for digital broadcast and downloads. The technology also enables headphones made for mobile phones and portable media devices to play audio in 5.1 surround sound.

SRS said the technology was so new that it had not yet been licensed to any manufacturers. But one of its similar technologies, called SRS WOW HD, is integrated into a number of consumer products, including a range of MP3 players by Samsung and Alienware.

Like many consumers, Ms. Henning, the film company executive, said she was not overly concerned with the details. She only wants to get the best sound she can with the ease of pressing a button.

Mr. Bennett of Audistry said he was confident that the electronics industry could deliver on that. But he cautioned that consumers should listen not just to claims, but to the approaching waves of improved audio.

"Nothing," he said, "speaks louder than someone hearing it themselves."



You've probably seen the article as it was mentioned on the zappa newsgroup a couple of days ago, but if you haven't, it's nice reading. And it has an impressive video fragment as well.

So Dweezil's new album is coming out next month...

If only they brought the Roxy DVD along on the tour, or the Trance-Fusion album... They would have sold a couple of thousand copies every night.
Maybe it'll be ready in a couple of days... Just in time for the Brussels concert...





Here's a transcript of the Ahmet Zappa interview that got broadcast on the Cucamonga radio show on Belgian radio one on 2006 05 22


* * * FRANK ZAPPA : The Uncle Frankie show (Joe's xmasage)
label/referentie: VAULTernative/import/VR20051 - 

* * * FRANK ZAPPA : Mr. Clean (alternate mix) (Joe's xmasage) 
label/referentie: VAULTernative/import/VR20051 - 

Mr. Clean en dat kwam uit Joe's xmasage, een eind vorig jaar verschenen cd met allerlei rariteiten uit de prille beginjaren van Frank Zappa. Deze versie van Mr. Clean bijvoorbeeld dateert van 1963. Echt wel stuff voor Zappafielen dus! Maar er kwam nog een tweede nieuwe plaat uit met archiefmuziek van Frank Zappa: Imaginary diseases, verre van zijn beste, maar toch al wel voor een iets ruimer publiek. Straks hoor je daar wat uit, nu eerst Zappa plays Zappa, de avond rond Frank Zappa die dinsdag 30 mei plaatsheeft in Vorst Nationaal. Er zijn wel meer groepen die muziek van Frank Zappa spelen, maar het bijzondere aan dit concert is dat het van en met zijn beide zonen is. En ik moet zeggen: ze zijn heel zeker van hun stuk! 

AHMET ZAPPA: If you're a pre-existing Zappa fan it's pretty important in your life to listen to music that is creative and satisfying. If Frank fills that need in your life chances are you haven't seen people play his music in the last ten years as accurately as my brother and I are going to do it. Plus this is the first Zappa-approved Zappa concert. For reasons that are really hard to explain emotionally for us, being the sons of Frank and mourning his loss, it couldn't have happen before. I just think the time is right to let Frank's voice and his music and showcase what his sense of humour was like. Because my brother and I also have our father's sense of humour, so... 

Dat was Ahmet Zappa. Hij en zijn broer zullen er uiteraard bij zijn in Brussel, naast onder meer Steve Vai, Terry Bozio en Napoleon Murphy Brock, allemaal ouwe gedienden en zelfs Zappafreaks zullen dus met wat nostalgie gaan kijken. Maar Ahmet en Dweezil willen daar liefst niet van weten. 

AHMET ZAPPA: It's not a nostalgia tour! It's really a celebration of Frank's work. We're going to try to showcase his earliest records to his latest, the last records he recorded. So in doing that my brother and I we've picked our favourite songs and what we think are the fans' favourites. We're going to have three months of rehearsal, like my father had, to try to twiddle down from the seventy songs that we really like try to get about forty that we can play as best as humanly possible, up to Frank Zappa standard. In figuring all this out we thought it would be nice some of Frank's ex-band mates, people that my brother and I really respect and  obviously grew up loving, to come out on the road with us. Let's just say: if you're a Zappa fan and you wish that a certain band member of Frank was coming on the road, like someone you really think is one of your favourites, chances are he'll probably be there and make an appearance, at least at one of our shows. We are trying to have a bunch of special surprises and before the concert there isn't going to be an opening act, but what we will have, is a little documentary that kind of explains who Frank is and what his music is really about, who he is as a composer. Because that's what Frank really was: all of his songs were composed. They were very difficult and they're all written out. He was just an exceptional musician. It's not simple music to play. I think people will be excited to see the documentary and then hear some kick-ass musicians rock the mike. 

* * * FRANK ZAPPA : Father O'Blivion (Imaginary diseases)
label/referentie: Zappa/import/ZR 20001 - 

Father O'Blivion, Frank Zappa live in 1972. Het kwam uit de nieuwe cd Imaginary diseases. De Zappadagen nog eens herbeleven kan dus met Zappa plays Zappa op dinsdag 30 mei in Vorst Nationaal.


THE KENEALLIST, May 25, 2006: Guitar Therapy CD/DVD Shipping Now!

MySpace page -featuring extensive MK bloggage: <>

Usenet newsgroup: <>

Hey everybody -- the Guitar Therapy Live CD/DVD special edition is finally a concrete reality and is now shipping! Those of you who pre-ordered will get your hands on it during the next few days. Those of you who've been waiting until the thing actually existed before ordering, your time has come. <> is your friend for this sort of thing. Hope you all like the album and DVD -- we're very pleased and we think you'll have a good time with it.

Some live dates are coming up of varying sorts in varying locations -- starting with an appearance by me this weekend as a special guest in a comedy show in LA (I'll be music-ing, and perhaps comedy-ing as well), then on to a few duet shows with me and Bryan Beller including dates in New York and Baltimore, and then a couple of Keneally Band appearances (featuring Nick D'Virgilio on drums) later in June. All the details are yours, HERE:

Mike Keneally will be a special guest at
The Tomorrow Show
a comedy/music stage show which happens every Saturday at midnight
starring Craig Anton, Ron Lynch and Brendon Small
Saturday, May 27, 2006 * The Steve Allen Theater * at the Center for Inquiry-West * 4773 Hollywood Blvd.
(at Berendo, 2 blocks west of Vermont. Free parking in the rear.)
Hollywood, CA 90027-5333 * $5.00 * Info: Call Amit at 323-666-4268

2006/06/03 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Coda', nyc, ny, usa
Showtime: 8:00 p.m., Doors open: 7:00 p.m. * 34 East 34th Street * New York, NY 10016 * $15 advance, $20 at the door
Age 18 and over admitted * Info: 212-685-3434

2006/06/04 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Orion Sound Studios', baltimore, md, usa
Showtime: 7:00 p.m., Doors open: 6:30 p.m. * 2903 Whittington Ave., Suite C * Baltimore, MD 21230 * $15 at the door
All ages admitted * Info: 410-646-7334

2006/06/15 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller * Taylor Guitar Clinic 'Sam Ash', westminster, ca, usa
Thursday, June 15, 2006, 7:00 p.m. * 14200 Beach Blvd. * Westminster, CA 92683 * Admission Free! * Info: 714-899-2122

2006/06/17 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', studio city, ca, usa
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West * Studio City, CA 91604 * Doors open at 7:00 p.m. * Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. * Tickets $20
Info: 818-980-1615

2006/06/19 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - Taylor Guitar Clinic 'Sam Ash', cerritos, ca, usa
Monday, June 19, 2006, 7:00 p.m. * 12651 Artesia Blvd. * Cerritos, CA 90703 * Admission Free! * Info: 562-468-1107

2006/06/20 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - Taylor Guitar Clinic 'Sam Ash', city of industry, ca, usa
 7:00 p.m. * 18031 Gale Ave. * City of Industry, CA 91748 * Admission Free! * Info: 626-839-8177

2006/06/24 Mike Keneally Band - concert "La Jolla Festival of the Arts", UCSD's East Campus, La Jolla, CA 92037
(on the corner of Genesee Ave. & Regents Rd.) * Festival opens at 9:00 a.m. * MKB show: noon to 2:00 p.m. * Tickets $10, kids under 10 free
Info: 858-456-1268

Otherwise -- work continues on the Mike Keneally/Bryan Beller acoustic album. I've been concentrating on the new songs for that album over the last couple of weeks (titles include Hallmark, Land, Sickness and Dah Dun Daah -- we've also recorded Never Ever Wrong and Li'l which, while they're from the same time frame as Dog, didn't make it onto that album). So the acoustic album will probably be about a 50/50 balance of new material and new looks at old material. It's pretty nice.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff but we'll survive. Check out the blog at <> if you would enjoy doing such a thing, and keep an eye on <> because I just got a seriously driving urge to update the discography there. As the kids and elders say, wish me luck!

Have healthy foods!





I mentioned French "Guitar Collector" magazine earlier in this newsletter. The March issue had an huge Zappa special.
As I said before the magazine also included a 12-page guitar style study by  Max-Pol Delvaux, and that's what I want to talk about right now.

The audio discs presents 25 audio examples. No Zappa pieces, but Zappa-eque licks and musical fragments showcasing Zappa's guitar style.
Max-Pol did a great job. It's like one big puzzle.

'Black Napkins', 'Florentine Pogen', 'Pygmy Twylyte', 'Tell Me You Love Me', 'Outside Now', 'Son Of Orange County', 'Packard Goose', 'Sinister Footwear', ...
They're all there.





plays the music of


2006/06/03 - 9 p.m.- 1 a.m.

at Freebird Live
200 N. First St.,
Jacksonville Beach
$10.       246-BIRD

and a special Memorial Weekend bonus:

It's time once again for the 14th annual Memorial Day Weekend Meltdown. Friday the 26th from 10pm-2am featuring 4 hours of Frank Zappa. You can listen live on Requests are strongly suggested.



  • various artists: carvin - 60 years in the making
        (2006, dvd-promo, usa, carvin)
    • Guitar & amplifier builder Carvin has been in business for 60 years, and celebratest this with a promotional DVD.
      Highlights include a 30-minute (!!) Steve Vai interview in which Steve discusses his entire career, including his audition with Zappa and what it was like to play in Zappa's band.
      Furthermore, the disc also presents some clips from Vai's latest tour. Just great.
      Also quite unbelievable is Allan Holdsworth's interview, with Allan showing his skills on the guitar.

      I wouldn't know where you can find a copy of this disc. I got my copy from Michael. (thanks again Michael !)
      But if you see it somewhere, try to get it. It's amazing.



Viva Zappa performed an all-Zappa concert at the 'Le Bal Du Lézard' in Québec, Canada, March 4, 2006.

  • Alain Giguère, drums and vocals

  • Steve, alto sax

  • Nico, percussions and vocals

  • Alain Audet, Guitar, Harmonica and vocals

  • Clément Duhamel, bass

  • André Michaud, Vocals Guitar and Harmonica


  • 2006/03/04 concert 'le bal du lézard', québec, canada

    • intro * stinkfoot * hungry freaks daddy * mr green genes * camarillo brillo * bobby brown * find her finer * joe's garage / why does it hurt when i pee * black napkins * lonesome cowboy medley * apostrophe * take off your clothes when you dance / let's make the water turn black / idiot bastard son * cocaine decisions * lumpy gravy theme / harry you're a beast / what's the ugliest of your body * king kong



A couple of days ago, I was talking to a couple of German Zappa Freaks and asked them if they were going to Zappanale. I couldn't convince them into coming, despite the fact that they really would like to see Belew...

Listening to Zappanale 16 disc two sure made me happy that I was there. Saturday, August 6, 2005, was another memorable day for Zappanale. The selection that you can hear on this disc is as good as it gets: the Low Budget Orchestra (from Poland), Doctor Dark (from the States) and the Metropolis Orchestra (from Italy) played some great Zappa stuff.
The Low Budget Orchestra played a very powerful set. Fusion-like. Great guitar & a great horn section. Loved it.
Doctor Dark did a Beefheart set, but also threw in a couple of Zappa tunes. Excellent. & a very strong performance.
The Metropolis Orchestra took the jazzy angle: Blessed Relief, King Kong, ...

Disc three includes the Zappin' Buzz Band (from Switzerland), The YaHozna Band (from the Czech Republic), the NDR Big Band (from Germany), Judy4 (from Poland), Bogus Pomp (from the States) and the Paul Green School Of Rock kids.
The Zappin' Buzz Band is pure theatre. But without the visual aspects, the band is still convincing.
The YaHozna Band was the Zappanale Discovery. I really liked their set, and this recording proves why.
The NDR Big Band needs not introduction. You have their Zappa album, ... Essential stuff.
And I've always wanted to see Bogus Pomp live. Headlining. One of the best Zappa coverbands around.

It's a pity that the Zappa Family Trust holds these sort of performances in contempt.
Don't get me wrong, the Zappa plays Zappa tour is great. I've already seen a couple of the shows, and I'll go to another one next week, but don't tell the Melomaniac that this is all that he should listen to, or that this is the 'one and only' real thing.
It's bands like Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo, the Muffin Men, Project/Object, the Metropolis Orchestra, the Grand Wazoo and Bogus Pomp that have kept Zappa's spirit alive all these years.




The Spring String Quartet performed Frank Zappa's 'Dirty Love' in concert. It was part of a performance of an event which was entitled " Adriane Muttenthaler & Criss Cross & Spring String Quartet", 'Dirty Love' was performed more or less by the Spring String Quartet.

  • Christian Wirth: violin
  • Marcus Wall: violin

  • Julian Gillesberger: viola

  • Stephan Punderlitschek: cello

info: Hasi


  • 2005/09/23 Kristian Järvi's Absolute Ensemble featuring MK and NMB "ABSOLUTE ZAPPA®" - concert 'selectra', bozen, italy
    • Absolute Ensemble, conductor Kristjan Jarvi
    • filthy habits * don't you ever wash that thing? * dog meat variations * inca roads * while you were art 1 * teenage prostitute version 1 * planet of the baritone women * g-spot tornado * uncle remus * t'mershi duween * catholic girls * muffin man * dirty love * outside now * revised music for low budget symphony orchestra * theme from lumpy gravy * rdnzl * duke of prunes * cosmik debris * packard goose * montana * peaches en regalia * teenage prostitute version 2


  • carneyball johnson: carneyball johnson
        (2006, cd, usa, akron cracker records ac-602)
    • Put Ralph Carney, Kimo Ball and Scott Johnson together and you've got a nice name for a band. Add Alan Whitman and you've got one superb musical quartet.
      Their untitled first album kicks off with 'Willie vs. the Pimp (variations on a theme)' and immediately sets the tone: groovy horns, nice improvisations, a psychelic guitar and the lyrics recited as a poem. Superb version !! Zappa would have liked it.
      Next up is 'Interstellar Low-ways / Watusa'. This Sun Ra composition is another highlight on this disc: excellent improvisations against a groovy background. Really great. I had my kids dance to it.
      The party goes on with 'Ska-ing West'. You know it from Sir Lord Comic and his Cowboys. Fun.
      Other classics that get the Carneyball Johnson treatment: the Cream's 'White Room'; the unrecognisable 'Over, Under, Sideways, Down' from the Yardbirds; 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White', the mambo classic; Thelonious Monk's 'Jackie-ing' (another highlight!!) and Desmond Dekker's 'Intensified Festival '68'.
      What I really like about Carneyball Johnson is that they take their time to explore the compositions that they are playing. They look at it from every possible angle and toy around with it, resulting in both very funny moments and impressive improvisations.
    • As I said, this is excellent stuff. A must-have!




May 27, 2005, Italy held its "Uncle Meeting 2005", including two concerts: one by Fattore Zeta, and another one by The Grand Wazoo.

Recordings of these concerts have recently been made available through the Zappateers site.

  • 2005/05/27 Fattore Zeta - concert HB, Mestre VE Italy
    • Jacopo Giusti: drums * Sergio Taurasi: keyboards * Giorgio Taurasi: bass * Davide Matteucci: alto sax, soprano sax * Federico Pistelli: tenore sax

    • opening * little umbrellas  * king kong  * pound for a brown * peaches en regalia * chunga’s revenge * america drinks & goes home * intro * twenty small cigars * big swifty * holiday in berlin * toads of the short forest * it must be a camel * sofa

  • 2005/05/27 The Grand Wazoo - concert HB, Mestre VE Italy

    • Luca Fattori: vocal * Michele Turrini: guitar, vocal * Luca Vecchi: Bass * Marco Belluzzi: Keyboards, vocal * Alessandro Tozzi: drums 

    • zoot allures * city of tiny lights * lucille has messed my minds up * intermezzo califano * the black page * more trouble every day * oh no * son of the  orange  county * hungry  freaks  daddy * regyptian strut * teenage wind * florentine pogen * inca roads * easy meat * muffin man

So I made an entry for Fattore Zeta as well, adding them to the Others of Invention list. Never heard of these guys before. If someone has some extra info, please drop me a line.



The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio present "Ionisation".
  • 2006/06/02 concert 'philharmonie', haarlem, nl
  • 2006/06/03 concert 'tivoli', utrecht, nl
  • 2006/06/06 concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, nl
  • 2006/06/08 concert '013', tilburg, nl

This also means that Terry will not be featured as a special guest in june in the Zappa plays Zappa tour.

  • 2006/11/15 concert 'de meerse', hoofddorp, nl
  • 2006/11/17 concert 'schouwburg', gouda, nl
  • 2006/11/18 concert 'zuiderpershuis', antwerp, belgium
  • 2006/11/19 concert 'de vest', alkmaar, nl
  • 2006/11/24 concert 'de lievekamp', oss, nl
  • 2006/11/25 concert 'de metropole', almere, nl
  • 2006/12/01 concert 'de spiegel', zwolle, nl
  • 2006/12/02 concert 'muziekgebouw aan 't ij', amsterdam, nl
  • 2006/12/04 concert 'theater aan de parade', den bosch, nl
  • 2006/12/07 concert 'lucent danstheater', den haag, nl
  • 2006/12/08 concert 'muziekcentrum', enschede, nl




Did I ever tell you about Dr.Yo?
I just found it in my "te klasseren" box.

I probly got this one from Ive. Check out the above link and listen to Dr.Yo's "Unoriginal Masters".

I like it. He also does nice things with the Residents' 'Walter Westinghouse'.


ZpZ at Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, or Dweezildorf, was the place to be on Sunday evening.

Another excellent gig, showcasing just why Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio and Napi Brock used to play with Zappa. These guys are the best.

I hope for our american friends that they get their part in the 'special guests' area as well, because these are the highlights of the show.

Only one small remark: why does it always have to be this loud?
I was seated in row 5, at the side of the row, which should be an excellent place. And yet, after the video intro, during the very first song, a lot of people that were sitting in front of me had to leave their seats because of the loudness, and I'm assuming that they had to pay good money for their tickets as well...
The deeper tones from bass and drums were way too loud and saturated the sound completely.

I thought the Amsterdam gig had been loud, but Düsseldorf actually brought pain to my ears, and that cannot be the goal of all this.

If you want to read comments and reviews, visit the zappa dot com site, click on ZpZ, go to dates and there you have it.

2006/05/21 - leaving for Düsseldorf in a little while...




Homepage since 1994:

24-hour streaming Keneally music:

Mike Keneally Band Tour Chronology: (please submit your setlists!)

Home for Mike Keneally show trading:

MySpace page -featuring extensive MK bloggage:

Usenet newsgroup:

The GUITAR THERAPY SPECIAL EDITION DVD is finally going to the manufacturer!! After many unforeseen production delays (which were as frustrating for us as they were for those of you waiting for your orders to arrive), we have made it through the tunnel and the DVD enters the manufacturing phase this week. Barring any further delays, the production and assembly phase should take about two weeks, which means we will begin shipping to you around Monday, May 29th. It will take about a week to process the pre-orders, and the rest is up to the postal services of the world.

THANK YOU profusely, one more time, to you who pre-ordered this release -- your patience is about to be rewarded with a CD and DVD which we stand behind fully as a quality bit of musical madness which we think you will enjoy to the utmost, or perhaps even utmore than that.

Thanks friends!



I'm a bit too late with these, but it still has a bit of nice info

2006 05 19

Where else would you want to be on a Friday night than listening to the silken sounds of a progressive trio like DOOT!
by the banks of the romantic Connecticut River. It's a prescription for love!

OK, maybe not... Do you feel safe knowing that the raging Connecticut is almost below floodstage and that the Buttonwood makes a nice spot to fish from if the water comes up to the curb?

DOOT! @ the Buttonwood
605 Main Street
Middletown, CT
Doors at 8pm!


OH! In case you don't believe me, here is the link to the NOAA river gauge chart for the Connecticut River in Middletown, CT.,1,1,1,1,1

Isn't it romantic.....  

2006 05 17 - News and gig info

Heya Doot-arinos!

We had a blast playing at the Voice of Cheez annual Zappafest. We were joined onstage by Kilissa Cissoko and Tom Fenton of Voice of Cheez. Kilissa knocked
out some great gutbucket sax, and Tom elevated the whole set with his guitar. Great stuff!
The gig was at Neitzsche's in Buffalo, NY.

Our set included Black Napkins, Filthy Habits, Gumbo Variations, and a rousing instrumental version of Jimi Hendrix's "Spanish Castle Magic", among others. Doot! triumphed over a few brain related technical difficulties and managed not to be clubbed to death by expert soundguy Kenny Mags.
It was Win-Win!

The gig wouldn't have been complete without extenuating circumstances, would it? No. The Buffalo Sabres were playing the Ottowa Senators over in Ottowa! So
the big question was: would folks come out after the game, and would more come out if the Sabres won or lost?!
(this is NHL Hockey, FYI)

Well, the Sabres won! Go Sabres! And the Zappa freaks came out in force. Voice of Cheez was fan-freakin-tastic as always. They always seem to pick the tastiest material and pull it off with the proper amount of "espresso". They played one of my favorite FZ pieces, Uncle Meat, and it was a blast to see how many people in the audience were singing along, not least because it is an instrumental.

Special guests Anal Pudding played a set of Frank's ... well... "coarser" material, and had the place rocking. They moved on to their original material and they
really turned up the energy level. A great time was had by all.

Keep an eye on the website for pictures and more comments.


May 19th, 2006 @ 8:00PM
The Buttonwood Tree
Main Street, Middletown, CT
Doot! trio w/ Andre Cholmondeley on guitar
Suggested Donation $10

Andre is coming off what is reported to be one of Project/Object's most rocking tours, and we are hoping to keep that momentum going.



RalphAmerica announced a new Rezzie Release: Cube E

"This is a 3 disc set. The first 2 audio discs are a complete, unedited recording of the live Cube E show. The 3rd disc is a DVD containing all of the existing footage of the Cube E show, including video taken of show rehearsals in SF, Lincoln Center, and TV appearances. This is the be all-end all collection of all things Cube E. Included in this set (a 7"x7" box) are the 3 discs, a 40 page full color booklet with never before published photos of the Cube E show, and a fancy inner box containing a handkercheif, just like the ones sold and thrown into the audience during that tour. This is limited to only 1500 hand numbered copies and will definitely go fast. DVD is NTSC/Stereo."




Gorowski has made us wait ('I needed to make a few tweaks'), but finally we get to hear his new promo album, 'I Don't Believe You'. This soundtrack provides a fusion of electronic messing about with fresh slices from the discotech. Leftfield emotion, a touch of melancholy, and damn right summer-inducing tuneage make for a sprawling, yet fulfilling excursion into non-conformism.

Get the new album here:

It's free. It makes you want to dance!

best wishes,
Marco Kalnenek


I saw the band in action in Amsterdam & they were breathtaking.
It's a good thing that Napi is part of the band. The first set sounded like a solid, good concert.
During set two both Bozzio & Vai took it to another level, making it one of the best concerts I've seen in a long while.

Short video clips are popping up.

Here's Steve Vai's solo in Zomby Woof:

And here's two fragments from the Oslo gig:




Dweezil Zappa during the 2005 05 15 Amsterdam gig  -  picture taken by Zappo from Cologne, Germany



From: Cal Schenkel
Date: May 19, 2006

Subject: New Cal Schenkel Artwork


I just wanted to let you know about some new original hand painted art by Cal Schenkel of one of his classic album covers from 1968: "Cruising with Ruben & the Jets"

For a very limited time, as a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PROMOTIONAL OFFERING, this original hand-painted artwork is being made available for the un-heard-of price of a print ...a fraction of its value!!!

Price until May 22, 2006 is only $295.00
Price after May 31, 2006 (full price) $1000.00

But you Must Act Now!!!

For pictures, details, and more information:


Also still available at half price: the "*****PERFECTO Album Cover Painting" (your choice of covers) --but only until the end of this month! (details on the website).


thank you for your time!


Cal Schenkel


The above illustration is taken from Cal Schenkel's "Artwerks" catalogue, from 1986.


DOOT!! tonight...CT.... "project/reject" next week NYC

hey y'all

gigging TONIGHT in CT... i know summa you are local..come on out and freak out with us!!! This is the mad-space-jazz-tripped out trio DOOT!
Let us scramble yr friday night brains....

May 19th, 2006 @ 8:00PM
The Buttonwood Tree
Main Street, Middletown, CT
Doot! trio w/ Andre Cholmondeley on guitar
Suggested Donation $10


..and NEXT WEEK -- it's project/object keyboard player JORDAN SHAPIRO's 29th birthday bash - with LOTS of p/o content....!!
29 times around the sun.. cool

Wed. May 24

at the Parkside Lounge.. 314 E. Houston St., @ Attorney, btw Ave. A and Ave. B

8:00 PROJECT/REJECT.... (ex-Project/Object members)
9:00 Two Man Gentelman Band ... (busking duo)
10:00 Cold River ... (my group)
11:00 Mangano, Passatino and Balls (seahag's side project)

some words from JORDAN SHAPIRO about the perfomances:

This is the 1st gig EVER by this group, consisting of members and crew of Project/Object from the pre-2003 years. Rick Bartow, Mumbo, Boxy, Wes, Spackle and myself. For 3+ years we have met at Wes' studio infrequently, jammed and created songs spontaneously. There are over 200 Reject songs. For our debut peformance, we have checked out the archives and picked 10 songs to 're-learn' and perform.

Two Man Gentleman Band
These guys played before me at a solo gig I did at the Postcrypt Coffehouse up at Columbia. They were the only people in the audience who were willing to sing along with me on my newest kids song, "Let Me Stay Up All Night". I didn't even get to hear them play, but I believe they're very musical and will give us all a good laugh.

Cold River
This will the 3rd gig ever by this group, and it's been a different lineup every time. As I type this, I know it will definately include myself on mandolin and guitars, J.Y.Jelly on drums, Adam Armstrong on bass, Paul Cox on keys, Jen Milich providing background vox and possibly Alan Grubner on fiddle. We will be performing original material originally intended for a rock-opera that never got off the ground...and also some very old traditional songs.

Mangano, Passatino and Balls.
Robbie "Seahag" Mangano along with his sidekick Elliot Passatino recorded some pretty twisted music 5-6 years ago and called the tape "mangano, passatino and balls". ('Balls' was the name for the drum machine they used) They've since recorded more songs and even played a couple of gigs. On Wednesday, their spectacular rhythm section will include Project/Object bass player Dave Johnsen and 18 year old Project/Object drummer Eric Slick.. (who has recently been drafted by Adrian Belew to play drums for his upcoming European tour!!! Congrats Slick!!)

DOOT! - Improvised/Composed trio music 

Sun Jul 16 - Noon, Bad Doberan Germany - ZAPPANALE
webcast live at - the music of frank zappa, live!! - andre's music, don preston tours - contact me/us

some DOOT stuff..

from March 03 2006, Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury,CT 2nd set audio. page for a few pics from the show.



    from Hari Ossa, may 2006,

I was looking for some info about a Bob Harris that I saw around 1996-97 working for the E! entertainment television, the guy worked making movie reviews, he was talking about how weird a movie was and said something like "this movie is very weird, even for me, and I used to work with Frank Zappa..."

Do you have any idea which bob harris was this? the guy was white, had thick glasses and a beard (if I remember well).

-> That must be the Bob Harris that toured with Zappa in 1971. I can't find my Old Masters booklet. It should have a picture of him in it somewhere...



Dieter Jakob is writing a book on Zappa bootlegs. Or to be more specific, I should say: "is writing THE book on Zappa bootlegs".

Here's the message:

I am going to write a (picture-)book about Zappa vinyl bootlegs and try to get together all photos of the bootlegs I know. As far as I know only the photos of the below mentioned bootlegs are still missing for my book. Maybe you can help me to get the one or the other photograph in order to complete some empty pages?

- photo of front cover
- photo of back cover (even if it is a neutral white cover)
- one photo of each label (black vinyl: photo of the label only, coloured vinyl: photo of the complete disc)
- a photo of poster, booklet or any other insert (if included)

Thanks a lot for your help!

Music is the best!


List of vinyl bootlegs (photos wanted):

  • Appleton Album Volume 2 (LP Black Vinyl Deluxe Cover)

  • Appleton Album Volume 2 (LP Black Vinyl)

  • At Lorely (2LP GREY+WHITE Vinyl Coloured Cover)

  • Charlie's Favourite (2LP Testpressing)

  • Christmas in New York in '76 (LP)

  • Dortmund 1984 (LP Green Vinyl)

  • Frankie Meets Bobby [only one side is Zappa] (LP Clear Vinyl)

  • Frankie Meets Bobby [only one side is Zappa] (LP Green Vinyl)

  • Frankie Meets Bobby [only one side is Zappa] (LP Red Vinyl)

  • Frankie Meets Bobby [only one side is Zappa] (LP Yellow Vinyl)

  • Fred Zappelin (2LP Coloured Vinyl)

  • From the Vaults to the Biggest Halls Volume 1 (LP)

  • It's Been a Long Time Comin' (LP MCV Vinyl)

  • King Biscuit Flower Hour (2LP) ABC Radio Networks Label

  • Läther - Edison Record (4LP Bootleg Box DARK BROWN Vinyl)

  • Leatherette (2LP B/W Comic Deluxe Cover BROWN/BLACK Vinyl)

  • Leatherette (2LP B/W Comic Deluxe Cover RED Vinyl)

  • Live in Amsterdam 1971 (LP Laminated Colour Cover)

  • Live in Brest (Part 3) (LP BLACK Vinyl) Orange Insert Version

  • Live in Europe 1966-1968 (LP)

  • Live in New York 12/31/1981 (LP BLACK Vinyl "Circeled" Jukebox Cover)

  • Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings (LP BLACK Vinyl BW SCRAPMETAL INSERT) Slipped Disc Records Label

  • Original 1976 Shiny Beast Version (LP)

  • S' n M (LP)

  • Saarbrücken '78 (2LP BLACK VINYL) NOT FooFee (Beat The Boot Box) Version

  • Saarbrücken '78 (2LP BLACK/BLUE VINYL)

  • Saarbrücken '78 (2LP YELLOW VINYL)

  • Spick And Span (LP Clear Vinyl)

  • Spick And Span (LP Dark Blue Vinyl)

  • Spick And Span (LP Green Blue Vinyl)

  • Spick And Span (LP Light Blue Vinyl)

  • The Ark (LP MCV)

  • The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life ... CAN Do That on Stage (10LP)

  • The Best of ... Pappa Zappa & Any Way the Wind Blows (2LP )

  • Unconditionaly Guaranteed (LP)

  • Unmitigated Audacity (LP BLUE VINYL)

  • Unmitigated Audacity (LP CLEAR VINYL)

  • Unmitigated Audacity (LP GREEN VINYL)

  • Wasp Man Has Metal Wings (LP Yellow Vinyl)

  • Zapp...á...Paris (2LP Dark Red Vinyl)

  • Zappaskance (2LP)


So here's the deal, if you have any of these bootlegs, and if you're able to take a digital picture of it, let me know at and I will forward you Dieter's e-mail address.


The last week wasn't easy. I had used of my download credit thanx to the wonderful material at, so things were going real slow. Anyway, that's all over now.
and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY everyone, this might become an interesting month.



  • I'm really looking forward to the ZpZ concert tomorrow in Amsterdam. Not in the least because it will feature some of my heroes.

    Napoleon Murphy Brock always is a joy for the ear and eye, and both Terry Bozzio and Steve Vai are the best you can get.

    If Dweezil's ZpZ band sounds anything like they did on the Grammys, we'll have our dynamite show...

  • The picture on the right shows Mr.Vai's "Europe 2005 Tour Book". I sure hope they'll bring a bunch of goodies along tomorrow...



Here's another Afroskull setlist, including Zappa's 'Magic Fingers':

  • 2005/06/03 concert 'parkside lounge', nyc, ny, usa
    • dance of the wild koba * eat this * space chicken * in time(*) * the curse * waste management * spyplane * everything * magic fingers (^)
    • *sly and the family stone cover / ^zappa cover




  • madkap: da whole kit and kaboodle
        (1992, 12", usa, rca 62445-1)
    • Madkap used a sample of Frank Zappa's 'Little Umbrellas' in his 'Ph*ck What Ya Heard'. The track can be found on a 12" that got released in 1992.

      The same track can probably also be found on the album that got released in 1993 as the tracklisting als includes this song, but I haven't heard it (yet).


  • cheepskates: the residents - songs vol.2
        (1992, lp, germany, music maniac records)
    • Shane Faubert (vocals, guitar, keyboards) is the man behind the Cheepskates, a pop trio / quartet from New York, usa.

      the Cheepskates did an all Residents album in 1992 entitled "The Residents - Songs Vol.2". The Volume One in this series was a mini-album on which they performed Perry Como tunes.

      Here's the tracklist for the Rezzie one:

    • side one
      1. loneliness / when we were young
      2. mahogany wood
      3. boy in love

      side two

      1. semalina
      2. plains to mexico
      3. god in 3 persons theme



These are all magazines and newspapers that I've added to the UM Archives at


  • muziekkrant oor
        (1980/08/13, magazine, the netherlands)
    • Bi-weekly Dutch music magazine Oor did a Zappa special in 1980. The August 13 issue presented the first part of this special.
      • "Zappa Completa - deel een", cover & a 6-page special
        • "Een buitenbeentje" by Roberto Palombit
        • "Geef mij wat vloerbedekking..." by Bert van Manen en Co de Kloet
        • "The Mothers" by Bert van Manen en Co de Kloet
        • "Le Guitariste" by Roberto Palombit
  • muziekkrant oor
        (1980/08/27, magazine, the netherlands)
    • Bi-weekly Dutch music magazine Oor did a Zappa special in 1980. The August 27 issue presented part two of this special.
      • "Zappa Completa - deel twee", a 5-page special
        • "Zappa, Francis Vincent, componist 1941..." by Frits Oostvogel
        • "Geef mij wat vloerbedekking..." by Bert van Manen en Co de Kloet
        • "Een mondvol" by Roberto Palombit
        • "De Dalaï Lama" by Roberto Palombit
    • The same issue of Oor included a one-page review of Captain Beefheart's "Doc At The Radar Station" by Jan-Maarten de Winter

  • holnd fstvl
        (2000/06, newspaper, nl)
    • June 2000, Frank Zappa was the the main theme of the Holland Festival. "HOLND FSTVL - weekkrant 3" was distributed for free during the festival.
      • "Zappa-fans bejubelen wederopstanding idool" by LK
      • "Zappa hang in PC Hooftstraat"
      • "Elf vragen aan Oscar van Woensel"
      • "200 Motels in 200 woorden" by KD
      • "Als de muziek je raakt, maakt de mening van een ander niet meer uit" Gail Zappa interview by Simon Prentis
      • "Filmer Zappa deed al wat Coppola voorspelde" by Rob van Erkelens
  • discoveries
        (1996/04, magazine, usa)
    • The April 1996 edition of Discoveries magazine, included an interview with Gail Zappa.
      • "The Zappa Catalog at Ryko and Interview with Gail Zappa" by John De Angelis, a 3-page interview

  • libération
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, france)
    • French newspaper Libération's obituary.
      • "Frank Zappé" - page one
      • "Viva Zappa" by Yves Bigot, 2 pages
      • "L'école Wazoo" by Yves Bigot, 1/2 page
      • "Le syndrom Ircam" by Christian Leble, 1/2 page
      • "Selection Zappa" by Yves Bigot, 1/2 page
  • melody maker
        (1993/12/18, magazine, uk)
    • UK mag Melody Maker's obituary.
      • "Frank Zappa R.I.P." by David Stubbs, 1 page


  • het volk
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, belgium)
    • Belgian newspaper Het Volk's obituary.
      • a picture on page one
      • "Niemand was veilig voor Zappa" by Peter De Backer, 1/2 page
  • het belang van limburg
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, belgium)
    • Belgian newspaper Het Belang Van Limburg's obituary.
      • a picture on page one
      • "Frank Zappa Geveld" by Stijn Meuris, 3/4 page

  • de morgen
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, belgium)
    • Belgian newspaper De Morgen's obituary.
      • a short piece on page one: "Frank Zappa, de finale solo" by Dirk Steenhaut
      • "Veelzijdig, tegendraads en grensverleggend" by Dirk Steenhaut, 1/2 page
      • "Een der groten van deze tijd" (comments by Marc Didden, Guy Mortier, Erik Meynen & Vaclav Havel), 1/4 page
      • "Het politiek aktivisme van een gewezen presidentskandidaat" by Bart Willems
      • "Zappa's rock is klassieke muziek" by Dirk Steenhaut
  • het laatste nieuws
        (1994/03/05, newspaper, belgium)
    • The picture on the right shows "De Weekendkrant", supplement to the 1994/03/05 Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper. It included a 3/4 page article on Zappa. The reason for this article was the Grandmothers concert in Molenbeek on 1994/03/24.
      • "Alles is terminaal, maar de geest en muziek van Zappa zijn springlevend" by Luc Beernaert


  • the times
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, uk)
    • British newspaper The Times' obituary.
      • "Zappa the iconoclast dead at 52"
      • "Why Zappa died so young" by Dr.Thomas Stuttaford, 1/3 page
      • "Obituaries: Frank Zappa", 1/3 page
      • "The history of music from A to Zappa" by David Toop, 1/2 page


  • de standaard
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, belgium)
    • Belgian newspaper De Standaard's obituary.
      • "Herinnerd worden kan mij gestolen worden" by Hans-Maarten Post, 1/2 page


  • the daily mirror
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, uk)
    • British newspaper The Daily Mirror's obituary.
      • "The Father Of Invention" by Matt Spetalnick
  • the sun
        (1993/12/07, newspaper, uk)
    • British newspaper The Sun's obituary.
      • "Rock legend Zappa loses cancer battle" by Piers Morgan



take a look at this:

Don't you all wish your living room looked something like this  :-)

Nice one, Avo !!




Pierrejean Gaucher is touring, presenting his new album: "La Fontaine et Le Gaucher".
  • 2006/05/18 Pierrejean Gaucher - concert 'studio de l'ermitage ((01 44 62 02 86) -Paris, France
  • 2006/05/23 Pierrejean Gaucher - concert / masterclass 'M.A.I - Nancy, France
  • 2006/08/06 Pierrejean Gaucher - "festival Alembic Electrique", Villiers sur Yonne, France



THE WRONG OBJECT – May 2006 Newsletter

A remastered version of our Paris gig with Elton will be released by Moonjune Records (, with a July-August release looking likely. For more info on this project, see our tribute page at :

* Sunday May 21, Chez Bouldou, Liège, 21h00
* Saturday May 27, Le Triton, Paris - Elton Dean Memorial Concert
* Wednesday June 14, Atelier 210, Bruxelles, 20h30
* Monday June 19, United Islands of Prague festival (w. Medeski, Martin and Wood)
* Saturday June 24, Fêtes de la Musique, Place Jehan-le-Bel (Outremeuse), Liège, 20h00 (w. Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra [22h] & All is Pretty/ Tout est joli [18h]) rens: 0494/420 495 - 04/344 47 37
* Saturday September 16, Aquilone, Liège, 20h30
* September 27-30 – UK DATES (TBA)
* Thursday October 26, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Mechelen, 20h30 w. special guests Annie Whitehead and Harry Beckett !
* Friday October 27, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Mechelen (afternoon - private gig) w. special guests Annie Whitehead and Harry Beckett
* Friday October 27, L'An Vert, Liège, 20h30 w. special guests Annie Whitehead and Harry Beckett !

The Wrong Object feat. Alex Maguire will be involved in the tribute gig to Elton along with many Canterbury-affiliated musicians including – besides Alex - Pip Pyle, Hugh Hopper, Didier Malherbe, Jim Dvorak, Sophia Domancich, Simon Goubert, John Greaves, Patrice Meyer, Faton Cahen and Frank van der Kooij.

Our new studio album will be mixed in Brussels in early June. Stay tuned for more news on that front.



  • guitar collector
        (2006/03, mag, france)

    • The March issue of Guitar Collector has Frank Zappa on the cover. It also includes:
    • "Frank Zappa - La Comedie Humaine" a 10-page biography by Christian Séguret
    • "CQFD" a 2-page article that answers various rumours, by Orville Martin
    • "Discographie"
    • "La Famille Zappa" by Orville Martin
    • and a 12-page guitar style study by Max-Pol Delvaux, including 25 examples on the CD that comes with the mag.

RELIX 2006 04

I'm glad that I could get my hands on this latest issue of Relix magazine:

    (2006/04, mag, usa)

  • "The many minds of Frank" by Richard Gehr, a 1-page article
  • "Vault Allures" by Richard Gehr, a 4-page interview with Gail Zappa and Joe Travers about the recent releases
  • "Absolutely Freaked Out" by Jason Gross, a 2-page article subtitled "Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's West Coast Pop-Art Extremism".
  • "Tokens of Buys Extreme" by Mike McGonigal, a 2-page article subtitled "A consumer's guide to Frank Zappa's Post-Mothers Inventions"
  • "Up The Wazoo" by Christopher R. Weingarten, a 2-page article about "Imaginary Diseases"
  • "Jamming In Joe's Garage - part 1" by Steve Vai, a 1-page article
  • "Jamming In Joe's Garage - part 2" by Mike Keneally, a 1-page article
  • "Zappaesque" by Matthew Van Brink and Jesse Jarnow, a 2-page article subtitled "Or the story of the dots"
  • "Dweezil Plays Frank" by Richard Gehr and Dweezil, a 2-page article about the Zappa plays Zappa tour.

    Add to this the comments of Les Claypool, Yoko Ono, Jon Gutwillig (of the Disco Biscuits), Jake Cinninger (of Umphrey's McGee), Jeff Austin (of the Yonder Mountain String Band), Chuck Garvey (of moe.), Wayne Krantz and a superb illustration by Gary Panter and you understand that this issue is a must-have.

    And, yes, before I forget: the CD sampler that comes with the mag includes 'Imaginary Diseases' as the first track.

1968 - One Year And Its 20 Songs

Last month, I already mentioned the series of books that the Süddeutsche Zeitung has been publishing on the history of Pop Music.
Here's another one that's of interest to Zappa fans:

1968 - ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs

by various artists
    (2006, book + cd, ger, süddeutsche zeitung)

  • This book on the history of popmusic in the year 1968, includes a 7-page interview of Frank Zappa by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser.
    The interview got published in November 1968 in Konkret.
    The CD, however, does not include a Zappa track.


A couple of days ago, I received this incredible recording of the Cobham / Duke Band in concert at the 'Palladium', NYC, NY, USA, on 1976/10/10. The generation of the tape that got the digital transfer was unkown (and it has an awful lot of noise), but the source is definitely soundboard.

Just take a look at the band's line-up:

  • Billy Cobham, drums

  • George Duke, keyboards

  • Alphonso Johnson, bass

  • John Scofield, guitar

... hip pockets * ivory tattoo * east bay * band introductions * balls to the wall * tryin' and cryin' for your love * giant child within us - ego * blues never hurtin' nobody * uncle remus (duke/zappa) * echidna's arf (zappa) * crescent sun * almustafa the beloved * juicy...

A great show. Let's hope an earlier generation tape of this one turns up some day.

I corrected a bunch of spelling mistakes as well - still counting down to Mothers Day - 


electric don quixote

by neil slaven
    (2006, book, ger, bosworth)

  • Here's the German translation of the 1996 "Electric Don Quixote" book: "Electric Don Quixote - Die ultimative Geschichte von Frank Zappa".. 450 pages.



From: Andre' Cholmondeley
2006 05 09 - part two
Subject: Project Object/NEW NJ GIG SUN MAY 14 !!/FINAL WEEK-SPRING TOUR/Jordan-Astrograss & Seahag-Sound of Urchin LIVE onstage in VT!

PART TWO of today's earlier email.....

-BTW - welcome all you new folks to the email list and PLEASE spread the word, fwd this to any kindred music fans in other areas, we may be going near them!! THANKS

-NEW PICS from photog Rob Grego

-9 min VIDEO of P/O onstage with Katie Jacoby- got to search "eat that question"

Well here we go folks... one more week of craziness and ZAPPA MUSIC, it's been a great run, especially the new places and the places like Milwaukee WI, Cincinnati and Cleveland OH, and Charleston WV (man - they were CRAZY there!!) it's the small towns hungry for music that are often the best. Some great people, awesome rooms and the usual amazing array of crap "made in china" to laugh at in truckstops. ha ha!! the communists have won after all!!

Last night in NYC was one of the examples of the true "orchestral object" sound that i love-- where we have Robbie "seahag" Mangano, Jordan "J-Ro" Shapiro and Ed Palermo. It's been great having the Hag back on the road!

One week of SPRING TOUR 2006 left -- check one out or please let a friend or three know if we are hitting their town...!
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(frank zappa and the) MOTHERS DAY

Sunday May 14 PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK -- - Bergen County/hackensack NJ
31 schreiffer st Hackensack NJ
$10 Doors:6pm Show: 7pm
Special Guests Ed Palermo, Gregg Bendian, Kathy Sheppard (director at SOR, former Project/Object tour keyboardist) and others TBA!!!

(PS - come back to the Bergen SOR the next night.. for a clinic/performance with ALLAN HOLDSWORTH and CHAD WACKERMAN!!!)

Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa Apr-May 06 Andre' Cholmondeley Guitar, Vocals --David Johnsen Bass, Vocals --Robert 'Seahag' Mangano Guitar, Vocals (NOT in Pittsburgh)--Eric Slick Drums, Vocals-- Eric Svalgard Keys, Vocals-- IKE WILLIS Special Guest - Guitar, Vocals

MAY 2006
Tue9/Trumansburg NY/Rongovian Embassy Wed10/Rochester, NY/Milestones 
Thu11/Plains, PA/River St. Jazz
Fri12 & Sat 13/Pittsburgh, PA/Club Café
Sun14 School Of Rock/Hackensack NJ


VT people!! --you should check out a crazy Big show at Nectar's on Saturday night:

Saturday May 13
Nectars, Burlington, VT
Astrograss (with JORDAN SHAPIRO) is opening up for Sound of Urchin (WITH ROBBIE "SEAHAG' MANGANO)

Astrograss: 8 - 9   (w/ surprise guests )
Lightning Ridge: 9:30 - 10:30   (some local Burlington rock band)
Sound of Urchin 11  -  ???

should be a crazy night...

Sunday May 14th
The Higher Ground Ballroom
-an afternoon Mother's Day show...3:00 showtime.
(Mothers get in for free)

bassist Dave....what a driven human being. He devours difficult bass parts as if they are food (namely a Mission district SF burrito) , tearing them apart with gusto, and re-assembling them with perfection.
His talents are way too much for one band, and besides the punk-funk-rockin'-surfin' INSIDIOUS RAYS ( he be rockin' the bass with his duo QUISQUEYA, MPB (with seahag) and THE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT with Gregg Bendian, Adam Holzman, Glenn Alexander and Rob Thomas.

What can one say?? check this man out -- he will change your understanding of the limits of human possibilities. I'm looking for investors so i can produce my dream tour - "The Underground G3 - Mangano, Fiuczynski, Keneally" .
Robbie has dubbed this "MFK" !! Hey, i can dream can't i?? Investors, tour promoters --email me!! Robbie is in too many bands to count - incl. WRONG , MPB and SOUND OF URCHIN He even destroys on bass with ERIC ROTH's band. surf on over.

Jordan (AKA J-Ro) played in Project/Object for over 3 yrs, and he just reminded me that the 1st time was over 6 years ago! Man - time is flying. I consider him a full band member that has to take long breaks.
His style complements E-Sval perfectly, and Zappa material is often so textural, dense and layered - and Jordan always instinctively adds the parts that are needed. Jordan usually appears for any NYC area gigs, and helps complete the Tommy Mars- Peter Wolf -Bobby Martin multi keyboard vibe of the early 80s Zappa band that I crave. His multi talent also extends to guitar and mandolin, which adds a completely new element to Zappa music! Check out his recordings and live 'newgrass'
music world at

the newest member of the PROJECT/OBJECT insanity, Eric has been blowing audiences away at every stop. Yet - he is only interested in getting better every day , while enjoying the glory of music - which is a beautiful, inspired way to be. i've learned a ton from this kid less than half my age. His minimal approach to drum hardware says it all, and says it with less. I continually have to glance back to see how is creating thunder he does with "only" FOUR drums and 3 cymbals (yes, nerd, that counts the HH as one...).  It's An honor to have him driving the band at age 18, even tho' he can't legally drive the VAN. LOL!! And wow - for starters -he loves the WHO, the MINUTEMEN and the MELVINS.
this is a dream. Check out some of his original music  at and stay tuned, i know he was writing and editing some wild music on his laptop on this tour....

ERIC SVALGARD Eric is simply one of the hardest working men in music. Another inspiration in so many ways - his work ethic and his general ethics help us all see what  the hell we need to prioritize. His insane Moog creations every night have been spinning heads everywhere. And his underrated jazz-piano vibe rounds out the distorted-rock sound of certain Zappa setlists. We're all proud of his recent venture - he is opening his own branch of the SCHOOL OF ROCK in Wilmington DE on July 1 2006!!

ED PALERMO (special guest)
Ed graces us with his presence and great sax playing whenever we are near his NJ stomping ground. He showed up last night, kicked ass and took names...he will be at the tour closer next sunday night as well in Hackensack at the SCHOOL OF ROCK

Look for Ed's new CD with the Palermo Big Band  on May 23!! hear a clip of RDNZL!! click:


I'm the ill-advised wacko who decide this band was neccesarry.
Fortunately, enough of you agree that i can somehow get the show on the road repeatedly, despite professional, logical financial advice. I am about to launch all kinds of cool stuff so stay tuned.. some solo music shows, another 2 CDs in my mind, but my NEW CD is out and ready ... you can get it at shows or soon thru CD baby etc - stay tuned. ALso coming up for me - summer shows in Holland & Germany and a sept-oct tour of NE USA with DON PRESTON.

Thanks for reading this.

-- Andre'



  • sheik yerbouti feat. napoleon murphy brock: ouch patrol - live at frankfurter hof mainz, 30. okt.2004
        (2006, dvd, ger, private release sydvd0601)
    • October 2004, German band Sheik Yerbouti did some concerts with Napoleon Murphy Brock. Last year, we got spoiled by the very fine "Ouch Patrol" CD album, and now there's the "Ouch Patrol" DVD. The CD album included parts of four of the October  dates, whereas the DVD was shot at the same location.
      The disc presents 2 hours of concert, mixed with rehearsal fragments & musician portraits.
      "Ouch Patrol" is an excellent documentary, including a hell of a concert. I was most impressed by the Hornz of Caffeine horns section, love that sound.
      You definitely need this. This band knows how to play Frank Zappa's music.


  • various artists: zappanale 16
        (2006, 3cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions, also incl. one van vliet composition

    • Today, I tried to relive the first day of the 2006 edition of the Zappanale festival.
      Zappanale, the Zappa-tribute festival that takes place in Bad Doberan (Germany) every year, just keeps getting better and better.
      Friday, the 5th of August 2005, I had the pleasure to listen to a number of astonishing bands and Mick Zeuner compiled an excellent selection. My personal favourite: Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo playing 'Trouble Every Day'.

disc one  - friday - august 05, 2005

  1. weirdo naffn: the night of the living döner  (michael krampe)

  2. jazzprojekt hundehagen: shut up 'n play yer guitar

  3. grand wazoo: theme from 'love story'  (francis lai)

  4. grand wazoo: black page

  5. grand wazoo: why does it hurt when i pee?

  6. final virus: pavian masturbation  (reno schnell, guido richarts & peter sonntag)

  7. cuccurullo brillo brullo: crew slut

  8. cuccurullo brillo brullo: trouble every day

  9. cuccurullo brillo brullo feat. ike willis: hot-plate heaven at the green hotel

  10. paul green school of rock music: dickie's such an asshole

  11. paul green school of rock music feat. napoleon m.brock: carolina hard-core ecstasy

  12. paul green school of rock music feat. ike willis: jesus thinks you're a jerk

  13. guru guru: elektrolurch mutation  (mani neumeier)



From: Andre' Cholmondeley
2006 05 09
Subject: Project Object - Final Wk of tour..PLUS....Tonight!! in Allston/Boston..Gongzilla w/Special Guest David Fiuczynski

hey y'all

RED ALERT!!! TONIGHT -- IN ALLSTON/BOSTON MA -- our good friends David Fiuczynski and Bon Lozaga!!

Tonight! Monday May 8, 2006
KiF David Fiuczynski - guitar, Jeremy McDonald - bass, Nikolay Moiseenko - alto sax, Dana Hawkins - drums With Gongzilla (BOB LOZAGA, HANSFORD ROWE!!) w/Special Guest David Fiuczynski Harpers Ferry 158 Brighton Ave Allston MA 02134 -- a great time was had by all in NYC last night!!
Project/Object played a hot new yawk show at CODA and was joined by a host of incredible guests..including....Adam Holzman, David Fiuczynski, Gregg Bendian, Ed Palermo...

The tour has been going great, we're doing some fresh material and with our new drummer Eric Slick..we have just entered a whole new phaze of creativity, accuracy and dynamics. At the age of 18, Eric is way ahead of 'the schedule' as if that existed anyway, and we are honored to have him along.

We have a week of gigs left -- check one out or please let a friend or three know if we are hitting their town...!
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Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa Apr-May 06

Andre' Cholmondeley Guitar, Vocals
David Johnsen Bass, Vocals
Robert 'Seahag' Mangano Guitar, Vocals (NOT in Pittsburgh)
Eric Slick Drums, Vocals
Eric Svalgard Keys, Vocals
IKE WILLIS Special Guest - Guitar, Vocals

Tue9/Trumansburg NY/Rongovian Embassy Wed10/Rochester, NY/Milestones
Thu11/Plains, PA/River St. Jazz
Fri12 & Sat 13/Pittsburgh, PA/Club Café
Sun14 School Of Rock/Hackensack NJ

Well this is late notice but if you're in Allston MA tonight you really should catch the crazy double bill of :


David Fiuczynski - guitar
Jeremy McDonald - bass
Nikolay Moiseenko - alto sax
Dana Hawkins - drums

With Gongzilla w/Special Guest David Fiuczynski Monday May 8, 2006

Harpers Ferry 158 Brighton Ave Allston MA 02134
18+ $10 9:30 pm- 1am
tickets can be purchased in advance at or 1-800-594-TIXX

Project Object NYC, CODA 5-7-06 special guest Musician Info:

Check 'em out!

Gregg Bendian drums Gregg currently leads Interzone, Trio Pianissimo, the Mahavishnu Project, and has recently released an acoustic trio CD.
The Mahavishnu Project will be the house band at Moogfest June 22, and back JAN HAMMER. Our own DAVID JOHNSEN is also on bass in 'the

Adam Holzman keys Adam currently leads the funk-fusion "Brave New World", was Miles Davis' keyboardist & musical director 1985-1989, also
in Wayne Shorter Band, the Mahavishnu Project)

David Fiuczynski guitar David currently leads at least 5 bands - screaming headless torsos AND headless torsos.....Kif (who opened the show last night), Black cherry Acid Lab, Jazz Punk, as well as projects with John Medeski , Lian Amber...on and on..)

Bobby Cleveland keys
student of PO kybst Eric Svalgard, played Peaches. Look out for Bobby onstage (

Laura Wilson vocal
Laura is our very amazing merch queen and CEO of Driver Dep't. She also designs, prints and delivers the t-shirts and designs our stickers, posters and assorted other website art and CD covers. Wow! check her world out. She also sings on 'Uncle Remus' these days, and we're trying to convince to to bring her violin skills to the stage!

-I also have a new solo CD out - "Enigma With Attitude" - i will be sending out a formal email on that once a get a minute!! the cd will soon (any day) also be available online at It's a collection of little experimental moments, some ambient stuff, some rockin' guitar, imitation twang, and whatever.

I'm also doing some gigs with : DOOT!

DOOT - Improvised/Composed trio music

May 13th, Neitcheze's, Buffalo, NY  w/Voice of Cheez (regular DUO show, Andre' ontour with P/O)
May 19th Buttonwood Tree, Middletown, CT
July 17 - Bad Doberan Germany - ZAPPANALE
webcast live at

This will be quite a month...


Moonjune Records will be releasing the Paris concert that the Wrong Object did with the late Elton Dean !!

-- info: Danny Mathys


Acid Mothers Temple are touring !!

Check out their site for more info:

This just in: June 11, 2006 they'll play 'Magasin 4" in Brussels, Belgium...




Hectoring Bitches From Hell

I remember when I was a kid having teachers who spent most of their time scolding us--especially when the scolding was unwarranted and obnoxiously overbearing.

I remember 2 bitches in particular--Mrs. Jones, my 4th grade teacher at Johnson Park School, and my 5th grade teacher Miss Mathers at John Witherspoon School in Princeton, New Jersey. They'd stand at the head of the class throughout the school year hectoring us and telling us what little brats we were. A couple of girls might be whispering at the back of the classroom, Miss Mathers would see them, and in turn spend the next half hour hectoring the shit out of the whole

One time our gym teacher, Mr. Plummer, had to receive medical attention and take some time off work for a back problem. Asshole Millie Mathers told us that it was our fault, that we were so demanding and ungrateful that we broke Mr. Plummer's back.

As kids we had to just sit there and listen to this shit, uncomprehending and innocent of what she was bitching about. As a child I remember being regularly hectored by adults. It felt like I was repeatedly mauled by tigers and was powerless to stop it.

Many people who become teachers have no business having children under their charge. This tenor of adults, in the public school classrooms and elsewhere, hectoring and screaming at and scolding children, led me to loathe the adult world and vow to never become one if them, not unlike the alienated protagonist of Gunther Grass' 'The Tin Drum'.

The echoes of hectoring scolds still fill my ears today, and I still perceive human relations as struggles for dominance and control, typified by how most adults badger children. My solution to this tiresome, exhausting, timewasting, obstructionist, enervating dominance by other people is to stay the hell away from
them as much as possible.

I thought that as time progressed--as people became more intelligent and experienced and enlightened and tolerant--that the obnoxious, scolding bitches would be weeded out and eliminated from humanity as their overt assholism is recognized, exposed, and expunged from the human dungheap. I have sadly discovered
that this is not the case. People do not become more intelligent over time. People are idiots.

Which brings me to Dr. Laura. Those tiresome, hectoring bitches still thrive today because so many people just LOVE to bully others with their damnedable rules. To them, Dr. Laura is their patron saint. I love it when stupid people, mostly women, unfortunately, call up Dr. Laura proudly stating "I am my kid's mom", explain their family problem or situation, then have Dr. Laura rip them a new asshole on air on the radio, telling them how greedy, selfish, evil, or stupid they are for not submitting to her dictates and ethics. If someone stupidly wanders into the tiger cage, then they rightfully deserve to be mauled by the tiger.

I enjoy listening to Dr. Laura with the same delighted sense of relief as one who has been repeatedly mauled by tigers delights in using a stick to taunt the tiger locked behind bars. Dr. Laura is on the radio, I hear her voice as vibrations from the cones of my stereo loudspeakers moving as the result of distant radio waves. The bitch can't hurt me, she can't dominate me, she can't control my life, her blathering rules are just so many impotent and noxious gaseous emissions.

Now do you understand why we must destroy the obnoxious, bitchy rulemongers?

Now do you understand why we must escape to sunny, summer countryside hilltops and let the hectoring rulemongers shit on their stupid adult victims in the torture chambers down below?



John Trubee
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA
"A junkyard dog staked to a short chain
chasing himself in tight circles of sorrow and madness"




A new bootleg CDR release from Japan:

allan holdsworth & vinnie colaiuta: miami 1989
    (2006, cdr-bootleg, japan, jrm 030)

allan holdsworth: guitar
steve hunt: keys
jimmy johnson: bass
vinnie colaiuta: drums

  1. funnels / devil takes the hindmost
  2. shallow sea
  3. looking glass
  4. pud wud
  5. white line

-- info: Hugues-Robert Gros


Why, I hear you ask, is there no place for female metal-guitar shredders in the United Mutations Latest News section?

I don't know. Probably because I have never seen one, or maybe because I'm convinced that I wouldn't like it...

Well, I hadn't met the Great Kat. It can't get any better than this. "Extreme Guitar Shred" is a promotional video, giving one a glimpse into the world of the Great Kat. There's blood (lots of it), and torture, and castration, and whips,... and speed-metal guitar and violin versions of well-known classical pieces.

On the "Wagner's War" CD, the Great Kat rips Wagner's 'The Ride Of The Valkyries' to pieces. The same goes for Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody'. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd call her next album "Speed Metal From Hell".

Over the top?

Fun for my ears?
    Not really!

    You bet!



a news-flash from the UK. Be sure to check out the IB's excellent interview with Paul Green.

The Idiot Bastard Son of T'Mershi Duween

presents the twenty-sixth (on a scale of 1 to 10)

f z u k newsletter

Look. If I was an ordinary Joe (rather than someone special, like an Idiot Bastard), I would love to visit my website on an hourly basis; it's that friggin' good. Okay, if you're an IT-novice, it could be a little like Popup City, Nebraska. But imagine if you will a copy of MOJO plopping on to your doormat full of junk ads - you take the time to carefully shove those in the WPB, right? Well, how's it any different? Okay, a little bit less rewarding, granted. But essentially the same 'soft' activity required to gape at some lovely pearls, yeah? Like my interview with the man himself: Mr Paul Green of the Paul Green School of Rock Music fame. Read it here: There's all sorts of lovely news and newish reviews (if that's what you can call them), and slowly I'm tarting up the place - adding links to help you navigate around the new home a tad easier and such. What more do you want?

 Well, howsabout a Summer of sin? Or at the very least, a summer chockfull of Zappa Plays Zappa dates, three days of the Zappanale (hey, who needs the World Cup?) and other wonderfulness? You betcha sweet fanny The Idiot will report on this stuff. So just keep the hits a-coming, and we'll say no more about it. Do we have a deal?

 I like your style,

The Idiot

(a.k.a. Andrew Greenaway)





Venue/Location:    REDCAT Theatre, Disney Hall, Los Angeles,
Date(s):    April 14, 2006 - April 14, 2006
Written By:     Josef Woodard

It’s a testament to the strength and lasting influence of Frank Zappa that, while he died in 1992 (at the far too-young age of 52) he left behind such a rich body of work that the Zappa legacy continues onward and upward. On some level, intrigue in the World of Zappa has increased, not only through the lingering nostalgic interests of his global fan base but also through the curiosity of young listeners. Imagine the gift of discovering Zappa’s music, so much more elaborate and sophisticated than any other “rock” music before, during or after him. The thrill increases exponentially when his complex tunes are experienced live.

Oddly enough, it took the band known as the Grande Mothers a few years to make their official debut in Zappa’s hometown of Los Angeles, with a special Zappa-meets-Stravinsky concert at the new experimental music nucleus of the REDCAT theater (downstairs from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A.). The band is centered around charter members of Zappa’s Mothers of Invention band--keyboardist Don Preston, one-of-a-kind vocalist (and saxophonist/flutist) Napoleon Murphy Brock and bassist Roy Estrada‹and fleshed out by the anchoring force of Christopher Garcia on drums, and spidery-fingered new kid Miroslav Tadic on guitar. He soared this night, on his first gig with the group. (Tadic’s job description, re: the concert program, is playing ‘stunt guitar, snake guitar, loud guitar’).

Brought together for a special show in Germany in 2002, the band recognized the allure of carrying the project forward, touring through Europe and going through the re-learning curve, rehearsing up old Zappa tunes to a dazzling tightness. One strong impression left by the concert was the fact that Zappa’s music actually fares better live than on record, partly because of the deep pockets of theatricality in his writing and also because virtuosity‹of rock, jazz, or whatever ilk‹always makes a better impression in the light of live playing than in the hermetic confines of one’s living room.

Other Zappa-related acts have been surfacing recently, including the “Zappa plays Zappa” project, with Zappa’s sons Dweezil and Ahmet joined by famed stunt guitarist Steve Vai. The Grande Mothers, though, focus on a particular early era in Zappa’s development, with tunes from the late 60s through the mid-70s. From the opening song, ‘Florentine Pogen’, it was clear that the audience was in good hands, in the presence of the classic Zappa magic--crisply played Dadaist progressive rock and roll, with gonzo theatrics in the mix. Also in the set list were ‘Duke of Prunes’‹a love song with a prune metaphor and a satire of minor mode loitering‹and ‘Idiot Bastard’s Son’, its melodic contours cleverly built from the title.

Instrumentals included the nutty march/waltz tune ‘Uncle Meat/T’mershi Dance’ and the careening up-tempo tune ‘Pound for a Brown’. ‘Village of the Sun/Echidna¹s Arf (of you)’, originally from the Live at the Roxy album, typifies the Zappa balancing act: a funky, hooky first section yields to an intense instrumental workout at the end, exhilarating to witness live, and so taut.

A similar effect‹brainy meets beefy‹is also evident in one of Zappa’s greatest hits, ‘Montana’ (moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon), from one of Zappa’s masterpiece albums, “Overnight Sensation”. Brock‹the charismatic scene-stealer here--delivered the song’s earnest absurdity in its pop-like passages. But after one of Tadic’s slithering ‘snake guitar’ solos, Brock navigated the zigzagging unison melodies in the middle, reminding us yet again that Zappa’s idea of rock is not for the faint-headed or musically simplistic.

This concert’s Stravinsky angle, with an opening performance of the composer’s L’Histoire du Soldat was less felicitous than the Zappa portion of the evening, and verged on sloppiness and pretension. A fine chamber ensemble of L.A. musicians, conducted by CalArts-based Marc Lowenstein, gave a smart, compelling reading of the score, each section of which elicited wild applause from an audience (one imagines that younger audience members here are now officially turned on to Stravinsky‹a notion that would make Zappa grin in his crypt). Dramatically, though, the dubious thespian work of Brock, Estrada and Preston was of wavering quality and seriousness. Brock fared best, which is not surprising considering the inherent dramatic panache of his performing persona.

The idea of showing slides of Stravinsky’s iconic mug during much of the Zappa set was regrettable, symptomatic of the strange misguided desire of Zappa fans to place him in the context of great 20th century ‘concert music’ composers. Although he adored and interacted with such master composers as Varese and Boulez and has had his music played by game, virtuosic classical musicians, Zappa created a place of his own in musical culture, within shouting and spitting distance of rock and roll, quasi-fusion, and the all-American experimentalist spirit.

He invented his own rules and wrote a few lifetimes’ worth of music in his truncated time on the planet. Catch it live, if and when you can.



The picture on the right shows a new Zappa DVDR bootleg.

It's a DVDR, but it has a fancy cover and a nice tracklisting, so it might be quit tempting.

  1. The Beat Club, Germany 1968/10/06
  2. TV Studio, Olympia, France 1968/10/10

Just don't get fooled by this one.

It's a DVDR, which means that it can be (re)produced by everybody on a home computer, and we call it a bootleg because is asking a lot of money for this.

If you want to catch some Zappa / Mothers TV appearances, visit, and take a closer look.


-- info: Hugues-Robert Gros


  • frank zappa: austin 26 oct 1973
        (2006, cd, japan, budgie 007)
    • A new bootleg title has been spotted. "Austin 26 Oct 1973" has the Mothers Of Invention in concert at the Armadillo World Headquarters.

      Made in Japan.


-- info: Hugues-Robert Gros & James


The following message reached UM headquarters last week:


Presentan su música e interpretan a FRANK ZAPPA


Un show Imperdible...!

En vivo en el auditorio de Cablevisión


La emisión se realizará en vivo por Fibertel. 
Luego se emitirá por canal "a" (Fibertel en Concierto)
y después de repetirá por la señal 7 de Cablevisión

Live on Cablevision in Argentina: Tony Moliterni & Sul Divano performing the music of Frank Zappa.

  • 2006/05/11 Tony Moliterni & Sul Divano - concert Cablevision, Argentina



Ive Hapers kindly informed me that Eugene Chadbourne performed some Zappa and/or Beefheart material on a couple of albums that were not in the UM list.

Both "The New War" and "Don't Burn The Flag, Let's Burn The Bush" have titles that speaks for themselves. It's about Protest. Capital P.

"The New War" presents a nice mixture of EC originals and all time classics. Beefheart's 'Dachau Blues' and The Butthole Surfers' 'The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave" are supberb.

"Don't Burn The Flag, Let's Burn The Bush" might just be the funniest title I've ever heard... The album includes Chadbourne solo material, a couple of tracks with the Horror Of Chamers and quite a chunk of Jack & Jim, with Jimmy Carl Black, explaining the number Van Vliet and Zappa compositions on this terrific album.



  • revolver
        (2006/05, mag, nl)

    • The May/June issue of Revolver magazine included a two-page article on the Zappa plays Zappa tour.
      • "Tour de Frank" by Edwin Ammerlaan.
    • "Revolver" is a rather new magazine. This is the third issue. It talks about (rock) music and movies. It also includes a CD.
      The ZpZ article says that Ahmet will be taking part in the Amsterdam concert, so I'm wondering if this is a new fact, or merely a cut and paste job of info they received a year ago...
      We'll see in a couple of weeks.



Here's another 'archives' item.

de nieuwe popmuziek

by rolf ulrich kaiser
    (1970, book, the netherlands, westfriesland)

This is the Dutch translation of "Das Buch der neuen Pop-Musik". It has a chapter on Zappa an the Mothers Of Invention, and Zappa is mentioned and quoted a number of times in the book.
I don't have a picture of the original German edition, so if anyone can help me out...

About a year later, Rolf Ulrich Kaiser wrote a book on Zappa entitled "Frank Zappa - Over het begin en het einde van de progressieve popmuziek" (FZ - about the beginning and the end of progressive popmusic). As far as I know this book was originally published in Dutch and did not get a translation in another language.




Italian pianist Mario Mariani has performed Frank Zappa pieces on various occasions.

  • 2005/12/09 concert "Frank Zappa Memorial Night", 'HB', Mestre, VE, Italy
    • sexual harassment * uncle meat * lumpy gravy theme * mr. green genes * king kong * idiot bastard son * let’s move to cleveland * the torture never stops * satumaa (finnish tango) (music: unto mononen) * zoot allures * let’s make the water turn black * the dangerous kitchen * big leg emma * black napkins * we are not alone * packard goose * peaches en regalia
    • a recording of this concert circulates


  • 2006-04-21 concert ‘Beachland Ballroom’, Cleveland, OH, usa
    • special guests
      • (*) mrs. ike willis on vocals * (%) with laura wilson on vocals
    • set one
      • intro * little house i used to live in * the mud shark > dirty love > titties and beer > flakes > broken hearts are for assholes > filthy habits * ?? * a token of my extreme * fembot in a wet t-shirt > why does it hurt when i pee * apostrophe' * biznis as usual (*)
    • set two
      • intro * the mammy anthem * montana * sofa #2 * city of tiny lights * andy > inca roads * jones crusher * the idiot bastard son * cruising for burgers * village of the sun * ?? > third stone from the sun > purple haze > ??
    • encore
      • uncle remus (%) * zomby woof
  • 2006/04/29 concert ‘The 5 Spot‘, Atlanta, GA, usa

    • special guests

      • (*) Denny Walley - slide guitar, vocals * (**) Andrea Deniece Thomas Willis - vocals

    • set one

      • tuning & stage banter * little house i used to live in * mudshark * dirty love * tities & beer * flakes * broken hearts are for assholes * filthy habits * king kong * crew slut * cosmik debris (*) * magic fingers (*) * big swifty * bamboozled by love (*) * montana * biznis as usual (**)

    • set two

      • tuning & stage banter * the mammy anthem * andy * inca roads * apostrophe * stick it out  * peaches en regalia * idiot bastard son * black napkins * city of tiny lites * wet t-shirt night  * why does it hurt when i pee? * crusin for burgers * village in the sun * echidna's arf / don't you ever wash that thing?

    • various monitor & pa problems / no encores



  • weirdo naffn: enno's corner - the e.p.
        (2006, cdr, ger, private release)
    • The latest Weirdo Naffn release is called "Enno's Corner" and despite the fact that it's subtitled "The E.P" brings you over 40 minutes of music.
      The first track, 'Enno's Corner' starts very poppy and makes a psychedelic twist somewhere in the middle.
      'Vakyaôl' presents the typical Weirdo Naffn sound: slow, threatening guitars and the dark voice of Michael Krampe. Like it a lot.
      'Song For Klongg' is a Wienkötter / Wollmann composition (Weirdo Naffn keyboards & drums) is a very impressive piece. It's like one big up-tempo keyboard solo; and great drumming as well. This track shows that Weirdo Naffn is more than Michael Krampe's backing band.
      'Going To India' is the best track on this disc. Sitar sounding guitars, psychedelic floating voices, but still a very powerful track. Add to that the superb solos (including Zappa licks !!) and you've got one hell-of-a-track.
      'Cosmic Voyager' ends the disc. 16 minutes of spacy guitar.

      "Enno's Corner" also includes a hidden tracks. A rather funky exercise with a nice guitar & keyboard solo. Complementary. Well-done.
    • If you need an introduction to Weirdo Naffn, here's your opportunity. You need to hear this.



  • movie: der deal
        (2004, dvd, ger, noxxon verlag)
    • "Der Deal" is one of the weirdest movies that I've ever seen. Most of the time, I didn't have a clue to what happened.
      The subtitle of this movie is "Sell Your Soul For An Egg" and that part, I could understand. About twenty or thirty years ago, someone threw a little water turtle in the water somewhere in a small town near the Ruhrgebiet. Now, years later, eating the eggs of this turtle has a strange effect on people.

      Motorbikers, a Harry Potter-look-alike, musicians, egg-eating weirdos, shop-owners, a guy with a kanoo, they're all there... There's even a part with a crocodile and an elephant...
      Surreal, but very enjoyable.
      True, the fact that this movie is in German made it even more bizarre, but don't let that be a reason to skip it.

      The reason that I'm mentioning this movie is that it has two Zappa clues. The first one is that Weirde Naffn, who you should remember from last year's Zappanale, contributed to the soundtrack of this movie; the second one is that most of the music that was composed for this movie, was made by 'Camarillo Brillo', whoever that might be...
    • more info at:


Here's another picture for the archives:

humo - rock 'n' rollgids

by various writers
    (1996, book, belgium, icarus)

A collection of articles that appeared in Humo, a Flemish radio & television magazine.
It includes

  • 'Zappa kan natuurlijk nog beter' from 1974/04/25 (plus picture)
  • The Kamagurka / Zappa comic strip
  • 'In Memoriam Frank Zappa' by Marc Didden from 1993/12/16 (plus picture)




You're invited to the live videotaping of a Frogg Cafe show that will take place in Saratoga, NY and be shown on Albany region cable available to over 250,000 viewers!

WHEN: SATURDAY MAY 6th (this Saturday!)
ADDRESS: 241 Union Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 (518) 581-7090
TIME: 9pm - 2 Sets
Tickets are $3 at the door

Taping is for the cable TV show "Groovin' On", Time Warner cable channel 18. Aired Tuesdays at 7pm.

ALSO, 5 brand spankin'new Frogg shows added:

  • Friday June 2nd - Oasis Cafe, New Paltz, NY
  • Friday June 16th - Mr. Beery's, Bethpage, NY
  • Thursday June 29th - Knitting Factory, NYC
  • Thursday July 6th - Nectar's, Burlington VT
  • Friday July 21st - Towne Crier Pawling, NY

Show details at

In other news, we all just returned from the wedding of Frogg Cafe's drummer James Guarnieri. Congrats Old Man, we love ya!

Hope to see you out there!

Frogg Cafe



2006 05 02, a message from Kilissa Cissoko

Hi everybody...near and far!

Read about the upcoming Buffalo Mamapalooza Festival on Buffalo

and you can also check out Buffalo's Mamapalooza Fest on MySpace:

I'm very psyched to be doing a solo set of my new songs on Saturday, May 13, around 2:00 in the afternoon. There will also be a lot of very talented Buffalo moms rockin'! (Friday night too)
The Langston Hughes Center is at 25 High Street, about a block up from Main near the Allen Street subway station-and across from Buffalo General Hospital.

And...also upcoming... I'll be doing original songs at the Coffeehouse of Consciousness at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Friday May 5, 7-10. (corner of Elmwood and West Ferry, Buffalo) 

Frank Zappa Music Festival - I play flute/sax and sing with Voice of Cheez Saturday, May 13--8 pm, (Nietzsche's, 248 Allen Street, Buffalo USA) see ya soon!


******************* ******************* ********************


CHRIS OPPERMAN - 2006 05 02


SPECIAL OPPS Live Tonight @ 3rd Street

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the really short notice on this, but I didn't have a confirmation for this gig until yesterday and I didn't want to promote a gig I wasn't 100% sure we were playing, but we are playing it and hope you can make it!

L.A. Music Awards Showcase

Tonight (May 2nd, 2006) - 8 pm

The Monsoon Cafe
1212 3rd St Promenade 
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1308

  • Chris Opperman, piano

  • Chris Spilsbury, electric guitar

  • Daren Burns, electric bass

  • Craig Bunch, drums

I plan on playing a lot of piano since they have a grand piano there.  It'll be real fun.

Also, the current issue of Music Connection has a very flattering review of our last Knitting Factory show that you should check out.  I'll be sending out a more formal update soon.  Hope you're all doing well.  Music is the best.

Chris Opperman

Does it show that I had a day off...Long Live Labour Day.


Just found a page for Joe Conti, who was apparently a roadie on FZ's 1984 tour, as well as playing in a band with Ike Willis, Jeff Hollie, and (briefly) Vinnie Colaiuta.




February 2004, the Pendericki String Quartet contributed to a Zappa tribute called "Zapparadox".

Friday, February 20, 2004, 10pm, Temple Studios, Guelph, 
Saturday, February 21, 2004, 10pm, the Starlight Club, Waterloo, 
Sunday, February 22, 2004, the Rivoli, Toronto, 

A heavy-hitting experimental club show sure to be all-the-rave. This tribute to the late Frank Zappa explores his many paradoxes. Warning: stage antics may be offensive to some. 11pm Dj set tba.

Aidan Baker
: electric guitar and vocals
Alan Bloor
: metal works and electronics
Richard Moore
: drumkit & percussion
: turntables
The Penderecki String Quartet

Aidan Baker Zappa
: Lifeforms (2004)
John Oswald
: Mach for string quartet and Metal Rock samples (1993)
Jascha Narveson
: Bartok 5 Remix (2004)
Frank Zappa
: III Revised
Frank Zappa
: G-Spot Tornado, arr.
Peter Eötvös
: Psalm 151, In Memoriam Frank Zappa (1993)



-> Brother A.West

April 2006

One-time kid show artist arrested in SoCal child porn case

Wednesday, April 5, 2006
(04-05) 12:17 PDT Sierra Madre, Calif. (AP) --

An award-winning children's television artist was arrested for alleged possession and production of child pornography.

Andrew West Reid Jr., 52, known professionally as AWest, had pornographic images of children on his computer and digital cameras seized from his Sierra Madre home, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said Tuesday.

Reid, who was arrested Tuesday while visiting someone in San Dimas, was also arrested in January by Pasadena police and charged with molesting a child, Eimiller said.

After an investigation in that case by the FBI and Pasadena police, Reid was arrested by federal agents on the child porn charges, Eimiller said.

Eimiller said Reid has worked extensively in the record industry and last worked in production design and art direction for children's television programming. Reid worked four years, until 2000, as the city's film coordinator.

"He kind of popped in on the scene, he was the film guy to go to," former Mayor Doug Hayes said. "I didn't know him that well. He was the film guy, that's all people knew him as."

AWest was an art director on the PBS television show "Jay-Jay the Jet Plane," according to the Web site. Reid won two Cable Ace awards in the category of Best Art Direction in a Comedy, Musical or Series for Shelley Duvall's "Rock 'n Roll Mother Goose" and for "Adventures in Wonderland," both on the Disney Channel, the Web site said.

AWest earned five platinum albums for his art direction and, according to the PBS Web site, lists Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac among his clients.



The Oregon Percussion Ensemble & percussionist Charles Dowd, music director & conductor, performed a concert called "Hommage Frank Zappa".

2005/10/15 concert "hommage frank zappa"

  • 'Ionisations' for thirteen percussionists - Edgard Varèse
  • 'The Black Page Drum Solo' - Frank Zappa
  • 'The Black Page #1: The Hard Version' - Frank Zappa
  • 'The Black Page #2: Easy Teenage NY Version' - Frank Zappa


The Sotto Voce Tuba Quartet performed works by Mike Forbes, Debussy and Frank Zappa in concert on April 8, 2006, at the First Presbyterian Church in Livermore.

The band has a couple of Zappa pieces on their repertoire:

  • Echidna’s Arf (Of You). Frank Zappa, arr. Nat McIntosh.
  • Little Umbrellas. Frank Zappa, arr. Nat McIntosh..
  • Sofa #1. Frank Zappa, arr. Nat McIntosh..



Wed., April 12, 2006, The Peabody Wind Ensemble performed music by Frank Zappa, Percy Aldridge Grainger, Guy Woolfenden and Johan de

At the 'Friedberg Hall', Peabody

Peabody Wind Ensemble

  • 2006/04/11 dress rehearsal 'Miriam A. Friedberg Concert Hall ', Peabody

    • Harlan Parker, Conductor

      • Frank Zappa: Dog Breath Variations

      • Percy Aldridge Grainger: Molly on the Shore, Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol, Country Gardens

      • Guy Woolfenden: Gallimaufry

      • Johan de Meij: Symphony No. 2, "The Big Apple"

  • 2006/04/12 concert 'Miriam A. Friedberg Concert Hall ', Peabody

    • Harlan Parker, Conductor

      • Frank Zappa: Dog Breath Variations

      • Percy Aldridge Grainger: Molly on the Shore, Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol, Country Gardens

      • Guy Woolfenden: Gallimaufry

      • Johan de Meij: Symphony No. 2, "The Big Apple"



Adding magazine covers (and a bit of extra info) to the UM archives:

  • guitar - the magazine for all guitarists
        (1979/05, magazine, uk)
    • the May 1979 edition of Guitar magazine presented the first part of a Frank Zappa interview.
      • "Shut up and play your guitar - Frank Zappa talks to John Dalton", a 4-page interview (= part one) by John Dalton
      • transcript: 'the sheik yerbouti tango' (frank zappa), 3 pages
  • guitar - the magazine for all guitarists
        (1979/06, magazine, uk)
    • the June 1979 edition of Guitar magazine presented the second part of a Frank Zappa interview.
      • "Frank Zappa, part II", a 4-page interview (= part two) by John Dalton
      • transcript: 'rat tomago' (frank zappa), 5 pages

  • guitar world
        (2003/12, mag, usa)
    • the December 2003 edition of Guitar World featured a 10-page article / interview of Frank Zappa: "Dynamo Frank" by Alan Di Perna.
  • guitar player
        (1987/01, magazine, usa)
    • The Januari 1987 issue of Guitar Player magazine included an article by and an interview with Frank Zappa. As a bonus, the magazine included a soundpage recording of Frank Zappa's onstage debut with son Dweezil, playing 'Sharleena'.
      • "Frank Zappa on the '80s Guitar Clone", as told to Dan Forte, a 5-page article
      • "World Premiere: Zappa & Son, onstage together for the first time" by Tom Wheeler, a 4-page article.
      • a flexi-disc soundpage

  • record collector
        (2001/10, magazine, uk)
    • the October 2001 edition of Record Collector had a feature on Frank Zappa
      • "Zappa '69" by Peter Doggett, an 8-page article on Zappa's late sixties and early seventies projects.
  • guitarist
        (1993/06, mag, uk, guitarist publications)
    • The June 1993 issue of Guitarist included a 9-page article / interview with Frank Zappa by David Mead entitled "Unholy Mother".



April 12, 2006, Julien Grégoire and Robert Leroux, who are the directors of  “l’Atelier de Percussion de l’Üniversité de Montréal”, organised an event called "Frank Zappa & Edgard Varèse".

“l’Atelier de Percussion de l’Üniversité de Montréal” performed Frank Zappa's 'The Black Page', as well as a piece called ‘Quatre préludes "sautés" sauce Page Noire’, a variation on 'The Black Page' as composed by Walter Boudreau (conductor of The Dangerous Kitchen).

The concert also included pieces by Edgard Varèse, Bernard Épaud, György Ligeti, Charles Côté-Potvin

- info: Hoodoo at affz



Here's a message from Patrick Neve, sent to affz:

Hiya friends!  Long time no see.. been lurking somewhat.  Nice to see some of the old timers.

I'll cut to the chase.  "I'm doing a comp".. bet you've heard that one before.

I am accepting submissions for a comp, tentatively entitled "Sloppy Seconds". Submissions must be exactly one second in length. They may be found sound, original compositions, previously released or unreleased.. anything. They will all be strung together in the order they are received, into a massive, A.D.D. inducing, pummeling, roller coaster ride of an audio experience.

1. Email your track, wav files preferred, to
2. Include your project name and the name of your track.
3. Tracks must be one second in length, no more no less.
4. Nobody may submit more than once.
5. No artist copies will be given. I'm sure you understand why, just too many of them.

More info and updates will be here:
Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested, all styles accepted.

THank you!!!!!
Patrick from Obscurica Records



Here's a bit of info on the ZpZ tour as far as the two NY gigs go:

Zappa plays Zappa

  • Dweezil Zappa: guitar, vocals
  • Joe Travers: drums
  • Pete Griffin: bass
  • Aaron Arntz: keyboards & vocals
  • Scheila Gonzales: horns, keyboards & vocals
  • Billy Hulting: melodic percussion
  • Jamie Kime: rhythm guitar


  • 2006/04/20 concert- the jammys - concert 'madison square guarden', nyc, ny, usa

    • special guests
        chick corea (*)
        jake cinninger (**)

    • filthy habits vamp / soundcheck / intro * inca roads (*) * florentine pogen (**)

    • a recording of this concert circulates

  • 2006/04/20 concert 'bb kings', nyc, ny, usa

    • willie the pimp * cosmik debris * florentine pogen * idiot  bastard son * cheepnis * king kong * yellow snow * st.alphonso’s pancake breakfast * father o'blivion * imaginary diseases * zomby woof

If you want to hear a bunch of different opinions, and people showcasing just how big a fan they are, go to the forum and check out the "concerts" entry. 



Vinnie Colaiuta can be heard on the latest John McLaughlin album, called "Industrial Zen".

-- info: Bill (on affz)


Johnny Otis and Don & Dewey. Don Harris is on the left and Dewey Terry on the right. Fred Harris is on the sax. Circa 1955 .

Picture taken from the website.



The picture on the right shows the reason why Ahmet isn't part of the Zappa plays Zappa concert series.

"The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless " is published by Random House Books for Young Readers and will be available on July 25, 2006.


  • frank zappa: mothers mayday
        (2006, cd, ??, peak abu 03/06)
    • "Mothers Mayday" is another very limited release on Peak Abu records. 50 copies of this album have been released as a digipack, 150 copies in a jewel case.
      Most of the tracks that you can find on this album are from the Mothers' 1973/05 concert better known as the '1973/05 unknown venue' concert. The source for this disc is a soundboard recording.

      Hard-core collectors might want to know that a couple of blank label testpressing of this album are circulating as well...


-- Ive Hapers



July 1970

-> below info & files seeded by URICH21

The Valbonne festival was organised by Claude Rousseau, who had organised the Bourget festival (near Paris) the previous March.

The programme, as announced in late June, was as follows :

  • July 23rd : Iron Butterfly, Warm Dust, Swegas & Moving Gelatine Plates
  • July 24th : Gong, Brigitte Fontaine, Amon Duul II & Red Noise
  • July 25th : Zappa/Ponty, King Harvest & Ame Son

It seemed like it was going to be a great Summer for lovers of rock music, with no less than three major festivals announced in the South of France for late July and early August : in addition to Valbonne, there was another one in Aix-en-Provence on August 1st-3rd, organised by trendy fashion designer Jean Bouquin, as well as the follow-up to the 1969 Amougies festival by Jean Karakos, in Biot, beginning on August 5th.

However, around mid July it all went wrong : all three festivals were banned by the authorities, who used the risk of forest fires as an excuse. In the event, they did go ahead, but in this pre-Internet age lack of reliable information ensured that attendance was well below expectations, and that the promoters lost a lot of money. Many bands weren't paid or refused to play, and in the case of Biot the event ended prematurely, degenerating into a riot.

The Zappa/Ponty jam was expected to be the highlight of Valbonne. However it didn't turn out quite as planned either. According to Ponty, Zappa was supposed to come with the new incarnation of the Mothers of Invention, but turned up on his own, Amougies-style ! A pick-up band had to be assembled at short notice, and the duo ended up sharing the stage with two noted French jazz players, drummer Aldo Romano and bassist Alby Cullaz.

Frank Zappa & Jean-Luc Ponty

Festival de Valbonne – 1970/07/25

  1. tuning up (1:21)
  2. jam 1 (16:04)
  3. King Kong (17:22)
  4. jam 2 (8:09)
  5. jam 3 (3:40)

Frank Zappa - guitar
Jean-Luc Ponty - violin
Alby Cullaz - bass
Aldo Romano - drums

Thanks to JJB, an audience recording of this concert surfaced a couple of days ago.

Check out the Zappateers site.




Pierrejean Gaucher has a new album out. It's called "La Fontaine et Le Gaucher", and it looks like a great project: putting La Fontaine's fables to music.

Listen to some audio samples or look at some video samples here:



  • ndv: karma
        (2001, cd-pro, ger, ear candy records)
    • An addition to the Keneally discography.

      NDV is Nick D'Virgilio, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist and drummer from Spock's Beard.
      "Karma" is a pop album. It features special guests Kevin Gilbert (Toy Matinee / Sheryl Crow), Mike Keneally (Zappa) and Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard).
      My copy is a promo-copy, so I don't have any details on the guests' contributions.



Some small changes have taken place in the Zappanale festival schedule:

Larts Studs (Denmark), Voice Of Cheeze  (USA) & Sex Without Nails Bros.  (Austria) have disappeared, and a couple of new names have been added: Corrie van Binsbergen (NL), FZLE (Denmark) & Pikantik (Poland).

Check out for the latest info, tickets, a place to sleep, etceteras


And here are some dates that you shouldn't forget about:


  • 2006/05/13 "Mothers Day Music Festival"
    • Doot!
    • Voice of Cheez
    • Anal Pudding



From May 8 until May 28, the National Library in Tallinn, Estonia, will feature a Zappa Exhibition!!

Organiser Avo Raup says:

The exhibition room is big, over 200 m2. All the exhibition is based on my private collection. I plan to show:

  • about 100 Zappa books
  • magazines: underground papers (LA Free Press, International Times, ...) and glossy magazines from all over the world
  • posters & big banners with Zappa quotes
  • Zappa's albums (CD & vinyl)
  • continuous video screenings (the official videos & documentaries) - the program will change every day

If you want to get an idea of some of the material that will show up at this exhibit, you should visit Avo's excellent website. Be sure to check out the Magazines section, where a lot of the actual articles have been made available.


AUGUST 04 - 06


friday 4th of august 2006 7 pm:



HERE & NOW (gb)

saturday 5th of august 2006 7 pm:




sunday 6th of august 2006 4 pm:





More info very soon on our website:








  • 2006/05/20 Aki Takase Fats Waller project feat.Dr.Chadbourne - /Lorrach, Germany/Jazz Tone

  • 2006/05/22 Aki Takase Fats Waller project feat.Dr.Chadbourne - /Ulm, Germany


2006/05/23 - 2006/05/28  THE GREATEST CHADFEST OF ALL TIME AT MUSIQUE ACTION 2006, Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

2006/05/23  Eugene Chadbourne / The Butterfly Garden - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

- Eugene Chadbourne The Butterfly Garden
(Les Jardins des Papillons) Special septet combining two trios, ZU frome Rome and Malachy Papers from
Kansas City performing sections of a suite from the Insect and Western series;

Mark Southerland (USA) tenor sax, homemade instruments, 8-track
Mike Dillon, (USA) vibraphone, drums, percussion
Johnny Hamill, (USA) acoustic bass
Massimmo Pupillo, (Italy) electric bass
Jacobo Battaglia, (Italy) drums
Luka Mai, (Italy) baritone saxophone
Eugene Chadbourne,(USA) composition, guitar, banjo

2006/05/24  Eugene Chadbourne 2 - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

Eugene Chadbourne 2
New Directions in Appalachian Music
Aspects of the traditional Appalachian music repertoire are attacked by an international assemblage of improvisers:

Mike Cooper, lap steel guitar, dobro (UK)
Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals, singing saw (Germany)
Cedric Prive, violin (France)
Johnny Hamill, bass (USA)
Eugene Chadbourne, banjo, vocals (USA)
Phil Minton, vocals (UK)

2006/05/25 - Salle des fêtes : Eugene Chadbourne 3 - - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

One of My Favorite Country and Western Singers Has Always Been Johnny Paycheck--and this is the most elaborate Tribute to Johnny Paycheck yet, with new arrangements created for a most unique instrumental blend.

Special guest steel guitar soloist Susan Alcorn (USA)
David Fox, piano (USA)
Jimmy Carl Black, drums (USA)
Bill Barrett, harmonica (USA)
Steven De Bruyn, harmonica (Belguim)
Richie West, French horn (USA)
David Doyle, French horn, mandolin (USA)
Eugene Chadbourne, electric guitar, vocals (USA)

2006/05/26 - Eugene Chadbourne 4 Chadbourne Baptist Church - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

 nice rock and country band set, combining American and European musicians, focusing mainly on Chadbourne original song repertoire.

Dave Fox, piano (USA)
David Doyle, French horn and mandolin (USA)
Johannes Bauer, trombone (Germany)
Roddie Gilliard, electric bass (UK)
Schroeder, drums (Germany)
Eugene Chadbourne, electric guitar, voice (USA)
Molly Chadbourne, vocal (USA)

2006/05/27 Hills Have Jazz feat.Dr.Chadbourne - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

Hills Have Jazz band We will do some Chadbourne original jazz themes to avoid being strictly part of the new "free jazz cover band" regime; but will also be doing some classics.

special guest Oliver Lake alto and soprano saxophone (USA)
Mark Southerland tenor saxophone, clarinet (USA)
Thomas Heberer trumpet (Germany)
Bill Barrett harmonica (USA)
Mike Dillon vibraphone (USA)
Pat Thomas piano (UK)
Richie West drums (USA)
Eugene Chadbourne guitar, banjo, voice (USA)

2006/05/28 The Horror Part Nine Band feat.Dr.Chadbourne - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

H.O.M.O. electric toothbrush, sampling, electronics (Portugal)
Stefan Verstraten didjiridoo, exotic instruments (Belguim)
Martin Klapper toys, electronics (Czech-Denmark)
Schroeder percussion (Germany)
DJ Point turntables (Slovenia)
Eugene Chadbourne banjo composition

Jimmy Carl Black lead fiend, voice, narration (USA-Germany)
Vid Zeraj fiend (Croatia)
Molly Chadbourne fiend (USA)
Kalina Samardjieva fiend (Bulgaria)


The program for the next edition of the Zappanale festival might look a bit like this:


  • 2006/07/14
    • Corrie van Binsbergen (NL)
    • AGE  (Germany)
    • FZLE (Denmark)
    • TriPod  (USA)
    • Zappatistas  (GB)
    • Daniel Rohr "Alles über Frank"  (Schweiz)
    • Jane  (Germany)
  • 2006/07/15
    • Jazzprojekt Hundehagen  (Germany)
    • Ikarisches Ensemble  (Germany)
    • Pikantik (Poland)
    • Soft Machine  (GB)
    • Egon Kracht & The Troope  (NL)
    • Paul Green School of Rock - plays Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbat  (USA)
  • 2006/07/16
    • DOOT  (USA)
    • Paul Green School of Rock - plays the rocking Frank Zappa  (USA)
    • Les Polissons  (France)
    • Discus  (Indonesien)
    • Adrian Belew (USA)

Check out for the latest info, tickets, a place to sleep, etceteras


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

search via

  • 2006/01/14 Drummers Double Bill – concert ‘Plusetage’, Baarle Nassau, NL
    2006/01/14 Daniel Rohr - performance 'Ringlokschuppen', Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Germany

  • 2006/01/19 Drummers Double Bill – concert ‘Floratheater’, Delft, NL

  • 2006/01/20 Drummers Double Bill – concert ‘Schouwburg’, Rotterdam, NL

  • 2006/01/21 Bogus Pomp - concert St.Petersburg, fl, usa

  • 2006/01/22 The Central Scrutinizer Band - concert 'café piupiu', sao paulo, brasil

  • 2006/01/25 Orkestrâ Percussion - concert Lyon, France
  • 2006/01/27 Orkestrâ Percussion - concert Lyon, France
  • 2006/01/28 the Sibelius Academy - concert:  Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage", Tavastia, Finland

  • 2006/01/29 The Central Scrutinizer Band - concert 'centro cultural, vergueiro, brasil

  • 2006/01/29 Violent Femmes feat.Dr.Chadbourne - Phoenix, AZ. w/ Cake + Tegan & Sarah

  • 2006/02/16 The Marc Godfroid - Ronny Verbiest Project - concert 'the palace music club', brussels, belgium

  • 2006/02/18 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Java Junction', Clearwater, FL, usa

  • 2006/02/19 The Central Strutinzer Band - concert 'Café Piupiu', São Paulo, Brasil

  • 2006/02/20 Kristian Järvi's Absolute Ensemble featuring MK and NMB "ABSOLUTE ZAPPA®" - concert 'Konzerthaus', Vienna, Austria
  • 2006/02/23 Kristian Järvi's Absolute Ensemble featuring MK and NMB "ABSOLUTE ZAPPA®" - concert 'Festspielhaus', St.Pölten, Austria
  • 2006/02/23 Drummers Double Bill – concert ‘Bimhuis’, Amsterdam, NL

  • 2006/02/25 Frogg Cafe / Fluttr Effect - concert 'lizard lounge', cambridge, ma, usa

  • 2006/02/25 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Freebird Live', Jacsonville, Florida, usa

  • 2006/02/25 Kristian Järvi's Absolute Ensemble featuring MK and NMB "ABSOLUTE ZAPPA®" - concert 'Teatro Sangiorgi', Catania, Sicily
  • 2006/02/26 Drummers Double Bill – concert ‘Harmonie’, Leeuwarden, NL

  • 2006/03/03 Doot! - concert 'Mattatuck Museum', Main Street, Waterbury, CT, USA (5:30-7:30pm)

  • 2006/03/03 Frogg Café / Dave Mason - concert 'ridgefield playhouse', ridgefield, ct, usa

  • 2006/03/11 the Wrong Object - concert ‘Plusetage’, Baarle-Nassau, the Netherlands

  • 2006/03/12 Hagar Peeters  & Corrie van Binsbergen band in concert ‘Muziekcentrum’, Enschede, NL

  • 2006/03/13 Don Preston - Taping live at BBC Radio for April 28 web/broadcast, London, UK
  • 2006/03/14 Don Preston- concert 'Vortex Jazz', London, UK
  • 2006/03/14 Steve Vai - autograph session, Ekaterinburg, Russia

  • 2006/03/14 Steve Vai - masterclass, Ekaterinburg, Russia

  • 2006/03/15 Don Preston – lecture & concert ‘De Schiecentrale’ Rotterdam HOLLAND

  • 2006/03/15 Schrijvers in concert Special  & Corrie van Binsbergen band ‘Bimhuis’, Amsterdam, NL
  • 2006/03/16 Steve Vai - autograph session, Kiev, Ukraine

  • 2006/03/16 Steve Vai - masterclass, Kiev, Ukraine

  • 2006/03/16 Don Preston – concert ‘De Schiecentrale’ Rotterdam HOLLAND
  • 2006/03/17 the Wrong Object - concert 'Zaal Alma', Sint-Jozef Rijkevorsel, Belgium

  • 2006/03/18 Renate Dorrestein & Corrie van Binsbergen band in concert ‘Lantaren / Venster’, Rotterdam, NL

  • 2006/03/18 Steve Vai- autograph session, Moscow, Russia

  • 2006/03/18 Steve Vai - masterclass, Moscow, Russia
  • 2006/03/18 Don Preston – concert ‘Pavilion Bar’ Belfast IRELAND
  • 2006/03/20 Drummers Double Bill – concert ‘Groote Kerk’, Veere, NL

  • 2006/03/22 Kees van Kooten & Corrie van Binsbergen band - concert luxemburg, Luxemburg

  • 2006/03/23 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Cat's Cradle ‘,Carrboro, NC, usa

  • 2006/03/24 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Melting Point  ‘,Athens, GA, usa

  • 2006/03/25 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Dali Museum', St. Petersburg, fl, usa
  • 2006/03/25 Doot! - concert 'Brass City Records', 489 Meadow Street, Waterbury, CT, USA (7pm start time)
  • 2006/03/25 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Exit / In ‘,Nashville, TN, usa
  • 2006/03/26 Kees van Kooten & Corrie van Binsbergen band - concert 'kleine komedie', amsterdam, NL
  • 2006/03/26 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Blueberry Hill's Duck Room ‘,Saint Louis, MO, usa

  • 2006/03/27 Kees van Kooten & Corrie van Binsbergen band - concert 'kleine komedie', amsterdam, NL
  • 2006/03/28 Kees van Kooten & Corrie van Binsbergen band - concert 'kleine komedie', amsterdam, NL
  • 2006/03/29 Special Opps - concert 'the knitting factory', hollywood, la, ca, usa

  • 2006/04/01 Doctor Dark - concert 'Cafe Nine', New Haven, CT, usa

  • 2006/04/03 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Teatro Ciack Ponderosa Music & Art‘,Milan, italy

  • 2006/04/04 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Auditorium Flog ‘,Florence, italy

  • 2006/04/05 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Stazione Birra ‘,Rome, italy

  • 2005/04/06 Palinckx – concert ‘smør jazz’, delft, the netherlands

  • 2005/04/07 Palinckx – concert ‘paradox’, tilburg, the netherlands 

  • 2006/04/08 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Bank', St. Petersburg, fl, usa

  • 2005/04/08 Palinckx – concert ‘plus-etage’, baarle-nassau, the netherlands 

  • 2005/04/10 Palinckx – concert ‘jazzpower/wilhelmina’, eindhoven, the netherlands

  • 2005/04/11 Palinckx – concert “music -hall vpro radio: de avonden”, ‘desmet’, amsterdam, the netherlands 

  • 2006/04/11 the Wrong Object - concert 'Guildford Electric Theatre', Guildford, UK  -  canceled ???

  • 2006/04/12 Project/Object - Philadelphia, PA World Café W/SCHOOL OF ROCK ALLSTARS!!

  • 2006/04/12 Doot! - concert 'New Haven Library' "Program Room", New Haven, CT, usa (7-9pm) - feat.Nate Trier on keyboard

  • 2006/04/13 Project/Object - Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom w/ MAHAVISHNU PROJECT!

  • 2005/04/13 Palinckx – concert ‘paradiso’, amsterdam, the netherlands

  • 2006/04/14 Project/Object - Albany, NY Valentine's - special guest: ed mann

  • 2005/04/14 Palinckx – concert ‘de kelder’, amersfoort, the netherlands

  • 2006/04/14 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'red cat theatre', los angeles, ca, usa

  • 2006/04/15 Project/Object - Burlington, VT Higher Ground

  • 2005/04/15 Palinckx – concert “beatles convention: golden apple award”, vredenburg (afternoon), utrecht, the netherlands

  • 2005/04/15 Palinckx – concert ‘paard van troje’, the hague, the netherlands 

  • 2006/04/15 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'red cat theatre', los angeles, ca, usa

  • 2006/04/16 Project/Object - Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall

  • 2006/04/17 Project/Object - Providence, RI The Century

  • 2006/04/17 Adrian Belew - concert ‘East Coast Blues & Roots Festival ‘, australia

  • 2006/04/18 Project/Object - Boston, MA Harpers Ferry

  • 2006/04/19 Doctor Dark & Project/Object - New Haven, CT, 'Toad's Place'

  • 2005/05/19 Palinckx – concert ‘kultuurhuis bosch’, arnhem, the netherlands 

  • 2006/04/20 - the jammys - concert 'madison square guarden', nyc, ny, usa  -  Zappa is to receive a lifetime achievement award

  • 2006/04/21 Project/Object - Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom

  • 2006/04/21 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club ‘,Hurlston Park NSW, australia 

  • 2006/04/22 Project/Object - Chicago Martyrs

  • 2006/04/22 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Canberra Southern Cross Club ‘,Woden ACT, australia 

  • 2006/04/23-28 The Jack and Jim Show in residency in Brest, France including duo gig with Dr. Chad and Jimmy Carl Black and a collaboration with the Monstre band.

  • 2006/04/23 Project/Object - St. Louis, MO Cicero's

  • 2006/04/23 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Selina's / Coogee Bay Hotel‘,Coogee NSW, australia

  • 2006/04/24 Project/Object - Detroit, MI Magic Bag

  • 2006/04/25 Project/Object - Cincinnati Poison Room

  • 2006/04/25 Adrian Belew - concert ‘‘,Anzac Day holiday Corner Hotel, Richmond VIC, australia 

  • 2006/04/26 Project/Object - Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall

  • 2006/04/26 - 28 the Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert "Bergen Music Fest", bergen, norway
  • 2006/04/26 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Ruby's Love Lounge ‘,Belgrave, VIC, australia
  • 2006/04/26 terry bozzio, marco minnemann and chad wackerman – concert ‘steve's music’,  toronto, on, canada

  • 2006/04/27 Project/Object - Louisville, KY Headliners

  • 2006/04/27 Petulant Frenzy - concert 'Marquee',  Camerdown, Australia

  • 2006/04/28 Project/Object - Asheville, NC Stella Blue - special guest: denny walley

  • 2006/04/28 Don Preston- web/broadcast, BBC Radio London, UK
  • 2006/04/28 terry bozzio, marco minnemann and chad wackerman – concert ‘steve's music’,  ottawa, on, canada
  • 2006/04/29 the Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'the folken', stavanger, norway

  • 2006/04/29 Project/Object - Atlanta, GA 5 Spot - special guest: denny walley

  • 2006/04/29 Adrian Belew - concert ‘St. Andrews Hotel ‘,Andrews VIC, australia 

  • 2006/04/29 terry bozzio, marco minnemann and chad wackerman – concert ‘steve's music’,  montreal, qc, canada
  • 2006/05/01 Project/Object - concert 'Pour House', Charleston, SC, usa
  • 2006/05/01 terry bozzio, marco minnemann and chad wackerman – concert ‘drum shop’, portland, me, usa
  • 2006/05/02 Project/Object - concert 'Cat's Cradle', Carrboro, NC, usa
  • 2006/05/02 terry bozzio, marco minnemann and chad wackerman – concert ‘dynamic percussion’, manchester, ct, usa
  • 2006/05/03 Project/Object - concert 'Visulite', Charlotte, NC, usa
  • 2006/05/04 Project/Object - concert 'Empty Glass', Charleston, WV, usa
  • 2006/05/04 terry bozzio, marco minnemann and chad wackerman – concert ‘b&b music’, camden, de, usa
  • 2006/05/05 Project/Object - concert 'Appalachian Brewing Co. ', Harrisburg, PA, usa w/ Green Onions
  • 2006/05/06 Project/Object - concert 'Rams Head ', Baltimore, MD, usa Live w/ School of Rock
  • 2006/05/06 Frogg Café - concert 'river street beat shop', troy, ny, usa
  • 2006/05/07 Project/Object - concert 'CODA', New York, NY, usa
  • 2006/05/09 Project/Object - concert 'Rongovian Embassy', Trumansburg NY, usa
  • 2006/05/10 Project/Object - concert 'Milestones', Rochester, NY, usa
  • 2006/05/11 Project/Object - concert 'River St. Jazz', Plains, PA, usa
  • 2006/05/11 Tony Moliterni & Sul Divano - concert Cablevision, Argentina
  • 2006/05/12 Project/Object - concert 'Club Café', Pittsburgh, PA, usa-  8pm show - 2 sets
  • 2006/05/12 Allan Holdsworth Trio - clinics/workshops - westchester, ny, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman
  • 2006/05/13 Project/Object - concert 'Club Café', Pittsburgh, PA, usa  Early Show 6pm Doors 1 Long Set 7pm - 9:30pm
  • 2006/05/13 Doot! - concert 'Nieztsche's', Buffalo, NY, USA  /  Opening for Voice of Cheez  (8pm)

  • 2006/05/13 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘imac theater‘, huntington, ny, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/15 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'heiniken music hall', amsterdam, the netherlands - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/16 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘birchmere‘, alexandria, va, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/17 Zappa plays Zappa - concert copenhagen, denmark - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/17 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘tin angel‘, philadelphia, pa, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/18 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘sentrum scene’, oslo, norway - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/18 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘iridium‘, new york, ny, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/18 Pierrejean Gaucher - concert 'studio de l'ermitage ((01 44 62 02 86) -Paris, France
  • 2006/05/19 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'hovet', stockholm, sweden - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/19 Doot! - concert 'Buttonwood Tree', Main Street, Middletown, CT, USA (8pm)

  • 2006/05/19 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘iridium’, new york, ny, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/20 Aki Takase Fats Waller project feat.Dr.Chadbourne - /Lorrach, Germany/Jazz Tone

  • 2006/05/20 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘iridium‘, new york, ny, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/21 The Wrong Object - concert 'Chez Bouldou', Liège, belgium

  • 2006/05/21 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘iridium‘, new york, ny, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/21 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'philipshalle', düsseldorf, germany - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/22 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'tempodrom', berlin, germany - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/22 Aki Takase Fats Waller project feat.Dr.Chadbourne - /Ulm, Germany

  • 2006/05/23 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘t-mobile arena’, prague, czech republic - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/23 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘iron horse‘, northampton, me, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/23 Pierrejean Gaucher - concert / masterclass 'M.A.I - Nancy, France

2006/05/23 - 2006/05/28  THE GREATEST CHADFEST OF ALL TIME AT MUSIQUE ACTION 2006, Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

  • 2006/05/23  Eugene Chadbourne / The Butterfly Garden - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

  • 2006/05/24  Eugene Chadbourne 2 - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

  • 2006/05/25 - Salle des fêtes : Eugene Chadbourne 3 - - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

  • 2006/05/26 - Eugene Chadbourne 4 Chadbourne Baptist Church - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

  • 2006/05/27 Hills Have Jazz feat.Dr.Chadbourne - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

  • 2006/05/28 The Horror Part Nine Band feat.Dr.Chadbourne - concert Vandouevre Les-Nancy, France

  • 2006/05/24 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘petofi csarnok open -air’, budapest, hungary - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/24 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘johnny d's‘, somerville, ma, usa - feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2006/05/26 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘kongresshaus’, zurich, switzerland - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/27 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘mazda palace’, milan, italy  - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/28 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘teatro tenda striscle’, rome, italy - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/05/30 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘forest national’, brussels, belgium - special guests: nm brock, terry bozzio, steve vai

  • 2006/06/01 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Manchester Apollo’, Manchester, UK

  • 2006/06/02 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Royal Albert Hall’, London, UK

  • 2006/06/02 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'philharmonie', haarlem, nl
  • 2006/06/03 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'tivoli', utrecht, nl
  • 2006/06/03 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Freebird Live', Jacksonville Beach, usa

  • 2006/06/03 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Coda', nyc, ny, usa

  • 2006/06/04 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Vicar Street', Dublin, Ireland

  • 2006/06/04 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Orion Sound Studios', baltimore, md, usa

  • 2006/06/05 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Zenith’, Paris, France 

  • 2006/06/06 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, nl

  • 2006/06/07 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Lycabettus Hill Theater', Athens, Greece

  • 2006/06/08 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert '013', tilburg, nl

  • 2006/06/09 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Laugardalsholl', Rejkyavik, Iceland

  • 2006/06/11 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Tower Theatre', Pennsylvania, PA, USA

  • 2006/06/11 Acid Mothers Temple - concert 'magasin 4', brussels, belgium

  • 2006/06/12 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Beacon Theatre', NYC, NY, USA

  • 2006/06/13 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Orpheum', Boston, MA, USA

  • 2006/06/15 Zappa plays Zappa - concert "Meadow Brook Music Festival", Detroit, MI, USA

  • 2006/06/15 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller * Taylor Guitar Clinic 'Sam Ash', westminster, ca, usa

  • 2006/06/16 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Hummingbird', Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • 2006/06/17 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Auditorium Theatre', Chicago, IL, USA

  • 2006/06/17 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', studio city, ca, usa

  • 2006/06/19 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - Taylor Guitar Clinic 'Sam Ash', cerritos, ca, usa

  • 2006/06/20 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'House Of Blues', Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • 2006/06/20 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - Taylor Guitar Clinic 'Sam Ash', city of industry, ca, usa

  • 2006/06/21 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Dodge Theatre', Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  • 2006/06/22 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘House of Blues’, Anaheim, CA , USA

  • 2006/06/22 Orkestrâ Percussion - concert Villeurbanne, France

  • 2006/06/23 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘The Wiltern’, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • 2006/06/24 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'The Warfield', San Francisco, CA, USA

  • 2006/06/24 the Wrong Object - concert "Fêtes de la Musique", Place Jehan-le-Bel, Liège, Belglium

  • 2006/06/24 Mike Keneally Band - concert "La Jolla Festival of the Arts", UCSD's East Campus, La Jolla, CA 92037

  • 2006/07/07 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Veteran's Park Amphitheater Springfield Arts Council‘,Springfield, OH , usa  

  • 2006/07/08 Doot! - concert Delft, The Netherlands


  • 2006/07/14 - Zappanale
    • Larts Studs (Denmark)
    • AGE  (Germany)
    • Voice Of Cheeze  (USA)
    • TriPod  (USA)
    • Zappatistas  (GB)
    • Daniel Rohr "Alles über Frank"  (Schweiz)
    • Jane  (Germany)
  • 2006/07/15 - Zappanale
    • Jazzprojekt Hundehagen  (Germany)
    • Ikarisches Ensemble  (Germany)
    • The Troope  (NL)
    • Soft Machine  (GB)
    • Sex Without Nails Bros.  (Austria)
    • Paul Green School of Rock - plays Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbat  (USA)
  • 2006/07/16 - Zappanale
    • DOOT  (USA)
    • Paul Green School of Rock - plays the rocking Frank Zappa  (USA)
    • Les Polissons  (France)
    • Discus  (Indonesien)
    • ???


  • 2006/07/19 Adrian Belew - concert 'De Boerderij', Zoetermeer, Holland

  • 2006/07/21 Adrian Belew - concert ‘Herzberg Festival‘,Herzberg, Germany

  • 2006/08/04 - 06   -  2nd "festival de l'alambic electrique", villiers sur yonne, france

  • 2006/08/04 "festival de l'alambic electrique"

    • trio pienza (f)

    • hatfield & the north (gb)

    • here & now (gb)

  • 2006/08/05 "festival de l'alambic electrique"

    • the foolz (nl)

    • corrie vanbinsbergen (nl)

    • hawkwind (gb)

  • 2006/08/06 "festival de l'alambic electrique"

    • pierrejean gaucher (f)

    • le bocal (f)

    • les polissons (f)

  • 2006/08/29 Palinckx – concert “zomerjazzfietstour”, groningen, the netherlands

  • 2006/10/26 The Wrong Object - concert Mechelen, Belgium - (afternoon - private gig) w. guests 

  • 2006/10/26 The Wrong Object - concert 'Cultuurcentrum Mechelen', Belgium - 20h30 w. guests

  • 2006/11/15 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de meerse', hoofddorp, nl
  • 2006/11/17 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'schouwburg', gouda, nl
  • 2006/11/18 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'zuiderpershuis', antwerp, belgium
  • 2006/11/19 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de vest', alkmaar, nl
  • 2006/11/24 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de lievekamp', oss, nl
  • 2006/11/25 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de metropole', almere, nl
  • 2006/12/01 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de spiegel', zwolle, nl
  • 2006/12/02 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'muziekgebouw aan 't ij', amsterdam, nl
  • 2006/12/04 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'theater aan de parade', den bosch, nl
  • 2006/12/07 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'lucent danstheater', den haag, nl
  • 2006/12/08 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'muziekcentrum', enschede, nl