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ZZZZZ Mute Residents
ZZZZZ Kimono Draggin'
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp - Zappaween X
ZZZZZ Metropolis Orchestra
ZZZZZ WM Recordings
ZZZZZ Larry Wild Man Fischer
ZZZZZ Sul Divano in concert
ZZZZZ Wounded Buffalo Theory
ZZZZZ ChollyHoss
ZZZZZ Gary Lucas
ZZZZZ Latest Project/Object news
ZZZZZ 5 x Steve Vai on dutch radio & television in December
ZZZZZ Mike Keneally Live Chat
ZZZZZ Da Voice Of Cheez
ZZZZZ Last days of the Project / Object tour
ZZZZZ The Metropolis Orchestra in concert in Milano, Italy
ZZZZZ More Corrie van Binsbergen
ZZZZZ Toon Tellegen in concert
ZZZZZ A new album by Corrie van Binsbergen
ZZZZZ 20051112
  It's "Zappa Day" in Genk, Belgium, today. Movies, record fair and concert !!  Hope to see you there !!
ZZZZZ info from Mike Ort
ZZZZZ The new Frank Nuyts album
ZZZZZ New G3 album out on CD and on DVD
ZZZZZ The Keneallist 2005 11 10
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp news
ZZZZZ The Chris Opperman newsletter 2005 11 11
ZZZZZ 200 Motels out on bootleg DVD
ZZZZZ Doot! downloads and more
ZZZZZ The Frank Zappa Gig List
ZZZZZ Whatchamacallit
ZZZZZ Eugene Chadbourne & Doot!
ZZZZZ Hardscore
ZZZZZ Zomby Woof: midi and more
ZZZZZ Michael Ort plays Zappa
ZZZZZ New on Favored Nations
ZZZZZ New Residents album includes a bonus DVD
ZZZZZ Dutch guitar mag has Zappa on the cover
ZZZZZ The Keneallist - 2005/10/28
ZZZZZ Frank Zappa: Resolver & Brutality
ZZZZZ The Foolz
ZZZZZ Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
ZZZZZ Niacin
ZZZZZ Saxofourte
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp: Zappaween X
ZZZZZ The Music Machine
ZZZZZ Project/Object
ZZZZZ The Voice Of Cheez
ZZZZZ The Dub Room Special, Frank Zappa DVD
ZZZZZ Hans Annéllsson
ZZZZZ Jerry Outlaw in concert
ZZZZZ A new Captain Beefheart Bootleg?
ZZZZZ Joe Satriani on the cover of Guitar & Bass magazine
ZZZZZ The Idiot Bastard Son Of T'Mershi Duween
ZZZZZ WM Recordings' latest project
Leftovers from October:
ZZZZZ Frogg Café tour dates
ZZZZZ Project/Object on tour
ZZZZZ The Muffin Men
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the concert calendar


short bits:
*** There's a new Zappa CD bootleg out on the Zipperman label *** There's also a new Captain Beefheart bootleg DVD around. A concert registration. *** As if that isn't enough, there's also a new Zappa bootleg DVD that has been announced: "VideoArchive Volume Two". *** Gotan Project has a DVD out (concert), where they perform Zappa's 'Chunga's Revenge". ***  Barry Miles' "Zappa" book has been published in Dutch and in German. *** The December issue of German Guitar magazine, has a feature on Steve Vai's 'The Love Of God': trancription + CD. ***

more info soon...



The UK Mute label has signed a contract with the Residents. Mute is rereleasing, repackaging and even redesigning Residents Classics.
This time 'round, they've released The Mole trilogy:
  • the residents: mark of the mole & intermission
        (2005, 2cd, uk, mute)
  • the residents: the tunes of two cities & the big bubble
        (2005, 2cd, uk, mute)

Both albums look great. They have been issued as little cardboardcover booklets with a lot of info & pictures, and with, of course, the music.
If you don't already have these albums, this is your opportunity.


  • kimono draggin': my summer in paris
        (2005, cd, usa, spaynsive productions)
    • The band describes their music as "Music That Will Rock Your Balls Clean Off", and their just might be some truth in that.
      "My Summer In Paris" is Kimono Draggin' their first release (as far as I know). It's a mini album that clocks around 32 minutes and it's great.
      You'll have the impression that you have heard this crazy trio before. There's glimps of surf music, campy rock (think B-52's)  & lots of beefheartian guitar licks and tempos. Big fun. I like it a lot.

      The guys are performing in the NY area. Check out their site for more info.
      And just click a bit further to order their CD.

      Joe Nolan plays the guitar in Doctor Dark. He's also responsable for most of the lyrics on this album.
      Check out "Hare Krsna, German Sluts", where he sings: 'Mike Keneally 's a friend of yours, ... He said I played the wrong notes on 'Veteran's Day Poppy'...


Forwarded by Fred, November 2005

Feel free to share the following with the band and those who made this show possible as you deem appropriate.

1. Darn! Now I cannot make up my mind about which show was better, Zappanale or ZWX - and I left the video camera at home this time :-(  Anybody got footage?  Mp3s?

2. Very minor bummer: I thought I detected David Coach losing the connection with John Citrone for a few bars somewhere in the second set (Dupree somewhere?).  But then, perhaps it was supposed to be that way?  That was the only mistake I heard all night -- if only I could do half as well!

3. Major bummer: if only BP could travel :-(

4. Overall, see #1.  Equally good but for different reasons.  All the buffoonery on and off stage was a riot.  Clowning aside, Ward has the timing down pat and does quite well on vocals too!

Not sure why "security" was so worried about the girls ... we are all adults, right?  MTV shows more.  Imho, the bar maids were more provocative than that.  But then, Pee-Wee Herman got in trouble for entertaining himself while the high and migthy seem to get away with murder.  Is that a Florida thing or what?  From an ode to Pee-Wee's Big Misadventure some years back: "You can play baseball like Lenny D, and wrap your Mercedes around a tree.... but whatever you polish, whatever you rub, don't get caught in a porno club!" -- Don't Get Caught... Copyright 1991 Bengt Lindblad

5. Pleasant surprise: Rick Olson - who never gets the big spotlights - should not be underestimated.  He certainly bamboozled me to pieces this time!  David Lindley may not lose sleep over it, but I say "yay Rick!!!"  While Jerry's guitar gymnastics are truly spectacular - and loud at the end - it seems Rick puts just enough paint on the canvas to make one want more.  Rick's vocal stylings were quite impressive too.

6. We had John Citrone in view throughout and what an awesome drummer!!!  Our emergency contribution a while back was money well spent.  The Approximate duet with David Coash is sooo funny!

7. Alex, like Bill Wyman, you hardly notice him until he stops playing.  How does he manage to keep a straight face amid all that ruckus?  The musical bedrock of Tampa Bay no doubt.

8. The horns, the keyboards, the eye brows, the whole package.  Can it get much better than this?  Surely Uncle Frank must be smiling up there in his heavenly listening chair between Elvis and the other guy.

Bengt, Marlyse & Stefan
West Chester, PA.


For those of you who are wondering what the latest Mats & Morgan Band album sounds like:

"Thanks For Flying With US", out on Cuneiform.


A couple of days ago, the Metropolis Orchestra gave another concert in Milan, Italy. Too late, I know, but let me show you their excellent announcement anyway...

Two weeks in a row. Big party in Milan.


Avaible for download now:
Daghoti - I've got braces, too! [WM029]

The man
- a. hofmann

The project
- from cologne/germany
- founded back in 2001 as a means to end all means
- has survived two births and is here to stay

The music
- samples, loops and loads of real instruments
- egocentric, cinematic, traumatic, hectic, idioblastic, ichthyic, collagic

The output
- I've got braces, too! [2005]

Available for free from our website:

best wishes,
WM Recordings


Ubin Twinz proudly presents

the L.A. premiere



inside the mind of

Larry "Wild Man" Fischer




Av. F. LACROZE 3455 (esq. Av. A. Thomas)


>> Localidades ilimitadas <<
entrada $2,-


Presentan su música e interpretan

U N  S H O W  I M P E R D I B L E ...!

Sul Divano

  • Tony Moliterni - Guitarra

  • Octavio Caruso - Guitarra

  • Rafael Surijón - Bajo

  • Marcelo Andrada - Saxo alto

  • Juan Presas - Saxo tenor

  • Leandro Loos - Trombón

  • Javier Atencio - Batería

  • Daniel Buzni - voz

Composición, Dirección & Arreglos
Tony Moliterni

  • 2005/11/30 Sul Divano - concert capital federal, argentina




Wounded Buffalo Theory has Frank Zappa's 'Muffin Man' on their playlist. They describe their music as "deep space electro funk deth jazz trance metal apocalypse rock".


  • 2005/02/05 concert 'tammany hall', worcester, mass, usa
    • banter * days like these * banter * the pledge(*) > muffin man%(*) > the pledge > my darlin my anteater > the pledge * banter * underground(**) * putin bay

    • % by frank zappa
      (**) first time played
      (*) with jody from uncle billy's smokehouse on keyboards


October 2005, ChollyHoss Productions was born.
From the website:
"ChollyHoss is the brainchild of Stephen Chillemi.  As a multi-instrumentalist and avant-garde torch-bearer Stephen has had the good fortune to work with some fantastic musicians.  ChollyHoss was created as a way to assist these musicians in getting the exposure and support that they deserve.  Stay tuned as ChollyHoss pounds the pavement to bring you the best in music that dares to be different."

Check it out at:

The ChollyHoss logo was designed by Cal Schenkel.



Despite earlier messages, Gary Lucas will not be sharing the bill with Eugene Chadbourne & Doot! next month.

A pity, but still very worth your while, I'd say.



well well well. where does the TIME go.... incredibly... 6 WEEKS have just blown by, time spent on a stage, daily with a blur of stuff in between involving travel, sleep and food. What a blast this tour has been... some amazing people came out to the shows... incredible new friends and fellow Zappa wackos... some great opening bands and guests. If you're in the NY-NJ-PA area - don't miss these finale shows...

Project Object with IKE WILLIS & NAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK real authentic unofficial actual band members details
with sp. guest openers: STRETCH  feat. Dave LaRue (bass, DIXIE DREGS, Steve Morse Band, Pat Travers) & Glenn Alexander (gtr, THE COALITION, Arnie Lawrence, Conan O'Brien show (sub), THE CONNECTION & Steve Loecher (drums, JIMMY THACKERY)

Folks, please come early and see these guys. They are outstanding musicians, doing original genre-busting music and a couple cool covers, as well as great people. I used to spend every Wed night from age 19-23 checking them (Dave & Glenn) out live in New Brunswick NJ and it was a major, major mind-blowing & inspiring musical force then as they are now. Don't miss 'em!! For background and some music - check out and 

Special Guest GREGG BENDIAN (Greg Bendian Trio, Mahavishnu Project) drums on a few tunes!
 Mexicali Blues 1409 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
 great Mexican food !! Doors: 6pm 830pm
 STRETCH feat. Dave LaRue, Glenn Alexander, Steve Loecher 930pm project/object 18+ to enter Tickets $20 (for STRETCH plus 2 great P/O sets!!)

 FRI NOV 18 
World Cafe Live PROJECT OBJECT & STRETCH Doors: 6pm Show Starts: 7:30 3025 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 215-222-1400 All Ages $20 adv - $25 dos tour closer - NO OPENER SAT 19 PLAINS, PA - RIVER ST JAZZ CAFE' (also --ON SAT NOV 19TH - Dave LaRue will conduct a BASS/THEORY WORKSHOP at the School Of Rock DOWNINGTOWN location. It is open to the public @ 5:00pm, costs a mere $10, and will feature Dave performing some pieces solo, discussing some of the music, demonstrating techniques, and finally performing with SOR kids) It will be followed by a SOR open mic. Dave is the bass player in STRETCH (above) as well as with the Steve Morse band and the Dixie Dregs. When off the road -he teaches in FL, and does various recording and production work. A longtime Bass Player columnist, he has since joined their Advisory Board. Interested?? Click over to:
Paul Green School of Rock Music Downingtown 
478 Acorn Lane Downingtown, PA 19335 PHONE:610-518-ROCK EMAIL:



2005-12-04 radio special, dutch radio 4, 'nps output': the 2005-10-02 tilburg concert

2005-12-11 radio special, dutch radio 4, 'nps output': the 2005-07-07 "Aching Hunger Phase II"  groningen concert with the Metropole Orkest

2005-12-18 radio special, dutch radio 4, 'nps output': bonus material from tilburg & groningen

and there's more:

2005-12-12 tv special, dutch nederland 3, 'nps output': the 2005-07-07 "Aching Hunger Phase II"  groningen concert with the Metropole Orkest - part one

2005-12-19 tv special, dutch nederland 3, 'nps output': the 2005-07-07 "Aching Hunger Phase II"  groningen concert with the Metropole Orkest - part two




Mike Keneally LIVE CHAT: chat room
THURSDAY November 17 12:00 noon PST

Maybe we should talk. Let's chat, shall we, Thursday afternoon, November 17 at 12 noon (Pacific standard time). We'll meet at and just chat like barristers. You can ask me about the new album projects (see below). You can ask about the live DVD we've got coming out next year or about my upcoming projects with the Metropole Orchestra. We can discuss what's been going on with you for a change, and enough with all of my stuff. The point I'm trying to make is that there's a lot we can talk about, OK, so we'll talk next Thursday. I thank you.


20051117, Voice Of Cheez said:

We hope to see you at the show! Come early, leave late! A full night of Zappa. Voice of Cheez Music by Frank Zappa Descent Into Darkness Show This Saturday, November 19 8 pm, $8.00 admission at the door Nietzsche's, 248 Allen Street, Buffalo



Hey Y'all Andre' here.

Yep. We just got back from the south. We love it! FL, NC, GA, VA, MD..what a blast. Amazing people, that southern hospitality....We play tonite in a great new spot - Trumansburg. I was there in sept for the DON PRESTON TOUR, over 100 of you came out and freaked out with us, hope to see you again! Also - the INSIDIOUS RAYS - will rejoin us for another show -tonight in TRUMANSBURG (birth of the moog factory) And now we're ready to get some city-dirt on us -come on out and celebrate FRANK ZAPPA and his music with us.....This Weekend in NYC!!! We have a mere 10 gigs left - winding down this 6-week run. Thanks for all the support so far -- and don't miss these final shows!! Who knows when we'll hit these areas again....See you in the Northeast over the next 10 days!! <?x-tad-bigger>We've had some incredible great guests on this tour, including... ZAPPA ALUMNI - Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock...Ed Mann..Denny Walley.. and talents like ..Ed Palermo....Carl Restivo....Jon Fadem....Scott (URR).....Greg Ridlington...Jimmy Wilson....Joe Hendel....Eric Slick...Bon Lozaga... and now... The Mighty SEAHAG!! Yes indeed he will be rockin' with us all the remaining gigs except SAT NOV 12...which is IKE WILLIS' 50th Birthday bash!!! don't miss these shows...

CRANK SOME FRANK! Come join Project/Object with special guests IKE WILLIS and NAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK, plus some NYC-type musical surprises...
Opening BOTH nights in NYC ... STRETCH with Dave LaRue (bass, from DIXIE DREGS & STEVE MORSE BAND) and Glenn Alexander (guitar, solo artist, also from THE COALITION, Arnie Lawrence, Conan O'Brien show etc 

Hey people. here is the nice version of the info. See you at a show. T SHIRTS are only $15 - you get the EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT!! Just like with GM.

Oh my god --.. somehow i missed listing a VERY special guest that played a couple shows with us and will sit in at NYC fri nov 11 -- JORDAN SHAPIRO...!! yes - longtime PO keyboardist J-Ro jumped in on some mando and keys early in the tour and will do so again friday. check out his otherworld at (also -- how could i forget ANDREW WALLEY - Denny's grandson who sat in on Bass -- Asheville NC, you killed it Andrew!! the next generation of Walleys...)

There are only two weeks left of the Project/Object tour. The band will play a long overdue return to the Ithaca area on Thursday Nov. 10. This Friday and Saturday Nov. 11 and 12 the band will perform for the first time at the very intimate CODA on 34th and Madison in Manhattan. Sunday the band will appear at Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA. Please check the website for more details at

Thank you for supporting Project/Object! 


Italy is the home of quite a bunch of excellent ensembles that perform Zappa's music. The Metropolis Orchestra is one of them.
The band will be giving a concert in a couple of days:


If you can't go to the concert, be sure to check out their fabulous "Uncle Beat" album.


The 'literary series' from February / March 2003, that I talked about a bit below, resulted in two other albums, the first one with Kees Van Kooten, the second one with Remco Campert. Both feature the Corrie van Binsbergen Band.
Very impressive.




  • toon tellegen: de trein naar pavlovsk en oostervoorne
        (2004, cd, nl, rubinstein)
    • February 2003, a number of 'literary concerts' took place at the 'Bimhuis' in Amsterdam, NL. Writers read pieces from their work, accompanied by musicians.

      2003/02/12, Toon Tellegen read pieced from "De Trein Naar Pavlovsk En Oostervoorne". The group of musicians was lead by Corrie van Binsbergen.



  • corrie en de grote brokken: het land is moe
        (2005, cd, aus, challenge records)
    • Corrie van Binsbergen has a new album out. "Het Land Is Moe" ("the country is tired") features a 12 (!!) - piece band and includes some of Holland's top musicians.
      I saw the band in concert last Friday in Tilburg, NL, doing a short promotional tour for this new album, and they really blew my socks off.
      Intimate moments with Beatrice van der Poel, the raw power of Bob Fosko, guitar extravaganza with Corrie van Binsbergen and Wouter Planteijdt, jazzy swinging solos by the horn section, ...
      It can't get any better than this...
      The music on this album is just great. Most of the pieces are written by Corrie van Binsbergen, the others by Wouter Planteijdt or by Beatrice van der Poel. Very angular, contemporary jazzy stuff, even including a short Zappa tease in Koppensnellen I. Live, the band also did a short 'Black Page' break.
      A nice extra for the Dutch speaking part of the world, is that a lot of effort has gone to the lyrics, using texts from Drs.P, Josse de Pauw or even Remco Campert. Very powerful.

      "Het Land Is Moe" adds another title to your must-have list.


The Zappa Day in Genk, Belgium, was the place to be, last saturday. Zappa dealer Zappo from Cologne was there, and The Wrong Object played a fine concert.
I hope that this will be the start of a fine annual tradition.

Thank you, Freddy !!

Not much to tell. I'll be off to Genk in a couple of hours. Hope to see some of you there...

2005/11/12 - "ZAPPA DAY"

in 'Club TNT' in Genk, Belgium

at 16.00 h: videos: Zappa in concert, interviews, ...

from 16.00 h on: record fair

at 21.00 h: the Wrong Object plays Zappa

It looks like this might become one of those Zappa Days that we used to have in De Effenaar in Eindhoven, in the eighties.
Does anyone have any suggestions? A Zappateers meeting? A live Kill Ugly Radio Forum?...




Here's some extra info on Mike Ort:

Mike Ort is a musician from Aachen/Germany with a recording studio located in his living room. He plays the guitar, bass and a bit of keyboard. He also sings and does midi-programming.

Mike says: "As you might have guessed, I'm a  fan of Frank Zappa. From my early homerecording years on, I always found it challenging to record his compositions.
I'm planning to release a CD of my Zappa recordings an it will be named "The Fake Goatee". (...and that's what I call the "Fake Goatee Project")"


  • frank nuyts: sonatas & prelude
        (2005, cd, bel, etcetera)
    • Contemporary music lovers have something to look forward to. "Sonatas & Prelude" is the latest Frank Nuyts album. His music is performed by Saori Oya and Benjamin Van Esser (and not by Hardscore as I said a couple of days ago).
      Beautiful stuff. 'Rastapasta for 2 pianos' and two other piano sonatas make up this very fine and impressive album.

      For more info & order information go to


  • g3: live in tokyo
        (2005, 2cd, eu, epic 82876742442)
  • g3: live in tokyo
        (2005, dvd, eu, epic 82876 7426 9)
    • May 8th, 2005, G3 performed in Tokyo, Japan. John Petrucci, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani each performed a solo set, and ended the show wit a jam.
      Part of this concert has been released on both 2CD and on DVD.
      I know, with these guys you know what to expect, and that's an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

      I missed the 2004 / 2005 G3 tour, and I'm glad that I can catch up with this new album.



Opening Remarks

Mike Keneally here, hi.
Hey, it's almost tomorrow!

Here's the first thing...

Please visit

A while ago, our friend Antal Adriaanse started a website called "The Mike Keneally Band Tour Chronology," an online history of my entire live music career. Since I have no propensity for keeping track of such details myself, Antal's site has proven to be a real gift and an outrageously useful resource. The lifeblood of the site is setlists and other gig information, emailed to Antal by tapers and fans. Input from long-time hardcore fans to the site has gotten smaller as life has had its way, and Antal disconnected the site a few months ago, which freaking made us sad.

But then Scott Chatfield and I met up with Antal in Holland a few weeks ago, and we all decided that the site is worth resuscitating, and now the Chronology is once again active and can be found at its new home:

During the time that input to the site has been getting smaller, we've been getting more people signing up for the Keneallist (hello and thank you), and various other indications that our audience is growing. So maybe some of you who've gotten into our music more recently would enjoy becoming a more active part of the community (we allow taping at most shows so there are a lot of people posting and trading recordings of us, which we appreciate in a severe way).

And therefore I do say, that if you have any gig information to provide to Antal, you can and should send it here:

"It is most ultimately delightful that Antal, and the fine men who wear the Exowax star, have been able to rescue and preserve this priceless internet resource..."
--- King Benny

Mike Keneally LIVE CHAT: chat room
THURSDAY November 17 12:00 noon PST

Maybe we should talk. Let's chat, shall we, next Thursday afternoon at 12 noon (Pacific standard time). We'll meet at and just chat like barristers. You can ask me about the new album projects (see below). You can ask about the live DVD we've got coming out next year or about my upcoming projects with the Metropole Orchestra. We can discuss what's been going on with you for a change, and enough with all of my stuff. The point I'm trying to make is that there's a lot we can talk about, OK, so we'll talk next Thursday. I thank you.

Deal with this, though:

MIKE KENEALLY BAND with special guest drummer CHAD WACKERMAN December 30 at the Baked Potato

We're thrilled that the genius drumming of Chad Wackerman will be a factor in the madness to take place here and when:
Friday, December 30, 2005
The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 980-1615
Open at 7:00 p.m.
Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

I haven't played with Chad since 1988. I'm freakin' jazzed. We will present the work of various composers during this performance. It will be insane and it's the night before New Years' Eve. It's obvious for a million reasons why you should be there.

(GUITAR THERAPY LIVE - the new Mike Keneally Band live album)

Our first live CD since 1996 is nearing completion, sonically. And it's really pretty huge. It's taken from three shows the Keneally Band did with Joe Travers on drums during Summer 2005. Most of it is from our Baked Potato show from July 30, and there are also tracks from Sellersville, PA and the Prog Day festival. Bryan Beller and I worked side by side on choosing the best versions and sequencing them, and we were both enjoying the sounds an awful lot. Everyone's playing is incredible. If you're into the harder side of what we do, we think you're going to like this one.

This album will be available as a single CD, and also as a CD/DVD autographed special edition. This signed edition of 3000 will include a DVD of the entire Baked Potato performance, warthogs and all, with a surround sound mix by Mike Harris. (The DVD of our Sellersville, PA performance, which a number of you have asked about, will come out later next year - see below for more info on that.)

This project is still in progress, and if any of you would like to be among the first to order it, we'd certainly appreciate it. We'll announce a date for the Guitar Therapy Live Special Edition later this month.

"I never thought I'd ever stop being amazed, ever..."
--- the Emblazoned Interrogator

(Other NEW ALBUM projects)

The outtakes album I mentioned in the Keneallist a few months ago, "Wine & Pickles," is thinking about adopting a new title, "Don't Lock A Gift Horse In The House." The album is nowhere near constructed but it sounds pretty hysterical in my head. The segue from "Feelin' Strangely" into "Behind The Door" will be a cool moment. Worth buying a CD for, I reckon.

Also in progress is the Mike Keneally/Bryan Beller acoustic album. No name for that one yet, I've just been thinking of it as "Mike Keneally Bryan Beller/Acoustic" and maybe it doesn't need anything more clever than that. We've already recorded a large quantity of tunes, and I hope to write several new pieces for it and record those during the next couple of months. This one we hope will be available during the first half of next year. It will be great to finally have an official document of the sort of thing we've been doing at our Taylor Guitars appearances over the last few years.

What's needed here are some albums filled with entirely new music, and there are several such releases in the formative stages. One which is already underway is a solo instrumental album, with me playing everything. Very Technicolor and twitchy. Another is "Scambot," a concept album featuring various musicians, characters and numerous musical approaches, a lot of crazy writing and insane guitar and multi-layered vocal stuff. This is just a misty group of colors and sounds in my head right now but I envision it as easily the most sprawling and downright ridiculously odd thing I've ever attempted, so we'll see what happens with that. And then there's also the matter of another good old rock album from the Mike Keneally Band, which I imagine as incorporating a lot more of the texture of "Wooden Smoke" along with the most ferocious stuff we've done in the studio. I've written a number of things towards this record and I think it's going to be melodic and thick and kind of crazy. A couple of nights ago I thought that "Bright Shiny Object" might be a good name for this album, we'll see about that too.

There're other album ideas we're thinking about too. Oh, if only there were 24 hours in a day.

The Live DVD and other upcoming projects

We're still working on the stand-alone DVD release from the Guitar Therapy tour, which will focus heavily on the Sellersville performance but also contain the best material from the other more guerilla-style video shot on the tour. Very different performances from what you'll find on the live CD coming out first. I know some of you were expecting the DVD by now, but we decided to prepare the live CD and special edition first, and when that project is completed we'll move on to Sellersville and the rest of it. The DVD is being designed to be the first thing to reach for when you want to introduce somebody to our band's music, so we're taking our time to get it right. Once the live CD, CD/DVD special edition, the acoustic record and the stand-alone DVD are all completed we hope to hit the road again - planning for next year's touring is currently underway.

In late February and throughout March I'll be in Europe. There'll be several performances with the Absolute Ensemble in Germany, a three-day session at a music academy teaching the students to play "Nonkertompf," and a repeat performance of "The Universe Will Provide" by myself and the Metropole Orchestra. I'm wicked excited about the opportunity to perform TUWP live again, as all of us involved with the project got to know the music a lot better during the course of making the album. It will be the live premiere of several of the movements on the album version, and I'm writing an additional new piece to complete the program. Yet another thing is the recording project for Peter Tiehuis, the guitarist with the Metropole. There will be a live orchestra session featuring Peter as soloist, playing a number of specially commissioned pieces, including two from me. I'll duet with Peter on one of the new pieces as well. So the spring will host a variety of orchestral adventures. More details soon etc.

This is long enough already, but I wanted to mention in closing that there's been a Mike Keneally page at for a few months now and I haven't yet made time to participate, and in the meantime the place is full of what seem to be really nice people, all thanking me for "adding" them, and I swear I've never added anyone in my life but I'm glad they've been "added", I think (once I'm totally clear on what "adding" is I'll be sure on that one), and that it's on my radar to nose around over there. I know that Rivers Cuomo from Weezer has an amazing blog going on MySpace so I guess that means I should be blogging, since I do everything Rivers does. I used to blog, way back when, when I did "Mike Types To You" on, I would like to do that more often. Oh yeah, we're going to completely redesign over the next few months too. Yeah, all this stuff is going to happen. Anyway, the original Keneally-oriented discussion group was on Usenet. And it's still there and the people there remain gloriously articulate and entertaining. And I haven't posted there forever either. That's wrong. But we've got these 8,000 projects to complete, and...

Put it this way - wish us luck, go to and hang out, see you the chat at on November 17 and the gig with Chad at the Baked Potato on Dec. 30, see you at MySpace and soon I hope, and THANKS EVERYBODY.

Love -
-- Mike


Fred Hemmer says:

Great news Bogus Pomp fans, the boys will play in St. Petersburg on January 21 and Clearwater on April 8.

I will be in touch with more details and sponsorship opportunities soon.

Let's support these guys!!!

  • 2006/01/21 Bogus Pomp - concert St.Petersburg, fl, usa

  • 2006/04/08 Bogus Pomp - concert Clearwater, fl, usa


[Chris Opperman Mailing List - Friday, November 11th, 2005]
Episode #46: Thank God it´s Friday!

So the most important thing that I have to say, which is only going to mean something to about 10% of you since most of you don´t live anywhere near Los Angeles, is that I will be turning 27 on Sunday, November 20th and that we will be having a HUGE party at Rusty´s Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier (236 Santa Monica Pier to be exact) to celebrate the end of my 26th year. Good riddance, says I!  Special Opps West Coast will be performing a 90-minute set and my intentions for the show are to a. play a lot of piano and keyboard solos, b. debut some new material, and c. make up a bunch of material on the spot.  After the show, I plan on laughing a lot and getting fairly sloshed, and I sincerely hope that you will join me.  Doors open at 7:30 and downbeat is at 8:30 sharp!  There´s no opening act so I really mean it!  Don´t be late!

If you can´t make the show but you´d still like to do something nice for my birthday, then please order an album or download a couple of your favorite compositions of mine from iTunes so I can raise some money to try to finish my studio album next year.  I would really appreciate it.  And if you´re broke and lonely and don´t have anyone to love you except for a slimy frog and your laptop, then just go to my MySpace page ( and listen.  Cool?  Cool.

NPS Radio Holland to Feature Opperman´s Music Sunday, November 13th

This Sunday, creative catalyst Co de Kloet will be featuring my music on his radio show!  He will be playing selections from my new album "Beyond the Foggy Highway" as well as selections from "The Universe Will Provide," which is the Keneally/Metropole Orkest album that I orchestrated with Keneally in 2003.  The show begins at approx. 23oo hours Dutch time which translates to 5 pm Eastern Time and 2 pm Pacific Time and you can listen on-line at  Co plays my music regularly on his show as well as a cornucopia of other fantastic musicians, so it´s definitely worth checking out any time.

Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert - Thursday, November 17th

For those of you who didn´t see the ad in the LA Weekly, next Thursday I will be performing at the 4th Annual Jeff Buckley Birthday Tribute Concert.  For those of you who don´t know who Jeff Buckley is, I´m not even going to tell you anything about him except that you ought to stop reading this and go buy his "Grace" album.  I will be performing several songs that evening with a variety of people and I´ve been given the honor of being featured on the last song before the big finale.  Don´t worry, I´m not going to sing!!!

Thank You List 2005

All of the time I spent smiling or laughing this year was time that I spent with all of these people whom I love so much (presented in alphabetical order):

My parents, my grandfather, and my sister, Cleo Antonelli, Carla Bley & the Lost Chords, Cedar Boschan, Craig Bunch, Daren Burns, Michael Canaan, William Caruso, Chris Cargill, Scott Chatfield, Andre´ Cholmondeley, Neil Citron, Tim Clark, C.J. DeAngelus, John Digilio, Cassidy Freeman, Clark Freeman, Becki Gallagher, Jeff "Pesci" Gray, Bernie Gudvi, Mara Hitner, Ping Hu, Jeau James, Dave Johnsen, Arden Kaywin, Mike Keneally, Stephanie Kelley, Julie Kenol, Gabi Kochlani, Jen Kuhn, Andre LaFosse, Louis Lagonik, Joanne Lerch-Sloneem, Lynise Levine, Brooke Lyons, Frank Macchia, Talia Mays, Suzie Mickelwait, Andy Mitton, Melinda Mondrala, T.J. Moore, Cyndhi Mora, Whitney Morris, Kelda Nelson, Kelvin Ortega, Jeff Paitchell, Blake Paulson, Sam Roberts, Nell Rutledge, Anthony Sarageuta, Jonathan Schwartz, Jordan "J-Ro" Shapiro, Zach Sinick, Eric Slick, Tanya Smith, Chris Spilsbury, Cosette Trombino, Zachary Walman, Sean Westergaard, Tiffiny Whitney, Brooke Wilkes, Steve Vai, and John Von Achen who told Steve Vai on my 21st birthday in 1999 in Boston that he really enjoyed Steve´s new album "The Comfort Zone."

And last, but not least, I´d like to thank you for your interest in my music.

-- Chris Opperman

  • 2005/11/13 Chris Opperman- radio show 4fm, NL

  • 2005/11/17 Chris Opperman- concert "Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert", LA, usa

  • 2005/11/20 Chris Opperman - concert 'Rusty´s Surf Ranch', Santa Monica Pier, LA, Ca, usa



  • frank zappa: 200 motels
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, crime crow productions ccpdvd031)
    • You know that I try to keep you posted on the latest bootleg DVD releases. Well, this one, a (shameless) copy of Frank Zappa's "200 motels" movie has been around for a couple of months.

      Anyway, I hadn't seen the movie in the while, so this was a good opportunity to see it once more.

      Great movie. Nice looking package and all. But still a bootleg.



Doot! bass player Pete Brunelli has put a lot of downloads at the Doot! site, so check out:


Charles Ulrich says:

I've just uploaded version 05/11/05 of the Frank Zappa Gig List to The Planet Of My Dreams <>.



Belgian band Whatchamacallit will be performing Zappa in concert on November 26 in Muziekcafé 'Boogie Woogie' in Geraardsbergen in Belgium.
  • 2005/11/26 Whatchamacallit - concert 'boogie woogie', geraardsbergen, belgium

I've seen these guys perform a couple of times already and it will be worth your while. So if you're in the neighbourhood of Brussels or Gent on November the 26th, you might as well try to locate Geraardsbergen as well.



Eugene Chadbourne and Doot! will be giving two concerts in December.

For more info on DOOT! go to

For more info on the DOOT! / Chadbourne collaborations go to:


A couple of years ago Italian editor Amnesia Vivace published a book on Zappa called "Arf - Un Omaggio Di Amnesia Vivace A Frank Zappa". More info soon.


Frank Nuyts' ensemble Hardscore has a new album out: Sonatas Ans Prelude. More info soon.


Last month I told you about Zomby Woof's

It seems that I was a bit too hasty calling it Zappa Midi files. Here's some extra info from Bálint:

it's true that it's MIDI-based, but after the "basement" it is beautifully orchestrated and most of the times some "real" intruments are added to it, to make it "real" music. I just love those covers - not because I know Zomby Woof personally, but only because those are so good!

here's what I wrote a few weeks ago:

So I just wanted to thank you for posting this, and just wanted to add thet it is NOT merely midi music, but (maybe) something more.


Martin Reilemann says:

I found a website,that has "Zoot Allures" as background tune....
It also has a download section with cover versions
of "Zoot Allures","Sofa","Inca Roads" and "Peaches en Regalia".....

Check It Out at !!!  

-> Michael Ort



new on favored nations:
  • terry bozzio + the metropole orkest: chamber works
         (2005, cd, usa, favored nations)
  • steve lukather: santamental
         (2005, cd, usa, favored nations) – feat. steve vai

  • kenny ellis: hanukkah swings!
         (2005, cd, usa, favored nations)




  • the residents: the way we were
         (2005, cd+dvd, usa, ralphamerica ra19)
    • "The Way We Were" is the latest Residents album. It's a limited edition of 1000 copies.
      The album was recorded during the five concerts that the EyeBalls gave in Australia recently. This 33rd Anniversary Tour as they called it, took indeed a look back, hence the title. The liner notes state "So the group decided that it would be the most fun play some of the same material they had played in Australia 20 years earlier." (during their 13th Anniversary Tour)
      Of course, at that time the 'band' played with Snakefinger. This time, those Residents that are still in the band were joined by Nolan Cook, Carla Fabrizio, Molly Harvey and others.

      The album sounds good. The DVD sounds and looks great.
      Essential stuff for every Rezzie fan.
      If you're not familiar with the Residents, here's a great opportunity to check them out.
      Available through Ralphamerica or Euroralph.


  • gitarist
        (2005/11, mag, nl)
    • The november issue of dutch guitar magazine "Gitarist", has a fine article on the Zappa plays Zappa tour. An interview with Dweezil & Ahmet, but also a one-page piece by Steve Vai on Frank Zappa.
      Furthermore, there's also a 3-page article on Zappa's solo guitar playing (by Adrian Clark).
      The magazine also states the new date for the Amsterdam concert: 2006/05/15.



THE KENEALLIST - 2005/10/28

A Quick One While He's Away

Hi, Scott here. Mike's up in LA rehearsing for tomorrow night's Baked Potato show (featuring Nick D'Virgilio back on the drum kit), so here's a teeny missive about that gig, a special charity extravaganza, and a notable new release from our friends at NPS Output.


Mike Keneally Band - featuring Bryan Beller, Rick Musallam and Nick D'Virgilio
Saturday, October 29, 2005
The Baked Potato - 3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West - Studio City, CA 91604 - (818) 980-1615 - Open at 7:00 p.m. - Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Rick 'n' Nick Birthday Bash & Benefit (door proceeds to benefit disaster victims)
Mike Keneally Band
SMUG (power trio featuring Rick Musallam on guitar)
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio)
Bryan Beller Band
Janet Robin
Colin Keenan
John Ferrante and Shamoon
Sunday, November 6, 2005
Molly Malone's - 575 S. Fairfax Ave. - Los Angeles, CA 90036 - (323) 935-1577  -  8:00 PM - 12 midnight


Mike specifically asked me to make sure you know about Terry Bozzio's great new album.

As you probably know, Mike's critically acclaimed "The Universe Will Provide" CD with the Metropole Orchestra was the first in a series of projects envisioned by Co de Kloet's NPS Output label in Holland and Steve Vai's Favored Nations label in the US.

The just-released second CD features legendary drummer and former Zappa associate Bozzio. It's called "Chamber Works" [Favored Nations FN2530-2] and it was recorded just after Mike's record in the same studio with the same orchestra, under delightful conditions.

It's fun to hear what a uniquely talented drummer did with the same tools guitarist/keyboardist Keneally had at his disposal. This fascinating Bozzio-composed album is an excellent addition to what will hopefully be a long sequence of unusual and worthwhile entertainments to come from NPS Output and Favored Nations.


It would surprise me if you hadn't already heard about this, but a very nice demo tape has recently been 'leaked' into the Zappa trade community.

"This is an audio cassette containing 58 minutes of synclavier music. The songlist and the title Resolver + Brutality are hand-written by Frank Zappa itself."

Click on the link and read on...

If you want to hear it, go to the Zappateers site and get your Bittorrent program running.
It's worth your effort.


Dutch Zappa (re)-coverband the Foolz will be playing a concert tonight, 2005/11/04, in Apeldoorn, NL, at the Bluescafé.


  • johnny "guitar" watson: in concert
         (2005, dvd, ger, ohne filter - inak 6539-2)
    • "Ohne Filter" is a German tv-show that features blues, soul and jazz musicians. This brand-new DVD presents the 1990 concert by Johnny 'Guitar' Watson and shows the late mister Watson at his funky best.
      Music fans know that Frank Zappa was heavily inspired by Johnny 'Guitar' Watson's early, bluesy guitar playing. We all know him from his contributions to classic albums as "One Size Fits All", "Them Or Us" and "Thing-Fish" but there's so much more to this remarkable artist.
      This "Ohne Filter" show is very impressive, but I hope that maybe one day we'll get some video material of the earlier JGW as well.


A couple of months ago, I talked about Niacin's impressive "Organik" album, a Japanese release that carried a very fine version of Frank Zappa's 'King Kong'.

The good news is that the album has now been released word-wide by Magna Carta.


  • saxofourte: we are not alone
        (2004, cd, ger, bmg)
    • German saxophone quartet Saxofourte played a Zappa set called "FZ Fantasies" at the 2003 Jazz Festival Frankfurt in Germany. In 2004, they released an album called "We Are Not Alone" on which they recorded several Frank Zappa pieces: 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black', 'Zomby Woof', 'Sofa', 'Peaches En Regalia' and 'We Are Not Alone.
      All the pieces have very fine arrangements and dynamics.
      I like it a lot.
    • The 2003/10/04 concert at the Frankfurt Jazzfestival that I refered to, has been broadcast on German radio. An excellent 53-minute recording of this fm show circulates.



-> Bogus Pomp

Fred Hemmer says:

Hi gang,

Another fantastic show it was! Most people I talked to or who wrote me said this was their best show ever. Seems like that is the response after every show they do! And thank you to those who traveled long distances to get here.

Go to for some excellent photos.

The set list was:

intros... * city of tiny lites * penguin in bondage * advance romance * carolina hardcore ecstasy * pound for a brown * little house king kong used to live in * holiday in berlin * let's move to cleveland * black napkins * g-spot tornado

black page * t'mershi duween * dupree's paradise * echdna's arf * don't you ever wash that thing? * bamboozled by love * whipping post * dog breath/uncle meat * andy * cosmic debris * zomby woof * uncle remus * wild love * yo mama

As Jerry mentioned, the band has some exciting goals for 2006 including three shows in Germany and several more shows in the Zappa Capital of The World: St.Petersburg, Florida! Discussions are underway for Bogus Pomp rock, Bogus Pomp Orchestra and Bogus Pomp Acoustic events. We are trying to arrange the local shows in special venues.

Please remember these shows would not happen without the dedication of the BP members and the financial support provided by a number of individuals. Special thanks again goes to Star Media! As plans for 2006 progress we will be in touch with news including how you can become a sponsor and the benefits that come with that support. 

Thanks again!

-- Fred



Are you in for browsing a nice website?
Check out Tami's

I added the picture to the "references to zappa in other artforms"




Here's a message from André, dated 2005/10/29

Complete P/O tourdates below hello again Andre' here of PROJECT/OBJECT, ontour performing the music of Frank Zappa.

...We are headed to richmond in a couple hours. for some reason i'm awake at 7:30 am.... Actually i slept a lot on the 8 hr drive all day friday (rochester>>batimore) . real good show in Baltimore last night - Frank's birthplace. great crowd, they are fantastic people there. we had the blistering Horn Section of Napoleon Murphy Brock, Jimmy Wilson (trumpet, midi-trumpet), and Greg Ridlington (sax). the tour is about halfway thru - hope we get to see you somewhere up the road......Shows have been going well, lotsa fun and CRAZY fans!! Once we got out the week o'rain things have been great. hey - if you haven't check out - there are all kinds of brand new features, fan-posted jpegs, open/public forum, journals, new design. check it out!! drop us a line. THANKS andre' project/object CRANK SOME FRANK! ZAPPA MUSIC-TOUR Oct09-Nov19 Project Object with IKE WILLIS & NAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK real authentic unofficial actual band members details


Voice of Cheez plays music by Frank Zappa. Please forward this message to all your Zappa freak friends, especially those crazed fiends that would drive 500 miles to see a show.
Voice of Cheez
Descent Into Darkness Show Saturday, November 19, 2005
248 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY 8 pm
$8 Ladies and Gentlemen
...introducing... Doug Lambert on bass
genetically engineered to play Frank Zappa's music! and featuring special guest artist... Preston Parish Nine string bass and madness a founding member of Detroit's hard rocking Zappa tribute project Ugly Radio Rebellion It's going to be a very fine ride!
Our best wishes to Voice of Cheez cofounder, Jim Iarocci who has stepped down from the bass throne. You can still hear Jim with his other numerous and excellent projects: The Fibs, The Dreadbeats, Mumbo Gumbo, Quiet Storm the All Hank Band Hank Williams tribute and The Complete Unknowns Bob Dylan tribute.
Thanks to Project/Object for inviting Cheez singer/sax/flute player, Kilissa Cissoko, to sing Uncle Remus with them last week at Club Evolution in Buffalo. Andre said "Go see Voice of Cheez"... so we hope you'll take his advice. For a snazzy picture check the link to their website:

(edit: picture has been pasted below)





Sure, you've known about it for weeks. You probably already have your copy at home. But just in case that you don't, here's a nice picture of The Dub Room Special.
It's out and it's available in every respectable shop.

As they used to say at Ralph Records: Buy Or Die !


Hans Annéllsson says:

Hi friends,

Listen & enjoy "A Vegetable Soup of Songs" from The Vegetarians at




Here's a message from Jerry Outlaw to Fred Hemmer - for further distribution:

In a message dated 11/1/2005 Jerry Outlaw writes:

          please let everyone know that my NEO TRIO will open for Benevento Russo Duo on Thursday, November 3rd at Java Junction (formerly Club More) in
clearwater.   We will play from 9pm until 10pm.  It should be fun and we are going to play some very cool original improvisation.
Please come out if you can.   Also,... thanks to everyone for the best Zappaween EVER!!!!!




Do you remember the Captain Beefheart bootleg "The Early Years 1959 - 1969" from a couple of years ago?

If you don't, just take a look at the following picture & track-listing:

Well, a very similar looking album (same track-listing, but with a different cover) has recently turned up. This is, however, a home-burned CDR and not (!!) a factory pressed CD. So beware.


  • guitar & bass - november 2005
         (2005, magazine, uk, ipc)
    • Joe Satriani on the cover plus a 7-page article inside. Great picture with the plexi guitar...

      (In case you didn't know, I'm a Satriani fan)



news from

The Idiot Bastard Son of T'Mershi Duween

presents the twenty-third

f z u k newsletter

Well, it's significant to report that The Idiot has recently conducted another interview - this time with Mr Greg Russo, to coincide with the release of his excellent new Neonfire CD. There's an appraisal of that plus a whole host of other new goodies on the reviews page (stuff about Rock School; Derailroaded; the Tornadoes; Ben Watson; Mats/Morgan; Terry Bozzio; Andreas Rausch's Zappaesk; and on and on).

We now have official confirmation that the Zappa Plays Zappa tour has been postponed, but no word from the ZFT about the reason for cancelling some dates and re-scheduling others. I have tried to piece together the information about what has happened in my Diary. Talking of diaries, this year's Zappanale one took a long while to put together but is finally up in something like a finished version. Amaretto Mick Zeuner is hard at work behind a do not disturb sign in his secret laboratory putting together the CDs of the event as I type. Will they be ready before Barfko-Swill reopens?

Happy Halloween, everybody

The Idiot
(a.k.a. Andrew Greenaway)


New from WM Recordings:

"Cin Cin Man" is a composition created on the train in China, on a Nokia mobile phone composer tool.

"Cin Cin Man" was COPYRIGHTED and promptly COPYLEFTED (anybody is free to use it, improve, change, mutilate, but with NO commercial purposes).

The IDEA is to create a project where 1000 COVERS of "Cin Cin Man" will be composed and published.

PREPARATIONS were initiated from the collection and coordination centre in Amsterdam.

Covers range in style from ring tones to pop songs, classical composition, opera, jazz, muzak, country and western, Zulu, bossa nova, rock, r&b, un-describable etc., all very personal and unique.

The moment cover number 1000 arrives to the database of the coordination centre in Amsterdam, the FINAL PHASE will be initiated.

For now 12 versions are available from WM Recordings.

Get it for free from our website:

Your versions of Cin Cin Man are welcome!

best wishes,
Marco Kalnenek
"where music is different!"


Last August, at the Zappanale festival, Stephen Chillemi handed me a demo of material he had made together with Peter Brunelli. At that time, both Stephen and Peter were still part of Doctor Dark, the Beefheart tribute band that was performing at Zappanale for the second time.

In the meantime, Stephen Chillemi has left Doctor Dark, and he is putting his energy in this new project, called Doot!.
The picture on the right shows you that at the time of this demo, the duo was still looking for a suitable name.

The demo itself sounds very experimental.
Most pieces start with some repetitive patterns, or with a couple of melodic phrases, but from then on, for the most part, both players go all the way.
This is a collection of very free & (to my ears) improvised pieces of music.
Not easy at all, but very worth the listening.



  • doot!: out of the basement
        (2005, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release)
    • Doot!'s first release is a 6-track promotional disc. Having heard their "Rough Mixes", a couple of months earlier, my first impression is that this disc is a lot more friendly. The pieces are much shorter, the total time of the disc is a bit over 20 minutes, and, there's a lot of variation in the pieces.
      Furthermore, "Out Of The Basement" includes a couple of familiar tunes. Both Zappa's 'Help, I'm A Rock' and Beefheart's 'Click Clack' are used as themes or motifs to improvise on.
      I liked the "Rough Mixes" demo a lot, but I'm convinced that "Out Of The Basement" will get Doot! an audience.
    • Very impressive. Especially if you know that all the tracks were recorded live and that no overdubs were used. This implies that Pete Brunelli uses some sort of multi-track playback device with a lot of success. Very impressive indeed.

Leftovers from October:


  • 2005/11/10 Frogg Café - concert 'Oasis Café', New Paltz, NY, usa - 11pm start – 2(or 3 usually) SETS

  • 2005/12/03   Frogg Café - concert 'Orion Sound Studio', Baltimore, MD, usa – 8pm


Corrie van Binsbergen will be touring with the latest reincarnation of De Grote Brokken. At the same time, the new album will be released. Hmm. I'm looking forward to this...


MOJO 144

Mojo no.144 has a short interview with The Residents, and has an article on Beefheart's albums. What are you waiting for?

--info: Ive


Hallo freaks and fans,

as you know, we love to entertain you!

Arf-Society proudly presents Zappanale-TV.

O.k. we still work on it, but we are online.

Watch Zappanale-TV, it's a way life, you'll love it




2005/11/12 - "ZAPPADAG"

in 'Club TNT' in Genk, Belgium

at 16.00 h: videos: Zappa in concert, interviews, ...

at 21.00 h: the Wrong Object plays Zappa

It looks like this might become one of those Zappa Days that we used to have in De Effenaar in Eindhoven, in the eighties.
Does anyone have any suggestions? A Zappateers meeting? A live Kill Ugly Radio Forum?...




A couple of concert recordings have already surfaced on the Zappateers site. Verrry impressive. 

  • 2005/11/01 Project/Object - concert ’cat’s cradle’, carrboro nc, usa

  • 2005/11/02 Project/Object - concert ’visulite theatre’, charlotte, nc, usa

  • 2005/11/03 Project/Object - concert ’the 5 spot’, 1123 euclid ave atlanta , ga, usa

  • 2005/11/04 Project/Object - concert ’stella blue’, 31 patton avenue asheville, nc, usa

  • 2005/11/05 Project/Object - concert ’jj cagneys’, savannah, ga, usa

  • 2005/11/06 Project/Object - concert ’big daddys’, tallahasee, fl, usa

  • 2005/11/08 Project/Object - concert ’starr hill’, charlottesville, va, usa

  • 2005/11/10 Project/Object - concert ’rongovian embassy’, - trumansburg ny, usa

  • 2005/11/11 & sat 12 Project/Object - concert ’coda ’, ny, ny, usa /  dave larue & stretch

  • 2005/11/13 Project/Object - concert ’tammany hall’, ma, usa

  • 2005/11/14 tba

  • 2005/11/15 Project/Object - concert ’asylum ’, w/ stretch feat. dave larue portland , me, usa

  • 2005/11/16 Project/Object - concert ’harpers ferryallston’, ma, usa w/ stretch feat. dave larue

  • 2005/11/17 Project/Object - concert ’ mexicali blues’, w/ stretch feat. dave larue teaneck , nj, usa

  • 2005/11/18 w/ stretch feat. dave larue Project/Object - concert ’world cafe’, philadelphia , pa, usa

  • 2005/11/19 Project/Object - concert ’river st jazz cafe', plains, pa, usa



The Muffin Men are still touring Germany. I've heard good things about their Belgian gig, so you should try to catch them !


the previous newsletter can be found at thebignotefiles - 2005/10


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2005/06/25 - 26 "Uncle Meeting // Zappateers festival", ancona, italy

    • 2005/06/25  Harmonia Ensemble /  Ossi Duri

    • 2005/06/26  The GrandWazoo  /  Orchestra Spaziale

  • 2005/07/01 Steve Vai & the Metropole Orkest - concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2005/07/02 Steve Vai & the Metropole Orkest - concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2005/07/09 Project/Object / Chris Opperman - concert new york 
  • 2005/07/09 Frogg Café - concert NEARFEST (North East Art Rock Festival)
  • 2005/07/10 Gary Lucas - concert "Summer Sundays in the Park", 'Travers Park', Jackson Heights, New York, usa

  • 2005/07/11 Steve Vai - radio show "blindfold test", radio 4, nps, the netherlands

  • 2005/07/12 Steve Vai - radio show "spotlight", radio 4, nps, the netherlands

  • 2005/07/16 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - “vancouver folk music festival”, vancouver, canada
  • 2005/07/17 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - “vancouver folk music festival”, vancouver, canada
  • 2005/07/22 Doctor Dark - concert 'the monkey bar', danbury, ct, usa

  • 2005/07/23 Bogus Pomp - concert 'skipper's', tampa, fl, usa
  • 2005/07/23 Icebreaker - concert Lincoln Center, New York City,
  • 2005/07/24 the Wrong Objectconcert ‘Chez Bouldou’, Liège, belgique

  • 2005/07/30 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', North Hollywood, CA, USA

  • 2005/07/30 - 7:00pm concert 'Chaffey College Theatre', Rancho Cucamonga, California, usa
    The Definiens Project, The Appollonicon, The Cucamonga Surf Dogs, Dino Dupree and the Pharaohs

  • 2005/07/30 & 31: Festival de l'Alambic Electrique


    • Strike

    • Metal Kartoon

    • One Shot

    • Here and Now


    • Lemon Trio

    • Gowy

    • Wrong Object

    • Nasal Retentive Orchestra




  • 2005/08/13 Fast 'N' Bulbous, The Captain Beefheart Project - concert "Jazz Em Agosto Festival", Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2005/08/13 Whatchamacallit - concert eeklo, belgium

  • 2005/08/21 Cucurullo Brillo Brullo - concert "Jazz & bluesfestival", Delft, NL
  • 2005/08/26 Petulant Frenzy - concert 'the marquee', camperdown, australia
  • 2005/08/27 Whatchamacallit - concert ertvelde, belgium
  • 2005/09/04 Mike Keneally Band - concert "ProgDay", 'storybook farm', chapel hill, nc, usa
  • 2005/09/10 Frogg Café - concert PROG IN THE PARK FESTIVAL 2005 – Rochester, NY
  • 2005/09/16 Steve Vai - concert  Graz, Austria - Orpheum Theatre
  • 2005/09/17 Steve Vai -  concert Innsbruck, Austria - Venue To Be Announced
  • 2005/09/18 Steve Vai -  concert Linz, Austria - Posthof
  • 2005/09/20 Steve Vai -  concert Vienna, Austria - Planet Music
  • 2005/09/21 Steve Vai -  concert Budapest, Hungary - Petofi Czarnok
  • 2005/09/22 Steve Vai -  concert Ljubljana, Slovenia - Ljubljana-Krizanke
  • 2005/09/22 Rosa Ensemble - concert 'De Brakke Grond', Amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/23 Steve Vai -  concert Firenze, Italy - Saschall
  • 2005/09/23 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'De Brakke Grond', Amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/24 Steve Vai -  concert Modena, Italy - Vox
  • 2005/09/24 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'De Brakke Grond', Amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/25 Steve Vai -  concert Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
  • 2005/09/27 Steve Vai -  concert Munich, Germany - Eiser Halle/Tonhalle
  • 2005/09/28 Steve Vai -  concert Stuttgart, Germany - Longhorn
  • 2005/09/28 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Kunsthuis 13, Velp, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/29 Steve Vai -  concert Cologne, Germany - Ewerk
  • 2005/09/29 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Futura Plaza', Eindhoven, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/30 Steve Vai -  concert Hamburg, Germany - Fabrik
  • 2005/09/30 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Theater Kikker', Utrecht, the netherlands
  • 2005/10/01 Steve Vai -  concert Antwerp, Belgium - Hof Ter Lo
  • 2005/10/01 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Grand Theatre', Groningen , the netherlands
  • 2005/10/02 Steve Vai -  concert Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
  • 2005/10/04 Steve Vai -  concert Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
  • 2005/10/05 Steve Vai -  concert Stockholm, Sweden - Arenan
  • 2005/10/06 Steve Vai -  concert Gothenburg, Sweden - Vagen
  • 2005/10/07 Steve Vai -  concert Malmö, Sweden - Kulturbolaget
  • 2005/10/08 Blast - concert 'Plusetage', Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands
  • 2005/10/09 Steve Vai -  concert Oslo, Norway - Rockerfeller
  • 2005/10/09 Project/Object - concert “11th ny harvest fest & freedom fair”, bainbridge, ny, usa

  • 2005/10/10 the Wrong Object - concert “The Wrong Object", ‘Jazzpower’, Eindhoven, NL
    2005/10/10 Project/Object - concert ’southpaw’, brooklyn, ny, usa
  • 2005/10/11 Steve Vai -  concert Helsinki, Finland - Nosturi / Tavastia
    2005/10/11 Project/Object - concert ’maxwells ’, hoboken , usa  
  • 2005/10/12 the Wrong Object - concert ‘PP Café’, Brussels, Belgium - cancelled
    2005/10/12 Project/Object - concert ’stone pony’, asbury park nj, usa
  • 2005/10/13 Steve Vai – concert Vilnius, Lithuania - Ice Hall
    2005/10/13 Project/Object - concert ’sellersville theater 1894’, sellersville, pa, usa
  • 2005/10/14  Steve Vai – concert Riga, Latvia - Venue To Be Announced...
    2005/10/14 Project/Object - concert ’revolution hall’, troy ny, usa
  • 2005/10/15 Project/Object - concert ’higher ground music hall’, south burlington , vt, usa

  • 2005/10/16 Project/Object - concert ’toad’s place’, new haven, ct, usa

  • 2005/10/17 Project/Object - concert ’iron horse music hall’, northampton , ma, usa

  • 2005/10/18 Project/Object - concert ’century lounge’, 150 chestnut street providence, ri, usa

  • 2005/10/19 Steve Vai - concert 'Hammersmith Apollo', London, uk
    2005/10/19 The Muffin Men - concert 'Spirit of 66',Verviers, Belgium
  • 2005/10/20 Steve Vai - concert 'Civic Theatre', Wolverhampton, uk
    2005/10/20 The Muffin Men - concert 'EM-Kotten',Solingen, Germany
    2005/10/20 Project/Object - concert ’beachland ballroom & tavern’, cleveland , oh, usa
  • 2005/10/21 Steve Vai - concert 'Royal Concert Hall', Glasgow, uk
    2005/10/21 The Muffin Men - concert 'Stairway (Westerwald)',Wallmenroth, Germany - to be confirmed
    2005/10/21 Project/Object - concert ’martyrs ’, chicago, il, usa
    2005/10/21 Frogg Café - concert ' Mr. Beery's', Bethpage, NY  
  • 2005/10/22 Steve Vai - concert 'City Hall', Newcastle, uk
    2005/10/22 The Muffin Men - concert 'Freeland',Mülheim, Germany
    2005/10/22 Project/Object - concert ’martyrs ’, chicago, il, usa
    2005/10/22 Frogg Café - concert 'General Clinton Pub', Oneonta, NY – 10pm – 2 SETS
  • 2005/10/23 Steve Vai - concert 'Royal Centre', Nottingham, uk
    2005/10/23 The Muffin Men - concert 'Bluesgarage',Hannover-Isernhagen, Germany
    2005/10/23 The Troupe - concert 'de kleine komedie', amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/10/24 Steve Vai - concert 'Carling Apollo Manchester', Manchester, uk
    2005/10/24 Project/Object - concert ’ magic bag’, w/ insidious rays ferndale, mi, usa
    2005/10/24 The Troupe - concert 'de kleine komedie', amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/10/25 The Muffin Men - concert 'Kulturbrauerei/Kesselhaus',East Berlin, Germany
    2005/10/25 Project/Object - concert ’mr. small’s theatre’, millvale, pa, usa
  • 2005/10/26 Steve Vai -  concert Dublin, Ireland - Vicar St
    2005/10/26 The Muffin Men - concert 'Tante Ju',Dresden, Germany
    2005/10/26 Project/Object - concert ’club evolution’, williamsville ny, usa
  • 2005/10/27 The Muffin Men - concert 'Objekt 5',Halle, Germany
    2005/10/27 Project/Object - concert ’milestones ’, rochester, ny, usa
  • 2005/10/28 the Wrong Object - concert mechelen, Belgium, feat. Harry Beckett (afternoon - private gig)
    the Wrong Object, feat. Harry Beckett – concert ‘Jazzzolder’, Mechelen, Belgium
    2005/10/28  Steve Vai – concert Strasbourg, France - Laiterie
    2005/10/28 The Muffin Men - concert 'Alter Schlachthof',Eisenach, Germany
    2005/10/28 Project/Object - concert ’8x10 ’, baltimore, md, usa
  • 2005/10/29 Steve Vai – concert Paris, France - Bataclan
    2005/10/29 The Muffin Men - concert 'Francis',Wetzlar, Germnay
    2005/10/29 Project/Object - concert ’alley katz’, richmond, va, usa
    2005/10/29 Bogus Pomp - concert 'bourbon street', newport richey, tampa bay, usa
  • 2005/10/30 Steve Vai – concert Clermont Ferrand, France - Coop de Mai
    2005/10/30 The Muffin Men - concert 'Kantine', Köln, Germany
  • 2005/10/31 Steve Vai – concert Istres, France – Usines
    2005/10/31 Project/Object - concert ’the jewish mothe’,r va beach, va, usa
  • 2005/11/01 The Muffin Men - concert 'Hirsch',Nürnberg, Germany
    2005/11/01 Project/Object - concert ’cat’s cradle’, carrboro nc, usa
    2005/11/01 Corrie en de Grote Brokken III try-out – concert ‘Patronaat’, Haarlem, NL
  • 2005/11/02 The Muffin Men - concert 'Colos-Saal',Aschaffenburg, Germany
    2005/11/02 Project/Object - concert ’visulite theatre’, charlotte, nc, usa
    2005/11/02 Corrie en de Grote Brokken III – concert ‘Bimhuis’, Amsterdam, NL
  • 2005/11/03 The Muffin Men - concert 'Sudhaus',Tübingen, Germany
    2005/11/03 Project/Object - concert ’the 5 spot’, 1123 euclid ave atlanta , ga, usa
    2005/11/03 Corrie en de Grote Brokken III – concert ‘Vredenburg’, Utrecht, NL
  • 2005/11/04 Ensemble Modern - concert 'Festspielhaus', Baden-Baden, Germany
    2005/11/04 the Wrong Object - concert 'rockhal', esch/alzette, luxembourg
    2005/11/04 The Muffin Men - concert 'Reithalle',Offenburg, Germany
    2005/11/04 Project/Object - concert ’stella blue’, 31 patton avenue asheville, nc, usa
    2005/11/04 Corrie en de Grote Brokken III – concert ‘het Paard van Troje’, Den Haag, NL
  • 2005/11/05 Ensemble Modern - concert 'Festspielhaus', Baden-Baden, Germany
    2005/11/05 The Muffin Men - concert 'Rex',Lorsch, Germany
    2005/11/05 Project/Object - concert ’jj cagneys’, savannah, ga, usa

  • 2005/11/06 Project/Object - concert ’big daddys’, tallahasee, fl, usa
    2005/11/06 Corrie en de Grote Brokken III – concert ‘Grand Theatre’, Groningen, NL
    2005/11/06 Mike Keneally Band - "Rick 'n' Nick Birthday Bash & Benefit" - concert 'Molly Malone's', Los Angeles, CA, usa

  • 2005/11/08 Project/Object - concert ’starr hill’, charlottesville, va, usa

  • 2005/11/10 Project/Object - concert ’rongovian embassy’, - trumansburg ny, usa
    2005/11/10 Frogg Café - concert 'Oasis Café', New Paltz, NY - 11pm start – 2(or 3 usually) SETS

  • 2005/11/11 Project/Object - concert ’coda ’, ny, ny, usa /  dave larue & stretch 
    2005/11/11 Corrie en de Grote Brokken III – concert ‘Paradox’, Tilburg, NL

  • 2005/11/12 the Wrong Object - concert "Zappadag", 'jeugdhuis TNT', genk, belgium
    2005/11/12 Project/Object - concert ’coda ’, ny, ny, usa /  dave larue & stretch 

  • 2005/11/13 Project/Object - concert ’tammany hall’, ma, usa
    2005/11/13 Chris Opperman- radio show 4fm, NL

  • 2005/11/15 Project/Object - concert ’asylum ’, w/ stretch feat. dave larue portland , me, usa

  • 2005/11/16 Project/Object - concert ’harpers ferryallston’, ma, usa w/ stretch feat. dave larue 
    2005/11/16 Ensemble Modern - concert (excerpts from The Yellow Shark") - 'Théâtre du Châtelet', Paris, France

  • 2005/11/17 Project/Object - concert ’ mexicali blues’, w/ stretch feat. dave larue teaneck , nj, usa
    2005/11/17 Corrie en de Grote Brokken III – concert ‘Muziekcentrum’, Enschede, NL
    2005/11/17 Chris Opperman- concert "Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert", LA, usa

  • 2005/11/18 w/ stretch feat. dave larue Project/Object - concert ’world cafe’, philadelphia , pa, usa

  • 2005/11/19 Project/Object - concert ’river st jazz cafe', plains, pa, usa
    2005/11/19 The Voice Of Cheez - concert 'Nietzsche's', Buffalo, NY, usa
    2005/11/19 The Metropolis Orchestra - concert "cox 18", milano, italy

  • 2005/11/20 Chris Opperman - concert 'Rusty´s Surf Ranch', Santa Monica Pier, LA, Ca, usa

  • 2005/11/26 the Wrong Object - concert “KriKri” festival, Gent, Belgium

  • 2005/11/26 Whatchamacallit - concert 'boogie woogie', geraardsbergen, belgium

  • 2005/11/30 Sul Divano - concert capital federal, argentina

  • 2005/12/03   Frogg Café - concert 'Orion Sound Studio', Baltimore, MD – 8pm  

  • 2005/12/04 Steve Vai - radio special, dutch radio 4, 'nps output': the 2005-10-02 tilburg concert
  • 2005/12/08 Eugene Chadbourne / Doot!  - concert 'Cafe Nine', New Haven, CT, usa
  • 2005/12/09 Eugene Chadbourne / Doot!   - concert/ 'Buttonwood Tree', Middletown, CT, usa

  • 2005/12/10 the Wrong Object - concert “Tournai Prog Event”, Belgium
    2005/12/10 screening of "Derailroaded' in hollywood, la, usa


  • 2005/12/11 Steve Vai - radio special, dutch radio 4, 'nps output': the 2005-07-07 "Aching Hunger Phase II"  groningen concert with the Metropole Orkest

  • 2005/12/12 Steve Vai - tv special, dutch nederland 3, 'nps output': the 2005-07-07 "Aching Hunger Phase II"  groningen concert with the Metropole Orkest - part one

  • 2005/12/18 Steve Vai - radio special, dutch radio 4, 'nps output': bonus material from tilburg & groningen

  • 2005/12/19 Steve Vai - tv special, dutch nederland 3, 'nps output': the 2005-07-07 "Aching Hunger Phase II"  groningen concert with the Metropole Orkest - part two

  • 2005/12/30 Mike Keneally Band + Chad Wackerman - concert 'The Baked Potato', Studio City, CA, usa

  • 2006/01/14 Drummers Double Bill (with Corrie van Binsbergen) - concert 'Plusetage', Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands

  • 2006/01/21 Bogus Pomp - concert St.Petersburg, fl, usa

  • 2006/03/11 the Wrong Object - concert ‘Plusetage’, Baarle-Nassau, the Netherlands

  • 2006/03/17 the Wrong Object - concert 'Zaal Alma', Sint-Jozef Rijkevorsel, Belgium

  • 2006/04/08 Palinckx - concert 'Plusetage', Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands
    2006/04/08 Bogus Pomp - concert Clearwater, fl, usa