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ZZZZZ Another Zappa bootleg
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ZZZZZ New Zappa CD bootleg album
  2005/08/29 - and glad to be back
ZZZZZ The DVD Audio Music Sampler Volume Two
ZZZZZ "Rock School Saved My Life"
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ZZZZZ The Keneallist 2005 08 27
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ZZZZZ Namaste performed Zappa's 'City Of Tiny Lites'
  2005/08/10 - The Lex L. Bronkowitz Orchestra
ZZZZZ The Lex L. Bronkowitz Orchestra
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  2005/08/09 - Nearly escaped a Zappa overdose... Got to take it easy now...
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp has a new DVD out !
  2005/08/04 - I'm off to Zappanale. Check out the info & links below. Talk again to you in a couple of days...
ZZZZZ Saxofourte
ZZZZZ Da Lemmings Onsombol
ZZZZZ 1971/05/18, the Mothers concert
ZZZZZ New album by The Magic Band
ZZZZZ Dweezil Zappa
ZZZZZ Zappanale 16
ZZZZZ Zappa plays Zappa  (although we're waiting for the official announcement that it will be postponed...)
  and be sure to check out the July newsletter at thebignotefiles - 2005/07
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(very) short bits - more info soon

- Jazzmosis recorded Frank Zappa's 'Blessed Relief' on their selftitled album
- SAF Publishing has another Zappa-related book coming out in June 2005: "Academy Zappa" by Ben Watson and Esther Leslie


There's more, but I've gotta catch some sleep...


  • frank zappa & the mothers of invention: s/t
        (1995, cd-bootleg, spain, la mejor musica cd 50573)
    • This cover of this album states that it's from 1995. I wouldn't know. I've never seen it before.

      It's a very cheap production, sort of a "Mothermania" compilation, taking songs from the first mothers albums.

      Strictly for collectors.


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab released "We're Only In It" in their Original Master Recording series on a 24-karat gold audiophile disc.

I like the fact that they used the parody cover, but why does it have to say "original master recording", and even worse, why twice. Why can't the picture take up all of the space?

True, it sounds great. Someone (with a fine system) should compare it to the other editions.

I heard rumours that this the start of a whole new series of Zappa / Mothers Of Invention reissues.


  • frank zappa: bienvenue en suisse
        (2005,2cd-bootleg, ??,  ganja 73/74)
    • "Bienvenue En Suisse" is a brand-new 2 CD bootleg album. It brings you the entire 1980/06/21 concert from Geneva, Switzerland in soundboard quality.
      A first generation copy of this concert has been in circulation for a little while in the trade circuit. 112 minutes, a- quality.

      Nice package, very nice concert. Tommy Mars is in great shape in 'Pound For A Brown', and Frank's guitar solo even takes it to a higher level. The track lasts almost 15 minutes and, for me, is the highlight of the show.

holidays are over - i'm glad that i'm back...


I added a new picture to the "dvd-audio  music sampler" album.


from The Guardian

'Rock school saved my life'

A maverick teacher swears at the kids, orders them to worship Satan and idolises Zappa. Sound familiar? But Paul Green's School of Rock is a real-life institution, and the new documentary about it is even more outrageous than the Hollywood film. Will Hodgkinson goes behind the scenes

Friday August 26, 2005

Bad Doberan is a small and pretty town in eastern Germany. It has an old-fashioned steam train, high unemployment and, for the first weekend of every August, a large number of middle-aged men with long hair and very large moustaches. Bad Doberan plays host to Zappanale, an annual festival dedicated to the late jazz-rock iconoclast Frank Zappa. For the 1970s and 1980s, Zappa's complex, far-reaching music provided a soundtrack to the hippy underground of eastern Europe, and for many of his fans at Zappanale he was more than an accomplished musician with a lustrous facial hair arrangement: he was freedom.

It isn't the Zappa fans that look out of place in Bad Doberan, a resort town that has been struggling with the shift into capitalism ever since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, but the 29 fresh-faced American schoolchildren that flew over the night before to headline at the festival. They are attendants at the School of Rock, an after-school programme in Philadelphia that was set up by Paul Green to provide a comprehensive education in a subject generally left off the school syllabus: classic rock. And there is no classic rock that is harder to play than Frank Zappa, so having his kids play the festival is Green's equivalent of setting them an end-of year final.

Green's efforts would probably have remained a local phenomenon had it not been for Don Argott's uproarious documentary Rock School, which captures him shouting abuse at his students, ordering them to worship Satan, and somehow managing to teach them how to play styles that are far, far beyond the reach of the average modern-day rock musician. As Green screams "I'm not your fucking roadie!" to a quivering 12-year-old before going on to mock a fragile-looking Quaker girl's religion in front of the rest of the class, it's pretty obvious his teaching methods wouldn't stand up to an Ofsted inspection. But then you hear the fruits of his labours - such as 12-year-old CJ Tywoniak playing Hendrix solos on a guitar his arms can barely hold - and you realise that Green must be doing something right.

Filmed verité-style over nine months in 2003, the film features profiles of a self-pitying 16-year-old called Will O'Connor who Green writes off as "a piss-poor musician"; the charming, quietly incredible CJ; and anarchic nine-year-old twins called Asa and Tucker Collins, who have been groomed for heavy-metal glory by their rebellious mum. In true rockumentary fashion, the film ends with a triumphant gig - at Zappanale, making this the second time the Paul Green School of Rock will have appeared at the festival. O'Connor gave up soon after Rock School was completed and the Collins twins aren't skilled enough to play Zappa, but CJ is in Bad Doberan once more, two years older and with longer hair, as are many of the other kids that appear briefly in the film.

If the story sounds uncannily similar to that of the Hollywood comedy School of Rock, starring Jack Black as a failed guitarist-turned-teacher who educates his students in the rules of rock from AC/DC to Zeppelin, that's not a coincidence. "They ripped me off," snaps Green at the mention of Richard Linklater's film. "In 2002 VH1 sent a crew to my school to make a reality show. It got shelved, and a few months later I hear that Paramount is in production with School of Rock. VH1 and Paramount are part of the same company. The director said he'd never heard of me, but we had been featured on CNN and in Spin magazine, so if he's telling the truth he had the laziest interns ever working on a movie."

With his high forehead, ever-present chewing gum and adolescent dress sense, Paul Green looks like either one of the American cartoon characters Beavis and Butt-Head. He makes jokes with the kids as much as he shouts at them, and they're all fond of him. In the catering marquee are Stevie Roberts, Lauren Pollack and Grace Hollander, pretty 16-year-old girls who appear to treat the Rock School, and even coming to Germany to play Frank Zappa songs in front of 1,000 middle-aged hippies, as one big social group. "It's the most fun ever," says Roberts, who plays keyboards and sings, and has the blonde, wholesome looks of a Miss America. "It's a really good after-school programme because you get to travel to interesting places and meet great people and make new friends. We hang out with each other, like, all the time and do everything together."

What about Paul Green's unorthodox teaching methods? Surely it can't be nice to be shouted at?

"You learn to live with it," says Hollander with a shrug. "What the movie doesn't show is the way in which he only shouts at you because he cares so much about making you achieve your potential. You can't take it personally, although he does go too far sometimes. He's made me cry."

"He's made all of us cry," says Pollack. "We have three-hour rehearsals during which he'll yell at you if he catches you chatting for even a minute. And if you screw up on stage, he'll get up there and humiliate you in front of everyone."

"Or stop the song and say to the audience: 'That was her fault'," adds Roberts. "We're beginning to get used to his tricks but the problem is that he keeps coming up with new ones. Recently he's been threatening to take his shirt off if we don't play well."

All three agree that Green is more of a kid than they are, and one that wants to be the centre of attention. But they speak about their rock school with evangelistic fervour. Their musical tastes have changed since attending - all are well versed in the music of such long-derided, cape-wearing 1970s progressive rock acts as Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer - and they credit Green with making musicians out of them. "There's nothing scary about him," concludes Hollander, "but there's something about him that makes you want to do what he wants. I don't know how he does that."

The Paul Green School of Rock began in 1998 when Green, who had played guitar in various bands and paid for his college education by giving guitar lessons, decided that he got more of a thrill from teaching than he did from being up on stage. He had also realised that the standard format of one-on-one guitar tutorage only went so far. "I realised that education goes deeper than just lessons," says Green. "So I had a bunch of students come down and jam at my band's rehearsal space, and they sounded like shit. For the next few Saturdays I made them all come down and rehearse together for a show at an art opening, and that hands-on approach made all the difference. They needed to play together, and they needed the goal to work towards. That's when I realised that I had hit on something."

Green set up the School of Rock on a $7,000 loan the following year. He resolved to teach his students to play only what he considered to be the classic rock canon: Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and, of course, Frank Zappa. I ask him why he doesn't want to teach the kids the kind of music that has been made in their own lifetime, The White Stripes, for example, or even Nirvana. "What did you study at college? Anthropology? Did you learn from the new anthropologists? No, you studied the masters. Say what you will about Kurt Cobain, but his talent would fit in Hendrix's pinkie. The White Stripes are not the Rolling Stones and, despite what Jack White may say to the contrary, virtuosity is important."

I roll out the much-repeated truism that you only have to learn three chords to form a band. "Yes, except that's a myth. A good punk band like the Ramones are far better musicians than you might think, and the Beatles cut their teeth playing R&B covers in clubs in Hamburg before they released their first single. Rock'n'roll is a visceral art, but it's technical too - Rock Around the Clock has a jazz solo in the middle of it and Elvis Presley always had the best band working. Genius will only take you so far. You also have to learn how to play."

Green's great mission in life is to get his kids to practise. His biggest problem is with pretty and popular girls such as Stevie, Grace and Lauren. "I could do a whole dissertation on the gender dynamics of rock education," he says with a sigh. "With the boys there is an element of the pissing contest - they have a natural competitive fire and they try to outdo each other. But the girls have a support system, so if I make one of them cry, the others will console her and tell her it's OK. They should be saying: 'It's not OK. You fucked up your fucking song. Now go home and practise, bitch!'"

Green has no problem with "the nerdy girls. You know what the nerds were doing while the cool girls were out here talking to you? Practising. I just don't want to be a chauvinist asshole, and I don't see why the girls can't be as good as the boys."

Asked about the types of kids that attend the School of Rock, Green replies: "Nerds, freaks and losers, although now we get a few cheerleader types too. But they tend to be more like Joe Randazzo."

Randazzo, wandering around backstage, stands out in particular from the 29-strong crowd. He is a 16-year-old drummer with long curly hair, oversized glasses, a bright yellow tracksuit and a maniacal grin. Randazzo is a wild card - he had to be dragged out of a local bar the night before. The girls have already told me that I have to speak to him, so just after he has performed an impromptu rap for the benefit of a gang of drunken European Zappa fans, I pull him to one side.

"Rock School saved my life!" he booms. "It made me who I am, and I like who I am because of it. I don't even want to think about where I might have ended up without it. Paul Green introduced me to Frank Zappa, who is so complex that there is always more to learn, and that's given me a positive focus. Now I can't see myself doing anything outside of music."

The trip marks his first time outside of the US, as it does for most of the children from Rock School. Randazzo is having the time of his life, but the rigours of being on the road in a rock'n'roll band are proving hard for others. The neatly turned-out 18-year-old keyboard player Larry Allen is missing his bed and his routine, and he is finding Paul Green's approach to organisation trying.

"I like him, but he drives me crazy," says the eminently sensible Allen. "He'll give us an itinerary that will say: 'Thursday: go to the festival in Germany.' He won't tell us how to get there or anything. But I'm getting used to this kind of behaviour. Sometimes he calls us in for an emergency rehearsal and spends the first hour telling us how he lost his virginity."

There is only an hour to go before the show. Throughout the backstage area teenagers are frantically practising guitar scales. Green's top player, Tywoniak, is sitting outside the marquee with his electric guitar. The only kid to have attended the Zappanale with the School of Rock on both visits, Tywoniak is an old hand. Having already conquered Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and Santana, he has moved on to emulating the "super-virtuosos" whose names are mentioned in hushed tones in guitar shops worldwide: Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani.

"I would like to be a rock star," says Tywoniak, who still looks like a young boy under his curtain of hair, "but I have now realised that that sort of thing only comes with a stroke of luck. I've decided that as long as I have a career as a professional musician, fame doesn't really matter."

There isn't much time before the kids are due on stage. Green arranges an impromptu sumo-wrestling session to help steady their nerves. Then they're on, with proud moms taking photographs at the front of the crowd in the heavy rain. Not only do the kids play some of Frank Zappa's most difficult songs with apparent ease; they put on a show. Junior Robert Plant makes love to his guitar, Joe Randazzo emerges from his drumkit to leap about the stage, and Tywoniak drives the crowd wild with his impossibly complex guitar solos. As each student gets their turn to go on stage and prove themselves, it's clear that Paul Green's unorthodox teaching methods work - even on the popular girls.

After the show, everyone is on a high. One of the mums organises an early trip back to the hostel. ("I'm only taking the nerds back because they're getting tired," she tells Green.) Randazzo has attracted the attentions of an amorous local girl, who has offered him a cigarette and the promise of an alternative bed. "No cigarettes for Joe!" says Green, grabbing Randazzo and dragging him away from the girl before guardianship issues have to be raised. The pretty girls are attracting the attention of two drunk Czech hippies. It looks like time to get everyone back to the hostel. Before he goes, I ask Green if he's living his rock star fantasies through the kids.

"My fantasies involve two women and a bed," he replies. "My goal is for the kids to be capable of magnificent things, to get over their own fear and laziness, and not sell themselves short. Basically, I just want them to practise."

-- info: yellowshark


Every once in a while, someone asks me why I haven't included the Swedish Captain Beefheart tribute in the UM files.

Well, besides the fact that it is one of my favourite albums, it has been in the UM files for quite a while. The problem is, however, that the band that made this album does not really have a name. Ultimate Audio Entertainment (the label) presented the disc as a "various artists" Beefheart tribute, and that's how it's classified: as a various artists album, both in the various artists section and in the Beefheart Cover section.

But I did add the cover of the album today...


Did you know that the February 1984 issue of Modern Drummer magazine included a 7" flexi soundsheet that featured Terry Bozzio demonstrating Paiste Cymbals.

Well, I didn't.
I added it to the Bozzio entry.

  • terry bozzio: paiste cymbals demonstration
        (1984, 7" flexi soundsheet, usa, modern drummer magazine 1984/02)


The Keneallist, August 27, 2005: MKB Headlines ProgDay!

Mike Keneally Band Headlines ProgDay,
America's longest-running progressive rock festival
featuring the Guitar Therapy Tour band--
Mike Keneally: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Rick Musallam: guitar, vocals
Bryan Beller: bass
Joe Travers: drums
  • 2005/09/04 concert "ProgDay", 'storybook farm', chapel hill, nc, usa

Sunday, September 4, 2005
Storybook Farm
One Storybook Lane
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516
MKB showtime: 5:00 p.m.
Sat.-Sun. Pass: $100 at the gate
Single Day Pass: $55


There's a brand-new website that probably has a couple of nice surprises for a lot of Zappa Freaks:

Check it out.

(Keep up the good work, Avo !!)


             TWILIGHT SONG

     Copyright c 1998 John Trubee
     From the daylight oozes twilight
     Out of twilight creeps the darkness
     Everyone I've ever known
     Slowly drifts away from me
     Til I stand, a puzzled orphan,
     By the whisp'ring sea

     Western sky explodes in silence
     Far above the puny humans
     Ocean clouds escape the sun
     In dusky sky, in silence, run
     Til waves of clouds descend
     Into the darkening eve

     Time flows on
     It changes everything
     It transforms all the world
     Til nothing known still remains

     Ever flowing through the darkness
     Mystery ship of utter starkness
     Everything I've ever seen
     Slowly drifts away from me
     And sinks, forever lost,
     Beneath the evening tide

     Time flows on
     It changes everything
     It transforms all the world
     Til nothing known still remains  


My Zappanale experience / report, see below, included an error. Napoleon Murphy Brock joined Doctor Dark on stage for 'The Torture Never Stops', and not for 'Willie The Pimp', as I had stated.



Guess you know that I went to Zappanale. Well, it was just great. This was the fourth time in a row that I went to Bad Doberan, and I must say that this certainly was one of the best editions so far. Let me try to walk you through it in some sort of chronological order:

In the middle of my preparation for three days of Zappa & zappa-esque music, I was lucky to receive a video recording of Ugly Radio Rebellion. March 8, earlier this year, these guys had played a gig with Ike Willis. The concert had taken place at 'The Hayloft', Mt Clemens, in Michigan, USA.
The band looked like having a lot of fun, and did an excellent job playing Zappa's music. I was glad to notice that Ike was in good shape.

We took off to Bad Doberan in the middle of the night, around 2 a.m. Friday morning, to arrive in Bad Doberan before noon. At the race track (where the festival took place) I teamed up with Henry who had asked me to do interviews for the live internet broadcast;  said 'hi' to a couple of Arf-friends; and got ready to be submerged into the music.

It's never an easy job to open festival, but Weirdo Naffn made a good impression. They played a lot of material from their "Shut Up 'N Groove" album, including a couple of Zappa tunes. I got to meet Michael and Shari later on and they seemed rather satisfied as well. This turned out to be one of their first gigs for a 'bigger' audience.
In the meantime, things were rather hectic backstage. Problems with cables and cameras made it very difficult to get the show in the air & on the internet. Priorities being the sound on the festival ground, and the video-broadcast, the interviews were put on hold.
I had a very nice chat with Michael on Saturday - of which I didn't know that it got broadcast... - about music, his passion for guitars, his writings, etceteras. Enjoyed it a lot. Both the concert and the conversation.

below picture taken by Bazbo.

And then there was Jazzprojekt Hundehagen. I had heard the band performing at previous Zappanale editions, but this time, they really got it right. They played quite a number of pieces (if not all) of Zappa's highly underestimated "Shut Up" series. I got told that they had been practicing like maniacs the last couple of months, spending every free minute rehearsing. It showed. I did a short interview with Thomas (or was it his brother?) - who played the lead guitar - and when asked how he had studied the parts, he said that it wasn't just about memorising and playing the notes from Zappa's Guitar Book: "You've got to get 'out there', and then it becomes more easy". Well, he succeeded.

below picture by Bazbo

All the way from Italy came The Grand Wazoo. I had heard a concert recording of them and that had impressed me, and my friend Angelo had told me that I would be suprised, so I was very curious to find out what they would do at Zappanale.
The Grand Wazoo kicked ass. The band played a very tight set, including a hyperactive Marco Belluzzi on keyboards, sampler and other funny noises. Beautiful arrangements including a ska version of 'Hungry Freaks'. When special guest Napoleon Murphy Brock took the stage, everybody new that they were at Zappanale 16.You had to see it. The crowd loved it.
The Grand Wazoo also brought their latest demo along. 6 Zappa compositions that got the Grand Wazoo treatment: The Black Page # 2 * Hungry Freaks, Daddy * Oh No * Son Of Orange County * More Trouble Every Day * Inca Roads. Just to quote someone from the bus: "You'll love it."
  • the grand wazoo: promo
        (2005, cdr, italy, private release)
    •  This promotional disc shows that the Grand Wazoo is an excellent Zappa band. All compositions on this little album are by Frank Zappa and the Grand Wazoo gives them all this happy southern yurripean flavour.

below picture by Bazbo: Napoleon Murphy Brock joins The Grand Wazoo on stage.

I have to admit that I knew nothing about Final Virus, who were up next. The program booklet said "Rock mit King Crimson-Einschlag". The band didn't play any Zappa (except for a tiny Zomby Woof reference), but had the crowd eating out of their hand. Lots of power and energy were displayed. Combined with excellent compositions and fine solos, this probably was the highlight of the day for a lot of people.
I talked with Peter Sonntag (bass & Virus Chief) on Sunday. It was a bit too late to get find a space between the scheduled interviews and that was a shame. He's a great guy with very interesting ideas on music and on people in general. Final Virus was a perfect addition to the Zappanale program.

below picture by Bazbo

Next up was Cucurullo Brillo Brullo. I've been fortunate to see these guys in concert a couple of times already and they just keep getting better. CBB played all of the tracks from their debut album, "Zapzurditiez". They played it very relaxed, very soulful, with lots of space for the soloists to show their chops.
Ike Willis joined the band on stage for an a capella 'Love Of My Life' and played some great guitar solos on the following songs. Another excellent show.
By this time, it became obvious that we wouldn't get the camera rolling for a Friday-interview. The Cucurullo Brillo Brullo interview got postponed, but did eventually take place. Another bunch of nice guys.

below picture by Bazbo.

The Paul Green School Of Rock had been at Zappanale in 2003. This year, they came back as top of the bill. Not only on Friday, playing some esoteric Zappa, but also on Saturday with a Pink Floyd set.
Tough luck for Paul Green's kids as the rain started to poor out during their set. Again, a very impressive set, and featuring the incredible Napoleon Murphy Brock, but I was getting pretty tired and was completely soaked. Hit the bed around half past eleven. This also meant that I didn't see Guru Guru. I did have a bit of a talk with Mani Neumeier, but I didn't have the feeling that Guru Guru was something that I needed to see.

below picture by Bazbo: the Paul Green School Of Rock, feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock

below picture by Bazbo: Guru Guru

Saturday started very smooth. There was an Arf Meeting at noon. And even more important: we were able to install a camera for the internet interviews, and it didn't rain !!

First up was Psychonautilus from the UK. With a name like that, I had expected at least eight people on the stage, but, boy, were we in for a suprise. Psychonautilus is a one-man project. One guy with a guitar, a sampler and a drum machine. To be honest, it did sound like a band. And even a pretty good one. I'd describe it as psychedelic, but with a beat.
A great opener, that immediately caught a crowd.

The Low Budget Orchestra from Poland (they prefer "Orkiestra Niskobudżetowa") had come across some problems. Four of their bandmembers had been injured and hospitalised due to a car accident. This, and the fact that the band got double-booked (as WSTEP), made me expect the worst, but the Low Budget Orchestra did play an astonishing Zappa set. For me, this was one of the absolute highlights of the festival. Pure energy.

below picture by Bazbo

One of the nice things about Zappanale is that you get the chance to meet a bunch of the artists. They walk around in the public, do some small talk, have a beer, sign an album (or a belly !!), ... One of the eye-catchers was Bill Saunders, the Doctor Dark vocalist. Everywhere he went, he turned faces. It proved that the audience remembered him from the Zappanale concert two years earlier.
The Doctor Dark concert was very good. Despite the interruption (a malfunctioning guitar amp) the band played a fine set. Stephen Chillemi and Peter Brunelli got the train moving, and while Joseph Nolan and Travis Moody provided the indispensable Beefheart guitars, Bill Saunders did what he was expected to do. Very impressive.
Needless to say that Napoleon Murphy Brock's guest appearance on 'Willie The Pimp' was unexpected, and added a little extra.

The pictures below show the band in action. The second one has guest vocalist Napoleon Murphy Brock singing 'Willie The Pimp'.

Both pictures were taken by Bazbo.

The second band from Italy took the stage around eight p.m.: The Metropolis Orchestra. A couple of months ago, they had delivered their "Uncle Beat" album, a must-have for every Zappa fan.
Initially, the Metropolis Orchestra had started as a classical ensemble. They performed Zappa because it was a challenge and because they liked the music. Over the years the ensemble turned into a rock-band, still including original members Alessandro Baglioni and the beautiful Antonella Montini.
Their performance was astonashing: Zappa with jazz improvisations. I could hardly believe that the band was incomplete. Apparently, two members had other engangements and weren't able to make the trip to Bad Doberan.
These kind of gigs make a festival stand out. Tip to the hat to Sergio Palladino and to Antonella Montini for fab vocal work. Once more, Napoleon Murphy Brock made a remarkable guest appearance.

both pictures below were taken by Bazbo.

Sergio Palladino and to Antonella Montini

Napoleon Murphy Brock alongside Alessandro Baglioni

Headlining Saturday was Paul Green's School Of Rock doing Pink Floyd material. An OK conclusion of an exellent day two. Every now and then, I had the impression that the kids wanted to show their abilities a bit too much, a bit at the cost of the actual composition or song. But then again, it's great to see a couple of kids on the stage, playing a song, taking a solo and being exchanged by another kid, who gets his turn. They did a great job and I'm pretty sure they'll have fond memories of playing at Zappanale.

There's this rule in Bad Doberan that, on Sunday, the festival has to end before ten p.m.. It has something to do with not wanting to be an inconvienience for the Bad Doberan residents.
This does mean that on Sunday, the festival starts at 11.00 a.m. First up on Sunday was the Zappin' Buzz Band. Big fun as the band consists of three musicians and two actors. Pure theatre, including a very funny audience participating wet t-shirt contest. I had never seen so many people at noon at a Zappanale Sunday.
I almost did an interview with them. That's to say: I was there, and they were there as well, the camera was even rolling, but they took over even before I could ask my first question. Fun.

below picture taken by Bazbo.

All the way from the Czech Republic came the Yahozna Band. I remember experiencing the Yahozna Band at Zappanale in 2002. They had maybe 15 people on stage, including three vocalists. To say the least, it sounded a bit unstructured. I was very curious to find out what they would do this time.
Five minutes after the band had taken the stage, they had convinced me completely. This was another band. The band counted five or six people and they played great stuff. Weather Report-like, very jazzy stuff. And Zappa. Wow.
Examinating their new album, "05", it became clear that Pavel Blazek (guitar), Martin Jancik (bass) and Petr Vohnout (trumpet) had been part of the 2002 version of the band as well. The Yahozna Band, however, had shrinked quite a bit, and with great result. Great arrangements and a top performance. Another highlight.
The interview with the band was a bit difficult as my czech isn't what it used to be, but I did learn that the band will play at the Zappa festival in Bordeaux next Zaptember !!
  • yahozná band: 05
        (2005, cd, ger, zappo records)
    • This is a great album. The band approaches Zappa in a very jazzy way. Great arrangements and very fine solos.
      Check out this tracklist:
    • cruising for burgers
    • zomby woof / cosmik debris
    • little umbrellas / andy
    • g-spot tornado / black napkins / eat that question
    • peaches en regalia
    • big swifty / sleep dirt
    • heavy duty judy
    • memphis underground (herbie mann)
    • This is a must-have.
      Available from Zappo Records from Cologne, Germany

By the time that Colin Towns and the NDR Bigband was about the start, the field in front of the stage was packed. As if they had brought their own audience along. As expected, the perfomance was great. Check out their "Frank Zappa's Hot Licks (And Funny Smells) album.

below picture by Guy.

As a replacement for Discus, who couldn't make it because of a lack of funding, Zappanale presented Judy4 from Poland. A very good choice. Judy4 plays what they call "Progressive Neo Trance" music, a mixture of different styles that they like to combine with big screen projections and other visual stimuli. Great concert (but I would like to have seen them take on a Zappa piece...)

below picture taken by Bazbo.

Saturday afternoon, I had already seen Jerry Outlaw. Pretty furious because both of his guitars had got lost during the flight from the U.S. to Yurrip.
After a lot of telephone calls and anxious waiting, he got them back. Somewhere in the middle of the night from Saturday on Sunday. Together with the boxes of t-shirts, albums and the new DVD. (See a bit further below for more info)
Bogus Pomp played a very tight set. And although a couple of my friends told me that it lacked a bit of 'joy' or 'humour' or whatever you might call it, this was right up my alley. I enjoyed it a lot. For me, this was also one of the highlights.

below picture taken by Bazbo.

The heavy rain forced the 'finale' to stop a bit earlier. Each year the festival ends with a so-called finale: musicians from different bands jam on stage. This year it started with a couple of pieces by the Paul Green Kids. But as the rain got unbearable, the whole thing ended very quietly.

Unaware of what was about to happen, I took shelter in the big tent. A couple of meters behind me, some people started to play music. And they included Zappa compositions as well. A very nice suprise.

Multi-instrumentalist / street musician Jeff Silvertrust has quite a number of Frank Zappa compositions on his repertoire.I was told that he has been performing at the 'after-parties' at Zappanale for a number of years. 'Multi-instrumentalist' is the most significant word describing Jeff Silvertrust. He drums, plays the trumpet and keyboard, and whenever possible, even together.

below picture by Bazbo.

Where you at Zappanale? Did you see (parts of) the webstream? Go to the Zappanale site and vote for your favourite band:

And go the Zappanale forum for pictures, comment, and more...

The above pictures were taken by Zappateer Bazbo. All except one, that is.Want some more? Check out the Zappateers website:

Oh yes, for those of you who think that I'm making this all up. Here's a picture out of the Bad Doberaner Zeitung, Weekend edition, August 6 &7, 2005.
Just take a look at these happy faces. And yes, one of them is mine (and Inge is there as well, of course).

And here's one more: Bill Saunders (from Doctor Dark), from a German newspaper the day after the Zappanale festival.
(thank you, Mick)


Well, here they are. And it's quite a collection...

I like the idea, but I'm wondering if there's someone who bought them all?

I wanted to post some of this yesterday, but I went to a Whatchamacallit concert in Eeklo. They played some fine Zappa stuff: Pygmy Twylyte, Cheepnis, City Of Tiny Lites... that sort of thing. Open air, at the Eeklo market place. About 40 people in attendance - which wasn't too bad if you take into account that it rained...


  • musicmaker
        (2005/08, mag, the netherlands)
    • interview with Gail, Dweezil & Ahmet regarding the Zappa plays Zappa tour

      I guess that, at the time of the interview, the tour hadn't been postponed.
      In the meantime, various clubs (France & Germany) have cancelled / postponed the concerts...

      I did like the part, however, where they said that they would also like to bring Ray White along.


  • the great unkown: zero point six
        (2005, cdr, usa, private release)
    • Last weekend, at Zappanale, I encountered Ira Schonberger. Very nice guy. He had flown in from the U.S. to do a bit of promotion for his band, The Great Unknown. He brought a very impressive mini-album along called "Zero Point Six". Five tracks, and the first one, 'The Long Island Blues' features some well-known names: Robbie 'Seahag' Mangano en Eric Svalgard (both of Project/Object), Madi Diaz-Svalgard (of Paul Green's School Of Rock) en Carl Restivo (of the Ed Palermo Big Band). 'The Long Island Blues' is a standard blues progression with great zappa-esque vocals and a bunch of solos.
      'Strip Naked', the second track has some very nice Beefheart references, and not only the moment where they sing 'Lick My Decals Off, Baby'. This is my favourite track. It runs like a train.
      Track number three, 'The Arable', is food for guitar adepts. Did I tell you that Ira is into Zappa?
      'New Ways To Be Rude' is a very sweet song. Excepts for the lyrics maybe. Nice combination.
      And the disc ends with 'Make It Go Away'. Kicking off with a bit of a darker chorus, but it goes into a superb guitar solo. Very impressive.
    • Be sure to check out:
      where you'll find the above mentioned tracks, but also lots more - all for free download.



40 - 4
Don't wanna hear that number no more.

Zemog Inc. proudly presents an evening of eloquent sounds and events.

Saturday August 27 2005 - 8.00 pm








  • "The Bazaar And The Cathedral 1.5", a movie by Stefaan Quix and Els Van Riel


KC België
Burgemeester Bollenstraat 54-56+
3500 Hasselt




The mysterious Dekes Of Hazzard contributed a Frank Zappa tune to "Delphonic Sounds Today" in 1998. The Dekes Of Hazzard are an alias for Deke Dickerson, who released the same track on his "Mr.Entertainment" album in 2003.
On the right, the cover of the "Delphonic Sounds Today" album.

-- info: Charles Ulrich


German Zappa coverband Sheik Yerbouti has a new album out. It's called "Ouch Patrol". More info soon.

-- info: Luc Reniers


Here's a couple of new setlists for Frogg Cafe. Just take a look at the Zappa pieces that they played at the 2004/06/12 concert.
  • 2004/03/13 concert ‘stony brook university’, stony brook, ny, usa

    • creatures * fortunate observer of time * the reluctant observer * no regrets * questions without answers * candy korn * peaches en regalia (frank zappa)

  • 2004/04/17 concert 'stony brook university', stony brook, ny, usa

    • all this time * the eternal optimist * fortunate observer of time * the abyss of dissension (first part) * creatures * waterfall carnival (excerpt) * relucant observer * no regrets * candy korn * peaches en regalia (frank zappa)

  • 2004/06/12 concert ’stony brook university’, stony brook, ny, usa

    • eternal optimist * little house i used to live in(zappa) * peaches en regalia (zappa) * no regrets * candy korn * creatures * waterfall carnival (excerpt) * you're still sleeping * call any vegetable (zappa) * king kong (zappa) * abyss of dissension


American jamband Namaste performed Frank Zappa's 'City Of Tiny Lites' in concert:
  • 2004/01/07 concert ‘hideaway saloon’, louisville, kentucky, usa

    • set 1:come home -> new day * the river -> dream * 5. city of tiny lites (frank zappa) * reflections johnny may (1st half)

    • set 2: johnny may (2nd half) * easy * song to save the world -> hanging on * in memory of elizabeth reed (allman brothers) -> horsepower (drums) -> in memory of elizabeth reed (allman brothers) * heads up display (h.u.d.) * humbled * philosophy * 14th floor -> song for the average citizen -> akimbo (moe.) * disguise * terrapin station (grateful dead) * hiding * hello

2005/08/10 - ...


  • lex l. bronkowitz orchestra: lex l. bronkowitz orchestra plays fz
        (2005, cdr, ger, private release)
    • Last Saturday, day two of Zappanale 16, I encountered Alex again. I was very glad that he had brought the latest title of his Lex L. Bronkowitz Orchestra series along.
      This little album is just a bit over 12 minutes long, but it's great. Somebody should get this guy a record contract.
    • echidna's arf
    • that evil prince
    • rdnzl -> inca roads
    • This is so good...


A bunch of new setlists have been entered in the UM pages:

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

  • 1971/01/25 concert ‘ungano's’, new york city, ny, usa

    • Captain Beefheart / Don Van Vliet: vocals, tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet, harmonica * Rockette Morton / Mark Boston: bass guitar, guitar * Drumbo / John French: drums, percussion * Zoot Horn Rollo / Bill Harkleroad: guitar, slide guitar * Winged Eel Fingerling / Elliot Ingber: guitar, slide guitar * Ed Marimba / Art Tripp: marimba, drums, percussion

    • alice in blunderland * bass interlude/when big joan sets up theme * when big joan sets up * hair pie: bake III * my human gets me blues * hair pie: bake II * i wanna find a woman that'll hold my big toe till i have to go * one red rose that i mean * abba zaba * japan in a dishpan * woe-is-uh-me-bop * flash gordon's ape

  • 1973/02/24 concert ‘town hall’, new york city, ny, usa

    • suction prints * low yo yo stuff * nowadays a woman¹s gotta hit a man * abba zabba * crazy little thing * sugar & spikes * peon * bass solo * I’m gonna booglarize you baby * alice in blunderland * king bee * mirror man * big eyed beans from venus * golden birdies

    • encore: click clack
  • 1980/12/03 concert ‘my father's place’, roslyn, ny, usa

    • soundcheck: including sheriff of hong kong, my human gets me blues & suction prints

    • hair pie bake III * 3. nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man * abba zabba * hot head * ashtray heart * dirty blue gene * best batch yet * safe as milk * flavour bud living * her eyes are a million blue miles * one red rose that i mean * doctor dark * bat chain puller * sugar 'n spikes * sheriff of hong kong * suction prints * big eyed beans from venus

Project / Object

  • 2004/10/10 concert ‘martyr's’, chicago, il, usa

    • Napoleon Murphy Brock - Vocals, Sax, Flute * Ike Willis - Vocals, Lead Guitar * Andre Cholmondeley - Guitar, Vocals * Dave Johnson - Bass, Vocals * Glenn Leonard - Drums, Vocals (lead vox on "Tryin' to Grow A Chin") * Eric Svalgard - Keyboards ("the new guy")

    • setlist

      • set one: intro comments * five five five * andy * inca roads * carolina hardcore ecstasy * magic fingers * cheepnis * carnard toujours * kaiser rolls * sofa #2 * peaches en regalia * uncle remus * (comments)
        encore: (comments) * cosmik debris * san ber'dino

      • set two: intro comments * zoot allures * stick it out * packard goose * son of orange county * more trouble every day * black napkins * how could i be such a fool? * i ain't got no heart * i'm not satisfied * fifty fifty * blessed relief * muffin man


  • 2005/03/06 “Sofa in the livingroom”

    • Remko (petjep):  ac.guitar, vocals  * Harry (starling): ac guitar, vocals, flute * chrit: bass * toby: tambourine, back of guitar and an egg shaker (also percussion) * Sikko Illumination and Bandwith

    • sharleena * later * jeany in l.a. * treesome ccmoon > mom and dad > lets make the water turn black * play a walz * check point charlie

2005/08/09 - I got back from Bad Doberan yesterday evening. Absolutely magnificent. I hope some of you were able to watch it through fabchannel.
Anyway, here's a brand-new DVD by Bogus Pomp, and that's just for starters...


  • bogus pomp: live at mahaffey theatre
        (2005, dvdr, usa, private release)
    • This brand-new DVDR will show you the concert that Bogus Pomp gave at the Mahaffey Theater in St.Petersburg, Florida, USA, about five years ago (2000/08/05). For this event, they shared the bill with The Persuasion, who came back on stage to join Bogus Pomp for the encores. A remarkable concert with both Jerry Outlaw and Napoleon Murphy Brock in great shape.
      Just take a look at this set-list:
      son of orange county * penguin in bondage * pygmy twylyte * village of the sun * echidna's arf (of you) * don't you ever wash that thing * inca roads * the black page * dupree's paradise * andy * florentine pogen * black napkins * the evil prince * montana * the idiot bastard son * cheepnis * watermelon in easter hay * uncle remus.
    • This is as good as it gets.

2005/08/04 - I'm off to Zappanale. Check out the info & links below. Talk again to you in a couple of days...


Saxofourte has an album out on which they play a number of Zappa compositions. More info soon, I hope.


Da Lemmings Onsombol performed Frank Zappa's 'Black Napkins' in concert.
  • John Gentry - guitars
  • Andy Scorti - bass
  • Tim Hensley - drums


  • 2001/11/01 concert ‘mad frog’, cincinnati, oh, usa

    • setlist
      • set 1: roast beef * morgan's lullaby * fat aint helen * buddy's bounce * fupa * cissy strut (funky meters)
      • set 2: kickin' back - (derek trucks tune) * todre * klaw * bo'vicious * velde's shoes * lapograntanny * surprised by the 3rd time * black napkins (frank zappa)
    • a soundboard recordings of this show circulates

1971 05 18

I hadn't seen this one before: the poster for the 1971/05/18 concert at the 'Pomona College' in Claremont, CA, USA.

Including the premiere of 'Billy The Mountain':


Peaches En Regalia * Tears Began To Fall * Shove It Right In * Billy The Mountain * Louie Louie * Status Back Baby * Concentration Moon (incl Sanzini Bros) * Mom & Dad *  Daddy Daddy Daddy * Twenty Small Cigars * Little House I Used To Live In * Mudshark * What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? * Bwana Dik * Latex Solar Beef




  • the magic band: 21st century mirror men
        (2005, cd + dvd, uk, proper records)
    • The Magic Band is going strong. 2003 saw their "Back To The Front" album, and one year later they released their "Live In Concert" DVD.
      "21st Century Mirror Men" is the Magic Band's second album, recorded live in the USA and in the UK.
      The album includes a bonus DVD: 7 songs from the 2003/04/06 Camber Sands concert.
    • Don't hesitate.


Nile Rodgers' label, Sumthing Else Music Works, announces the release of the original soundtrack CD for the Xbox Video Game Conker™: "Live And Reloaded".

To be released on August 2nd, the album will feature Dweezil Zappa performing with Nile Rodgers.


Yes, Zappanale #16 will be broadcast live on the internet.  ->

And Fabchannel is taking it another step further, this year. To fill up the waiting time in-between concerts Fabchannel has asked your UM webmaster to do some interviews with the participating bands and musicians.
I, for one, am honoured & extremely looking forward to it.

Everything you want to know about Zappanale:  ->

extra, extra, latest Zappanale news:

the newsflash goes like this:

Limited DVD project.


Here's your chance. The limited DVD project - Live at the Zappanale.

It's a project where DVD's are produced at the festival ground. Recorded live with four cameras and one director. In a few hours after the Show the live recorded DVD will be ready. But…there will be just a limited edition. 22 pieces of every performance. Each DVD will have a unique number like (1-22). Price € 20,-

Look for the conditions on

The Zappanale schedule:

for last month's newsletter, click here: thebignotefiles - 2005/07


 (although we're waiting for the official announcement that it will be postponed...)


For immediate release, London, England -

Zappa Plays Zappa -
The Official Authourised Announcement
Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa Perform The Music of Frank Zappa
Major 2005 European Tour with Surprise Special Guests

Starts 25th October in Barcelona!

* Tickets for the UK concerts on sale Friday June 3rd at 9am



  • 2005/10/25 ZAPPA  - Olympic Pavillion, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2005/10/27 ZAPPA  - Milan Forum, Milan, Italy

  • 2005/10/28 ZAPPA  - Palalottomatica, Rome, Italy

  • 2005/10/31 ZAPPA  - Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England

  • 2005/11/01 ZAPPA  - Brighton Centre, Brighton, England

  • 2005/11/02 ZAPPA  - Royal Albert Hall, London, England

  • 2005/11/04 ZAPPA  - Carling Apollo, Manchester, England

  • 2005/11/05 ZAPPA  - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Scotland

  • 2005/11/07 ZAPPA  - Le Zenith, Paris, France

  • 2005/11/08 ZAPPA  - Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

  • 2005/11/10 ZAPPA  - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland

  • 2005/11/11 ZAPPA  - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2005/11/13 ZAPPA  - Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2005/11/14 ZAPPA  - Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

  • 2005/11/15 ZAPPA  - Hovet, Old Ice Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2005/11/17 ZAPPA  - Arena Treptow, Berlin, Germany

  • 2005/11/18 ZAPPA  - Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany

  • 2005/11/20 ZAPPA  - T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czechoslovakia

  • 2005/11/22 ZAPPA  - Budapest Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary




the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2005/06/25 - 26 "Uncle Meeting // Zappateers festival", ancona, italy

    • 2005/06/25  Harmonia Ensemble /  Ossi Duri

    • 2005/06/26  The GrandWazoo  /  Orchestra Spaziale

  • 2005/07/01 Steve Vai & the Metropole Orkest - concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2005/07/02 Steve Vai & the Metropole Orkest - concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2005/07/09 Project/Object / Chris Opperman - concert new york 
  • 2005/07/09 Frogg Café - concert NEARFEST (North East Art Rock Festival)
  • 2005/07/10 Gary Lucas - concert "Summer Sundays in the Park", 'Travers Park', Jackson Heights, New York, usa

  • 2005/07/11 Steve Vai - radio show "blindfold test", radio 4, nps, the netherlands

  • 2005/07/12 Steve Vai - radio show "spotlight", radio 4, nps, the netherlands

  • 2005/07/16 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - “vancouver folk music festival”, vancouver, canada
  • 2005/07/17 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - “vancouver folk music festival”, vancouver, canada
  • 2005/07/22 Doctor Dark - concert 'the monkey bar', danbury, ct, usa

  • 2005/07/23 Bogus Pomp - concert 'skipper's', tampa, fl, usa
  • 2005/07/23 Icebreaker - concert Lincoln Center, New York City,
  • 2005/07/24 the Wrong Objectconcert ‘Chez Bouldou’, Liège, belgique

  • 2005/07/30 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', North Hollywood, CA, USA

  • 2005/07/30 - 7:00pm concert 'Chaffey College Theatre', Rancho Cucamonga, California, usa
    The Definiens Project, The Appollonicon, The Cucamonga Surf Dogs, Dino Dupree and the Pharaohs

  • 2005/07/30 & 31: Festival de l'Alambic Electrique


    • Strike

    • Metal Kartoon

    • One Shot

    • Here and Now


    • Lemon Trio

    • Gowy

    • Wrong Object

    • Nasal Retentive Orchestra




  • 2005/08/13 Fast 'N' Bulbous, The Captain Beefheart Project - concert "Jazz Em Agosto Festival", Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2005/08/13 Whatchamacallit - concert eeklo, belgium

  • 2005/08/21 Cucurullo Brillo Brullo - concert "Jazz & bluesfestival", Delft, NL
  • 2005/08/26 Petulant Frenzy - concert 'the marquee', camperdown, australia
  • 2005/08/27 Whatchamacallit - concert ertvelde, belgium
  • 2005/09/04 Mike Keneally Band - concert "ProgDay", 'storybook farm', chapel hill, nc, usa
  • 2005/09/10 Frogg Café - concert PROG IN THE PARK FESTIVAL 2005 – Rochester, NY
  • 2005/09/16 Steve Vai - concert  Graz, Austria - Orpheum Theatre
  • 2005/09/17 Steve Vai -  concert Innsbruck, Austria - Venue To Be Announced
  • 2005/09/18 Steve Vai -  concert Linz, Austria - Posthof
  • 2005/09/20 Steve Vai -  concert Vienna, Austria - Planet Music
  • 2005/09/21 Steve Vai -  concert Budapest, Hungary - Petofi Czarnok
  • 2005/09/22 Steve Vai -  concert Ljubljana, Slovenia - Ljubljana-Krizanke
  • 2005/09/22 Rosa Ensemble - concert 'De Brakke Grond', Amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/23 Steve Vai -  concert Firenze, Italy - Saschall
  • 2005/09/23 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'De Brakke Grond', Amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/24 Steve Vai -  concert Modena, Italy - Vox
  • 2005/09/24 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'De Brakke Grond', Amsterdam, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/25 Steve Vai -  concert Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
  • 2005/09/27 Steve Vai -  concert Munich, Germany - Eiser Halle/Tonhalle
  • 2005/09/28 Steve Vai -  concert Stuttgart, Germany - Longhorn
  • 2005/09/28 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Kunsthuis 13, Velp, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/29 Steve Vai -  concert Cologne, Germany - Ewerk
  • 2005/09/29 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Futura Plaza', Eindhoven, the netherlands
  • 2005/09/30 Steve Vai -  concert Hamburg, Germany - Fabrik
  • 2005/09/30 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Theater Kikker', Utrecht, the netherlands
  • 2005/10/01 Steve Vai -  concert Antwerp, Belgium - Hof Ter Lo
  • 2005/10/01 Rosa Ensemble- concert 'Grand Theatre', Groningen , the netherlands
  • 2005/10/02 Steve Vai -  concert Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
  • 2005/10/04 Steve Vai -  concert Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
  • 2005/10/05 Steve Vai -  concert Stockholm, Sweden - Arenan
  • 2005/10/06 Steve Vai -  concert Gothenburg, Sweden - Vagen
  • 2005/10/07 Steve Vai -  concert Malmö, Sweden - Kulturbolaget
  • 2005/10/09 Steve Vai -  concert Oslo, Norway - Rockerfeller
  • 2005/10/10 the Wrong Object - concert “Lol Coxhill Meets The Wrong Object", ‘Jazzpower’, Eindhoven, NL
  • 2005/10/11 Steve Vai -  concert Helsinki, Finland - Nosturi / Tavastia
  • 2005/10/12 the Wrong Object - concert ‘PP Café’, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2005/10/13 Steve Vai – concert Vilnius, Lithuania - Ice Hall

    2005/10/14  Steve Vai – concert Riga, Latvia - Venue To Be Announced...
  • 2005/10/19 Steve Vai - concert 'Hammersmith Apollo', London, uk
  • 2005/10/20 Steve Vai - concert 'Civic Theatre', Wolverhampton, uk
  • 2005/10/21 Steve Vai - concert 'Royal Concert Hall', Glasgow, uk
  • 2005/10/22 Steve Vai - concert 'City Hall', Newcastle, uk
  • 2005/10/23 Steve Vai - concert 'Royal Centre', Nottingham, uk
  • 2005/10/24 Steve Vai - concert 'Carling Apollo Manchester', Manchester, uk
  • 2005/10/25 ZAPPA  - Olympic Pavillion, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2005/10/26 Steve Vai -  concert Dublin, Ireland - Vicar St
  • 2005/10/27 ZAPPA  - Milan Forum, Milan, Italy
  • 2005/10/28 ZAPPA  - Palalottomatica, Rome, Italy
    2005/10/28 the Wrong Objectconcert mechelen, Belgium, feat. Harry Beckett (afternoon - private gig)
    2005/10/28 The Wrong Object feat. Harry Beckett – concert ‘Jazzzolder’, Mechelen, Belgium

    2005/10/28  Steve Vai – concert Strasbourg, France - Laiterie
  • 2005/10/29 Steve Vai – concert Paris, France - Bataclan
  • 2005/10/30 Steve Vai – concert Clermont Ferrand, France - Coop de Mai
  • 2005/10/31 ZAPPA  - Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England
    2005/10/31 Steve Vai – concert Istres, France – Usines
  • 2005/11/01 ZAPPA  - Brighton Centre, Brighton, England
  • 2005/11/02 ZAPPA  - Royal Albert Hall, London, England
  • 2005/11/04 ZAPPA  - Carling Apollo, Manchester, England
  • 2005/11/04 Ensemble Modern - concert 'Festspielhaus', Baden-Baden, Germany
  • 2005/11/05 Ensemble Modern - concert 'Festspielhaus', Baden-Baden, Germany

  • 2005/11/05 ZAPPA  - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 2005/11/07 ZAPPA  - Le Zenith, Paris, France
  • 2005/11/08 ZAPPA  - Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2005/11/10 ZAPPA  - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland
  • 2005/11/11 ZAPPA  - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2005/11/13 ZAPPA  - Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2005/11/14 ZAPPA  - Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
  • 2005/11/15 ZAPPA  - Hovet, Old Ice Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2005/11/16 Ensemble Modern - concert (excerpts from The Yellow Shark") - 'Théâtre du Châtelet', Paris, France

  • 2005/11/17 ZAPPA  - Arena Treptow, Berlin, Germany
  • 2005/11/17 Ensemble Modern - concert  (excerpts from the Yellow Shark") - 'Théâtre de Caen', Caen, France
  • 2005/11/18 ZAPPA  - Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • 2005/11/20 ZAPPA  - T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • 2005/11/22 ZAPPA  - Budapest Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2005/11/26 the Wrong Objectconcert “KriKri” festival, Gent, Belgium

  • 2005/12/10 the Wrong Objectconcert “Tournai Prog Event”, Belgium

  • 2006/03/11 the Wrong Object - concert ‘Plusetage’, Baarle-Nassau, the Netherlands

  • 2006/03/17 the Wrong Object - concert 'Zaal Alma', Sint-Jozef Rijkevorsel, Belgium