the big nOte files - april 2005

updated April  2, 3, 10, 17, 18, 22, 24 (which i forgot to upload...), 26 & 29, 2005

ZZZZZ Arthur Barrow
ZZZZZ Psychedelic Breakfast
ZZZZZ Missing Persons
ZZZZZ John Trubee
ZZZZZ The Keneallist 2005/04/27
ZZZZZ A 15-minute version of Montana, anyone?
ZZZZZ The Hardin-Simmons University Jazz Ensemble
ZZZZZ Jimmy Ågren Band tourdates
ZZZZZ Mats/Morgan Band tourdates
ZZZZZ Jimmy Carl Black
ZZZZZ The Keneallist, april 22
ZZZZZ Does Brighton Monty Python ring a bell?
ZZZZZ The first Zappateers festival
ZZZZZ The Foolz in concert
ZZZZZ Alessandro Fabbri covers Zappa
ZZZZZ The latest Chris Opperman newsletter
ZZZZZ brand-new album by the NDR Big Band
ZZZZZ Napoleon Murphy Brock featured on dutch radio 4  (with a date correction)
ZZZZZ the Voice Of Cheez on Off Beat Cinema
ZZZZZ Missing Persons
ZZZZZ The Zappathon
ZZZZZ Radio Free Phoenix
ZZZZZ Neon Park
ZZZZZ Captain Beefheart setlists
ZZZZZ Great Googly Moogly
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp: concert date correction !!
ZZZZZ P/O setlists
ZZZZZ The Masters
ZZZZZ Chris Opperman April showdates
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp in concert
ZZZZZ Captain Beefheart
ZZZZZ Adrian Belew news
ZZZZZ 7" Artefacts
ZZZZZ Zipperman
ZZZZZ Homo Zappians performs Zappa
ZZZZZ Mats Öberg
ZZZZZ More Zappa bootleg albums announced
ZZZZZ Trey Anastosio performs Zappa live
ZZZZZ Belgian band Mascotte recorded Zappa's 'Bobby Brown'
ZZZZZ Another Zappa bootleg DVD: Swedish Sensation
ZZZZZ A new Zappa (Halloween) bootleg
ZZZZZ Blind Riders On Mad Horses, includes a Zappa composition
ZZZZZ New Zappa bootleg series: His-Story
ZZZZZ from the archives: Harry Slinger recorded Zappa in 1995
ZZZZZ New Terry Bozzio promo album
ZZZZZ Beat Of The Earth CD reissue with Zappa track
ZZZZZ Het Echte Frank Zappa Boek  (thanx again, Ive)
ZZZZZ P/O on tour in the States, performing Zappa in a town near you
ZZZZZ Lester will be performing Zappa in Austria
ZZZZZ Whatchamacallit in concert playing Zappa in Belgium
ZZZZZ Doctor Dark in preparation for the Zappanale festival
ZZZZZ Vai in concert with the Metropole Orkest
  and be sure to check out the March newsletter at thebignotefiles - 2005/03
ZZZZZ the concert calendar


short bits - more info soon

- Jazzmosis recorded Frank Zappa's 'Blessed Relief' on their selftitled album
- SAF Publishing has another Zappa-related book coming out in June: "Academy Zappa" by Ben Watson and Esther Leslie
- the same fabulous site also mentions that the Tornadoes will be contributing to a Zappa tribute (?) album. (info: Luc Reniers)
- the second Zappanale 15 DVD is available from the Arf Society
- the new Rez album is out
- Dreadnaught recorded various Frank Zappa tunes on their "Live at Mojo's" album.





I've been listening to a great concert recording today. Psychedelic Breakfast in West Haven, June 25 in 1999. A jamband, and a very jazzy one. They performed Zappa's 'Magic Fingers' at this show. Fabulous.

1999/06/25 concert ‘matthew’s tavern’, west haven, ct, usa

  • set one

    • penny saved * chameleon > garcian fishbowl * in memory of elizabeth reed > magic fingers (frank zappa) > in memory of elizabeth reed > drum solo > magic fingers (frank zappa) * puppetry * summertime blues

  • set two

    • bouree > the grand scheme of things * born to be wild > chalkdust torture jam > night of the thumpasaurous people > tatanka > attraction to shade ditty * soul sacrifice

  • set three

    • superfly phaddy fat > no glove no love * sweet leaf * castles made of sand * cut me some slack





"Winning artificially contrived games (such as at gambling casinos and in professional sports) is how the winners, who produce nothing of measurable, empirical value, gain false self-esteem and likewise fool others of their worth."

--John Trubee


"When you have lost your credibility you must produce something of tangible, empirical value rather than lies--empty words—to regain your value to others in the eyes of the world. This is an extraordinarily difficult task when no one no longer believes you."

--John Trubee


THE KENEALLIST - 2005/04/27

THE KENEALLIST: The Guitar Therapy Tour Update - 2005/04/27

This is Mike again, here with some actual concrete details about the upcoming road gigs.  More details and dates will follow. Read them and do not weep:



Sunday, May 1, 2005 - Belly Up Tavern - 143 South Cedros Avenue - Solana Beach, CA 92075 (north of San Diego) - (opening for Tony Furtado) - Showtime: 8:00 p.m. - Tickets: $10 - Info: 858-481-8140

Thursday, May 5, 2005 - The Triple Door - 216 Union Street - Seattle, WA 98101-2102 - Showtime: 8:30 p.m., Doors open 7:00 p.m. - Tickets $15, All ages welcome - Info: 206-838-4333

Monday, May 9, 2005 - Six Rivers Brewery - 1300 Central Ave. - McKinleyville, CA 95519 - Showtime: 8:00 p.m., Doors open 7:00 p.m. - Tickets $12 - Info: 707-822-0996

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - The Boom Boom Room - 1601 Fillmore (at Geary) - San Francisco, CA 94115 - Showtime: 8:00 p.m. - Tickets $10 - Info: 415-673-8000

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 - Don Quixote's Music Hall - 6275 Highway 9 - Downtown Felton, CA 95018 - Showtime: 8:00 p.m. - Tickets $14 advance, $16 day of show - All ages welcome - Info: 831-335-2800

Monday, May 16, 2005 - SOhO - 1221 State St. - Santa Barbara, CA - Showtime: 8:30 p.m., Doors open 6:00 p.m. - (SOhO's a great place to eat dinner before the show) - Tickets: $12 - Info: 805-962-7776

Friday, June 3, 2005 - Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom - 2637 Welton Street - Denver, CO 80205 - Showtime: 8:00 p.m. - Tickets $15 - Info: 303-297-1772

So that Seattle gig is on the 5th, not the 6th.   We're working on something interesting for the 7th, wish us luck.  (Thanks to all of you who contributed ideas.) More dates soon.

Also please check out the new episode of None Radio – featuring me and Warren Cuccurullo playing together for the first time in our lives.  Much fun and it's yours to behold at

Shuffle up and deal!

-- Mike



The following question arrived at UM headquarters. Anyone has a clue? If so, let me know.
bignOte at yucom dot be

> I was wondering if you have in your United Mutations FZ bootlegs archive an entry about a 2CD bootleg named "Whale Blubber Mitten" which is supposed to have a broad range of rarities mostly from the '73-'74 period, among which a terrific ~15 minutes version of Montana, which I have heard on last week's WUSB Zappathon. The hosts weren't more specific about the date and the location to this version, so I was wondering if you would know some more to this. I assume this boot to be around at least for a year as this same Montana was already being played in last year's Zappathon.
> If you don't know of that boot, you may perhaps be familiar with that particular versionn of Montana - from your concert collection. As I said, it should be at least 15 minutes long, has a wonderful, somewhat contemplative guitar solo, the vocals after that solo saying repetitively "Raisin' my lonely Booger Floss" (instead of the "dental") and finally a funny longer audience-participation-sequence of the Tippy-yay-yeah-ty-ooh...
> Does that ring a bell with you ? Well, thanks for letting me know, just in case.

(question from vrnzr)


I got a message from Dan Gideon regarding the Hardin-Simmons University Jazz Ensemble album:

Dan Gideon says:

I'd like to share a little background about the record. I was a graduate assistant and leading the jazz band was my job and privilege. The limited budget I was given was all used to buy music. We raised the money to record the album and produce a limited quantity by having the guys in the band pre-sell them to family and friends.

The quality on some of the tunes, as you may have noticed, is lacking. Mainly intonation problems due to the fact that the sections (trumpets, trombones and saxes) were spread apart a bit in order to separately record them. I don't recall any significant problems on the Zappa piece.  Hope you enjoy it.


-- Dan Gideon


April 2005, Tom Troccoli said:

Just thought you would like to know that the band I was in from 1994-1998 called Vida recorded and released a song co-written by myself called 'Ravenssong' which is written for and about Cal Schenkel's daughter Raven Harris, and is chock filled with FZ references. Though the CD is long out of print, all our studio material as well as a handful of live shows (with the occasional FZ cover) are all available for FREE download at The Live Music Archive. Here's the link.

Both myself and Dez Cadena, our lead guitarist, are both HUGE Zappa heads. It's what made us pals in the first place way back in 1982.

-- Tom Troccoli

Ladies and Gentlemen, heeeere's concert dates...



Remember their astonishing performance at last year's Zappanale?

What do you mean, you weren't there?

Here's your chance to make up.


mats/morgan band

  • 2005/04/22 concert tallin jazz festival / estonia
  • 2005/04/23 concert urban festival / geneva / switzerland
  • 2005/04/29 concert le radazik les ulis (91) / paris/france
    esplanade de la république  91940 les ulis
  • 2005/05/04 concert magasin 4 / bruxelles/belgium
    rue des commerçants 53     b- 1000 bruxelles/belgium
  • 2005/05/05 concert la lune des pirates / amiens (80)/france
    la lune des pirates – 17 quai bélu - amiens/france
  • 2005/05/07 concert fest. prog sud / marseille (13) / france
    salle jas'rod - les pennes-mirabeau ( 13 )/france
  • 2005/05/11 concert austrasique / nancy (54) / france
    l'austrasique - 34 boulevard d'austrasie - 54000 nancy/france
  • 2005/05/12 concert le cylindre larnod (25) / france
    le cylindre - route nationale - larnod (25)/france

jimmy ågren band

  • 2005/04/28 concert le radazik les ulis (91) paris / france
    esplanade de la république  91940 les ulis
  • 2005/04/30 concert 17ème nuit du blues / chaumont (52) / france
    12ième nuit du blues - salle des fêtes - chaumont 52000
  • 2005/05/03 concert magasin 4 / bruxelles /belgium
    rue des commerçants 53     b- 1000 bruxelles - belgium
  • 2005/05/10 concert austrasique / nancy (54)/france
    l'austrasique - 34 boulevard d'austrasie - 54000 nancy
  • 2005/05/13 concert fest. du gueulard / neufchef (57)/france
    festival du gueulard - neufchef (57)


Jimmy Carl Black contributed to the latest Boogie Stuff album, called "Have Mercy!'. It's out on Sky Records.

THE KENEALLIST: April 22, 2005


THE KENEALLIST - april 22, 2005

Hey!   Baked Potato show tomorrow –

  • 2005/04/23 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', North Hollywood, CA, usa

And a Belly-Up show in a little while…

  • 2005/05/01 Mike Keneally Band  - concert (opening for Tony Furtado) 'Belly Up Tavern', Solana Beach, CA, usa

And then a “tour”:

  • 2005/05/06 Mike Keneally Band - concert seattle
  • 2005/05/10 Mike Keneally Band - concert san fran
  • 2005/05/11 Mike Keneally Band - concert fenton
  • 2005/05/16 Mike Keneally Band - concert santa barbara

We want to do a couple of additional gigs in the Washington/Oregon/Northern California area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 7, 8 and 9, and some of our best live events in the past have been arranged and promoted by our friends and fans – so, any of you folks in the regions above want to put together a Keneally Band gig?  We’ll be up there anyway looking for something to do, so come on.  The band is sounding outrageous right now too. 

Write to us at with your ideas, and we could be playing at your favorite local haunt faster than you can say “”

Southwest, Midwest and East Coast dates coming in June. 
Thanks everybody!

You’ve got to follow your balloon,

-- Mike


I received a version of Frank Zappa's 'Oh No', performed by the Brighton Monty Python, but I don't have any extra info.
Anyone ever heard of this band? Or know where this recording originates from?

Please let me know.


AGI says:
The Zappateers will have their first festival in Ancona Italy on 25 and 26 june 2005.
It's organized in collaboration with ARCI Regionale Marche and our good friends of DebraKadabra (the italian FZ appreciation consortium) for it will be named 2nd UncleMeeting too.

A great chance to meet fellow Zappa fans, listen together to some excellent italian bands, trade recordings and collectibles and, most important, have some fun together.

the bands that will perform at the 1st zappateers fest will (almost certainly) be:

  • 2005/06/25
    • Harmonia Ensemble
    • Ossi Duri
  • 2005/06/26
    • The GrandWazoo
    • Orchestra Spaziale

Check the Zappateers forum often to know more, it will be updated daily.

A new Zappa coverversion and the FoolZ in concert...
What else do you need...


2005/04/30 the foolz - concert 'de Flierefluiter', Apeldoorn, the Netherlands


Italian jazz drummer Alessandro Fabbri plays 'Little Umbrellas' (4.43) on his new album 'Rosso Fiorentino'. The musicians are:
Alessandro Fabbri: drums
Nico Gori: clarinets, soprano sax
Ruben Chaviano Fabian: violin
Paolo Ghetti: double bass
Track list:
1. Tan-go
2. Jitterbug Waltz (F. Waller)
3. Gonzales
4. Domino
5. Egeo
6. Little Umbrellas (F. Zappa)
7. Strange Blues
8. Angelica (D. Ellington)
9. La Boca

A very good cd!!!
-- Mauro Porzi

A beautiful day for a bit of news...

CHRIS OPPERMAN - 2005/04/18

[Chris Opperman Presents] Trial By Fire


I just wanted to remind everyone that my band SPECIAL OPPS will be playing tomorrow night.  It's an almost brand-new line-up of musicians who I'm real excited to play with and they are:

Chris Opperman (piano, trumpet)
Frank Macchia (flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone)
Chris Spilsbury (electric guitar)
Daren Burns (electric bass)
Clark Freeman (drums)
Craig Bunch (drums)

We'll be playing a longer set than usual (starting at 9) and debuting some new material.  I will also be playing a mini-solo set with such works as "T. Williams," "Sharel's Lullabye II," and more!  For those of you concerned that cellist Jen Kuhn's name isn't listed above, you needn't worry.  She's still in the band and she'll be on the studio album.  She just can't make it out this Tuesday.

Anyway, I would love so much to see you there.  The last few shows have been REALLY musical and fun and I'm pretty excited about what the future will bring.  Level One is located at 6311 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles and we'll be playing in between sets by Dark Numbers and The Real D'Coy.

To my friends in NY and NJ, I know you've been feeling pretty neglected lately, but currently we have something SUPER special in the works just for you this summer.  I'm just waiting for confirmation from the venues before I announce it, but it's going to be great!

As far as Beyond the Foggy Highway, my first live album (and fourth total), Scott Chatfield and I have one round of edits left to do and local LA artist T.J. Moore is currently working on a painting for the cover that I know is going to be really great.  Also, each pre-ordered album will come signed with a sketch drawn on it by yours truly, so if you haven't pre-ordered yours yet, go to and check it out!

Okay, that's enough!  Music is the best!

-- Chris Opperman


  • colin towns + ndr bigband: frank zappa's hot licks (and funny smells)
        (2005, cd, ger, rent a dog rad 2007-2)
    • Colin Towns, who was originally a jazz pianist, has an impressive info sheet: 'film-, tv- and theatre composer, leader of the Mask Orchestra, music for commercials, keyboard player for Ian Gillan,', and so on.
      On this occasion, Towns arranged Zappa compositions for the NDR Bigband (from Hamburg, Germany).
      The band has performed the so-called "Frank Zappa's Hot Licks (And Funny Smells)" on various occasions, including a concert at the Moers Festival on 2004/05/31. It's this performance that is presented on this album.

      "Frank Zappa's Hot Licks (And Funny Smells)" sounds great. The arrangements are very good and the players show that big band jazz is more alive than ever.
    • Essential stuff.


Another wrong date discovered: the dutch broadcast of the Metropole / Borstlap / Rombley / NM Brock concert is on 2005/04/21 !!
(and not on 2005/04/25 as stated earlier)
  • 2005/04/21 radio show "4fm", radio 4, NL, broadcast of the 2004/11/26 concert by the Metropole Orkest, Michiel Borstlap, Edsilia Rombley and Napoleon Murphy Brock


a bit too late. sorry 'bout that...

Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 11:19 PM
Subject: VOC Off Beat Cinema


Just a reminder, Voice of Cheez will be on Off Beat Cinema this weekend. Please check your local listing!

In Buffalo/Toronto it airs on WKBW Channel 7 (ABC). THEY told us it would be on at 1:05 am, but it's come to our attention that the show ACTUALLY airs at 12:30 am.

For those of you who may be confused by the am/pm conundrum: it's TECHNICALLY Sunday morning...but feels like Saturday night to me.

Hope that helps.

-- Voice of Cheez


Featuring the beautiful Dale Bozzio on a couple of Missing Persons album covers, the Zappathon (right now !!), Radio Free Phoenix, more info on Zappa's / Neon Park's Weasels cover, setlists for the Captain and for Great Googly Moogly, ...

Talk again to you tomorrow.


I admit that the Dale Bozzio, Warren Cuccurullo and Patrick O'Hearn pages are still a mess, but fans of the Missing Persons might be glad to find out that 3 nice album covers (and data) have been added to this very site.

missing persons: spring session m  (1)
    (1982, lp, usa, capitol)

missing persons: the best of the missing persons
    (1987, cd, usa, capitol cdp 7 46628 2)
= compilation

missing persons: late nights early days
    (1997, cd, japan, bandai music entertainment)



WHEN: Sunday, April 17, from 1 P.M. (U.S. Eastern) until after midnight
WHERE: WUSB, Stony Brook, NY
Broadcast at 90.1 FM, netcast at
WHO: Co-hosted by the durable MR. EDISON with Nigey Lennon and John Tabacco

In studio guests will include:
GREG RUSSO, author of the indispensable Frank Zappa reference work COSMIK DEBRIS
ED PALERMO, famous for his big band arrangements of Frank Zappa's music
BIG MIKE KERR, living proof of what can happen when an impressionable  youth is exposed to FZ's corrupting influences!
Also to be featured:
CANDY ZAPPA, FZ's sister and vocalist extrordinaire
CHARLES ULRICH, who is working on a book about FZ entitled PROJECT/OBJECT

And, of course, hours of music by the late great composer who refuses to die!

To send requests or comments during the Zappathon, e-mail



The following message arrived from Kilissa

Hello Fans of Frank Zappa and Voice of Cheez

Check out this great online radio show out of Phoenix featuring all things FZ.

Celebrating the music and influence of Frank Zappa on Zappa Universe. Join Zappa aficionado, Tom Tuerff, every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. & 11:00 p.m. MST for an hour of great Zappa music. Tom explores Zappa solo, Zappa with The Mothers Of Invention, Zappa with Captain Beefheart, those that have worked with Frank Zappa over the years and bands that have covered his tunes. An outstanding program and a great primer for those that have always wanted to know more about the man and his music.

They played Voice of Cheez's version of "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted" on Feb 20! We just think that is so cool. Hope people enjoyed it. More Cheez to come....?

And you can always hear VOC audio on our own website, new clips will be up there any day now!! I promise. Just been busy organizing our Mother's Day Festival.

See ya May 7.

Voice of Cheez


(scan & clips: douglas michel)

doug michael: i have a magazine from 1956. the cover story is "weasels ripped my flesh"
ever see it?  want a jgp?

vladimir sovetov: yes of course!!!

doug michael: vladimir, this is not the best scan in the world but it gets the point across.


info from neon park:

neon park was working as a poster artist with the family dog, a san francisco design group, when he got a call from frank zappa asking him to come down to los angeles. zappa had seen the drawings park had done for a group called dancing food and wanted him to paint the jacket for the next mothers of invention record. at their meeting, zappa showed park a magazine cover. "it was one of those men's magazines like *saga*," says park.

"the cover story was *weasels ripped my flesh* and it was the adventure of a guy, naked to the waist, who was in water. the water was swarming with weasels, and they were all kind of climbing on him and biting him. so frank said, `this is it. what can you do that's worse than this?' and the rest is history."

The below / right picture is an advertisment out of The Saturday Evening Post...


I recently received a couple of very fine Captain Beefheart shows. Especially the 1977 Paris show is a blast.
(thanks to Young Pumpkin)

captain beefheart & the magic band

  • 1980/12/03 concert ‘my father's place’, roslyn, ny, usa

    • soundcheck: including sheriff of hong kong, my human gets me blues & suction prints

    • hair pie bake III * nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man * abba zabba * hot head * ashtray heart * dirty blue gene * best batch yet * safe as milk * flavour bud living * her eyes are a million blue miles * one red rose that i mean * doctor dark * bat chain puller * sugar 'n spikes * sheriff of hong kong * suction prints * big eyed beans from venus

captain beefheart & the magic band

  • 1977/11/19 concert « fête du partie socialiste unifiée », ‘le nouvel hippodrome - sorbonne université’, paris, france

    • captain beefheart/don van vliet: vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet * harry duncan: harmonica * eric 'black jew/kitabo' feldman: bass guitar,  keyboards, synthesizer * jeff moris tepper: guitar, slide-guitar * denny walley: guitar, slide-guitar * robert 'wait for me' williams: drums, percussion

    • hair pie: bake III * suction prints * low yo yo stuff * bat chain puller * i wanna find a woman that 'll hold my big toe till i have to go * abba zaba * dali's car * one nest rolls after another * the dust blows forward and the dust blows back * nowadays a woman's got to hit a man * click clack * grow fins * golden birdies * electricity * a carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond * china pig * sun zoom spark * my human gets me blues * floppy boot stomp * moonlight on vermont * carson city * old black snake * pachuco cadaver * veteran's day poppy/band intro * the blimp * big eyed beans from venus

    • a very fine 90-minute audience recording of this concert circulates


September 25, 2004, Great Googly Moogly played an excellent concert in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here's the line-up & set-list:

  • gustav svedung: lead vocals

  • vanessa liftig: background vocals

  • johansses persson: background vocals,percussion (vibraphone, bells, duck whistle, vibra slap, etc etc......)

  • anders johansson: drums, musical leader

  • tobias grim: guitar (fender stratocaster)

  • peter knudsen: keyboards

  • anders carlsson: trombone

  • kalle ekström: tenor saxophone, clarinet

  • jenny bengtsson: bass


  • 2004/09/25 concert 'musikens hus', majorna, gothenburg, sweden

    • florentine pogen * leather * echidna's arf * pymgy twylyte * oh no! * the orange county lumber truck * son of orange county * the dog breath variations * call any vegetable * prelude to sofa #2 * sofa #2 * peter knudsen freaks out * dupree's paradise * dupree's paradise again * zoot allures * cosmik debris * let's move to cleveland * toads of the short forest * who needs the peace corps * any kind of pain * montana * village of the sun * the idiot bastard son * zombie woof

    • a 112 minute soundboard recording of this concert circulates



- - date correction - -- - date correction - -- - date correction - -- - date correction - -- - date correction - -

Fred Hemmer says:

Bogus Pomp will play at 'Skipper's' on July 23rd in Tampa. This will be their send off show for their appearance at the Zappanale Festival in Germany where they will headline. More info to come.

  • 2005/07/23 concert 'skipper's', tampa, fl, usa
    (910  Skipper Road,  Tampa, Florida)

- - date correction - -- - date correction - -- - date correction - -- - date correction - -- - date correction - -



About a week ago, some fabulous sounding Project/Object concert recordings landed in my back-yard. Oh, the wonders of the trade-circuit... Try to catch these, or even better, try to see the band live...

The following setlists were added to the P/O entry:

2003/11/20 concert ‘bb king's blues bar’, nyc, ny,  b.b. king usa

  • p/o: andré cholmondeley: guitar and vocals * jordan shapiro: keyboard and vocals * glenn leonard: drums and vocals * dave johnsen, bass and vocals * robbie 'the seahag' mangano: lead guitar and vocals
    feat. don preston, ike willis & napoleon murphy brock
    special guests: tom trap, ed palermo, astrograss

  • nyc soundscapes * opening jam / band intro * napoleon nyc>love>sex rap * andy * can't afford no shoes * t'mershi duween * cosmik debris * call any vegetable * tryin' to grow a chin * pound for a brown / uncle meat *  nyc soundscapes II * magic fingers * let's move to cleveland * lucille * hot plate heaven at the green hotel * big swifty * sharleena (with astrograss) * harder than your husband (with astrograss) * doreen (with astrograss) * the black page (with astrograss) * stage banter * advanced romance * pygmy twylyte * the idiot bastard son * peaches en regalia * crew slut * i'm not satisfied * let's move to cleveland * kaiser rolls * hey joe / flower punk * broken hearts are for asshole * i'm so cute * twenty small cigars * lonely little girl * what's the ugliest part of your body? * san ber'dino * cruisin' for burgers * pound for a brown * montana

  • a soundboard recording of this show circulates

2004/09/29 concert ‘valentine's’, albany, ny, usa - feat.mike keneally as special guest

  • p/o
    feat. ike willis and napoleon murphy brock
    special guest: mike keneally (second set and encores)

  • set I: zoot allures -> carolina hardcore ecstasy * t'mershi duween * florentine pogen * filthy habits * stick it out * uncle remus * lonely little girl * king kong
    set II: montana * andy * inca roads * pygmy twylyte * idiot bastard son * keep it greasy -> outside now * village of the sun -> echidna's arf (of you) -> don't you ever wash that thing? * crowd --->
    encore: zomby woof * i'm the slime

2004/10/06 concert ‘club infinity’, williamsville, ny, usa

  • p/o
    feat. ike willis and napoleon murphy brock
    special guest: mike keneally

  • set I: zoot allures * carolina hard core ecstasy * t'mershi duween * florentine pogen * stick it out * zomby woof * pygmy twylyte * the idiot bastard son * blessed relief * fifty-fifty * cosmik debris
    set II: andy * inca roads * filthy habits * uncle remus * a pound for a brown on the bus * packard goose * village of the sun > echidna's arf > dont you ever was that thing?
    encore: peaches en regalia * i'm the slime




The Masters is the very first band that Frank Zappa recorded with. He co-wrote 'Breaktime', the B-side of their Emmy 1008 release.
I had heard of two 7" releases by the Masters, but only recently someone offered three Masters 7"s for sale on ebay. Most of us are familiar with 'Breaktime' & 'Sixteen Tons', but I'd sure like to hear the other ones as welll:



[Chris Opperman Presents] April Show Dates

Hello!  I will be doing lots of playing this month with SPECIAL OPPS and various other ensembles, so here is the schedule!  Also, I'm very honored and proud to mention that I recently won the 2005 Unanimous Choice Award for Best Keyboardist/Pianist by the LA Music Awards for my work both live and in the studio.  The official award ceremony is in November at the Henry Fonda Theatre but they had a nomination party at B.B. King's @ Universal CityWalk where they announced that I had won.  Pretty awesome. 

THIS TUESDAY, April 5th @ 9 pm - Level One Supper Club - 6311 Wilshire Blvd. (Wilshire/Crescent Heights) 21+/$7

Tuesday Night Musical Mayhem continues this Tuesday with performances by Andre LaFosse (7:30), The Real D'Coy (8:00), SPECIAL OPPS (9:00), Jettson (10:00), The Jeau James Band (11:00), and The Academy of Chess & Checkers (11:45).
At this show I will be continuing my current obsession with the drums, including TWO full drummers.  Our line-up will be: Chris Opperman (piano, trumpet), Andre LaFosse (electric guitar), Jen Kuhn (electric cello), Daren Burns (bass guitar), David Gaziel (drums), Clark Freeman (drums), and Talia Mays as special guest vocalist.  It's rained at 5 of my last 7 shows, so odds are that it won't be raining this Tuesday.

Kelda "Detour" CD Release Party
NEXT Tuesday, April 12th - The Mint - 6010 West Pico Blvd. - Los Angeles, CA 90035
LA indie darling Kelda will be celebrating the release of her FIRST full-length album, "Detour," at The Mint.  I will be sitting in on the song "Stop the Rain," which I also played on the album.  Later that night will be sets from two of my other favorite local songwriters, Mara and Nikki Katt the latter of which I will also be sitting in with for the tune "Indifference" in which I get to play fun minor 9 and maj7 arpeggios, which I always enjoy. 

The Tuesday after that! April 19th - 10 pm - Level One Supper Club - 6311 Wilshire Blvd. (Wilshire/Crescent Heights) 21+/$7
My goal for this show is to perform all of the songs that will appear on the SPECIAL OPPS studio album in order for our last show before we go into The Mothership to start laying down tracks.  The ensemble will be Chris Opperman (piano/vocals), Andre LaFosse (electric guitar), Jen Kuhn (electric cello), Daren Burns (bass guitar), David Gaziel (drums).

Cleocella - SPECIAL OPPS - Friday, April 29th - Time TBA - The Viper Room Main Stage
Cleocella is the birthday music festival for LA promoter Cleo Antonelli which will feature over 50 artists on 2 stages and SPECIAL OPPS has been selected to be one of the main attractions, so we will be performing 4 songs on the main stage at this festival.  Time slot TBD but obviously since we're playing one of LA's most famous ROCK clubs, we will be selecting some of our most HARD ROCKING songs to play at this event.  Yup, we're gonna rock, rock, rock, 'til the broad daylight.

And that's all for now!

-- Chris Opperman


  • mama kangaroo CD, an all female beefheart tribute will be released in the next weeks
  • hans dagelet and the rosa ensemble (NL) will release a cd with the "selling hoover in mojave" show

  • gary lucas announced a magic band double live cd to be released in a personal e-mail

  • magic band tour dates for summer 2005 are announced at the bands website

-- info: 'troutmask' thomas ->there's more info at the beefcorner


Adrial Belew's new solo album is called "Side One". Adrian can also be heard on the latest Porcupine Tree album, called "Deadwing".

-- info: Danny Mathys


Another addition to the immense Others Of Invention discography:

various artists: artefacts from the psychedelic dungeon #3
    (????, 5 x 7", ??, vinyl museum records) - incl. mr.clean: jessie lee (frank zappa)

This box-set contains 5 psychedelic singles, including the following tracks:

  • mr clean: jessie lee (frank zappa)
  • kak: rain
  • c.a. quintet: dr. of philosophy
  • the sons of adams: feathered fish / baby show the world / saturday's son
  • strawberry sac (aka strawberry alarmclock): merry go round / in relation
  • randy fuller: revelation
  • country joe & the fish: here i go again
  • blues magoos: one by one
  • the oxford circle: foolish woman / mind destruction


The Zipperman / Zapperman label has released both bootleg CDs and DVDs. Impressive ones. Details on two new Zipperman releases have reached UM Headquarters:

frank zappa: crush all boxes
    (2004, cd-bootleg, usa, zipperman)
= the complete unreleased FZ album,Crush All Boxes from 1980 (taken from the acetate) plus 10 1980 studio demos.

crush all boxes(from fz acetate): doreen * fine girl * easy meat * goblin girl * society pages * i'm a beautiful guy * beauty knows no pain * charlie's enormous mouth * any downers? * conehead
bonus studio demos(fz basement tape 1980): fine girl * bamboozled by love * pick me i'm clean * pick me-bamboozled * teenage wind * harder than yer husband * bamboozled work * teenage wind * i dont want to get drafted #1 * i don't want to get drafted #2

frank zappa: thing-fish demos
    (2004, cd-bootleg, usa, zipperman)
= the complete Thing Fish in an early demo form plus 1981 Chalk Pie studio demos.

disc one: thing fish demos: prologue * the mammy nuns * harry & rhonda * galoot update * the torchum never stops * the evil prince * you are what you is * the mudd club * the meek... * dumb all over * heavenly bank account * teenage wind * suicide chump * jumbo go away * if only she woulda * i don't want to get drafted * the massive improve'lence * artificial rhonda * amnerica * no not now * briefcase boogie * brown moses
disc two: thing fish demos cntnd: drop dead * won ton on
+ bonus tracks chalk pie 1981 demos: ship arriving...* envelopes * teenage prostitute * the dangerous kitchen * chalk pie * we're turning again * alien orifice * guitar jam * what's new in baltimore * them or us * clowns on velvet * frogs with dirty little lips



The great Swedish Zappa event of the year is drawing near. On Saturday 16th April 2005 at Musikhuset, Gävle, the fabulous Zappa-band “The Homo Zappians” and the great Mats Öberg will perform a nearly two hour long Frank Zappa-concert featuring material from the 60s, 70s and the 80s. You are hereby warmly invited too take part in this musical mastodon project! “Inca Roads” “The Black Page” “Zombie Woof” and “The Idiot Bastard Son” are some of the songs that will be performed. The spectacle will cost a measly 150: Swedish crowns. Book your tickets by sending your name too:

The Homo Zappians:
  • Rikard Sjöblom: Keyboards, lead vocals
  • Per Nilsson: Guitar, vocals
  • Per Laurén: Bass, vocals
  • Andreas Bölling: Drums, vocals
  • Mats Öberg: Keyboards

-- info: audihaun 


audihaun pasted the following message on the Zappateers forum:

Lennart Gustafsson from Sweden reports: “On Friday 11th March, Mats Öberg played Zappa on a grand piano in the parish church, Sandviken. Mats gave his personal and exciting interpretations of a long list of Zappa themes, such as Lumpy Gravy, Twenty Small Cigars, Duke of Prunes, Inca Roads and Dupree’s Paradise as well as improvisations on 200 Motels. This rather odd type of church music gathered some 200 people in an almost full church, despite a heavy snowstorm. The active Sandviken Zappa Society (formed last year) took the initiative and nicknamed this programme, ‘Zakral’. A follow-up with Zappa music played on the church organ is being considered.”


It looks like we're going back to the early eighties, when Zappa bootlegs were popping up in every corner...

"Swiss Cheese", "Bongo Fury In El Paso" and "The Best Band On Broadway The Hardway US Tour" will be re-released as '24-bit digitally remastered' recordings.

And there are two new Japanese CD-bootlegs announced as well:

  • Tiny Is As Tiny Do (paris - sept. 17,1984)

  • Raisin' My Lonely Dental Floss (copenhagen - aug. 18, 1973)

-- info: hp


Former Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio performed Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia' in concert.

A Zappa coverversion and yet another Zappa bootleg DVD...


  • mascotte: mascotte
        (2005, cd, bel, surprise 04)
    • Belgian electro-pop band Mascotte recorded Frank Zappa's 'Bobby Brown' on their brand-new self-titled album. They renamed it 'Jacky Brown' and didn't credit Zappa... One wonders why...


  • frank zappa and the mothers: swedish sensation
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, zapperman zdvd-002)
    • Another DVD-bootleg...

      Presenting the 1973/08/21 concert in Solliden, Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden. Taken from the Opopoppa tv-special.

Another Zappa bootleg album and one very fine mini CD


  • frank zappa: halloween new york 1978 show no. 4
        (2005, cd-bootleg, ger, mmm)
    • Almost every Zappa fan that I know has at a certain point told me that s/he would like the ZFT to release some sort of Halloween Box.
      As the ZFT doesn't seem in the mood to do so, bootleggers are taking over: here's the fourth show of the 1978 halloween series.


How about kicking of with a couple of new releases and a bunch of concert reminders...



disc one

  1. ray collins: deseri (fz on drums)

  2. ned & nelda: hey nelda

  3. ned & nelda: surf along

  4. the hollywood pursuaders: grunion run

  5. the rotations: heavies

  6. burt ward: boy wonder, i love you

  7. burt ward: orange colored sky

  8. hungry freaks daddy (mothermania)

  9. who are the brain police? (mothermania)

  10. how could i be such a fool? (single)

  11. you didn't try to call me (old masters)

  12. you're probably wondering why i'm here (mothermania)

  13. trouble every day (uk single)

  14. it can't happen here (mothermania)

  15. call any vegetable (mothermania)

  16. why don'tcha do me right? ("trick or treat" lp)

  17. remington electric razor radio spot

  18. who needs the peace corps? (demo)

  19. mom and dad (demo)

  20. harry, you're a beast (demo)

  21. what's the ugliest part of your body? (demo)

  22. the idiot bastard son (mothermania)

  23. mother people (mothermania)

  24. lonely little girl (new)

  25. lumpy gravy excerpt (transparency edit)

  26. sink trap (acetate)

  27. gypsy airs (acetate)

  28. jelly roll gum drop (45 version)

  29. stuff up the cracks (old masters)

disc two

  1. my guitar (unedited single)

  2. uncle meat radio spot - medley

  3. dog breath (single version)

  4. genes (old masters)

  5. hot rats radio spots - peaches en regalia

  6. peaches en regalie (old masters)

  7. willie the pimp (old masters)

  8. son of genes (old masters)

  9. hot rats radio spots - little umbrellas

  10. the gumbo variations (old masters)

  11. it must be a camel (old masters)

  12. hot rats radio spots - the gumbo variations

  13. bognor regis (outtake)

  14. theme from burnt weeny sandwich (demo)

  15. do it now radio spot - suzy speedfreak

  16. weasels ripped my flesh radio spot no.3

  17. didja get any onya? (old masters)

  18. prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask (old masters)

  19. weasels ripped my flesh radio spot no.4

  20. my guitar wants to kill your mama (old masters)

Here it is: four volumes of Frank Zappa: His-Story. Outtakes, original vinyl versions, radio spots, ...

disc one

  1. willie the pimp, pt 1 (live)

  2. tears began to fall (single)

  3. junior mintz boogie

  4. willie the pimp, pt 2 (old masters)

  5. studebaker hoch / don't fuck around (live, unedited, 8/7/71)

  6. just another unreleased solo (live, 8/7/71)

  7. who are the brain police? (live, 11/1/71)

  8. 1972 voter registration spot

  9. i'm the slime (single)

  10. apostrophe tv commercial (audio track)

  11. uncle remus (instrumental)

  12. roxy dvd trailer (audio track)

  13. cheepnis (discreet vinyl version)

  14. dog meat (kcet remaster)

  15. montana (kcet remaster)

  16. duke solo (kcet remaster)

  17. approximate (kcet remaster)

  18. cosmik debris (kcet remaster)

disc two

  1. stinkfoot (kcet remaster)

  2. pygmy twylyte (kcet remaster)

  3. inca roads (kcet remaster)

  4. oh no (kcet remaster)

  5. son of orange county (kcet remaster)

  6. more trouble every day (kcet remaster)

  7. a token of my extreme outro (kcet remaster)

  8. orange claw hammer (live, 11/17/75)

  9. 200 years old (acetate)

  10. black napkins (live, 2/3/76, osaka, japan)

  11. ship ahoy (live, 2/3/76, osaka, japan)

  12. find her finer (old masters)

  13. disco boy (wb lp)

disc one

  1. ms.pinky (wb lp version)

  2. honey, don't you want a man like me? (discreet lp)

  3. the illinois enema bandit (discreet lp version)

  4. filthy habits (discreet lp version)

  5. flambe (discreet lp version)

  6. spider of destiny (discreet lp version)

  7. peaches en regalia (live, saturday night live, 12/11/76)

  8. baby snakes (audio track, baby snakes dvd)

  9. camarillo brillo (audio track, baby snakes dvd)

  10. muffin man (audio track, baby snakes dvd)

  11. san ber'dino (audio track, baby snakes dvd)

  12. yo mama (live, 2/15/78)

  13. baby snakes (live, 2/25/78)

  14. watermelon in easter hay (live, 2/25/78)

disc two

  1. packard goose (rehearsal, 8/16/78)

  2. i have been in you (live, 9/21/78)

  3. flakes (live, 9/21/78)

  4. dancin' fool (live, saturday night live, 10/21/78)

  5. ancient armaments (live, 10/31/78, single)

  6. don't eat the yellow snow (ycdtosa vol.1, live 2/18/79)

  7. nanook rubs it (ycdtosa vol.1, live edit 2/18/79)

  8. st.alphonzo's pancake breakfast (ycdtosa vol.1, live 2/18/79)

  9. father o'blivion (ycdtosa vol.1, live 2/18/79)

  10. rollo (ycdtosa vol.1, live 2/18/79)

  11. dead girls of london (original version with van morrison)

  12. i don't wanna get drafted (single)

  13. fine girl (crush all boxes)

  14. easy meat (crush all boxes)

  15. for the your sophisticatae (lp)

  16. pick me i'm clean (lp)

  17. dumb all over (lp)

disc one

  1. pop medley (rehearsal excerpt, 2/9/80)

  2. valley girl (12")

  3. cocaine decisions (lp)

  4. the dangerous kitchen (lp)

  5. stick together (lp)

  6. jazz discharge party hats (lp)

  7. falling in love is a stupid habit (demo for jimmy carl black)

  8. strictly genteel (live, 10/31/81)

  9. what's new in baltimore? (unedited)

  10. we're turning again (live, 12/11/81)

  11. won ton on

  12. he's so gay (12")

  13. interview

  14. in france (live, 7/22/84, with george duke and johnny guitar watson)

  15. sharleena (guitar player flexi disc, live 12/23/84, with dweezil)

  16. lumpy gravy excerpt (old masters 1 sampler)

  17. the black page # 1 (keyboard magazine flexi disc)

  18. while you were art (mystery box)

 disc two

  1. excerpt from revised music for guitar & low budget symphony orchestra (guitar world cassette)

  2. things that look like meat (guitar world cassette)

  3. a solo from heidelberg (guitar world cassette)

  4. a solo from cologne (guitar world cassette)

  5. video from hell intro

  6. confinement loaf (lp only intro to 'dickie's such an asshole')

  7. murder by numbers (unedited live version, 3/3/88, with sting)

  8. america the beautiful (live, 3/9/88)

  9. packard goose medley (live, 3/25/88, with the long island ballet company)

  10. texas motel medley (live, 3/25/88)

  11. whiping post (live, 3/25/88, with dweezil)

  12. bobby brown (live, 4/22/88 - 'ring of fire')

  13. joe's garage (live, 4/22/88 - 'ring of fire')

  14. why does it hurt when i pee? (live, 4/22/88 - 'ring of fire')

  15. bolero (single)

  16. i am the walrus (live, 5/25/88)

  17. the untouchables (lp)


  • frank zappa: total music theatre
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, sn*wball entertainment)
    • Did someone say "Sn*wball Entertainment?
      It looks like new Zappa bootleg releases are popping up like mushrooms...
      "Total Music Theatre" presents the 1971 "Frank Zappa" documentary by Roelof Kiers, plus some extras from the 1960's:
      • promo (1967)
      • fred weintraub's tv show "the bitter end", 1967
      • "colour me pop", bbc tv, october 2, 1968
      • "beat club" german tv, october 6, 1968, rebroadcast on n3 german tv in 1970 with additional interview


from the archives * from the archives
  • harry slinger: naar je hart
        (1995, cd, nl, emi 8340112 002)
    • Harry Slinger is best known as lead singer of the (late) Dutch band Drukwerk. As a solo artist, he recorded Frank Zappa's 'Harder Than Your Husband' on his second solo album in 1995, "Naar Je Hart".
      Not the easiest album to find, but a very funny one. Although I doubt that it was intended that way...

from the archives * from the archives


  • terry bozzio: prime cuts
        (2005, cd-promo, usa, magna carta)
    • "Prime Cuts" is a brand-new, promotional album on the Magna Carta label. It features Terry Bozzio in various line-ups: solo, with Billy Sheenan, as the Bozzio / Levin / Stevens trio, etceteras.
      The album also includes two previously unreleased tracks.


  • the beat of the earth: the electronic hole
        (2004, cd, usa, as 0002 a)

    • In 1969, Phil Pearlman made a demo album for his band, A Beat Of The Earth. Only 150 copies were pressed. This album included a coverversion of Frank Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day'.
      The album has been rereleased on CD.
      The tracklisting only mentions two tracks, but my cd-player shows 7 tracks. Track 6 is the most psychedelic version of 'Trouble Every Day' that I have ever heard.

The Beat of the Earth had only three albums:




(1) had a pressing of 500.
(2) was for demo use only and had a pressing of about 150 copies.
(3) had a pressing of 500 and is a collection of unreleased recordings from 1967 - not a reissue of (1) as often advertised.

Beat Of The Earth was assembled by Phil Pearlman, who had earlier released a surf/hot rod 45 Chrome Reversed Rails (shown as by Phil and The Flakes, on the Fink label). One of the earliest known electric experimental bands, The Beat Of The Earth sound very similar to their East-coast counterparts The Velvet Underground on albums (1) and (3) listed above. These two records were recorded live in the studio during the Summer of 1967 and consist of long, unstructured jams using a myriad of acoustic and electric instruments. This early incarnation of the band is the one most familiar to collectors and copies of the first album have been changing hands for hundred of dollars since the mid-eighties. The music the band produced during this period is not for everybody (compare to the long tracks on the first two Velvet Underground albums), but their debut remains an unusual and rare item of significance from the California rock scene.
During 1968-9 the line-up of the band was in constant flux and Beat Of The Earth made no known "proper" recordings, but Pearlman continued to add to his own collection of demos using local studios in off-hours via his friendship with the engineer Joe Sidore. At the end of 1969, Pearlman assembled The Electronic Hole strictly for personal use - specifically, to draft musicians for his new band. Several names are listed on the sleeve but I believe this is actually very close to being a Phil Pearlman solo project. The album is entirely different stylistically from the earlier one in that it abandons the freeform improvisational approach in favour of 'compositions' including a wild cover of Zappa's Trouble Comin' Every Day. None of the tracks are given titles on the album which complicates singling any out for commentary, but there are real highlights and the raw, unpolished feel only serves to make it utterly magical. Pearlman plays sitar on one track to great effect, and another has the thickest wall of fuzz guitars imaginable - an effect he created by running his Fender amplifier into the amp circuit of a child's chord organ ("sounded great for about two weeks, then it blew up!"). There are few albums I known of that have such an eclectic yet appealing sound. Had the story ended here it would have been a real tragedy, as Pearlman's finest hour was yet to come. Six years later (with who knows what in between), recording commenced on the majestic Relatively Clean Rivers album with an entirely new band and musical vision.

- D.Glazer


A couple of weeks ago, I was able to show you three out of the four different book covers of the Dutch translation of  "The Real Frank Zappa Book".
Here's the (as far as I know) complete series:


1st edition - 1991

2nd edition - 1994

3rd edition - 2000

4th edition - 2004

Project/Object Social Insecurities 2005 Tour

  • Ike Willis: lead vocals, guitar

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock: lead vocals, saxophone, flute

  • André Cholmondely: guitar, vocals, electronics

  • Dave Johnsen: bass, vocals

  • Eric Svalgård: keyboard, vocals

  • Glenn Leonard: drums, vocals

Auxiliary Crew

  • Laura "Spanky" Wilson: driver, merch
  • Jim "jimmie d" Denikos: driver, vaultmeister


  • 2005/04/04 concert New York, NY - B.B. King Blues Club
  • 2005/04/05 concert New Haven, CT - Toad's
  • 2005/04/06 concert Albany, NY - Revolution Hall
  • 2005/04/07 concert Burlington, VT - Nectar's
  • 2005/04/08 concert Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall
  • 2005/04/09 concert Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony
  • 2005/04/10 concert Worchester, MA - Tammany Hall
  • 2005/04/11 concert Cambridge, MA - Middle East
  • 2005/04/12 concert Providence, RI - The Call
  • 2005/04/13 concert Travel/Off
  • 2005/04/14 concert Chicago, IL - Martyrs'
  • 2005/04/15 concert Chicago, IL - Martyrs'
  • 2005/04/16 concert Taylor, MI - The Trolley Stop
  • 2005/04/17 concert Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
  • 2005/04/18 concert Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Small's Funhouse
  • 2005/04/19 concert Buffalo, NY - Club Infinity
  • 2005/04/20 concert Rochester, NY - Milestones
  • 2005/04/21 concert Wilkes-Barre, PA - River Street Jazz Cafe
  • 2005/04/22 concert Wilkes-Barre, PA - River Street Jazz Cafe
  • 2005/04/23 concert Baltimore, MD - The Funk Box
  • 2005/04/24 concert Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live

2005/04/05 Doctor Dark  &  Project/Object - concert 'Toad's Place', New Haven, CT, usa


    from: Hasi
    march 2005

just to let you know that there is an orchestral performance of FZ's music in Austria (Stadttheater, Wiener Neustadt) on May 12 2005.

The project is initiated by Raoul Herget, who is the Director of the local Music conservatory (Mathias Hauer Conservatory), it is called:


played by LESTER

The name LESTER is a hommage to Lester Bowie, who's brother Joseph Bowie will play trombone and vocals in this concert. Not much more is known to me at this point of time, only that among the songs due to be performed is The Black Page #1 (see the link below).


2005/05/12 lester - concert 'stadttheater', wiener neustadt, austria


Belgian band Whatchamacallit will be performing the music of Frank Zappa:



Doctor Dark is preparing for Zappanale. They will be playing a gig with Project/Object and another one with the Voice of Cheez.
  • 2005/04/05 Doctor Dark  &  Project/Object - concert 'Toad's Place', New Haven, CT, usa
  • 2005/05/07 Doctor Dark & The Voice Of Cheez - concert 'Nitzche's', Buffalo, NY, usa



It looks like Steve Vai will be back in Holland, to bring Phase II of his Aching Hunger show.
  • 2005/07/01 concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2005/07/02 concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL



thebignotefiles - 2005/03


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2005/01/07 Terry Bozzio - concert ‘concertzaal’, tilburg, NL (with afternoon rehearsal), concert at 20:30 h

  • 2005/01/09 Terry Bozzio + the Metropole Orkest- concert  013 popcentrum’, tilburg, NL with metropole orchestra - seated, at 15.00 h

  • 2005/01/10 Terry Bozzio - masterclass '013 popcentrum', tilburg, NL – small set, at 20:00 h

  • 2005/01/10 cucamonga radio show, belgian radio 1: wrong object feat. ed mann

  • 2005/01/11 Terry Bozzio - lecture/dialogue 'fontys conservatoire', tilburg, NL – with students, informal, at 15:00 h

  • 2005/01/12 Terry Bozzio - masterclass 'hedon', zwolle, NL small set, at 15.30 h

  • 2005/01/12 Terry Bozzio - concert 'hedon', zwolle, NL - standing audience, at 20.45 h

  • 2005/01/13 Terry Bozzio - concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, NL - standing audience, at 20.30 h

  • 2005/01/15 Terry Bozzio - concert 'jazzclub paradox', tilburg, NL – small venue, informal, small set, at 21.30 h

  • 2005/01/16 Terry Bozzio - project "railway location project", tilburg, NL – with advanced amateurs, at 19.30 h

  • 2005/01/16 Corrie van Binsbergen - concert 'rasa', utrecht, the netherlands

  • 2005/01/19 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'rock café', catania, italy

  • 2005/01/20 - 1:20 PM - Mike Keneally & Rick Musallam - Taylor Guitars performance room,
    at NAMM, Anaheim, CA
  • 2005/01/21 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'marabu club', napoli, italy

  • 2005/01/21 - 12:45 PM - Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - Taylor Guitars performance room,
    at NAMM, Anaheim, CA

  • 2005/01/22 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'flog', firenze, italy

  • 2005/01/22 LeBocal - concert 'le Sc'Art à B', Bonneville (74), France

  • 2005/01/23 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'jailbreak', roma, italy

  • 2005/01/23 - 1:20 PM - Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - Taylor Guitars performance room,
    at NAMM, Anaheim, CA

  • 2005/01/24 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert "jazz festival", 'citta' di castello (pg), italy

  • 2005/01/25 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'alcatraz', milano, italy  - with special guest

  • 2005/01/26 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert savona, italy

  • 2005/01/27 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'america', torino, italy

  • 2005/01/27 the central scrutinizer band - concert 'cafe piupiu', são paulo, brasil

  • 2005/01/28 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'naima', forli, italy

  • 2005/01/29 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'magic bus', venezia (marcon), italy

  • 2005/01/30 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'teatro rossetti', trieste, italy
     (with seminary of pfm drummer franz di cioccio and music critic riccardo bertoncelli)

  • 2005/01/31 dutch national radio 4 will broadcast (part of) the Terry Bozzio concert with the  metropole orchestra (2005/01/09 concert  ‘013 popcentrum’, tilburg, NL)

  • 2005/02/01 Special Opps - concert 'level one', los angeles, ca, usa

  • 2005/02/04 The Foolz - concert 'de boerderij', zoetermeer, the netherlands

  • 2005/02/05 Steve Vai - concert paris, france

  • 2005/02/05 The Troupe - concert 'de naald', naaldwijk, the netherlands

  • 2005/02/13 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'club bart', ferndale, usa

  • 2005/02/14 Gary Lucas and Phillip Johnston / PJ Harvey, cucamonga radio show, belgium

  •  2005/02/15 Special Opps - concert 'level one', los angeles, ca, usa

  • 2005/02/16 The Troupe - concert 'kennemer theater', beverwijk, the netherlands

  • 2005/02/22 The Troupe - concert 'koningstheater', den bosch, the netherlands

  • 2005/02/23 The Troupe - concert 'koningstheater', den bosch, the netherlands

  • 2005/02/24 The Troupe - concert 'de meerse', hoofddorp, the netherlands

  • 2005/03/01 Steve Vai - concert Phoenix, AZ, usa

  • 2005/03/02 Steve Vai - concert Albuquerque, NM, usa (Note: 21+ Venue)

  • 2005/03/04 The Muffin Men - concert 'Cwmaman Public Halls', Abardare, UK
  • 2005/03/04 Steve Vai -concert Houston, TX, usa
  • 2005/03/04 The Paul Green School Of Rock & Ike Willis - concert (more info soon)
  • 2005/03/04 Mike Keneally Band – concert ‘The Baked Potato’, North Hollywood, ca, usa
  • 2005/03/05  Steve Vai - Granada Theatre,  Dallas, TX, usa
  • 2005/03/05 The Muffin Men - concert 'Queens Hall', Narberth, UK
  • 2005/03/05 The Paul Green School Of Rock & Ike Willis - concert (more info soon)
  • 2005/03/05 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘Museum Of Making Music’, Carlsbad, CA, usa

  • 2005/03/06  Steve Vai - Antone's,  Austin, TX, usa
  • 2005/03/06 The Paul Green School Of Rock & Ike Willis - concert 'bb kings', nyc, ny, usa
  • 2005/03/07 The Muffin Men - STOCKPORT to be confirmed
  • 2005/03/08 The Muffin Men - concert 'Rosehill Theatre', Whitehaven, UK
  • 2005/03/08 Steve Vai - concert Memphis, TN, usa
  • 2005/03/09  Steve Vai - The Cannery,  Nashville, TN , usa
  • 2005/03/09 The Muffin Men - concert 'Renfrew Ferry', Glasgow, UK
  • 2005/03/10 The Muffin Men - concert 'Springhead, Hull, UK
  • 2005/03/10 Steve Vai -concert Birmingham, AL, usa
  • 2005/03/11 The Muffin Men - concert 'LA3', Liverpool, UK
  • 2005/03/11 Steve Vai -concert New Orleans, LA, usa
  • 2005/03/12 The Voice of Cheez - concert 'Nietzsche's', buffalo, ny, usa
  • 2005/03/13 The Muffin Men - concert 'Limelight', Crewe, UK
  • 2005/03/13 radio show "Mix Van Dat Alles", radio 4, NL incl.a part of the 2004/11/26 concert by the Metropole Orkest, Michiel Borstlap, Edsilia Rombley and Napoleon Murphy Brock
  • 2005/03/13 - 4:30 PM "Derailroaded", – ACC / 500 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX, usa
  • 2005/03/14 Steve Vai -concert Tampa, FL, usa
  • 2005/03/14 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘Fazio's Frets & Friends’, Manchester, Missouri, usa

  • 2005/03/15  Steve Vai - Julius Littman PAC,  Miami, FL, usa

  • 2005/03/15 The Muffin Men - concert 'Komedia', Brighton, UK
  • 2005/03/15 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘Steilberg String Instruments‘, Louisville, Kentucky, usa
  • 2005/03/16  Steve Vai - House of Blues,  Orlando, FL, usa
  • 2005/03/16 The Muffin Men - concert 'South Parade Pier', Southsea, UK
  • 2005/03/16 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘Guitar Center’, Columbus, Ohio, usa
  • 2005/03/16 - 2:00 PM "Derailroaded", – ACC / 500 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX, usa
  • 2005/03/17  Steve Vai - Freebird Live,  Jacksonville, FL, usa
  • 2005/03/17 The Muffin Men - concert 'Mr Kyps, Poole, UK
  • 2005/03/17 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘Guitar Center, ‘Monroeville, Pennsylvania, usa
  • 2005/03/18  Steve Vai - House of Blues,  Myrtle Beach, SC, usa
  • 2005/03/18 The Muffin Men - concert 'The Acorn', Penzance, UK
  • 2005/03/18 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘make ‘n’ music’, Frederick, Maryland, usa
  • 2005/03/19 The Muffin Men - concert 'The Wharf', Tavistock, UK
  • 2005/03/19 Steve Vai -concert Atlanta, GA, usa
  • 2005/03/19 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘pro line music’, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, usa
  • 2005/03/19 - 2:15 PM "Derailroaded", – Dobie / 2025 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX, usa
  • 2005/03/20  Steve Vai - The Orange Peel ,  Asheville, NC , usa
  • 2005/03/20 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘melodee music’, Sterling, Virginia, usa (part of "Acoustifest 2005")
  • 2005/03/21 The Muffin Men - concert 'Alexanders', Chester, UK
  • 2005/03/21 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘Wyndham Roanoke Airport’, Roanoke, Virginia, usa
  • 2005/03/22 The Muffin Men - concert 'Met Arts Centre', Bury, UK
  • 2005/03/22 Steve Vai -concert Winston Salem, NC, usa
  • 2005/03/23  Steve Vai - Birchmere,  Alexandria, VA, usa
  • 2005/03/23 The Muffin Men - concert 'New Roscoe', Leeds, UK
  • 2005/03/23 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘Fred's Music Shop’, Shillington, Pennsylvania, usa
  • 2005/03/24  Steve Vai - Rams Head Live,  Baltimore, MD, usa
  • 2005/03/24 The Muffin Men - concert 'Boardwalk', Sheffield, UK
  • 2005/03/24 Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller – concert ‘guitar center’, Towson, Maryland, usa
  • 2005/03/25 Steve Vai - concert Hartford, CT, usa
  • 2005/03/26 The Muffin Men - concert 'Flowerpot', Derby, UK
    2005/03/26  Steve Vai - concert 'Town Hall', NYC, NY, usa
  • 2005/03/27 The Muffin Men - concert 'Robin', Wolverhampton, UK
  • 2005/03/28  Steve Vai - The Trocadero Theatre,  Philadelphia, PA, usa
  • 2005/03/29  Steve Vai - Westbury Music Fair,  Westbury, NY, usa

  • 2005/03/30 The Muffin Men - concert 'Huntingdon Hall', Worcester, UK
  • 2005/03/30 Steve Vai - concert Sayreville, NJ, usa
  • 2005/03/31 The Muffin Men - concert 'Borderline', London, UK
  • 2005/03/31 Steve Vai - concert Boston, MA, usa
  • 2005/04/01 The Muffin Men - concert 'Mill', Banbury, UK
  • 2005/04/01 Steve Vai -concert Montreal, QUE, can
  • 2005/04/02  Steve Vai - Massey Hall,  Toronto, ONT, usa

  • 2005/04/02 The Muffin Men - concert 'Leisure Centre', Market Harborough, UK
  • 2005/04/04  Steve Vai - Univ. Buffalo Center for Arts,  Buffalo, NY, usa
  • 2005/04/04  Project/Object - concert New York, NY - B.B. King Blues Club
  • 2005/04/05 Steve Vai -concert Pittsburgh, PA, usa
  • 2005/04/05 Doctor Dark  &  Project/Object - concert 'Toad's Place', New Haven, CT, usa

  • 2005/04/06  Steve Vai - House of Blues,  Cleveland, OH, usa
  • 2005/04/06  Project/Object - concert Albany, NY - Revolution Hall
  • 2005/04/07 Steve Vai - concert Columbus, OH, usa

  • 2005/04/07  Project/Object - concert Burlington, VT - Nectar's

  • 2005/04/08  Steve Vai - State Theatre,  Detroit, MI, usa

  • 2005/04/08  Project/Object - concert Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall

  • 2005/04/09  Steve Vai - Bogart's,  Cincinnati, OH, usa

  • 2005/04/09 Whatchamacallit - concert 'de vieze gasten', gent, belgium
  • 2005/04/09  Project/Object - concert Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony
  • 2005/04/10  Steve Vai - The Pageant,  St. Louis, MO, usa

  • 2005/04/10  Project/Object - concert Worchester, MA - Tammany Hall

  • 2005/04/11 dutch radio station "concertzender" will broadcast part of the 2005/01/07 opening concert of the "traces of rhythm" festival, featuring Terry Bozzio, Arnold Marinissen, Arno van Nieuwenhuize en Lê Quan Ninh.

  • 2005/04/11  Project/Object - concert Cambridge, MA - Middle East

  • 2005/04/12 Steve Vai -concert Milwaukee, WI, usa

  • 2005/04/12 The Troupe - concert 'goudse schouwburg', gouda, the netherlands

  • 2005/04/12  Project/Object - concert Providence, RI - The Call

  • 2005/04/13 Steve Vai -concert Chicago, IL, usa

  • 2005/04/13  Project/Object - concert Travel/Off

  • 2005/04/14  Project/Object - concert Chicago, IL - Martyrs'

  • 2005/04/15 Steve Vai -concert St. Paul, MN, usa

  • 2005/04/15  Project/Object - concert Chicago, IL - Martyrs'

  • 2005/04/16 The Troupe - concert 'schouwburg', amstelveen, the netherlands

  • 2005/04/16 Steve Vai -concert Fargo, ND, usa

  • 2005/04/16  Project/Object - concert Taylor, MI - The Trolley Stop

  • 2005/04/16 The Homo Zappians - concert 'musikhuset', gävle, sweden

  • 2005/04/17  Steve Vai concert Lincoln, NE, usa

  • 2005/04/17  Project/Object - concert Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
  • 2005/04/18  Project/Object - concert Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Small's Funhouse

  • 2005/04/19  Steve Vai - Fox Theatre,  Boulder, CO, usa

  • 2005/04/19  Project/Object - concert Buffalo, NY - Club Infinity

  • 2005/04/19 Calefax - concert ‘de link’, tilburg, the netherlands

  • 2005/04/20  Steve Vai - The Venue (formerly Brick's Club),  Salt Lake City, UT , usa

  • 2005/04/20  Project/Object - concert Rochester, NY - Milestones

  • 2005/04/21  Steve Vai - The Big Easy,  Boise, ID, usa

  • 2005/04/21  Project/Object - concert Wilkes-Barre, PA - River Street Jazz Cafe

  • 2005/04/21 radio show "4fm", radio 4, NL, broadcast of the 2004/11/26 concert by the Metropole Orkest, Michiel Borstlap, Edsilia Rombley and Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2005/04/22 Steve Vai -concert Seattle, WA, usa

  • 2005/04/22  Project/Object - concert Wilkes-Barre, PA - River Street Jazz Cafe

  • 2005/04/22 mats/morgan band concert tallin jazz festival / estonia

  • 2005/04/23  Steve Vai - Commodore Ballroom,  Vancouver, BC, usa

  • 2005/04/23  Project/Object - concert Baltimore, MD - The Funk Box

  • 2005/04/23 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', North Hollywood, CA, usa
  • 2005/04/23 mats/morgan band concert urban festival / geneva / switzerland
  • 2005/04/24 Steve Vai -concert Portland, OR, usa

  • 2005/04/24  Project/Object - concert Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live

  • 2005/04/26 Steve Vai -concert San Francisco, CA, usa

  • 2005/04/27  Steve Vai - The Grove,  Anaheim, CA, usa

  • 2005/04/28  Steve Vai - House of Blues,  Las Vegas, NV, usa

  • 2005/04/28 Calefax - concert ‘bimhuis’, amsterdam, nl

  • 2005/04/28 jimmy ågren band concert le radazik les ulis (91) paris / france  (esplanade de la république  91940 les ulis)

  • 2005/04/29  Steve Vai - 4th and B,  San Diego, CA, usa

  • 2005/04/29 mats/morgan band concert le radazik les ulis (91) / paris/france (esplanade de la république  91940 les ulis)

  • 2005/04/30  Steve Vai - Wiltern Theatre,  Los Angeles, CA, usa
  • 2005/04/30 the foolz - concert 'de Flierefluiter', Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
  • 2005/04/30 jimmy ågren band concert 17ème nuit du blues / chaumont (52) / france
    (12ième nuit du blues - salle des fêtes - chaumont 52000)
  • 2005/05/01 Mike Keneally Band  - concert (opening for Tony Furtado) 'Belly Up Tavern', Solana Beach, CA, usa
  • 2005/05/03 jimmy ågren band concert magasin 4 / bruxelles /belgium
    rue des commerçants 53     b- 1000 bruxelles - belgium
  • 2005/05/04 mats/morgan band concert magasin 4 / bruxelles/belgium
    rue des commerçants 53     b- 1000 bruxelles/belgium
  • 2005/05/05 mats/morgan band concert la lune des pirates / amiens (80)/france
    la lune des pirates – 17 quai bélu - amiens/france

  • 2005/05/06 Mike Keneally Band - concert seattle
  • 2005/05/07 Doctor Dark & The Voice Of Cheez - concert 'Nitzche's', Buffalo, NY, usa

  • 2005/05/07 mats/morgan band concert fest. prog sud / marseille (13) / france
    salle jas'rod - les pennes-mirabeau ( 13 )/france

  • 2005/05/10 Mike Keneally Band - concert san fran
  • 2005/05/10 jimmy ågren band concert austrasique / nancy (54)/france
    l'austrasique - 34 boulevard d'austrasie - 54000 nancy
  • 2005/05/11 Mike Keneally Band - concert fenton
  • 2005/05/11 mats/morgan band concert austrasique / nancy (54) / france
    l'austrasique - 34 boulevard d'austrasie - 54000 nancy/france

  • 2005/05/12 lester - concert 'stadttheater', wiener neustadt, austria

  • 2005/05/12 mats/morgan band concert le cylindre larnod (25) / france
    le cylindre - route nationale - larnod (25)/france

  • 2005/05/13 jimmy ågren band concert fest. du gueulard / neufchef (57)/france
    festival du gueulard - neufchef (57)

  • 2005/05/16 Mike Keneally Band - concert santa barbara
  • 2005/05/26 Whatchamacallit - concert 'muzezaal', gent, belgium

  • 2005/06/25 - 26 "Uncle Meeting // Zappateers festival", ancona, italy

    • 2005/06/25  Harmonia Ensemble /  Ossi Duri

    • 2005/06/26  The GrandWazoo  /  Orchestra Spaziale

  • 2005/07/01 Steve Vai & the Metropole Orkest - concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2005/07/02 Steve Vai & the Metropole Orkest - concert 'de oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2005/07/23 Bogus Pomp - concert 'skipper's', tampa, fl, usa