the big nOte files - august 2004

  updated august 3, 4, 20, 22, 27 & 29, 2004


There's a new Zappa album scheduled for early September !!

It's called "Quaudiophiliac" and it's another DVD-Audio release.

Naval Aviation in Art
Lumpy Gravy
Drooling Midnight Accountants on Easter Hay
Wild Love
Ship Ahoy
Chunga Basement
Venusian Timebandits
Basement Music Nr. 2

"We now have a release date for QuAUDIOPHILIAc, the next DVD-A release from the ZFT. "It is scheduled for a street date of 14th September on the DTS label. It is surround sound and is made up of tracks originally mixed/recorded by FZ during the 70s. It is essentially an audio documentary of ideas by FZ about quad and 4 channel mixes and multichannel recordings. Dweezil tweezed these items into a full on programme. Obviously, it will not translate on ordinary radio." So quipped Gail. You can order it now from CD Universe, or direct from DTS."


  August 29, 2004
Luc Reniers mailed me the Quaudiophiliac tracklist. Take a look at the top of the page.
Thanx Luc
ZZZZZ Belgian band Massey Fergusson perfoms a couple of Zappa compositions
ZZZZZ Zoogz Rift interview
ZZZZZ concert data for Cosmik Debris from Hungaria
  August 27, 2004
ZZZZZ New Grannies tour scheduled
ZZZZZ Mosomoses: Zappanale in (moving) pictures
ZZZZZ Absolute Zappa in Cologne, Germany
ZZZZZ Mark Lanegan Band records Beefheart
ZZZZZ news from The Central Scrutinizer band
ZZZZZ A commercial break with Ralphamerica
ZZZZZ Even More Afroskull News
ZZZZZ The Basooties
  August 22, 2004
ZZZZZ More Afroskull news
ZZZZZ Pavlov's Woody
ZZZZZ Zappa on DVD
ZZZZZ New Zappa release scheduled for early September
  August 20, 2004
ZZZZZ The UMO Jazz Orchestra
ZZZZZ Data on the 2003 Umeå Int.Chamber Music Festival
ZZZZZ Mats / Morgan Band on tour in the states
ZZZZZ Zappa tribute on Stern - 1993/12/07
ZZZZZ Ian Underwood
ZZZZZ Wrong Object in concert
ZZZZZ Magic Band on DVD
ZZZZZ Jeff Simmons
ZZZZZ Afroskull in concert
  August 4, 2004
ZZZZZ Big Swifty & Associates
ZZZZZ Don Julin recorded a Zappa composition
ZZZZZ Prząśniczki recorded a Zappa album
  August 3, 2004
ZZZZZ the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Big Band performed a Zappa concert
ZZZZZ the NDR Big Band did some Zappa concerts
ZZZZZ news from Italy: concert photos from the Orchestra Spaziale & a new book about Zappa
ZZZZZ The Keneallist, July 26, 2004
ZZZZZ Remember Pipco, the italian band that plays Zappa's music?
ZZZZZ Brumalia, the latest Residents release
ZZZZZ Roy Estrada has an album out !!
ZZZZZ Sul Divano plays Zappa
ZZZZZ Deke Dickerson records Frank Zappa composition
ZZZZZ Mothers picture
ZZZZZ and the concert calendar


short bits - more info soon

- LeBocal has issued a mini-cd to promote their Zappa album
- The Nasal Retentive Orchestra is working on a new album
- German band Sheik Yerbouti has a new album scheduled
- There's another Zappa sampler scheduled by Ryko, compiled by John Frusciante


August 29, 2004
Besides the tracklist for Quaudiophiliac, I hope you'll enjoy Massey Fergusson, Zoogz Rift and Cosmik Debris.
Have fun.


Belgian band Massey Fergusson performed Frank Zappa's 'Love Of My Life' on August 7, 2004, at Greet & Ive's wedding. They did a great job. Both the band and Greet & Ive.

Later, at the wedding party, the band included Zappa's 'Bobby Brown'. Nice concert, excellent party.
Way to go, Ive.


Here's an interview Greg Tingle did with Zoogz Rift:
Hasn't been published yet, to my knowledge, so I hope it isn't too copyrighted...  :-)


What motivates you?

Being alive. I’m not so sure there even is a thing called motivation. We wake up, we eat and breathe, we live out our hours and days, with everything repeating over and over again. We do what we do. It’s only later on that we assess and evaluate what we did, and apply value to it. Who can say why we do the things we do? We just do them, for whatever complex network of reasons floating around at that moment, then we move on.

What's your background?

I started taking guitar lessons when I was 10. But I hated the teacher, so I stopped two years later and didn’t seriously pick up the guitar again for another 10 years or so. I listened to a lot of different music when I was a teenager, ranging from Beatles to Zappa to Cage to Miles, and I hadn’t yet decided which direction I wanted to go in, so I decided to let chance take it’s course, and wound up, at least initially, doing serious electronic music. I became friends with John Cage--we used to go to concerts together in NYC--so I always had experimental music on my mind. Zen, Dada, Zen, Dada, Zen Dada. But once I actually started the band in 1972, I wanted to cater to the tastes and interests of the other musicians as well as my own, so the band started taking my time and attention in a rock and roll direction. That’s when I decided to re-learn the guitar. For the first few years, however, I limited my participation to lead vocals.

Describe a typical day for you?

It kind of changes from week to week. Obesity, diabetes, partial blindness and arthritis have taken a major toll on my health, and ability to get around. Everyone in the band is off doing their own thing--Richie Hass is now in Saccharine Trust, Willie Lapin is now a full-blown high school science teacher, and Tom Brown is writing a really cool book about how he refused to fight in the Vietnam war. I spend a few days a week being visited by my son, who drives me to do errands like shopping. We have lunch together and watch television, stuff ranging from Ali G to Zatoichi to The Three Stooges to various full-length films of interest. He just bought me a 53” projection TV, so now I can at least see what I’m looking at. I spend the rest of the time working on my painting projects, visiting the internet, and playing a lot of computer Hearts.

How did you get your break in the entertainment business?

It never showed up. But I did it anyway. Fuck ‘em. Thirty years ago, Frank Zappa told me that the secret to success in show biz was actually very simple: “Don’t give up. As soon as you’ve given up, you’ve lost.” That pretty much sums it up, I think. If it’s in your blood, go for it, and don’t let your friends, relatives or other adversities talk you out of it. You can’t let the world bully you.

What do you consider the highlights of both your life, and your career?

Anytime I was having sex. I love sex, cuddling, that kind of stuff. Ultimately, I feel sex is the underlying motivator for everything we do in life. Everybody’s going through their goofy little dance, all trying to impress everybody else. A lot of weird masculine/feminine dynamics going on all the time. I can’t have sex with a stranger, though--I’m not into touching some idiot I don’t even know. I’d rather stick with the idiots I do know.

How do you know your doing your thing right?

I doubt I ever did anything right. Sometimes things turn out good, other times awful. I’m not concerned about it. All I care about is living a happy, peaceful, creative life. Right and wrong don’t usually have to enter into the equation. I don’t believe in hurting people--“live and let live” best describes my attitude toward life. Ignorant people are constantly putting unnecessary obstacles in our way, but like water in a stream, I just keep moving along and don’t let the rocks and sticks deter me. Flow as water. I’m just a water kind of guy.

What's the appeal of professional wrestling for you?

Well, I don’t believe in real-life violence. Other than direct self-defense, there’s never a valid reason to initiate violence. And I mean that on a global level as well. Still, the world continuously pisses me off, so I need some sort of outlet. I won’t do it myself, but I do enjoy watching guys pretending to beat the crap out of each other. I love the soap opera element, the absurd storylines. But pro wrestling is constantly mutating--I admit that I don’t like it as much as I used to. I enjoyed working in the business, but I’m glad I’ve moved on to other interests. The Warlord and I crippled Cowboy Bob Orton and ended his career, so that will have to do.

What makes a great showman?

That’s easy. Someone who puts their heart, soul and intellect into their performance. Someone who looks at his job as a serious craft and not merely a hobby. After years of applying the effort, the experience and expertise start to kick in.

Describe your artistic talent, and the creative process that you employe?

There’s nothing to describe. I’m a dadaist--I take it as it comes, and make the best of it. Dali said if you know what your painting is going to look like before you paint, then there’s no sense in painting it. I believe that. Give chance a piece of your creative output.

What are a few funny tales from the road?

Too many to go into here. You’d be better off watching my new 4-hour documentary/interview for stuff like that. Being on the road with a rock band is definitely like being in the Twilight Zone.

How does technology assist you?

Technology, as great as it is for a musician, can also be extremely annoying. I have a problem with essentially lazy, uncreative people using MIDI technology to cheat their way through composing and performance. They take the art out of the music. It’s pathetic. Generally speaking, I prefer to use and hear real instruments, with real musicians who make real mistakes. It separates the men from the boys, so to speak. If a synthesizer is being used to explore sounds, then I’d say you’re using the instrument creatively. If you’re using it for strings, or as a drum machine, or whatever, then I’d have to say you’re full of shit. Bad music needs gimmicks--good music needs sweat.

What are your tools of the trade?

I play a customized Fender Squire Strat with a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and a couple of different pickups. I always play with a t-bar, and make sure it’s in my right hand at all times while I’m playing. I can’t/won’t play a guitar that doesn’t have a tremolo bar, period. For the past 25 years, I’ve played in open E tuning, using my fingers to simulate slide guitar technique without the slide. My favorite amp to play through is any Mesa/Boogie--those amps have balls, power and strength, and help translate my playing into overwhelming sexuality.

How does the world portray you?

It doesn’t. I essentially don’t exist. I’m lower than obscure--I’m outright invisible to most of the music world. Five minutes after I die, I’ll be totally forgotten. I would have liked to have made more money for me and my loyal musicians, but 30 years of legit art will have to do. I thought I did a pretty good job, all things and low budgets considered. I don’t dwell on it. It doesn’t matter.

How does life imitate art for you?

It doesn’t. They’re essentially the same thing. They’re both fun and they’re both extremely annoying.

Who are your influences?

Well, let’s see. If one were to dig deep enough into my music, they’d be likely to find musical influences like Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Beatles, The Bonzo Dog Band, The Contortions, Elvis Costello, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Miles Davis--stuff like that. Beyond that, other miscellaneous influences include Capt. Lou Albano, Ayn Rand, Lou Costello, Lenny Bruce, etc.

How do you make a positive difference?

Ha ha. Who the fuck knows!

What does "success" mean to you?

There’re no such things as success and failure--just hills and valleys. Everything constantly changes and mutates, regardless of what we personally do to control it. Like a river, best to go with the flow of your own interests and instincts, and not worry too much about it. When you have a job to do, just do it and shut up about it.

What media attention have you attracted over the years?

I’ve been reviewed in every major music publication and many of the minor ones as well. Billboard, Spin, Rolling Stone, Wrestling magazines, blah blah blah. It’s all a bunch of phoney-baloney bullshit. If you buy ad space, they review you. If you don’t, they probably won’t. Usually all that’s involved is to send them a well-written press release, and they’ll essentially print the whole thing, putting their name on it. Publicity is bullshit. All the media is concerned about is making money, which makes them worthless to me. Diabetes has destroyed most of my eyesight now anyway, so I don’t read much of anything anymore. It’s too strenuous. Getting old sucks. I highly recommend that you avoid it as much as possible.

What are your current projects?

My son is directing a 4-hour, 3 dvdr set--a complete biography of Zoogz Rift, along with interviews with me and my band: Richie Hass, Willie Lapin, Tom Brown, Arthur Barrow and numerous others. It’s extremely comprehensive, and tells the whole story, straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s called ZOOGZ RIFT: THE FIRESIDE CHAT, and is scheduled for release this Halloween, in time for the Xmas season. Updates will be posted at my website, .

What would you like to be known for?

Once I’m dead, nothing. Now, though, I simply would like respect, recognition, and financial support from the people who enjoy my recordings. Go to my website and buy my cd-r’s. Above all, I’m a dadaist, and I take it dead seriously. Ha ha. Whatever the hell that means.

What do you know about Australia that sounds appealing?

A lot. I’d love to check out the outback, as well as the topless beaches and scenery in the mountains. Recently, I’ve actually seriously considered moving to Tasmania, though I’ve never been there. It seems like a really cool place. I can’t take the big cities, though. Mass populations give me a supreme headache. I’d love to meet Steve Irwin and see if he’s as goofy in person as he is on TV. I hope so.

Thanks for your time, 

Best Regards

Greg Tingle
Director, Broadcaster & Promoter
Media Man Australia


Thanks to Badblock, I could add some concert data for Cosmik Debris, the fabulous Hungarian band. These guys play some superb Zappa jams. And they even threw in a Van Vliet composition on occasion as well.
  • 2001/02/16 concert
    • heavy duty judy * cosmik debris * stevie's spanking * if only she woulda * inca roads * easy meat * willie the pimp * bobby brown * why does it hurt when i pee? * sofa
  • 2002/--/-- concert "zappa jam"
    • dirty love * if only she woulda * directly from my heart to you * i'm the slime * jam > muffin man * stick it out
  • 2003/08/-- concert "island festival", ??
    • cosmik debris, feat. jimmy carl black
    • cosmik debris * whippin' post * jam * easy meat * dancin' fool * big leg emma * take your clothes off * trouble every day * willie the pimp
  • 2004/03/12 concert 'old man's pub', ??
    • trouble every day * willie the pimp * cosmik debris * easy meat * dancin' fool * zoot allures * inca roads * andy * road ladies * why does it hurt when i pee? * dirty love * bobby brown * whippin' post * if only she woulda
  • 2004/03/12 concert 'pesti est café', ??
    • intro * cosmik debris * willie the pimp * dirty love * if only she woulda * road ladies * zoot allures * bobby brown * easy meat * dancin' fool * trouble every day * whippin' post * andy * why does it hurt when i pee?
  • 2004/06/16 concert 'pesti est café', ??
    • cosmik debris, feat. jimmy carl black & darryl black (vocals on 'directly...')
    • heavy duty judy * big leg emma * 'happy birthday' * take your clothes off * road ladies * andy * inca roads * zomby woof * poofter's froth wyoming * trouble every day * willie the pimp * directly from my heart to you

August 27, 2004
It's getting too late. I need some sleep.
I'll get back to you tomorrow !!



Saturday 2004/08/21 Eugene Chadbourne and Dieter Schroeder played a very fine concert at the 'Plusetage' in Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands. (picture taken by Ive Hapers - thanx Ive)

A very fine concert indeed, and, as usual, Doctor Chadbourne had brought a bunch of new releases along:

  • eugene chadbourne and jimmy carl black:
    the jack and jim show:
    we'll be together again
        (2004, 2cdr, usa, chadbourne products)
    • "We'll Be Together Again" is another handmade Chadbourne Products release.

      Recorded during the summer 2003 tour, these discs have Chadbourne, Black and Pat 'Black Paddy' Thomas at their best. Lots of Zappa and Van Vliet material on these one, as well as a nice number of Hendrix pieces.

  • eugene chadbourne with malachy papers:
    and the wind cries malachy
        (2004, cdr, usa, chadbourne products)
    • The latest Chadbourne release is called "And The Wind Cries Malachy", a contribution between Eugene Chadbourne and Malachy Papers quartet (vibes, two saxes and an upright bass).
      If you're into Chadbourne (and you should be), this album is a must have. A superb mixture between experimental music and jazz. And they even played Don Van Vliet's 'Buggy Boogie Woogie'.


The Grand Mothers Re:Invented will be returning to Europe in January for at least another 14 shows.

They had some problems with technicalities for the UK, i.e., passports, work permits etc., which were not straightened out for the summer tour, but they are hoping to "fix" all of these problems before the next tour and possibly do some performances in the UK.

I met Thomas at the latest Zappanale. Besides being a very friendly guy, Thomas is also the webmaster.

If you're thinking Zappanale & pictures, you have to check out




I picked this up at the site as well:

A concert by the Absolute Ensemble, feat. Mike Keneally & Napoleon Murphy Brock, in Cologne, Germany.

18|09 Samstag 20.00Uhr
Mike Keneally git, synth, voc
Napoleon Murphy Brock sax, voc
Absolute Ensemble
Kristjan Järvi Dirigent

Absolute Zappa: Frank Zappa erschütterte die Musikwelt, stürzte sich respektlos und virtuos auf Rock`n Roll, Jazz und Klassik und erlangte als Musiker wie als Person Weltruhm. In diesem Geiste stürzen sich Kristjan Järvi und das Absolute Ensemble respektlos und virtuos auf Zappa und die Musik, die ihn beeinflusste. Das Ergebnis ist aufregend: Absolute Zappa- total Järvi!KölnMusik
Ende ca. 21.45 Uhr
Keine Pause
Die Reihe Akzente der Spielzeit 2004/2005 wird gefördert vom Kuratorium KölnMusik e.V.
19.00 Uhr: Einführung in das Konzert durch Stefan Fricke
Kölner Philharmonie
Vorverkaufsbeginn: 05.06.2004
€ 21,-


  • mark lanegan band: here comes that weird chill
        (2004, 10", uk, beggars banquet bbq37 ft)
    • Ex-Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan's latest album, "Bubblegum", is getting a lot of fine reviews (and air-play) in Belgium.
      The mini-album, "Here Comes That Weird Chill" that was released as a teaser a couple of months earlier, includes Captain Beefheart's 'Clear Spot'.
      Released as a 10" vinyl album and as a mini CD album.


After 4 months of silence, it looks like The Central Scrutinizer will be giving another Zappa concert. So if you're in the neighbourhood of Brasil, you'll know what to do:

2004/09/16 the Central Scrutinzer - concert 'café piupiu', são paulo, brasil



vai tocar dia 16 de Setembro, quinta feira!

Venha se divertir conosco nesse tributo ao mestre Frank Zappa...
Aguardem novidades...

Dia 16 de Setembro - quinta feira - às 22 horas

Café Piupiu

R. Treze de Maio 134 no Bixiga - 3258 8066
preço único R$10,00 - não tem consumação mínima

Visite nosso site e veja o que o Rainer viu no ZappaNale Festival, na Alemanha:



Received 2004/08/25:

Hello Ralph Friend,

If you don't have kids, or friends with kids, or family members with kids, or if you just don't like kids, go ahead and delete this message.

Anyhow, you may have noticed that we've been selling the kiddie "classic eyeball" tees for infants and toddlers, well we've just launched a new site with all sorts of warped gear for kids, including the eerie eye.

So, if yer interested, we'd just like to let you know about the little corner of the internet known as  - please stop by when you have a chance, or pass the URL to a pregnant pal, pick up a baby shower gift, or get a fine gift for a loveable nephew.

Thanks for listening...hopefully the next update you get will be about the upcoming "I Murdered Mommy" release...uhhhhhhhoooooBOY!

that URL again

from the folks at...

AFROSKULL 2004/08/25

    From: "Afroskull Mailing List"
    Sent: August 25, 2004


Afroskull brings it to Providence, Rhode Island, this Saturday night, 8/28, for a nice long night of funk/rock madness.  We'll be at the Tazza Cafe at 10pm.  It's only a half-hour ride from Boston so let's see if we can get a little Boston posse together for this show.


With the Republicans coming to town, venues all over New York are getting ready to pump up the volume with musical protests, and we're doing our part to rock the RNC!  We'll be appearing at the UNITY BALL, a fundraiser for .  It's happening at Downtime, 251 W. 30th Street (between 7th and 8th Ave).  The event starts at 8pm; our set is at 9pm.  The lineup of bands also includes The Song Corporation, Spielerfrau, and Kervin, plus spoken word, DJs, dozens of speakers including FUREE, ACTUpNYC, Billionaires for Bush and more.  We are not quite sure what to expect from this gig - it's very close to Madison Square Garden, and there will almost certainly be protests all over the city throughout the day.  So this could be a wild one.

Coming up soon:


Friday 2004/09/03 - Parkside Lounge, NYC
Thursday 2004/09/09 - Freddy's Bar and Backroom, Brooklyn
                  (fundraiser for the Paul Battaglia Memorial Scholarship Fund)
Friday 2004/09/24 - Cafe 111, Brooklyn

And don't forget, the new Afroskull "Flying Fists of Funk" t-shirts and the official AFROSKULL DOES BLACK SABBATH bootleg are now available at all Afroskull shows.  They'll be available from very soon, we promise!



A question at resulted in a correction at UM. I had an entry for the "Basootles", and it should have been "Basooties". The spelling correction has been made, but there's also more info:
  • various artists: ya gotta have moxie, volume one
        (1998, 2cd, usa, aip cd 1059)
    • This excellent garage / punk compilation album presents a bunch of obscure 7"s.
      One of these is the Basooties with Frank Zappa's 'You Didn't Try To Call Me'.

August 22, 2004
More to come the next days, this is just a quickie.




    From: "Afroskull Mailing List"
    Sent: August 13, 2004


Yes, it's a new merch bonanza in Afroskullville these days. First of all, we have finally mixed and mastered the live recording of our tribute to Black Sabbath! AFROSKULL DOES BLACK SABBATH - LIVE AT THE MERMAID LOUNGE will be available only at shows for now, but trust us, it's worth coming down to one of the shows to pick one up. For now, they're only $5. Also, we've got some cool new T-shirts for you, with the "Flying Fists of Funk" logo. Again, only available at the shows for now. The CD and t-shirts will be available through very soon.



Saturday 2004/08/28: Tazza Cafe, Providence RI (spread the word!)
Sunday 2004/08/29: The Unity Ball - a Bands Against Bush event in NYC
Friday 2004/09/3: The Parkside Lounge, NYC

Peace and funk!




  • pavlov's woody: instrumentality
        (????, cdr, usa, private release)
    • Pavlov's Woody is Doug Simpson (all instuments and stunts, except drums) and Don Simpson (drums). This is a superb surf album. Lots of great guitar work like for instance on Zappa's 'Lumpy Gravy'.
      Nice package (great artwork by Don) and superb surf sounds.
      Need I say more?


You know that bootleggers have found their way to the DVD factory.
I'm not talking home-burned DVD's that are traded between fans. No, I'm talking factory-pressed DVDs. Sold for hard cash. Like the ones I mentioned a little while ago:

The new titles that have been announced are:

  • frank zappa: video from hell  /  at the circus
        (announced, dvd-bootleg, ??, ??)
  • frank zappa: barcelona 1988
        (announced, dvd-bootleg, ??, ??)

    and even later this year:
  • frank zappa: stockholm 1973
        (announced, dvd-bootleg, ??, ??)



There's a new Zappa album scheduled for early September !!

It's called "Quaudiophiliac" and it's another DVD-Audio release.

On, Matti Salminen added:

This we know from the LA Times article:  The article says that "while Joe Travers has been combing through the tapes for new material that could be released, Dweezil is marshalling a remix programme to put both previously released and new discoveries in state-of-the-art surround sound for a parallel release programme, to be introduced with Quadropheliac - an audio documentary made from unreleased tapes on which Frank experimented with surround-type recording in the mid-70s."

So that`s unreleased tapes...


August 20, 2004
Yes, it took me a while to get back into it.
How's this a start?



The UMO Jazz Orchestra issued a promotional cd last year, presenting 4 Zappa compositions.

info from John Bowers

The 2003 Umeå Internationella Kammarmusik Festival

I had some info up for the 2003 edition of the Umeå International Chamber Music Festival, but all rather incomplete.

Charles Ulrich and 'Trends' were kind enough to share the info they had. I'm still convinced that there are a lot of mistakes in there, so please send me your corrections, etceteras, but here's how it might have been, more or less.

I need more info on this, so if you have data or recordings of these concerts, please get in contact (

2003/06/09 - 2003/06/15
The Umeå Internationella Kammarmusik Festival

The festival focused on the music of Frank Zappa:

  • 2003/06/10 Lotsberg, Pajunen, Ågren & Tengstrand: “Music For One”

    • Geir Inge Lotsberg: violin * Anne Pajunen: vocals, viola * Morgan Ågren: drums * Per Tengstrand:  piano

    • Program
      • Nicolay Apollyon: Épisème, for violin solo. (urframförande)
      • Performance med Anne Pajunen
      • Frank Zappa: The Black Page Drum Solo
      • Franz Liszt: Sonat för piano h-moll
  • 2003/06/13 The Ed Palermo Jazz From Hell Band
    • The Ed Palermo Jazz From Hell Band
      • Ed Palermo: sax * Mike Keneally: guitar * Mats Öberg: keyboards * Morgan Ågren: drums * Paul Adamy: bass * Bob Quaranta: piano
    • Guest: Napoleon Murphy Brock: sax
    • Setlist
      • Toads Of The Short Forest
      • Little Umbrellas
      • Blessed Relief  (with Napoleon Murphy Brock on sax, solo by Ed)
  • 2003/06/13 Mike Keneally / Denny Walley
    • Mike Keneally: guitar * Denny Walley: guitar
    • Setlist
      • Sleep Dirt
  • 2003/06/13 The Mats / Morgan Band
    • Mats Öberg * Morgan Ågren * Jimmy Ågren * Tommy Thordsson * Robert Elovsson
  • 2003/06/13 The Zappa Corner band: "The Zappa Corner #1"
    • The Zappa Corner Band
      • Denny Walley: slide guitar, vocals * Mats Öberg: keyboard * Morgan Ågren: drums * Tommy Thordsson: bass * Napoleon M Brock: vocals, sax * Mike Keneally: guitar * Ed Palermo: sax * Paul Adamy: bass
    • Setlist
      • Magic Fingers (Tommy Thordsson on bass, sung by Denny and Mike, without Napi)
        Advance Romance (Paul Adamy on bass, sung by Napi)
        City of Tiny Lites (Tommy on bass, sung by Denny, incredible keyboard solo by Mats, without Napi)

  • 2003/06/14 the Midgårdsschool students: "Zappa Graduates"

    • Midgårdsskolans elever / the Midgårdsschool students

    • Program
      • Village of the Sun * Echidna's Arf (of you) * Montana * Cosmic Debris * Inca Roads * Andy * Moggio * Uncle Meat * Heavy Duty Judy * Twenty Small Cigars
  • 2003/06/14 The Omnibus Wind Ensemble “Wind Zappa”

    • Omnibus Kammarblåsare / The Omnibues Wind Ensemble

      • Per-Erik Adamsson: flute, percussion * Jonas Sjöberg: oboe, horn * Tomas Bodin: oboe * Lars-Erik Lidström: clarinet, sax * Johan Söderlund: sax * Mikael Thun: clarinet * Orvar Johansson: horn * Henrik Nilsson: horn * Eva-Lena Holmstedt: fagot, sax * Anders Öqvist: fagot, percussion * Anders Åstrand: percussion

    • Program

      • Black Page #2 * Dog Breath Variations * Uncle Meat * How Could I Be Such a Fool * Revised Music For Low Budget Orchestra * Igors Boogie * Brown Shoes Don't Make it * Alien Orifice * Let's Make the Water Turn Black * Inca Roads * Sofa * Be-Bop Tango * Twenty Small Cigars * Blessed Relief * Number 7 * Peaches en Regalia * Bolero (M.Ravel)

  • 2003/06/14 Ensemble Ambrosius “Baroque Zappa"

    • Ensemble Ambrosius

      • Olli Virtaperko: cello * Jonte Knif: keyboards * Ere Lievonen: cymbal * Matti Vanhamäki: violin * Anni Haapaniemi: oboe * Jani Sunnarborg: fagot * Tuukka Terho: lute * Ricardo Padilla: percussion

    • Program

      • Frank Zappa: Night School * Uncle Meat * Igor's Boogie * Toads of the Short Forest * Dupree's Paradise * The Black Page #2 * Zoot Allures * Big Swifty * The Idiot Bastard Son * RDNZL * Echidna's Arf (of you) * G-Spot Tornado

      • György Ligeti: Continuum

      • Olli Virtaperko: Metrixs, Hymni

      • Jonte Knif: Pienet sienet

  • 2003/06/14 The Ed Palermo Big Band: "Big Band Zappa"

    • The Ed Palermo Big Band

      • Ed Palermo: director & sax * Magnus Ekholm, Bosse Strandberg: trumpet * Magnus Puls, Gunnar Walldén, Björn Hängsel: trombone * Peter Lindqvist, Petri Kivimäki, Peter Nordvall, Sigurd Löf, Jonas Knutsson: sax * Bob Quaranta, Mats Öberg: keyboards * Morgan Ågren: drums * Paul Adamy: bass * Mike Keneally: guitar * Napoleon M Brock: vocals & sax

    • Program

      • Regyptian Strut * Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus * King Kong / Transylvanian Boogie * Sleep Dirt * The Grand Wazoo * Uncle Remus * Pygmy Twylyte * Village of the Sun * Echidna’s Arf (of you) * Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing * Sofa #1 * Oh No * The Idiot Bastard Son * Peaches en Regalia * Andy

  • 2003/06/14 The Black Box Band and the Oslo String Quartet: "Chamber Zappa"

    • Black Box Band, Oslo Stråkkvartett, Kristjan Järvi: director

    • Program

      • None of the Above * III Revised * Peaches en Regalia * Revised Music for Low Budget Orchestra * Uncle Remus * Dirty Love * Muffin Man * Teen-Age Prostitute

  •  2003/06/14 The Ed Palermo Jazz From Hell Band

    • The Ed Palermo Jazz From Hell Band

      • Ed Palermo: sax * Mike Keneally: guitar * Mats Öberg: keyboards * Morgan Ågren: drums * Paul Adamy: bass * Bob Quaranta: piano

    • Setlist

      • The Gumbo Variations

      • 20 Small Cigars

      • Toads Of The Short Forest

  • 2003/06/14 The Mats / Morgan Band

    • Mats Öberg * Morgan Ågren * Jimmy Ågren * Tommy Thordsson

    • Guest: Mike Keneally

  • 2003/06/14 The Zappa Corner Band: "The Zappa Corner #2"

    • The Zappa Corner band:

      • Denny Walley: slide guitar, vocals * Mats Öberg: keyboard * Morgan Ågren: drums * Tommy Thordsson: bass * Napoleon M Brock: vocals, sax * Mike Keneally: guitar * Ed Palermo: sax * Paul Adamy: bass

    • Setlist

      • Montana * (Paul Adamy on bass, sung by Napi, without Denny, but with four invited young girls - three on backing vocals, one on trombone - from Zappa Graduates

      • City of Tiny Lites (Tommy on bass, featuring a long wah wah solo from Zappa Graduates young guitar player, without Napi)

      • Magic Fingers (Tommy on bass, solo passing between Mike, Denny and the young guy from Zappa Graduates, without Napi)

      • Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Tommy on bass, Napi on lead vocals)

      • What's The Ugliest part of your Body (same)

      • Advance Romance (Paul Adamy on bass, Jimmy Ågren on Harmonica, Napi on lead vocals)
        encores :

      • The Black Page #1 (played spontaneously by Mike, Mats & Morgan on the rhythm of the hand claps of the audience !)

      • Inca Roads (Paul Adamy on bass, Napi on flute, sung by Mike who also played the piano during Mats' keyboard solo, without Denny)

      • Amerika Drinks (with Mike on drums ! the whole thing ending up into a frenzy in the Absolutely Free style)


Did I tell you that the Mats / Morgan Band was one of my Zappanale highlights? I knew the band only from their albums, and yes, that does include a live album, but I had never 'actually' seen them perform live before.
Well, ... I was blown away. They were absolutely great.

The picture above was taken at the Zappanale festival, July 23, 2004, in Bad Doberan, Germany, by DrZurkon.

The Mats/Morgan Band will be doing a short tour in the USA in September. If you're lucky, they'll be playing in your neighbourhood as well. Check them out !!
If you can't make it to one of their concerts, check out their albums:
Mats Öberg - Morgan Ågren - Jimmy Ågren

Mats/Morgan Band US tour September 2004

  • 2004/09/05 concert "Progday Festival", Chappel Hill, NC, USA

  • 2004/09/07 concert 'The Attic Bar', Detroit, MI, USA

  • 2004/09/08 concert 'Wilbert´s', Cleveland, OH, USA

  • 2004/09/09 concert 'Montage Grill - Prog 90', Rochester, NY, USA

  • 2004/09/10 concert 'Berklee College Of Music', Boston, MA, USA

  • 2004/09/11 concert 'NJ Prog House', Metlar Bodine, Piscataway, NJ, USA

  • 2004/09/12 concert 'Tribeca Rock Club', New York, NY, USA

  • More information at:




A couple of months ago, I received a CDR that included a very interesting track. It was a Zappa tribute, recorded at the Howard Stern tv-show, aired December 7 in 1993, Sung to the tune of 'Don't Go Changing' by Billy Joel.

The quality of the recording isn't too good, but it does present a very funny song. (If anyone has an excellent sounding copy of this, please let me know...)

Thanks to, I can even give you the lyrics:
(Does anyone know who wrote those lyrics? Was it Howard Stern?)

Sung to the tune of "Don't Go Changing" by Billy Joel
Sung by Fred Norris

Don't go smoking
or chewing tobacco
or you won't live to get real old
hmm hmmm mmm

Hey Frank was wacky,
a zany hippie,
after Zappa they all broke the mold

His poor prostate
got Carcinoma
He probably couldn't even fart
hmm hmmm mmm

Never had a
big hit record
but you were so true to your art

What would it take
for you to name your kids
Bill or Sue or Ed or even Jane?

You had to give them
names from outer space
To show the world you were insane

You were a drug free man
and not a boozer
but you smoke those cigarettes
hmm hmmm mmm

the nicotine, man
went to your sphincter
I hope you have no regrets

[Frank Zappa's spoken words]

Words will not harm you. There is no sound that you can make with your mouth or word that will come out of your mouth so powerful it will make you go to hell; Look around at all the normal kids who listen to it and live with it everyday who do not commit suicide they don't commit murder and they grow up to be in some case to become legislators.

[Back to singing]

Ahh, you led the Mothers,
and played great guitar
your music was great after catching a buzz
hmm hmm mmm

you even found work,
for Flo and Eddie,
they loved Frank just the way he was.
. . . uzz uzz uzz uzz uzz uzz



Here's an addition to the Ian Underwood discography:

  • maurice jarre: the mosquito coast (official soundtrack)
        (1986, cd, usa, fantasy records fcd 21005-2) - feat.ian underwood



I saw Wrong Object and Frogg Cafe in Liège and in Oostende the other day. Wow...
They were great at Zappanale, and they confirmed it in Liège and in Oostende.

Oostende was a bit of an adventure, the concert being rescheduled twice (!!) due to heavy rain, storm and problems with electricity, but the concert itself was very good.



    From Teejo Tieman, August 2004

almost out now:
the MAGIC BAND * [unconfirmed title:] LIKE BLUEGRASS, ONLY WEIRDER england
2004 pal 2veedee region 2 + 4 subdiva [ unknown] first 100 copies signed by band
time: 80 + 50 minutes

* dvd #1 'BACK TO THE BUSH [fantasy title]' live 070403 shepherd's bush empire, london, england
see the review of this concert...

the BAND
MARK BOSTON rockette morton * middle earth bass
JOHN FRENCH drumbo * perspective drums * vocals * harmonica
GARY LUCAS * guitar * lead guitar
DENNY WALLEY feeler's reedo / walla walla * guitar * lead guitar
ROBERT WILLIAMS wait for me * drums * percussion

* dvd #2 LIKE BLUEGRASS, ONLY WEIRDER february 2003 rehearsals for cd BACK TO THE FRONT
track listing related to cd 'back to the front'

the BAND
MARK BOSTON rockette morton * middle earth bass
JOHN FRENCH drumbo * perspective drums * vocals * harmonica
GARY LUCAS * guitar * lead guitar
DENNY WALLEY feeler's reedo / walla walla * guitar * lead guitar


29 june 2004 the e-paper playlouder published a very long interview with john 'drumbo' french, titled french redressing
[]. the main content dealt with the magic band reunion going on, and at once:

interviewer grahame bent: Word is there's also a Magic Band DVD on the way...

(john 'drumbo' french:) It's basically the Shepherd's Bush concert from April last year and it's basically the concert with the dead spaces in between edited out. I think it's a really good show. It was done on a sixteen track Apple Macintosh and I think they used four cameras. It wasn't really planned as a concert DVD. The producer was Elaine Shepherd - she's a BBC producer and she produced The Artist Formerly Known As Captain Beefheart - and the concert footage was supposed to be for a documentary but she shot the whole concert and at the end of it all she was looking at the footage and said: 'You know, I think we could actually put together a concert  DVD out of this' and that's how it came about. The sound is really good, it's going to be in 5.1 sound except everything crashed on the last two songs and we only have a stereo stage mix of them so we're calling them 'bonus tracks'.

Disc 2 is the documentary called Like Bluegrass Only Weirder and I think it flows really well. It shows us at the Back To The Front sessions in Palmdale and rehearsing for the first time when we got back together to play and each of us is talking about how good it feels to be playing the music again. There's footage of Matt Groening coming to hear the rehearsal and there's an interview with him, then there's some vintage 8mm footage I shot of Don in the early 70's, then it shows us winding up in London and driving down to Camber Sands, then there's some rehearsal footage and you see us being interviewed by the press.

Any idea when the DVD will be seeing the light of day?

We have a very influential person who has agreed to do the voice over and the narration for us so we're waiting until that has been done. That's going to take another month or so then it should be out really soon after that. I'm really excited about having the person who's going to be doing this on board but I don't want to give anything away. The DVD will be available through the internet at []. Basically I think we'll start doing it by mail order and take it from there.


the veedee with unclear title will be manufactured by SUBDIVA [] (po box 48322, london w12 bwf, england, tel +44 (0)7949 980991, email:}, which firm apologizes:

Due to delays beyond our control, the new Magic Band DVD release has been set back by a few more weeks. The DVD should be available for shipping during September 2004.

has an interesting limited offer: The first 100 advance orders received through this site will be signed by the band....
and mentions: Technical details: PAL format - regions 2 and 4 - stereo - 5.1 Dolby (r) digital surround - widescreen 16.9
Price: 15 GBP plus postage and packing




    From Tim Scott, August 2004:

Hey now,
Just a little extra bio material on Jeff (my friend and musical mentor since 1973.)

* Proir to Easy Chair, Jeff was in another psychedelic era Seattle band called "Indian Pudding & Pipe." (I was almost on the same bill with Easy Chair and Juggernaut at a Volunteer Park Be-In in about 1969--that's where I first saw Jeff perform--he sang a strong version of "Crossroads" and played a German-made Framis electric bass.)

* Easy Chair was discovered by Zappa as winner of a Seattle Battle of the Bands at The Moore Egyptian Theater. The prize was a recording contract with Straight/Bizarre Records. When Easy Chair broke up (by the time their band got to L.A, there was only Jeff and Burke Wallace left), Zappa produced Jeff as a solo artist & then installed him as bassist with the Mothers.

* Missing from Jeff's discography is a track from a Geoff & Maria Muldaur album, "Sweet Potatoes" on Reprise/Warner Records MS 2073 in 1972. The cut is titled "I'm Rich" and Jeff played bass under an alias: Junior Turlock, namesake of the obscure town of Turlock in California where Medic Alert bracelets are made. Also on the LP are Billy Mundi (former drummer for The Mothers) Amos Garrett on guitar and Paul Butterfield and members of his horn section, Gene Dinwiddie (later of the band Full Moon) and Trevor Lawrence on saxes. Btw, I have both the Muldaur recording as well as the Stepson release on ABC Dunhill.

* Jeff was a founding member of the Seattle band, "Rich Dangel and the Reputations", a 7-piece R&B, soul, rock band that existed from 1980 until around 1988. Rich, a founding member of The Fabulous Wailers in 1959 (Golden Crest Records, Valet Records), as well as The Floating Bridge (Vault Records) and I formed The Reps to be a band of very serious players offering an alternative to the tired old covers all the other local bands were playing. Jeff, as a great music historian, provided a wealth of classic A & B-side material, as well as being a triple threat on Fender Rhodes piano/clavinet, harmonica and as a singer. He also provided plenty of onstage hijinks as Lil' Bobby Sumpner, Darvon Willis or the legendary Urban Turban. In 1981, we were backing up Buddy Miles at some Seattle nightspots. When Buddy got arrested one night in between sets for assault with a deadly weapon (yes, drugs were involved), Jeff decided he had seen enough and quit the band. He, however, remains my friend to this day and although I've lived in L.A. for the past 19 years, we speak often on the phone & I'm looking forward to hearing his new CD.

I'm grateful to Jeff for teaching me a great deal of what I know about music, as well as introducing me to other fine players who have also taught me  much over the years. He's a great teacher and a great friend.

Here's a link to a page on The Reputations from my website:

Peace out,
-- Tim Scott



Afroskull's first New Orleans gig in two years is this Saturday!  BE THERE for multiple sets of Monster Funk Madness!  The Horns of Doom - Nick "Johnny Fashion" Volz, Steve Miller da Killer and Jason "Blaster of Disaster" Yasinsky - return to the fold!  "I Tell You What" opens the show at 10pm,  followed by two giant sets of  funk-induced carnage.  We're hoping some old friends and special guests show up too.  Plus it'll be the unofficial CD release party for the official Afroskull live bootleg,  "AFROSKULL DOES BLACK SABBATH."  Can it get any crazier?  Will the whole band make it to New Orleans without the van breaking down? SHOW UP AND FIND OUT!

2004/08/07 concert 'the maple leaf bar', new orleans, la, usa

August 4, 2004
A bit of bad news on the Prząśniczki album, but also a nice discovery: Big Swifty & Associates.



The fabulous looking presents a couple of Zappa compositions, performed by Big Swifty & Associates, for the occasion called "Demos and Trends".

It looks like Big Swifty & Associates recorded two demos and even one album, entitled ""Wouldn't You Rather be Involved in a Series of Colorful Time-Wasting Trends?"
Big Swifty & Associates were: Don Julin, Harry Pfennig, Kevin Kelley, Kevin Gills, Matt Becker, Rod Russell, and special guest Mike Gauthier.


Don Julin was the Big Swifty & Associates mastermind.
His latest album, "Tractor", includes a Zappa composition. More info soon.


  • prząśniczki: zapparcie
        (2004, cdr, pol, sorry music polska)
    • Polish bad Prząśniczki gave a fine concert at Zappanale. They also had this Zappa album for sale.
      "Zapparcie" presents a part of a concert that the band did december 2002, dedicated to the memory of Frank Zappa.
      Beefheart fans might want to know that they also perform 'Willie The Pimp' on this album.

      I'm very sorry to say that the quality of this recording is very, very bad. It sounds like it's an 'on the fly' copy of a copy, of a copy, of a copy. Nothing but pops & cracks & ticks.

August 3, 2004
And I should still tell you about how great Zappanale was...


-- this is a cut & paste job. article from the festival website: --

The Grand Wazoo: A Zappa Celebration

Featuring Ike Willis, Ernie Watts, and Napoleon Murphy Brock
 & The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Big Band

Conducted and arranged by Ed Palermo

Saturday, June 5 at the Flynn MainStage, 153 Main Street, Burlington, VT, usa

The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Big Band assembles again after an unforgettable presentation of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Works at last year’s Festival. This year the Big Band, made up of the cream of the Vermont jazz crop, will honor one of rock’s most accomplished composers, the legendary Frank Zappa. The celebration will include some heroes from Zappa’s famed Mothers of Invention band. If you know Zappa you know guitarist Ike Willis, who joined Zappa’s band in 1977 and is featured on nearly 30 of Zappa’s recordings - most popular for his seminal vocal work on such works as "Thing-Fish" and "Joe's Garage, Acts I, II (& III).” Two-time Grammy Award winning saxophonist, Ernie Watts, has been featured on over 500 recordings with leaders as varied as Thelonious Monk, Gilberto Gil and Zappa. Mr. Watts last appeared in Burlington with Charlie Haden’s Quartet West. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Napoleon Murphy Brock is best known for the indescribably enchanting singing you heard on such classic Zappa albums One Size Fits All, Roxy And Elsewhere, and Bongo Fury. The selections used for this engagement will be conducted and arranged by Ed Palermo, who has been performing his Zappa transcriptions since Zappa’s death in 1993. Opening up tonight's adventure will be Vorcza Trio, one of Vermont's most exciting improvisational ensembles. Known for their explosive, high-energy live shows, Vorcza is composed of Ray Paczkowski, Gabe Jarrett, and Robinson Morse.



-- I know, I know, I'm too late with this, but I only found out about this last week. Latest news, though, is that the NDR Big Band will play at next year's Zappanale !! --

"Frank Zappa’s hot licks (and funny smells)"

NDR Bigband, cond. Colin Towns

  • 2004/03/26 concert 'Rolf-Rolf-Liebermann-Studio', Germany
  • 2004/03/27 concert 'Aula der Lauenburgischen Gelehrtenschule', Ratzeburg, Germany
  • 2004/05/31 concert "33. Int. New Jazz Festival Moers", 'Freizeitpark', Moers, Germany


Colin Towns interviewed by Stefan Gerdes

Welchen Stempel hat Frank Zappa der Musik des 20. Jahrhunderts aufgedrückt?
Colin Towns: Zappa hat den Menschen neue Möglichkeiten aufgezeigt. Er hat bewiesen, dass man Rockmusik mit Humor und Intelligenz schaffen kann. Dank seiner enormen Persönlichkeit konnte er dafür sogar eine große Hörerschaft gewinnen. Außerdem war er ein fabelhafter Gitarrist.

Was macht Zappas Musik für den Komponisten und Arrangeur Colin Towns so attraktiv?
Colin Towns: Er beherrschte Ironie und Parodie, hat sämtliche Musikformen geplündert und melodische, harmonische und rhythmische Strukturen durcheinander gewirbelt. Alles ist möglich – das ist auch meine Devise. Zappa liebte – wie ich – Rock, Jazz und Klassik. Er kannte keine Angst - ich auch nicht. Er hat sich farbenreich, unterhaltsam und sehr amerikanisch für die Redefreiheit eingesetzt. Ich bin Europäer – mein buntester und gefährlichster Teil ist mein Stift.

Wie hast du diese Aspekte auf die NDR Bigband übertragen?
Colin Towns: Ich habe eine Menge Zappa-Platten gehört, die Musik Note für Note niedergeschrieben und geschaut, was in einer Bigband funktionieren könnte. Am Ende habe ich Zappas Ideen nicht 1:1 übernommen. Man kann ihn nicht kopieren. Ich will etwas von mir, von der NDR Bigband und ihren Solisten in Zappas Musik hineintragen.

Zappa konnte wie kein Zweiter provozieren. Du hast in England eine Plattenfirma mit dem Namen „Provocateur“. Was bedeutet Provokation für dich?
Colin Towns: In den Köpfen der Menschen genau das herauszufordern, was komfortabel und sicher scheint! Provokation um ihrer selbst willen ist aber sinnlos. Zappas Musik schafft es, dass du nachdenkst, Dinge in Frage stellst - und dabei noch lachst und eine gute Zeit hast. Frank Zappa hatte die bürgerliche Mittelschicht der 60er und 70er Jahre als Zielscheibe. Deren politische und sexuelle Verhaltensweisen hat er damals punktgenau getroffen.

Kann seine Musik heute noch schockieren?
Colin Towns: Ich glaube nicht. Aber wer weiß, ob wir die engstirnige und bedrückende Zeit ohne ihn so gut überwunden hätten.

Von Zappa stammt der berüchtigte Satz: "Der Jazz ist nicht tot - er riecht nur etwas komisch.“ Wäre Zappa noch unter uns, was würdest du ihm entgegnen?
Colin Towns: Es gibt heute so viele fantastische Jazzmusiker. Nur: Die großen Firmen öffnen ihnen die Tür nicht mehr weit genug. Das macht es schwer. Am Schluss entscheiden, wie so oft, die Buchhalter – wenn wir uns nicht mit Kreativität dagegen wehren. Mit Visionen können wir neue Türen finden. Wer nur zurückblickt, der hat keine Zukunft. Ich will zurück und nach vorne schauen.

Wie riecht denn Zappas Musik nach all den Jahren?
Colin Towns: Immer noch nach einem großen Abenteuer! Du musst dir nur die Ohren waschen und sie hereinlassen. (Interview: Stefan Gerdes)



Thanks to Alessandro, here's some news from Italy, with links to the italian Frank Zappa site:

- pictures from the ORCHESTRA SPAZIALE concert (featuring LAGUNABLE' Singer as special guest) are available at the url:à-persiceto2004-2.htm

- a brand new book on Frank Zappa, written by Alessandro Pizzin:

« Frank Zappa » di Alessandro Pizzin
Collana Rock Legends - Editori Riuniti

More info atà.htm


THE KENEALLIST - July 26, 2004

JULY 26 2004 12:41 Pm
by Mike Keneally

I wanted to say hi to every one of you who've been hanging in with us for the past few years of music and things.  Y'know (he said, loosening his tie Paul Anka-style), time can take its toll and hardly anyone has the time anymore to listen to and think about music the way they did when they were younger. <Paul Anka mode off> The fact that you've been enjoying the work we're doing and spreading the word about it is really significant to us.  It's fantastic.  Thanks for the time and energy and good feelings, everybody.

In our lurching way Exowax is gearing up for our concentrated promotional efforts on behalf of "Dog" and "The Universe Will Provide."  We've had a lot of consecutive uninterrupted creative projects ("Parallel Universe," which is the companion album to "The Universe Will Provide," has just been completed and it's, to use a Fripp expression, a hummer) and we are now fully realigning our aim in preparation for the promotion of said efforts.  God help us all. will launch soon.  We have a lot of new friends helping us to catalyze our efforts, so we're feeling good.  The air is buzzing in general these days so it's a good time to get some new things done. 

Maybe we'll be organizing some kind of street team again?  We'll talk about that. 

Thanks everyone, seriously --- we love you......and now, a series of promotional messages from Exowax, to you ~~~~~  Mike Keneally



This is going to be a good show - the first Potato gig since our recent festival gigs so we're really in a playing mood. I just got a new Rivera amplifier which sounds fantastic.  Long solos, ho.  (I use 'ho' in the 'land, ho' sense, of course; I didn't just call you a ho.)  For anyone frustrated that we keep playing in California and not in your town, we feel the pain brother and/or sister, and we're going to be touring again in a few months from now, and there'll some other special shows before then (many of which will involve Europe and the east coast of the US).  But for now, we're here, so:

Mike Keneally Band - Saturday, July 31, 2004 - The Baked Potato - 3787 Cahuenga Blvd. - North Hollywood, CA - 91604 - (818) 980-1615 - Open at 7:00 p.m. - Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

We surely hope that you can make it.  Signed, Uncle Pa.


A blast of new merchandise will claw its way towards you in a little while from now:

Keneally + Metropole Orkest
Mike Keneally's 52-minute composition for guitar and orchestra

Plus limited edition companion CD 

Only 20 Dollars for both CDs. 

Limited quantity, only from

Coming very soon! 

We'll be making this two-CD deal available online a few weeks BEFORE the worldwide retail release of "The Universe Will Provide" on September 7.  And "Parallel Universe" won't be available in stores.

You know how happy we are with "The Universe Will Provide," and we're just as pleased with the new album "Parallel Universe."  I edited this together from studio outtakes from the "Provide" sessions, excerpts from the Holland Festival show at the Paradiso, and Finale/synthesizer demos of the compositions in early stages, with a lot of additional music not on the other album.  Plus a few moments from peoples' houses, studio hallways, hotel rooms, parking lots etc.  This is a solid presentation of studio and live sounds, a streaming vessel of otherwise unavailable music served in a tart forty-minute cup.  I'm having trouble believing I just wrote that.  You can see more information about this album at


Coming really soon.

For you see - there is haunting new clothing on the horizon including the assertive new "Dog/PLAY LOUD" T-shirt, and the beautiful new "Universe Will Provide" shirts for both ladies and men.  Declare your dogged faith in the universe in spite of troubling odds with these luxurious garments, or things. 

Still only 20 dollars a shirt (23 for XXL) and they're really nice.  Have you seen how much T-shirts cost as most bands' gigs these days?  Insanity.   I'd buy two of these instead if I were you.

IN THE NEXT KENEALLIST - we'll tell you exactly when this material will go on sale at   Thanks for your kind attention, signed David Cross*


*not really


I just realized that we're getting The Movie Channel.  "Lord, Love A Duck"!  Sweet!!   Now if they show "The Impossible Years" too I'll be in heaven. 
(not a promotional message)


The Fripp reference above wasn't an accident - I've been steeping myself in all eras of King Crimson lately.  Funny how one band or artist will take over all your listening time every once in a while.  I think I'm heading on a Miles Davis binge next.  Place your order for the next binge I should go on after that at the Usenet newsgroup   (Hi everyone at ammk - I haven't been posting lately because I changed my ISP and haven't decided on the best way to access Usenet, but I'll figure that out soon.  Hi!)  There's a recording of the Larks' Tongue-era Crimson with Jamie Muir playing an improv called "The Rich Tapestry Of Life" on one of the Collectors' Club releases.  Boy it's good.
(not a promotional message)


I'll be doing a solo gig in LA in August:

Mike Keneally SOLO - Tuesday, August 17th, 2004  - Level One - 6311 Wilshire (near Crescent Heights) - Los Angeles, CA 90048

I'm getting some ideas about putting together some strange backing tracks to play along with at this show.  There may be props.  This could be weird.  I'll tell you some more about it in the next Keneallist.

This has been a proper promotional message from Exowax Recordings.  Exowax.  For those special times.


They're rolling up the knapsacks, buckaroos, so I'll just be moseying on out of here. 

Thank you!

Mike Keneally


Today's poem is called :M and M (not that one): and is a tribute to the Mats/Morgan album :On Air With Guests:

M and M (not that one)

Boy howdy, bungling jangle, effervescing, mingus mangle
Tower power, clanging me.  Actu'l size and barnstorm'd bee.

Gliding guides M'n'M, how now pow pow, pow pow, pow.



  • pipco: powertrio
        (2002, 2cdr, italy, pipcoville)
    • Luc Reniers was kind enough to lend me his copy of this excellent album.
      Good grief, why haven't we heard this before? "Powertrio" collects two concerts the band gave (as a trio) in 1999. Guitar, bass and drums. No vocals on this one, just instrumental Zappa. A tip the hat to Paolo Guiducci who's guitar playing is absolutely superb.

      You need this. I need this.

      Now where the ^$ùµ*%£ can I get a copy?


The Ralph Gang says:

"So if you were amongst the first 475 folks to get a copy of The 12 Days of Brumalia, and would like a "properly printed" digipak cover (sans cd), you can do that now. Just be sure to take the short quiz before ordering. They are free (except for shipping, unless yer ordering something else, then they're free)."

Check out for details.


  • h-mungus: in there garage
        (2004, cdr, usa, private release) = roy estrada
    • From the "In There Garage" liner notes:

      During this time I was living and raising my son in Colorado, I found some time and I went to a club in Ft.Collins, Co. There is where I met Mark. He was plaing in a group that were doing cover songs. There performance of the songs was done tastefulle, so on there break I introduced myself, to the Mark Radley, the guitar player.
      "You played with Little Feat, they are my favorite group".
      So as time went on, he eventually stopped performing with that group, and we started getting together, jamming in the garage. He had introduced me to Tim, by this time and later brought in Stan. I was having fun, being back into music, since my last time, doing that '75-'76 tour with Frank Zappa.
      After we got these songs, fairly worked out, we recorded them in the same garage we had put them together. And this is the result of our messing around. I hope you enjoy listening to them.

      My sincere thank to you as fans,

      Roy Estrada"



Celebrating his new album, Sul Divano will give a concert on the first of August, playing the music of Sul Divano and Frank Zappa:

tony moliterni: guitar, director & arrangements
octavio caruso: guitar
gonzalo levin: alto sax
fabio goy: alto sax
marcos cabezaz: marimba
rafael surijón: bass
javier atencio: drums
daniel buzni: vocals

  • 2004/08/01 concert 'la revuelta', capital federal, argentina



Patrick Neve says:

I just got a Deke Dickerson CD called "Mr. Entertainment" which includes:

World's Greatest Sinner - Demo, previously unreleased

It's great!  Not just the Sinner, the whole thang.

-- Patrick

Last time, I included this nice picture of our Mothers. Wasn't sure about the names, but Charles Ulrich was kind enough to help me out:

Aynsley Dunbar, FZ, George Duke, Howard Kaylan, Ian Underwood and Jeff Simmons.
Mark Volman is off-camera. The photo was taken in June 1970.


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