the big nOte files - june 2004

Updated June 6, 15, 17 & 20, 2004

ZZZZZ a short chat with R.Stevie Moore
ZZZZZ The Ike Willis Project in concert 2004/05/30, a review by slime.oofytv.set
ZZZZZ Ed Palermo & Project/Object, incl. Palermo pics from Bonn
ZZZZZ Bruce Bickford - Monster Road
ZZZZZ John Trubee's back: performing, writing songs, ... the whole lot
ZZZZZ Here's a nice little picture of Robert Martin and Dr.Dot
ZZZZZ Primus plays Zappa
ZZZZZ More on the latest Residents releases
ZZZZZ George Duke band
ZZZZZ The Ensemble Ambrosius is performing Zappa in Brugge, Belgium
ZZZZZ The (or should I say 'Die') Beistelltische in concert in Germany
ZZZZZ Frogg Cafe and The Wrong Object will be sharing the bill in Liege, 2004/08/01
ZZZZZ Cosmik Debris in concert with Jimmy Carl Black
ZZZZZ The Troupe will perform Zappa in the Netherlands
ZZZZZ The Grandmothers' tourdates have changed !!!
ZZZZZ Hands recorded Frank Zappa's 'Aybe Sea'  (in 1976, when they were still called Prism)
ZZZZZ Zappa radio show in Maine, every Sunday evening ??
ZZZZZ Hardscore has a new album out
ZZZZZ Andre Lewis is back
ZZZZZ Kris Peterson
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp - part two: more info about the August 21 concert
ZZZZZ "Mother's Day Freak Out" in Buffalo - setlists
ZZZZZ The Divertimento Ensemble performed Frank Zappa's Yellow Shark Suite
ZZZZZ Captain Beefheart featured on a DVD sampler
ZZZZZ Joe Satriani has a new album out
ZZZZZ The Muffin Men and Ensemble 10:10 will be performing When Worlds Collide in concert this month !!
ZZZZZ Ace 9 's "Burgers By Satellite" includes a Zappa clue
ZZZZZ Residents newsflash from RalphAmerica
ZZZZZ Zappa bootlegs
ZZZZZ Lots of additions & corrections to the site (thanx to Charles Ulrich)
ZZZZZ White Beans
ZZZZZ The Metropolis Orchestra in concert, but they also have a new album out !!
ZZZZZ The Keneallist, Mike Keneally newsletter - June 1, 2004
ZZZZZ New album by Jeff Simmons
ZZZZZ The Grandmothers on tour again
ZZZZZ Afroskull news
ZZZZZ John Trubee's quotes for the day
ZZZZZ Sul Divano has a new album out
ZZZZZ The Lama Home Band has a new album out
ZZZZZ The Zappanale program
ZZZZZ Frank Zappa: The Classic Interviews
ZZZZZ The Elder Conservatorium Wind Ensemble will perform Zappa in Australia
ZZZZZ New Zappa album = available
ZZZZZ Corrie en de Grote Brokken is touring
ZZZZZ The Foolz
ZZZZZ The Paul Green School Of Rock Music on tour with Napoleon Murphy Brock
ZZZZZ news from the Hungarian Frank Zappa Association
ZZZZZ lots of news from Chris Opperman
ZZZZZ R.Stevie Moore
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp news
ZZZZZ Wite Lite performed Zappa's San Berdino and Cosmik Debris in concert
ZZZZZ the new residents releases
ZZZZZ The Graphiose Band, this time with a link that works
ZZZZZ Vai: The Aching Hunger
ZZZZZ and the concert calendar



short bits - more info soon

- Frank You Thank volume 2 is out
- Joe Satriani has a new album out: "Is There Love In Outer Space?"
- LeBocal has issued a mini-cd to promote their Zappa album
- Rumour has it that there's a (bootleg)DVD of Zappa scheduled called "Halloween 1981", and another one called "The Torture Never Stops", with the KCTV special.
- The Nasal Retentive Orchestra is working on a new album
- German band Sheik Yerbouti has a new album scheduled
- And Dutch band B'wana Dik is recording a new album as well.



What do you mean? You don't have the "Lemme Take You To The Beach" album yet?

You don't talk Surf? Nope, that's no excuse. Order your copy today.

Here's a short chat with R.Stevie Moore, musician,  improviser, composer, arranger, ... and contributor to "Lemme Take You To The Beach".

UM: Hello mister Moore. Please fill us in. Who are you & where are you from?

RSM: Robert Steven Moore, fiddy two since fiddy two, from Nashville Tennessee, now imprisoned in New Jersey. I'm not living very extravagantly, I'll tell you fer sure.

UM: What kind of music do you normally play? Are you a Surf kind of person or band? Is it your way of life? Do you really want to live in California?

RSM: I normally play styles A to Z. What else is there? I dunno what a Surf kind of person is, but I think I recognize what a Surf kind of person USED to be. I could've been one back then, were I not so
landlocked. I always enjoyed visiting Florida's sunny beaches, but never dreamed of mounting a surfboard. Oh, I was a pretty good water-skiier (pulled across the lake on a fast motorboat). So, no, it is not my way of life. Yes, I want to live in California very much so. What else is there?


UM: Do you have records out?

RSM: I have records IN. Boxes full.

UM: How did you find out about Alan's Zappa Surf Project?

RSM: I was privileged to have an LP released on Alan's Cordelia label in 1987, so we've been mates for eons.

UM: Were you already playing a Zappa Surf Classic before you heard of Alan's project, or did you start working on it after you found out about the project? Have you played other Zappa compositions?

RSM: I quickly worked up & recorded my new submission immediately upon receiving his kind invitation. I have played FZ songs since I bought Freak Out on its orig date of issue. Recorded a handfull as well.

UM: How did you choose the Zappa composition? Is it your favourite Zappa composition or just the one that needs a Surf Treatment?

RSM: "Cruising for Burgers", always a personal fave, how it closes side 3 of Uncle Meat. Funny, there was some recent discussion of this tune on an FZ newsgroup, folks typically trying to rank their favorite (of the many released) versions, and them mostly preferring later live 'band' remakes. Not me, no way. My new instro interpretation mirrors the (superior) original MOI version, but not nearly 'surfy' as much as downright 'clunky'! The difference between us is not very far.

UM: Thank you, mister Moore. And it is indeed a very fine 'Cruising For Burgers' that you play on "Lemme Take You To The Beach".

for Moore info:  -



    From slime.oofytv.set, may 30, 2004

Review of Ike Willis Project may-28-04 show at the 12 galaxies in san fran:

Show was full of surprises, got there as the warmup act was warming up; the guy on stage looked familiar, on closer inspection it was Ray White's & his trio - that's right you heard right - Ray's lookin rather dapper these days, played a short set including a sweet rendition of 'City Of Tiny Lights' (Ray sang it before Belew) plus a couple a brazillian-flavored songs, the rest were straight on blues chicago style, bass player & 2nd/lead guitarist both young & talented locals.

About a hundred people showed up by the time Ike took the stage with a new band including his wife on percussion/backing vocals plus a guitarist/bass/drummer...Ike mixed it up, scattering half a dozen Zppa with his own stuff plus an irie cover of Marley's runnin away, crowd was hoppin... Hey why do a reggae vamp when you can do the real thing, & Ike's voice was...uhhh...well... Ike's voice; can't beat it with a fuckin lead-filled snowshoe; playin with Frank all those years shows up in his own guitar playing, he gave us a good taste of FZ: 'son of orange county', 'lucille', 'filthy habits', and 'black napkins'...Ray joined him onstage for 'outside now' then split.

Good time had by all, Ike's comin back this summer with Paul Green & co. Plus i got Ike & Ray to autograph my thingfish booklet ;) ....



The above picture shows the Ed Palermo Big Band in action at the Opernvorplatz in Bonn, 2004/06/12. An open-air afternoon concert.
The picture below was taken at the late concert at the Opernhaus, also in Bonn, 2004/06/12, and shows the incredible Napoleon Murphy Brock blowing his horn.
Pictures taken by Ive  (thank you !)

Way too late, but I only received this on the first of June...  Sorry

Andre Cholmondeley says:


It's tonight folks!!! TUES JUNE 1

-- Project Object UNPLUGGED -- in NYC!!

Tues Jun 1 - doors 6pm
BB King Blues Club & Grill

A Double bill -WITH the Ed Palermo Big Band....featuring Zappa/Mothers alumni Napoleon Murphy Brock on Vocals + Sax !!!

Come hear some classic Zappa music... Rendered on Acoustic guitars/Mandolins/Violin/bass... Then with a HORN DRIVEN BIG BAND !!!

PROJECT OBJECT UNPLUGGED --Set time 7­ 8pm  -  $20 tix

Zappa music.... ACOUSTIC!!

Andre Cholmondeley * Jordan Shapiro * Dave Johnsen * Seahag

Special guest Dennis Lichtman and other members of Jordan's band ASTROGRASS




Doors @ 6PM         Project Object at 7pm-8pm  -  All Tix $20.00

Ed Palermo Website <>
Napoleon Brock Website <>

For the past nine years, Ed Palermo and a 20+ piece band consisting of the greatest musicians in New York and beyond have paid tribute to the music of Ed's hero, Frank Zappa.

When Frank Zappa died, Ed decided to put his own music on hold so he could pay tribute to his hero. Spending countless hours figuring this amazing music out, Ed's labor of love culminated in a nine year run at New York City's prominent nightclub, the Bottom Line.

This show will be their first concert back since July of 2003.


Jim Haverkamp says:

"Monster Road" will be playing in Los Angeles at the LA Film Festival on June 22 & 24.

Bruce Bickford is going to be there in person, and we're trying like hell to have a packed house.

Here's the schedule:
Tues, June 22 - 9:30 pm, Laemmle Sunset Theatre 2, 8000 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood
Thurs, June 24 - 5:15 pm, DGA Theatre 2, 7920 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood

There is more info at our web site:

Also, Gerry Fialka is going to screen a rarely-seen Bickford film from the mid-80s, "Prometheus' Garden" on June 23 at the Sponto Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave in Venice. Bruce will also be there in person to press the flesh. More info on that screening can be found at:


John Trubee has been extremely busy. Remember his HAWAIIAN TAN RATFACE from a little while ago...

Well, seems that Trubee is back performing with his Ugly Janitors Of America, writing lots of songs and is planning to record some tracks in a studio in a (hopefully) near future.

They played a gig at 'Kimo's' in San Francisco, June 4, 2004, featuring:

  • John Trubee--Electric Guitar & Groovy Vibrations for the NOW GENERATION

  • Laurie Amat--Vox Extraordinaire & Tambourine

  • Mike McKevitt--Electric Bass

  • Andy Rosa—Drums

  • Chris Cortese—Keyboards

  • Erik Gergis--Keyboards (if we can locate him!)

For more info e-mail John Trubee at <>


Good to have you back, John.


jimmie d. sent me this very nice pic of Robert Martin and Dr.Dot.
It's a pitty that it's so small.


Primus has performed Frank Zappa's 'Dumb All Over' live. The recording of this concert was released through their primusconcerts site.
  • 2004/05/29 concert 'verizon wireless amphitheater', irvine, ca, usa

    • setlist

      • set 1: sgt. baker * nature boy * american life * the carpenter and the dainty bride * my name is mud * dumb all over (frank zappa) * those damned blue-collar tweekers * yyz

      • set 2: to defy the laws of tradition * groundhog's day * too many puppies * mr. knowitall * frizzle fry * john the fisherman * you can't kill michael malloy * the toys go winding down * pudding time * sathington willoughby * drum and whamola jam * spegetti western * harold of the rocks * to defy

      • encore: jerry was a race car driver

    • first show of the hallucino-genetics tour.

    • this concert was released by primus on their primusconcert website

Info taken from the forum.

More info soon.


In the meantime, "The 12 Days Of Brumalia" has been released.  Appearantly, the copies that have been sent out thus far, have a wrong cover. The manufacturer made a mistake and switched some pictures and used the wrong ink...
Ralphamerica says that all the 'wrong' covers that have been sent out will be replaced, but admits that they have created another 'hard to find' edition.
Is this another (carefully planned) attempt to get fans to buy the releases as soon as they come out... If so, I think it's a nice one. And I wish I had ordered mine sooner...

Here's the message:

Hi Ralph Friend,

A word or two to shed a little light on the incident de la Botch.

As reported on the bog ( the manufacturer screwed up the 12 Days of Brumalia covers. Anyone that has one now, or who has ordered one recently has a "botched" cover. In fact we'll probably be sending out the "botched covers" for the next few days. Here is a definition of "botched" in this case.

The cover is inside out (as in, the eyeball in the triangle was supposed to be under the disc tray, but it's on the front cover), and as if this weren't enough...the printer seems to have left out the BLACK INK. So the color is completely wrong.

However, we wanted you to enjoy the 12 Days of Brumalia in time for summer solstice. So we're sending out what we have in stock. By next week we should have properly printed covers. All orders after the new covers arrive will be in the corrected cover. We will also have enough covers available to send to those who have the "botched" covers (sans cd of
course.) You'll just have to pay for postage, or we can throw one in to yer next order. We won't be numbering the replacement covers, as you have the number on the botched cover, and, well, unfortunately that will be more rare than the real cover (there's the irony of the situation.)

If you didn't know what to look for, you wouldn't know it was botched. However, Big Brother took the news a little harder than we imagined he might, and reacted as he did on the bog.

Anyhow, we hope this clears up the whole botched up ordeal.

The Ralph Gang


For those of us who weren't at the concert of the George Duke band in Amsterdam, February 15, 2004, in 'Paradiso', Dutch radio 4 recently did a broadcast of this concert  in their "4FM In Concert" series.
  • 2004/06/13 radio show "4fm in concert" -- = the 2004/02/15 concert 'paradiso', amsterdam, the netherlands

90 minutes of jazz & funk as only mister duke can play it...


The Ensemble Ambrosius will be performing in Brugge, Belgium in a couple of days. Will this coincide with the first meeting of the Belgian Zappa Association? ;-)

I know that I will be there and that you, if you are within a reasonable distance, should try to be there as well.

Cucamonga, on Belgian Radio 1, is scheduled to broadcast a little piece of this concert on July 12, 2004.

  • 2004/06/25  concert 'concertgebouw', brugge, belgium
  • 2004/07/12 radio show "cucamonga", belgian national radio - broadcasting a piece of the 2004/06/25 concert


The Beistelltiche will be playing some concerts the next couple of days, check them out !!

2004/06/18 concert Pantheon, Bonn, germany
2004/07/09 concert Lumiere, Göttingen, germany
2004/07/11 concert: Lumiere, Göttingen, germany


Frogg Cafe (from New York) will be performing a show in Liege, Belgium, on 2004/08/01 (at 21:30 h), sharing the bill with The Wrong Object !!

Sunday, August 1st

Le cafe "Chez Bouldou"
15, rue Tete de Boeuf
4000 Liege, Belgium


Badblock says:

On the 17th of June, at 20h in Budapest in "!Zöld Pardon"(it means "Green Pardon", a legendary open-air club) Jimmy Carl Black will give a concert with Cosmik Debris (Hungarian Frank Zappa Memorial Band).


July 2, 2004, the Troupe, together with the Wervelwind Ensemble sextet and the Barbers & Bishops choir, will stage "Het Notenapparaat", performing works of Zappa, Sweelinck en Janácek. This concert will be part of the Juttersfestival at Wijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands.

This isn't the first time that the Troupe takes on Zappa's music. Last year, at the same Juttersfestival, they performed "Joe's Garage".

  • 2004/07/02 performance "het notenapparaat", wijk aan zee, the netherlands


  • hands: the early years
        (2000, cdr, usa, shroom productions)
    • During their early years, prog rock band Hands was called Prism, or even Ibis.
      As Ibis (read 1974), they performed (and recorded) Frank Zappa's 'Aybe Sea' at a rehearsal. The track can be found on this limited cdr release.

-- Info: Luc Reniers


Kilissa says:

I just heard from this guy in Maine that said there is a two-hour all-Zappa radio show on Sunday evenings where he lives. I don't know any more details.


  • hardscore: monkey trial  (4)
        (2004, cd, spain, margen records)
    • It has been four long years since Hardscore's latest album, but they're back. And how.
      I saw Hardscore perform "Monkey Trial" about three years ago and I was quite impressed. I remember it being a co-operation between Hardscore and a theatre company, pieces of theatre and music. Wasn't too happy with the theatre bit, but the music was great.
      The album "Monkey Trial" reflects on the relationship between mankind and his ancester, the ape. It takes the Tennessee Monkey Trial even one step further. Meet Buba,Washoe and Binti and let them tell you their story.
      Composer Frank Nuyts and Hardscore did an excellent job. A perfect mixture between text and composition.
      This is essential listening!!



Andre Lewis is back. He recently moved to L.A. and want you to know that if you somehow lost contact with him, his new e-mail address is


From: Chris Codish

I was just on the zappa site and thought I'd give you some info about Kris Peterson. She's a vocalist currently residing in Michigan and is not the same Chris as the person who mixed the records you referred to. She was last playing in Detroit with a band called Blue Spirit Tribe. They are no longer together. I think she's still performing around the area.


May 5, 2004, the "Mother's Day Freak Out" took place at 'Nietzsche's', in Buffalo, NY, USA. Three bands participated. Here are the setlists:

  • 2004/05/08 The Mothers Brothers - "Mother's Day Freak Out" - concert 'nietzsche's', buffalo, usa 

    • motherly love * bow tie daddy * duke of prunes * dirty love * trouble every day * harder than yer husband * muffin man * drafted again

  • 2004/05/08 The Voice of Cheez  - "Mother's Day Freak Out" - concert 'nietzsche's', buffalo, usa 

    • cleetus awreetus * my guitar wants to kill your mama * i'm the slime * joe's garage * flower punk * cheepnis * status back baby * dirty love * daddy daddy daddy * we are not alone * orange county * trouble every day * lucille * suzy creamcheese * sofa * what will this evening * strictly genteel * yellow debris * village of the sun * hot plate heaven

  • 2004/05/08 Ugly Radio Rebellion - "Mother's Day Freak Out" - concert 'nietzsche's', buffalo, usa

    • peaches * camarillo brillo * dirty love * more trouble * zomby woof * my guitar wants to kill your mama * king kong * zoot allures * outside now * carolina hardcore ecstacy * cosmik debris * i'm the slime * willie the pimp

and here's a picture of The Voice Of Cheez from that very same concert:

and there's more:

Allentown Art Festival
"Unofficial" Event

Voice of Cheez
performs music by Frank Zappa
Saturday, June 12
5:00 pm * One Set Only
at Nietzsche's
248 Allen Street, Buffalo, New York, USA

Spread the Word


(I know, I'm too late with this, the concert was Saturday June 12. Sorry, but I couldn't get it out any sooner.) 

Kilissa (from the Voice Of Cheez) added:

"We did our June 12 show. We had an amazing turnout--over 200 people. It was at 5:00 pm, in the midst of a huge annual neighborhood art festival. But the crowd that came in to hear us was ALL for Zappa and Voice of Cheez. Very attentive and enthusiastic. The word is spreading."




1998/11/07 the Divertimento Ensemble performed Frank Zappa's Yellow Shark Suite. The concert also got broadcast on Italian FM radio RAI-3.

the Divertimento Ensemble, cond. Sandro Gorli

  • 1998/11/07 concert 'piccolo teatro di catania', catania, italy
    • dog breath variations * uncle meat * outrage at valdez * III revised * the girl in the magnesium dress * bebop tango * ruth is sleeping * none of the above * questi cazzi di piccione * get whitey * g-spot tornado
    • broadcast on italian radio RAI 3
    • a 41-minute recording of this radio show circulates

Here's some extra info, as put together by Bengt:

from N-Lite:

Divertimento Ensemble - Yellow Shark
7-Nov, 1998, Piccolo Teatro di Catania, Catania, Italy

The performance of the "Yellow Sark" by the Divertimento Ensemble contucted by Sandro Gorli, was kept very close to the original scores of the piece and to Ali Askin's arrangements and instrumentation, nonwithstanding a very few minor "mistakes", probably due to the lack of familiarity with FZ music of some of the musicians.

In an interview after the concert the maestro Sandro Gorli has descibed his experience of trying to rent the scores and the arrangements from the ZFT as having been "terrible".

"We started 2 years ago with the idea of performing Zappa music and so we personnaly contacted his wife to check the possibilty to have the ensemble perform it as prestigious theatres like La Scala di Milano, in Roma, in Catania and Perugia. Also to have an idea of the costs to organize the concerts and the number of musicians that were to be involved. The firts reply was "we don't give out the music. Any good orchestra director would understand everthing just listening to the record".

"Eventually the intervent of Erich Lohner, who knew the Divertimento Ensamble, "unfreezed" things. Still we had to pay 10 million (Lire) in advance for three shows, which is very unusual, you usually pay after receiving the muisc, and had to wait more than two months to receive them... the cost of renting the music scores was about 3 times as much as usually requested by composers like Luciano Berio's publishers.

Usually its enough to mention it to the publishers and they're more than happy to send you the music in vision. Many of them just give it for free even if they want them back afterwards, but, in this case I had to risk myself, not knowing if and when the music would arrive... I understand that they try to protect Zappa's music by all those jackals interested in just using his name to make concerts, but they should also understand that there are people seriously interested in his music. They did about everything to discourage us..."

The first concert, held in Catania, was broadcasted by the italian FM Radio RAI-3.

This introdution was freely edited and translated by DK No. 20 the italian FZine by N-Lite

-- info: Bengt


Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band are featured on a new DVD release, entitled "Rockin' In The USA". The ad said:

22 rare German television appearances from American rock and blues acts of the 1960s and 70s.

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin' On * Chicago - I'm A Man * Iron Butterfly - Easy Rider * James Gang - Walk Away * MC5 - Kick Out The Jams * Captain Beefheart - I'm Gonna Booglarize You, Baby * America - Mad Dog * Fanny - Special Care * Spirit - 1984 * It's A Beautiful Day - Soapstone Mountain * Byrds - Eight Miles High * Poco - C'mon * Randy Newman - My Old Kentucky Home * Grateful Dead - One More Saturday Night * Blood, Sweat & Tears - Sail Away * Little Feat - Oh Atlanta * Beach Boys - California Girls * Steve Miller Band - Jackson Kent Blues * Doors - Tightrope Ride * Chuck Berry - Let It Rock * B.B. King - Heartbreaker * Canned Heat - Refried Boogie



  • joe satriani: is there love in space?
        (2004, cd, usa, epic 516155 2)
    • Yes, there's a new Joe Satriani album out. We've seen lots of Joe lately. DVD, G3 and all, and now there's "Is There Love In Space".
      Instrumental guitar music. If you liked his previous album, this 'll take you down the same road. My cup of tea.


Roddie 'Muffin Men' Gilliard says:

When Worlds Collide (that's the Muffin Men and Ensemble 10:10) play two special shows this month:

friday 2004/06/18 at the philharmonic hall, liverpool, uk

sunday 2004/07/27 at the glastonbury festival, in the afternoon on the jazz world stage


  • ace 9: burgers by satellite
        (2004, cd, ger, foxxy music fm cd 1650)
    • I saw Ace 9 once in Frankfurt. Years ago. When "The Yellow Shark" was performed by the Ensemble Modern.
      They played a lot of Zappa at the time. "Burgers By Satellite" presents their own material. Progressive Rock. Track 12 ends with the vocal chorus outro of Frank Zappa's 'Montana'. Funny & well-done. It's a pity that they didn't include more stuff like that.


Here's a newsflash from RalphAmerica:

Brumalia, solstice and a sweatshirt to boot...

Howdy Ralph friend.

Back in the winter, this music was available for just 12 days as free downloads. Now that the Summer Solstice is upon us, it is time to listen again. A Ralph America exclusive, this is a digipak single disc package limited (and hand numbered to 1000) edition. The only change between this edition and the MP3s, is that the quality of the audio here is not compressed, and therefore, quite superior. If yer a low number subscriber, this is another to add to your collection. Only $16.

NEW SWEATSHIRT - You asked for it, you got it. Here's the latest item that you've asked for: a new, black, zipper hooded sweatshirt. The eyeball is on the back (about 8" wide), the Residents logo is on the left breast (about 3.5" wide), and for the first pressing only, there is a bonus "miniprint" of Residue's "Mountain head man" (about 2" high)on the right

UPDATE>All of the titles on ESD are officially out of print. What we have here are the last copies available. Unless you find them used, you probably won't find them. There are a very limited amount of most of these titles. Keep in mind that we don't know when all these titles will come back into print. Only 5 titles will be repressed by Mute in the coming years, so get these now while you still can at reasonable prices.

that is all - and to all a good summer solstice

The Ralph Crew


  • frank zappa: edinboro 5/8/74
        (2004, 2cd-bootleg, usa, zipperman)
    • As the title suggests, this bootleg presents the 1974/05/08 concert from the mothers of invention in Edinboro.

      Nice cover, nice show... nothing new.

  • frank zappa: kc blues
        (2004, cd-bootleg, ??, fr004)
    • This is the Petit Wazoo Orchestra, recorded 1972/12/02 - early show, in Kansas City.

      Nice artwork, very fine show...


Info and corrections from Charles Ulrich :


  • white beans: southern rock
        (??, cdr, nl, private release)
    • Can a dutch band from the north of Holland play Southern Rock.
      Sure they can. And they can even include Frank Zappa's 'More Trouble Every Day' on their demo album.

  • white beans: a token of our extreme
        (??, cdr, nl, private release)
    • The recordings for this album were taken from two concerts.
      Take a look at the line-up and you'll immediately see, that the White Beans got quite a bit of support for these concerts.
      All the Zappa classics are present. From 'Cosmik Debris' to 'Montana'.


A bit too late, I know, but I only got the info the first of june, and I need a bit of time to put it all up...

The Metropolis Orchestra, an excellent band from Italy, performed Zappa's music in concert at 'scimmie' in Milano, Italy.

Now don't forget that they also have a new album out, called "Uncle Beat". Haven't heard it yet, but I hope to give you more info real soon.



news from Mike Keneally: THE KENEALLIST  -  June 1, 2004  -


The first gig listed is tonight!

Taylor Acoustic Guitar Workshops

Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller
Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Sam Ash
20934 Roscoe Blvd.
Canoga Park, CA 91304
Admission Free!

Mike Keneally solo
Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Instrumental Music
3328 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Admission Free!

Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller
Thursday, June 3, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Guitar Center
23811 El Toro Road, Suite A
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Admission Free!


Friday, June 11, 2004
Umeå International Chamber Music Festival
Mike's Box
Mike Keneally with Jaan Wessman on bass and Schroeder on drums
Black Box NorrlandsOperan
Operaplan 9, Umeå, Sweden
10:00 p.m.
Info: +46 (0) 90-15 43 47


Monday, June 14, 2004
Umeå International Chamber Music Festival
Mike's Ba'rock
Mike Keneally with London Baroque, Ensemble Ambrosius, Jaan Wessman, Schroeder and Napoleon Murphy Brock
Black Box NorrlandsOperan
Operaplan 9, Umeå, Sweden
10:00 p.m.
Info: +46 (0) 90-15 43 47

The show on the 14th will feature two new chamber works I've written especially for this festival, "Madge" and "Crumb."  Over the past weekend I worked on these pieces with Chris Opperman, whose orchestrational contributions were brilliant as usual.

Also this past weekend I played on Doug Lunn's solo album and did a gig with Neil Sadler which featured Bruce Fowler and Kurt McGettrick – a rockin' gig it was too.  Thanks Doug and Neil.


Boy, have we learned a lot about making DVDs these past few months…the good news is work is officially truly so outrageously close to done on the Dog DVD and we will really truly be shipping the special edition very very freakin' soon.   I know a lot of you have been waiting to hear the music and check out the DVD, and your wait is so nearly over you can taste it.

"Dog", the special edition and the standard single-CD edition, begins shipping this month, and will be available for sale online.  It will be available at retail outlets a bit later, though, probably October, to make way for the worldwide release of "The Universe Will Provide" on September 7 ("TUWP" will be available in the Benelux countries this month).  Scott and I had a wonderful week in Holland last month – thanks to Co de Kloet, Steve Vai, Bryan Beller, J, Pieter van Hoogdalem and all our friends.

-- Mike Keneally


I told you last time that Jeff Simmons released a new album, didn't I? Visit for more info. Here's the cover artwork to get you started:

More info soon.

I also reworked his entry in UM. Hope it shows.



The Grandmothers will be touring Europe next month. I hope Bunk will take part in this tour, but this isn't confirmed as of yet.

Those of you who saw our Grandmothers earlier this year, know what to expect !! Don't miss this one !!

Don Preston: vocals, piano, synth
Napoleon M.Brock: vocals, tenor sax, flute
Roy Estrada: vocals, electric bass
Ken Rosser: guitar
Chris Garcia: drums
  • 2004/07/25 concert Zappanale
  • 2004/07/26 concert ‘roxy’, flensburg, germany
  • 2004/07/27 concert ‘kantine’, köln, germany

  • 2004/07/28 concert ‘sinkkasten’, frankfurt, germany

  • 2004/07/29. concert ‘objekt 5’, halle, germany

  • 2004/07/30. concert ‘star club’, dresden, germany

  • 2004/08/01. concert ‘fabrik’, hamburg, germany

  • 2004/08/02. concert ‘knaack’, berlin, germany

  • 2004/08/04. concert ‘b72’, wien, austria, germany

  • 2004/08/05. concert ‘sudhaus’, tübingen, germany

  • 2004/08/06. concert ‘café central’, weinheim, germany

  • 2004/08/07. concert ‘faust’, hannover, germany



Afroskull is doing good, they played a gig at the Parkside Lounge, June 4th 2004; they were featured on the Randi Rhodes show and they have a show scheduled in New Orleans on August 7.

Randi Rhodes, the goddess of talk radio, is the afternoon drive host on the new Air America Radio network (, which just happens to be where Afroskull's drummer works.  One thing led to another, and before we knew it Randi was gushing praise for Afroskull on the air while featuring "Kill Whitey" from our CD Monster for the Masses.  For those who haven't heard, Air America is a new progressive talk radio network heard on eleven radio stations (including 1190AM in New York), XM and Sirius satellite radio, and is the number one provider of talk radio content on the internet.

In the hour after Randi mentioned us we got a big spike in website visits! Thanks Randi! Check out our Sounds page ( to hear a clip of what happened.

Unfortunately you can't download individual tracks.  But you can get MONSTER FOR THE MASSES in its entirety at Apple's I-Tunes music store, thanks to CD Baby.

Afroskull returns to New Orleans - Saturday, August 7the at the Maple Leaf. More details to come next month.  Awww, yeah.


"If Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are the type of people I'll meet in heaven then I'd much rather go to the other place."


"Wouldn't it be funny if we discovered that drug dealers also secretly owned and profited from rehab centers? What an ingenious marketing scheme! That they'd keep the addicts churning on an endless, miserable, meaningless treadmill for their own benefit exemplifies the American Way."

--John Trubee


Sul Divano has a new album out. Haven't heard it yet, but it does include some Zappa stuff.

The album was presented at a concert that was held the 4th of June in 'La Revuelta', somewhere in Argentina.

My God, Great Artwork. Can't wait to hear ti.
More info soon.

Here's the data for the first Sul Divano album:

-- info: Luc Reniers


There's a new album out by The Lama Home Band. And Kim added that there are new albums by Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangroo, Blutch and Modern Bog in the pipeline as well. Can hardly wait...

More info soon.


It's about time that I started making a lot of noise about the next edition of Zappanale. Here we go:

Thursday, 22.07.2004

Kamptheater 20:00 ...warm up
(Special Event. Tickets only available from the Kamptheater)

Remko Serban (Netherlands)
Guitar + vocals (Zappacheers)

Billy The Mountain
A movie by Jürgen Fischer (Germany)
Music: Captain Ahab
Followed by a special lecture by a secret "Stone-ethnologist", assisted by Zappa-expert, Jim Cohen (USA)

Friday, 23.07.2004

Kamptheater 12:00
(Special Event. Tickets only available from the Kamptheater)

Jim Cohen - Zappa Expert (USA)
Talk about FZ

Festival ground - Horse Track 14:00

The Foolz (Netherlands)
Winner of the online-vote.

Arf (Switzerland)
A power-trio that combines FZ, Mr. Bungle, King Crimson and Edgar Varese

Frogg Café featuring Ed Mann (USA)
Five excellent musicians from New York joined by Ed Mann. Influenced by FZ, Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Stravinsky and Coltrane. With Ed Mann' s percussion, this will be an exciting concert.

Mats/Morgan Band (Sweden)
Intensive, intelligent and rhythmic instrumental-music from Sweden. A powerful band, they have a whole lotta experience on stage with many Zappa-alumni.

Ensemble Creativ (Germany)
17 musicians with a big horn section - a must for fans of jazz-orientated Zappa music.

Captain Ahab (Germany)
Classical rock 'n roll band with two guitars.

Saturday, 24.07.2004

Kamptheater 12:00
(Special Event. Tickets only available from the Kamptheater)

Daniel Rohr (Switzerland)
Homage to Lou Reed
Actor/director reads about the life and times of Lou Reed. A journey from the Velvet Underground to the present day.

Festival ground - Horse Track 13:30

Przasniczki (Poland)
For the first time, the Polish underground mixed with FZ live on the Zappanale-stage. They have already released four CDs; let's see what kind of a surprise this gig will be.

Cellomania (Germany)
They are called the 'German Apocalyptika'; four Celli playing FZ. Have you ever heard anything like it in your life?

The Wrong Object featuring Ed Mann (Belgium/USA)
A mix of psychedelic jazz and modern rock 'n roll, highly influenced by FZ, Gong and Soft Machine. They promise some extraordinary cover versions of Zappa's music.

Tornadoes (USA)
The rock music originals who initiated the Surf-music-wave in 1962 with their song "Bustin' Surfboards". They made a big comeback when their music was featured in the cult-movie "Pulp Fiction".

Daniel Rohr and friends (Switzerland)
Live performance of the Genesis concept-album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway', a milestone in the history of rock-music. Shurely one of this year's highlights.

Kraan (Germany)
Cult German band that headlined the Roskilde Festival with more than 80,000 fans. This year's Zappanale special guest will help you make it through the night.

Sunday 25.07.2004

Festival ground - Horse Track 11:00

Frank Goos - Surprise (Germany)
Frank Goos, a music teacher from Freiburg, is well known to Zappanale regulars. He tries to form a band with you. Yes, that's right - everyone is welcome to form a band, rehearse during the Zappanale, and come up on the stage. Your big chance to find yourself on this year's Zappanale CDs.

Ole Lukkoye (Russia)
Psychedelic-Ethno-Trance from St. Petersburg. Just the right thing to start a sunny Sunday.

The Grand Mothers (USA)
Don Preston, Roy Estrada, Bunk Gardner and Napoleon Murphy Brock - no need to say anything more about these excellent musicians and former Mothers of Invention. We are happy to have them back on stage again.

Zappa Graduates (Sweden)
FZ played by an orchestra. 20 music students from Sweden, who were the highlight of last year's UMEA festival.

Ed Mann & friends (USA/Europe)
Ed Mann's Zappanale debut with a specially formed band of musicians from all over Europe.

A Zappanale tradition: every musician who wants to, comes on stage for a never-ending jam session


Chrome Dreams presents this brand-new release called "Frank Zappa: The Classic Interviews". The CD includes interviews that Frank Zappa gave to Guitar Magazine journalist Stephen Rosen between 1978 and 1982.

Comes with a nice booklet, looks good and sounds good as well. I really like Stephen Rosen's comments, how he looks back on the whole thing. (It was quite an experience for him.) Very neat little ditty.

More info at:

Check it out.


The Elder Conservatorium Wind Ensemble, conducted by Robert Hower, will perform Frank Zappa's 'The Dog Breath Variations' on June 24, 2004, in Adelaide, Australia.


  • 2004/06/24 concert 'elder hall', university of adelaide, adelaide, south australia
    • incl. 'the dog breath variations' (frank zappa)


Here it is, out of the blue, number 72:
Joe's Corsage

not many details yet, but it is available through!!

  1. "pretty pat"

  2. motherly love

  3. plastic people

  4. anyway the wind blows

  5. i ain't got no heart
       (2 - 5 = mothers 1965 demos)

  6. a. "the phone call"
    b. my babe

  7. wedding dress song / handsome cabin boy

  8. hitch hike
       (6a - 8 = original mothers)

  9. i'm so happy i could cry

  10. go cry on somebody else's shoulder

  11. how could i be such a fool
       (9 - 11 = more mothers, more demos)

  12. "we made our reputation doing it that way"

-- info: slime.oofytv.set


Corrie en de Grote Brokken did / is doing a couple of concerts:
  • 2004/05/25 - 29 concert 'frascati', amsterdam, nl
  • 2004/05/30 concert "elastiek muziek" festival, hilvarenbeek, nl
  • 2004/06/05 concert "schelde jazz festival", terneuzen, nl

I caught them yesterday (2004/05/30) and they were great. Rain, yes, the whole set through, but it didn't scare the audience away. Lots of new material - sounding absolutely great in my zappa-trained ears...

This new show will be touring Holland in 2005 ! Better keep your eyes out for this one.

If you're not familiar with Corrie van Binsbergen, listen to the latest NoneRadio show at They play 'I Wasn't Talking', Corrie's response to Zappa's 'Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar'.


Correction on the Foolz entry: the Foolz Fanclub site (hi Bas, hi Audry !) is at



Told you that the PGSORM has a new website:, and yes, they will be touring with  Napoleon Murphy Brock in the near future...



badblock says:

The Hungarian Frank Zappa Association is proud to present the english test-version of this homepage. So as one of our aim is (as our Fundamental Rule says) to keep contact with freaks abroad (our Rule doesn't use this word...), so here it is, for YOU:


[Chris Opperman Mailing List - May 27th, 2004] - Episode #19: Did Somebody Mention Bees?!


  • Steve Vai's "The Aching Hunger" a Major Success!

  • "Concepts of Non-linear Time" Update 

  • "The Universe Will Provide" Update

  • "Discovering America" Fall '04 Oppy Solo Piano Tour

  • Upcoming Performances/Events

  • Other Performances


Steve Vai's "The Aching Hunger" a Major Success!

    I'm still totally hyped up from the concerts with Steve Vai and the Metropole Orchestra in Holland this past weekend.  What an unbelievable experience that was.  I'll be writing an essay soon about my experiences with photos and everything, but I'm really still way too close to it to say anything but "Wow."  3,000 people saw me play my ass off on the piano this weekend and listened to the orchestrations that Tom Trapp and I did.  Countless more people will hear it when it's broadcast on NPS Radio Holland this September and eventually released.  That's incredible.  The orchestra played great, I played mostly great, the audiences went completely insane (if we hadn't gone out and played "Kill the Guy With the Ball" again at the end of the first Paradiso show, I swear they would have rioted), and Steve was utterly inspired with every note that came out of his fingertips.  There were so many great things about what transpired.  Wow.  Hopefully we will be doing this again next year.

    Extra special thanks to Steve Vai, Co de Kloet, Marja Quak, Els le Febre, Dick Bakker & the Metropole Orchestra, Bryan Beller, Tom Trapp, and everyone else involved with making these concerts happen.  Wow.  We did it.

    P.S. If you ever decide to turn off your electricity before you go on a long trip, please remember to at least leave your fridge turned on.  Just FYI.


"Concepts of Non-linear Time" Update

     I know this could be confusing to some of you (especially those of you who are new), but after some thinking, we decided to change the name of my new album back to "Concepts of Non-linear Time" which was the original title.  So if you put in a pre-order for "No Memories, Please" already, don't be confused, it is the same album as "Concepts of Non-linear Time."  Barring any additional unforseen delays, Rich Pike and I will be getting together this weekend to put together the artwork for the album and we are pretty darn determined to finally get the CD's to your mailboxes by the beginning of July.  I'm not going to announce another release date until I actually have the CD's in my hands, but that's the plan, Stan.  If you haven't pre-ordered yet, you can still get in on the signed/numbered copies, by going here:

    Thank you so much in advance for your pre-order.  If you'd rather wait until the CD has actually been released, I totally understand and I apologize for the delay.  I really wanted to get it out before I went to Holland, but these kinds of things have a way of happening when they're meant to.


"The Universe Will Provide" Update

    While I was in Holland this month, the NPS Output/Favored Nations label was officially launched with a press-only pre-release of Mike Keneally's "The Universe Will Provide" featuring Keneally and the Metropole Orchestra, composed by Mike Keneally and featuring orchestrations by Mike and myself.  I was late for the party because I was practicing "The Murder - Prologue" although I eventually did go because my fingers started to hurt and I was hungry and I figured there'd be free food (There was. Yay!).  I missed the part where Mike thanked me, but that's okay because "practicing is much more important than having smoke blown up your ass" as Mike so eloquently put it.  Ha ha, I love that guy.  Here's the info on the album from

    Mike Keneally's first foray into orchestral composition, The Universe Will Provide is Mike's stunningly beautiful imaginary collaboration with himself at age eight. Commissioned by NPS Output and recorded during a sunny, dreamlike week in Holland, TUWP features the talents of the 52-piece Metropole Orchestra supporting Mike on guitar and keyboards. You have never heard any music like The Universe Will Provide.

    And that is very true.  There really hasn't ever been music that has sounded like this before.  I'm really extremely proud to have had played such an important role in making something like this happen.  It is a truly remarkable album and the packaging is really beautiful.  I loved everything about this project, from start to finish.  It's a shining example of what can happen in the world when everything goes right.  It's perfect.

    The album will be released in the Benelux countries in June and released in the rest of the world in August.


"Discovering America" Fall '04 Oppy Solo Piano Tour

    So if you want to be a musician mostly full-time, you've gotta sell records, and if you want to sell records, you've gotta go on tour.  So that is what I am going to do.   Starting in September I'm going to embark on a 2+ month mostly solo piano tour of the continental United States to promote my catalog.  Also, while I'm out, I'm going to interview people that I meet (one or two from each state) for a book called "Discovering America" that I hope will be an accurate, bi-partisan portrait of the American people leading up to the 2004 Election.  The interviewees will all be anonymous and listed only by their age, location, and occupation (ex. "Schoolteacher - 47 - West Virginia").  This will be coupled with a collection of selected improvisations from the concerts as a soundtrack for the book. 

    More information on this will be posted as it becomes available.  However, if anyone has any ideas of venues that I should play (all ages venues with in-tune pianos preferred), promotion ideas, places that I should see while I'm driving around the country, places to crash, or anything else, please do not hesitate to e-mail  Thanks!


Upcoming Performances/Events

    Monday, May 31st, 2004
    Live broadcast airs 9 pm PST

    I will be returning to NoneRadio this Monday as a guest host along with Philip Bynoe who was Steve Vai's bass player during the late 90's.  Jamming will likely ensue.

Other Performances

    The Kat Parsons Experience
    Saturday, June 5th - 9 pm
    The Hotel Cafe
    1628 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
    Hollywood, CA

    Bodacious singer/songstress extraordinaire Kat Parsons will be playing a big, bad show with her bombastically bitchin' band just because I like words that start with the letter "B."  Seriously, if you haven't yet seen Kat live, you need to go and have the Kat Parsons experience.  I think she must have a third lung hidden somewhere and I love all her songs, especially "Better than Cheesecake," a song she wrote for her grandmother, because the song title starts with a B.  See for more information.  Okay, sing with me: "Bee bee bee bee beeeeeeeeeeee." 

    Human Life Index
    Tuesday, June 8th - 8:30 pm
    The Knitting Factory - Main Stage
    7021 Hollywood Blvd.
    Hollywood, CA 90028

    Human Life Index, an extremely cool middle-eastern rock band led by my friend Ali Shayesteh on guitars, bouzouki, saz, and oud.  Special Opps veteran Jen Kuhn also plays electric cello with them.  At this very special concert, they will be having two cello players, so Ali has kindly asked me to do some orchestration work for the two cellists, which I will happily do.  They also have a cool new vocalist named Amanda Albertoni that's supposed to be pretty stunning.  I'm really looking forward to seeing them in their new expanded line-up.  See for more information.

    Mike's Ba'rock
    Friday, June 11th - 10 pm
    Black Box NorrlandsOperan
    Operaplan 9, Umea, Sweden 
    Info: +46 (0) 90-15 43 47

    In addition to performing with London Baroque, Ensemble Ambrosius, Jaan Wessman, Schroeder, and Napoleon Murphy Brock as part of the Umea International Chamber Music Festival, Mike Keneally will be premiering two brand-new original compositions (which I will be orchestrating with him) currently called "Madge" for septet and "Crumb" for septet and female soprano.  I believe that this will be the first time that any of Mike's "classical" works are performed without him and that should make for a very interesting experience.  Boo-yah.  That's another B word.  AND speaking of people whose initials are comprised only of the letter "B":

    Bryan Beller Live Band Debut Performance
    Thursday, June 24th - 10:30 pm - $10
    The Baked Potato
    3787 Cahuenga Blvd.
    North Hollywood, CA 91604
    (818) 980-1615

    Bassboy Bryan Beller, who appeared with Vai and myself as the guest bass player for "The Aching Hunger" will be having his first ever performance of his own music from his album "View," which I did the music copying work for.  The band is going to be Rick Musallam on guitar, Griff Peters on guitar, Mike Keneally on guitar and keyboards, Joe Travers on drums, Bryan Beller on Bass, Keyboards, and Vocals, and Wes Wehmiller on bass (presumably when Bryan isn't playing bass).  I've played with all of those guys before (except Griff) and they're all ridiculously good musicians.  This should be a great show.

    Okay, it's time for a pina colada and milk.  See you in the pool.

    Music is the best.

    Chris Opperman 



  • jad fair & r. stevie moore: fairmoore
        (2002, cd, usa, old gold)
    • I told you a short while ago that I wasn't too familiar with the works of R. Stevie Moore. Well, shame on me.
      "Fairmoore", R. Stevie Moore's collaboration with Jad Fair is another pleasant surprise.
      Jad Fair's vocals (Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub, Half Japanese...) blend perfect with R.Stevie Moore's instruments. It's hard to believe that this is the first time that they recorded together. They sound so much like "a band". This is absolutely great. Ranging from experimental to jazz, "Fairmoore" is a must-have.


Fred Hemmer says:

The Bogus Pomp Orchestra will perform at The Tampa Theatre on Saturday, August 21. Ticket information will be announced very soon and I will send you that info before tickets go on sale to the public.

The BPO show last year was remarkable and was selected by The Weekly Planet as Best Concert of 2003 in the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Theatre was gracious enough to allow us to hold the event on a Saturday night this year and I hope that makes it easier for all of you who travel in from out of town for the show.

You might remember that this show, with twenty-five band members, is extremely expensive to put on and it is only possible due to the support we get from sponsors. It is important that we get enough money up front to pay for all the expenses that we must fund prior to date of the event. That is why we have offered smaller individual sponsorships in exchange for priority seating.

So, I am making another shameless request for donors to step up. I need at least ten more people to put up $200 each to help support this show. In return you will be provided with two seats to the BPO show and two admissions to Zappaween X. The BPO seats will be right up front in either the floor or balcony. Your choice. If you wonder how people get good seats, this is how!! While Zappaween is general admission we will do what we can to provide better seating opportunities as well. If the show is at the State Theater, which is likely, I will reserve the balcony area for sponsors. Since so many people stand on the floor at that venue, the balcony is the best area to view from a seat.

So please, if you are coming to the shows anyway, please think about being a sponsor. We really need the funds! Donations should be made payable to Bogus Pomp Fund and sent to me at:
Fred Hemmer
11970 7th St East 
Treasure Island, FL 33706

Thank you for your support. 

Also, tomorrow night (Friday 2004/05/28) at 10:00pm WPKN in Connecticut will be doing a special show featuring all Zappa music and interviews. Those who live elsewhere can listen at BP sponsor and avid fan, Dave Kisyk (those in St. Pete know him as "Big Dave") will be your host.

-- Fred

* * * * PART TWO * * * * PART TWO * * * * PART TWO

    From Fred Hemmer, June 2004

Tickets for the August 21, 2004 at The Tampa Theatre go on sale this Friday (2004/06/11)  at 10:00 at the box office (  or at Ticketmaster. Seats are $27.50 and students with a valid ID get 25% off.

There are a few sponsor positions left and the package has been upgraded from what I announced before. For $200 you get:

  • 2 great seats to the BPO show

  • 2 admissions to Zappaween X including early admission before the public is let in. This is important in that the show will again be at the State Theater and you will be able to grab the balcony seats before anybody else. The balcony is the only place to have seats with an unobstructed view.

  • Free t-shirt

  • Free three CD set of the May 29, 2004 broadcast of Zappa music and interviews. This is a 4 hour show featuring local Zappa fan Dave Kisyk as your host.

If you are interested and want to take advantage of the opportunity to get the best seats possible, please send a check payable to Bogus Pomp Fund and send it to me at:

Fred Hemmer
11970 7th St East
Treasure Island,  FL 33706 

For those of you who have already sent in your money, thank you very much!

Please contact me if you have any questions. (

-- Fred


Wite Lite has played Frank Zappa's 'San Berdino' on several occasions. More recently, they've added 'Cosmik Debris' to their play-list. Here's a link to their live studio recording:

Wite Lite is:

  • Zach Manchisi
  • Kevin Finnegan: guitar
  • Bill Greene
  • Mike Manchisi
  • Tom Greene

-- info: 'slime.oofytv.set'


"Meet The Residents" has been released on vinyl:
- on 200 g black vinyl
- on 200 g green vinyl - ltd release of 500 copies

"WB:RMX", the recent album, has been released on vinyl:
- on 180 g black vinyl
- on 180 g coloured vinyl (blue and red), comes with an extra 12" - ltd release of 333 copies

"The King & Eye RMX", the other recent album, has been released on vinyl:
- on 180 g black vinyl
- on 180 g coloured vinyl (green & yellow), comes with an extra 12" - ltd release of 333 copies


- The Commercial DVD (scheduled for Halloween release)
- "The 12 Days Of Brumalia", CD



It looks like the link didn't work last time, so here it is again!!

Le Graphiose Band is a French band that plays the music of Frank Zappa. I can't tell much about them and most of what I know comes from their previous website of from the essential

But it looks like it that these guys made an album as well. Does anyone know anything about this?

-- links & image: Luc Reniers


I was one of those happy people who was able to attend one of the three shows Steve Vai did with the Metropole Orchestra.

Wow. Great gig. Go to Vai dot com and be blown away by the reviews...

Thank you, Steve Vai, Metropole Orchestra, transcribers, and Co de Kloet. You guys made my day.

Radio broadcast will follow.


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2004/05/08 "Mother's Day Freak Out" - concert 'nietzsche's', buffalo, usa

  • 2004/05/08 mike keneally, doug lunn, rick musallam & nick d'virgilio
    concert ‘the baked potato’, north hollywood, ca, usa

    • (set one: acoustic keneally - set two: electric covers)

  • 2004/05/19 De Foolz concert 'kafee 't hoekske', heist o/d berg, belgium
  • 2004/05/20 Die Beistelltische concert ‘wendland’, bülitz, germany
  • 2004/05/21 Die Beistelltische concert ‘wendland’, siepnitz, germany
  • 2004/05/22 The Metropolis Orchestra concert "gheroarte", corsico, italy

  • 2004/05/24  Apa Ini feat. Eugene Chadbourne concert Cafe Wilhelmina Wilhelminaplein 6, Eindhoven, NL
  • 2004/05/29 neil sadler band, feat.mike keneally  -  concert ‘los angeles harbor college’, wilmington, can usa
  • 2004/06/01 mike keneally & bryan beller - guitar clinic ‘sam ash’, canoga park, ca, usa

  • 2004/06/02 mike keneally solo - guitar clinic ‘instrumental music’, santa barbara, ca, usa

  • 2004/06/03 mike keneally & bryan beller - guitar clinic ‘guitar center’, lake forest, ca, usa

  • 2004/06/05 the metropolis orchestra - concert 'scimmie', milano, italy

  • 2004/06/11 concert “Umeå International Chamber Music Festival”
    Mike Keneally with Jaan Wessman on bass and Schroeder on drums
    Black Box NorrlandsOperan, Umeå, Sweden

  • 2004/06/12 B'wana Dik 'Burgers' in Eindhoven, NL
    2004/06/12 Ed Palermo Big Band (Biennale) concert in Bonn, Germany
  • 2004/06/13: G3 concert arrow rock festival, de schans, holland
  • 2004/06/14: G3 concert k.b. hallen, copenhagen, denmark
  • 2004/06/14 concert “Umeå International Chamber Music Festival”
    Mike Keneally with London Baroque, Ensemble Ambrosius, Jaan Wessman, Schroeder and Napoleon Murphy Brock
    Black Box NorrlandsOperan, Umeå, Sweden

  • 2004/06/15: G3 concert liseberghallen, gothenburg, sweden
  • 2004/06/16: G3 concert gota lejon, stockholm, sweden
  • 2004/06/17 concert cosmik debris - "!Zöld Pardon", budapest, hungaria
  • 2004/06/18: G3 concert icehall, helsinki, finland
  • 2004/06/18 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘pantheon’, bonn, germany
  • 2004/06/18 Doctor Dark concert 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa 
  • 2004/06/20: G3 concert konserthuset, oslo, norway
  • 2004/06/23: G3 concert clyde auditorium, glasgow, scotland
  • 2004/06/24: G3 concert apollo, manchester, england
  • 2004/06/25: G3 concert city hall, newcastle, england
    2004/06/25 The Ensemble Ambrosius concert 'concertgebouw', Brugge, Belgium
  • 2004/06/26: G3 concert nia academy, birmingham, england
  • 2004/06/27: G3 concert bic windsor hall, bournemouth, england
  • 2004/06/27 the muffin men and ensemble 10:10  concert glastonbury, uk
  • 2004/06/28: G3 concert royal concert hall, nottingham, england
  • 2004/06/29: G3 concert royal albert hall, london, england
  • 2004/07/01: G3 concert palais de congres, paris, france
  • 2004/070/2: G3 concert jam, bergara, spain
    2004/07/02 the Troupe : performance "het notenapparaat", wijk aan zee, the netherlands
  • 2004/07/03: G3 concert la riviera, madrid, spain
  • 2004/07/03 mike keneally band  -  concert “calprog 2004”, ‘whittier community center’, whittier, california, usa

  • 2004/07/04: G3 concert razmatazz, barcelona, spain
  • 2004/07/06: G3 concert mazda palace, milan, italy
  • 2004/07/07: G3 concert centrale de tenis, rome, italy
  • 2004/07/08: G3 concertvilla pisani, padova, italy
  • 2004/07/09 Die Beistelltische concert Lumiere, Göttingen, germany
  • 2004/07/10: G3 concert piberstein, freizeitinsel, austria
  • 2004/07/10 mike keneally band  -  concert “nearfest”, ‘zoellner arts center’, lehigh university, bethlehem, pa, usa

  • 2004/07/11 Die Beistelltische concert Lumiere Göttingen, germany

  • 2004/07/16: G3 concert pistoia blues festival, pistoia, italy
  • 2004/07/17: G3 concert les nuits de la guitare, patrimonio, corsica
  • 2004/07/22 - Zappanale
    • Remko Serban
    • "Billy The Mountain", a movie by Jürgen Fischer - Music: Captain Ahab
    • a special lecture by a secret "Stone-ethnologist", assisted by Zappa-expert, Jim Cohen
  • 2004/07/22 steve vai - concert ‘metro city’, perth, australia
  • 2004/07/23 - Zappanale
    • Jim Cohen - Talk about FZ
    • The Foolz
    • Arf
    • Frogg Café featuring Ed Mann
    • Mats/Morgan Band
    • Ensemble Creativ
    • Captain Ahab
  • 2004/07/24 - Zappanale
    • Daniel Rohr: Homage to Lou Reed
    • Przasniczki
    • Cellomania
    • The Wrong Object featuring Ed Mann
    • Tornadoes
    • Daniel Rohr and friends: Genesis concept-album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'
    • Kraan
  • 2004/07/24 steve vai - concert ‘the barton theatre’, adelaide, australia
  • 2004/07/25 - Zappanale
    • Frank Goos - Surprise
    • Ole Lukkoye
    • The Grandmothers
    • Zappa Graduates
    • Ed Mann & friends
    • finale
  • 2004/07/25 steve vai - concert ‘the palace’, melbourne, australia

  • 2004/07/26 The Grandmothers concert 'Roxy', Flensburg, Germany
    2004/07/26 steve vai - concert ‘the enmore theatre’, sydney, australia

  • 2004/07/27 The Grandmothers concert 'Kantine', Köln, Germany
    2004/07/27 steve vai - concert ‘the arena’, brisbane, australia

  • 2004/07/28 The Grandmothers concert 'Sinkkasten', Frankfurt, Germany 

  • 2004/07/29 steve vai - concert ‘suntec’, singapore

  • 2004/07/29 The Grandmothers concert ‘objekt 5’, halle, germany

  • 2004/07/30 The Grandmothers concert ‘star club’, dresden, germany

  • 2004/08/01 The Grandmothers concert 'Fabrik', Hamburg, Germany
    2004/08/01 steve vai - concert ‘taipei city music hall’, taipei
    2004/08/01 frogg cafe  &  the wrong object  -  concert 'chez bouldou', liège, belgium

  • 2004/08/02 The Grandmothers concert 'Knaack', Berlin, Germany

  • 2004/08/03 steve vai - concert kowloon, hong kong  

  • 2004/08/04 The Grandmothers concert 'B 72', Wien, Austria

  • 2004/08/05 The Grandmothers concert 'Sudhaus', Tübingen, Germany
  • 2004/08/05 steve vai - concert ‘tjm squeare hall’, beijing, china
  • 2004/08/06 The Grandmothers concert 'Café Central', Weinheim, Germany

  • 2004/08/07 The Grandmothers concert 'faust', Hannover, Germany 

  • 2004/08/21 The Bogus Pomp Orchestra - concert 'The Tampa Theatre', ??, usa