the big nOte files - march 2004

updated 2004/04/17, 18 & 25

ZZZZZ The Hardin-Simmons University Jazz Ensemble recorded Zappa's 'Chunga's Revenge'
ZZZZZ The Foolz in concert in Holland
ZZZZZ Zappa tribute in Parma, Italy: "Zapping - Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny"
ZZZZZ Jamband Besha performs Zappa songs in concert
ZZZZZ Mother's Day Freak Out in Buffalo
ZZZZZ New Zappa bootlegs
ZZZZZ Lots of news at Andrew's Idiot Bastard Of... site
ZZZZZ From the Chris Opperman mailing list: Episode 18: Have A Cigar !
ZZZZZ Dweezil Zappa guitar solo contest
ZZZZZ Uncle Meeting 2004  -  Italian Zappa Day, May 7 - 9, 2004
ZZZZZ Vai & Zappa
ZZZZZ Play Fast Forward, a promotional album from 1997
ZZZZZ Kin Vassy update
ZZZZZ Metropolis Orchestra will be playing a concert, may 22, in Italy
ZZZZZ R.Stevie Moore and Zappa
ZZZZZ latest news on the Zappa Surf album
ZZZZZ Sr.Bikini recorded Zappa
ZZZZZ Estrume'n'tal recorded Zappa
ZZZZZ The Bitch Boys recorded Zappa
ZZZZZ Pollo Del Mar recorded Zappa
ZZZZZ There's a Zappathon scheduled at WUSB.FM radio, web-broadcast included !!
ZZZZZ The Ed Palermo Big Band will be playing in Bonn, next june
ZZZZZ Ray White
ZZZZZ The Rosa Quartet goes Beefheart, live, on the radio and even on the web
ZZZZZ André Cholmondeley is touring with Don Preston, here's a report
ZZZZZ Cuneiform Records is celebrating its 20th birthday
ZZZZZ Dream Theater and Zappa ??
ZZZZZ A review of the Absolute Ensemble concert, by Adrian Clark
ZZZZZ Petulant Frenzy, an australian Zappa tribute band
ZZZZZ lots of new entries and data of bands that play Zappa's music
ZZZZZ news from Jon Nelson
ZZZZZ Doctor Dark gig alert
ZZZZZ Marc Godfroid and Rony Verbiest perform Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay'
ZZZZZ Zappening 2000 setlists
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp news
ZZZZZ GTO - girls together outrageously, recorded a single with Steve Vai
ZZZZZ Die Beistelltische (Zappa performed a capella) on tour in Germany
ZZZZZ New anthology album for Joe Satriani
ZZZZZ The Foolz (Zappa (re)coverband) will be playing a couple of concerts in Belgium shortly.
ZZZZZ New anthology album for Steve Vai
ZZZZZ Another couple of setlists of Keller Williams shows, in which he plays a Zappa song
ZZZZZ More setlists form bands that play Zappa's music: KVHW
ZZZZZ Talking jambands playing Zappa, here's some extra data from moe.
ZZZZZ Project/Object is looking for digital support
ZZZZZ The Keneallist, March 28
ZZZZZ British fanzine T'Mershi Duween: the latest issues...
ZZZZZ and the concert calendar



in short:

- Czech band the Blues Primitives recorded 'Willie The Pimp'
- Hall Of Fame records released volume number 7 in their Unmatched Zappa tribute series
- Frank You Thank volume 2 is out
- Our Rezifriends The Residents are releasing a lot of limited (and expensive) stuff on Euroralph
- Joe Satriani has a new album out: "Is There Love In Outer Space?"
- There's a new compilation album scheduled called "England's Dreaming" that will include The Residents with 'Beyond The Valley Of A Day In A Life'.
- New Bjorn Berge CD "St. Slide" contains a cover of Frank Zappa's "Keep it greasy".
- Dutch band White Beans has an all-Zappa album out



  • the hardin-simmons university jazz ensemble: what's a half-step among friends?
        (????, lp, usa, ??)
    • Here's another one of the 'impossible to find' albums. "What's A Half-Step Among Friends?" by the Hardin-Simmons University Jazz Ensemble from Texas.
      I can't tell you much about it, besides the fact that it should include Zappa's 'Chunga's Revenge'.


Rather late, but here it is:

Dutch Zappa ReCoverband The FoolZ in concert:

  • 2004/04/23 concert 'café rocks', enschede, the netherlands  (info: )

  • 2004/04/30 concert 'café de flierefluiter', apeldoorn, the netherlands




"Zapping - Jazz is not dead, It just smells funny
Frank Zappa Tribute
2004/05/10 concert 'Asioli di Correggio', Parma, Italy

2004/05/10, at the 'Asioli di Correggio' the Zappa tribute will be featuring Furio Di Castri, Stefano Bollani, Gianluca Petrella, Giorgio Canali, Gianni Maroccolo, Mauro Negri, Pierpaolo Ferroni, Cristiano Della Monica, Peppe Servillo, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti.

Il jazz non è morto, puzza solo un po'..., diceva Frank Zappa con quel suo sano modo di fare fra il provocatorio e il demistificatorio. Tuttavia, nell' arco della sua prodigiosa parabola artistica, non sono mancati i contatti con il jazz: bastino per tutti album epocali come Hot Rats e The Grand Wazoo.

Dischi che anche buona parte dei jazzofili apprezzano e che sicuramente ama Furio Di Castri, principale responsabile di un progetto che, nel rendere omaggio ad uno dei massimi geni musicali del Novecento, getta un ponte fra jazz e rock, rompendo barriere che, nonostante tanti bei propositi, resistono tuttora, e coinvolgendo personalità di spicco in ambito nazionale provenienti da ambedue i campi. Il risultato è una sorta di all stars che si incontreranno sul palcoscenico dell'Asioli.

Any extra info (or translation) would be appreciated.


American Jamband Bemsha's name is derived from the Thelonius Monk standard "Bemsha Swing". It is the brainchild of guitarist/singer/songwriter Chuck Mancabelli. Based in Gilbert, Arizona, the quartet formed in November 2002 and played their first paid gig after just 6 rehearsals. The band's repertoire consists of original songs as well as a host of choice cover tunes. They have performed Frank Zappa compositions (Willie The Pimp, Dirty Love) in concert.

The band's lineup consists of:

  • Chuck Mancabelli: guitar, therimin, banjo and lead vocals
  • Malcolm Brown: baritone, tenor & alto sax, plus lead vocals
  • Sean Rochin: bass
  • Mike Grossano: drums
  • Dusty Mc Williams: percussion.


  • 2003/03/16 concert 'famous sam's' , gilbert, az, usa

    • set 1: greasy bacon * funkin a * archy's revenge, genna * what's stickin * voodoo chili * gumbo * blue moon * waves on the river * sentimental journey

    • set 2: timber ho!, free 99, the chase > arthea * espresso rain * rather be me * what time it is * arkansas * yertle the turtle * dirty love (frank zappa)

  •  2003/12/06 concert 'mcduffy's', tempe, az, usa

    • set 1: willie the pimp (frank zappa) * silicon fairy * purer than water * the naked song * genna * yertle the turtle * what time it is * blue moon * train * where's my lavender * war pigs * greasy bacon

    • set 2: jackie brown * archy's revenge * the mirror * deja vu * the chase * arthea * daddy rich
    • set 3: blinded * arkansas * axis bold as love



Mother's Day Freak Out

Join the Voice of Cheez for a star-studded night of Frank Zappa music with a little help from our friends:
Ugly Radio Rebellion - hard-rocking FZ band from Detroit, MI. (aka The Artists Formerly Known as "Uncle Meat"), The Mothers Brothers - ok, imagine if the Smothers Brothers had freaked out - even just a little bit. Featuring Tom Fenton and Jim Iarocci of the Fibs. Hey - aren't those guys also in the Voice of Cheez? Gotta read the fine print, people.

2004/05/08 "Mother's Day Freak Out" - concert 'nietzsche's', buffalo, usa

All start times subject to change due to gravitational force or beer consumption rates, whichever is greater. Where else but at: Every Buffalo Musicians' Home Away From Home Nietzsche's 248 Allen Street Buffalo, NY



There's a lot of new Zappa bootlegs around. These are all factory pressed cds, and they look like the real thing. Don't say that I didn't warn you.

- "cocksuckers ball" - a recording of the 1984/11/10 early show concert ('tower theatre', philadelphia, usa)

- "a petulant frenzy" - a recording of the 1981/10/31 late show concert ('palladium', nyc, ny, usa)

- "ontario slime" - a recording of the 1973/11/18 concert (waterloo, ontario, canada)

- "chalk pie" - the famous 'unreleased album' that has been circulating on cdr for quite a while


Lots of Zappa related news and a couple of nice pictures at, Andrew Greenaway's excellent site.
  • 2004/06/27 the muffin men and ensemble 10:10  concert glastonbury, uk
  • Warren Cuccurullo signs a new recording contract
  • Zappanale update
  • DÄDDB - You Are What You Is
  • Absolute Zappa - reviewed
  • Chad Wackerman and Terry Bozzio featured on "Drum Nation Vol.1", a disc presented by Magna Carta and Modern Drummer Magazine
  • Magic Band UK tour dates
  • Carl Zappa udate
  • Steve Vai = featured in the Australian Guitar Player magazine, all about his time with FZ
  • Italian Zappa festival
  • The Grandmothers have a new site:
  • The Nasal Retentive Orchestra is about to release a live album
  • Ike Willis has a new band
  • and more...



[Chris Opperman Mailing List - April 19, 2004]

Episode #18: Have a Cigar


  • Phew!

  • Upcoming Performances/Events

  • Other Performances

  • "No Memories, Please" Update


    Well, the Vai score is finally complete.  "Holy Hell" is the first phrase that comes to mind when I look back on what the past three months of my life have been like.  However, we managed to accomplish [almost] everything we set out to accomplish at the beginning of this year and I'm proud of the work that we have done.  Now I have a huge stack of terrifying piano music that I have to learn between now and May 5th when I leave for Holland.  Extra special major props to Tom Trapp and Jen Kuhn, as well as thank you's to David Kole, David Long, Penka Kouneva, and everyone at Jo Ann Kane Music Services who were a tremendous help to Steve and I in this process.   We did it guys.  Thank you so much. 

    Also, to all of you who were concerned about my health after my last e-mail, you will be glad to know that as of Friday, April 16th, I have sworn off of No-Doz forever.  I took it almost every day this last week and that was enough for me.

    * Upcoming Performances/Events

NoneRadio  /  Monday, April 19th, 2004  /  Live broadcast airs 9 pm PST  /

    I will be returning to NoneRadio as a guest host along with Mike Keneally, Rich Pike, and Joe Travers (rock star drummer with Dweezil Zappa/Lisa Loeb, Duran Druan, etc..).  I'll be bringing my keyboard so Mike and I can do some playing together, and it will be sweet.  The broadcast will repeat all week, so don't worry if you don't tune in Monday night.  We'll be talking about several relevant and irrelevant things and we'll be playing some unreleased Special Opps live material for your enjoyment. 

Cleocella  /  Saturday, May 1st, 2004  /  A Birthday Music Festival  /  The Derby  /  4500 Los Feliz Blvd. (at Hillhurst)
    21+/no cover - starts at 8 pm

    It's the birthday party for my friend Cleo at The Derby and it will be my first performance in months!  I will be playing a 20-minute solo set in the "Full Band" room and I fully intend on making some of the other "bands" that are playing look pathetic.  They have a beautiful piano at The Derby (which is where I first saw Kat Parsons play) and I fully intend on making it roar.  That piano will be walking funny for a few days by the time I'm through having my way with it.  Grr, baby, grr.

    Also performing will be several of my good friends, including Chapa, Kat Parsons, Kelda, and like 50 other people all in the Acoustic Room.  It'll be a fun night.  My full band, Special Opps, will return in June with an existential burst.

Steve Vai/Metropole Orkest - "The Aching Hunger"

Saturday, May 22nd, 2004 - 8:15 pm  /  De Oosterpoort (In-/Output series)  /  Trompsingel 27  /  9724 DA Gronigen, The Netherlands

Sunday, May 23rd & Monday, May 24th - 8:30 pm  /  Paradiso   /  Weteringschans 6/8  /  1017 SG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The end result of months and months of really hard work will be presented to the public this May as Steve Vai makes his orchestral debut.  I am the featured pianist for these concerts and I'm quite excited about them, to say the least.  The concerts have been sold out for months, but for those of you who already got your tickets, get ready to get blown away.  Special thanks to Co de Kloet and NPS Radio Holland for making this all possible. 

Other Performances

    Jen Kuhn/Miwa Gofuku Recital  /  Saturday, April 24th, 2004 - 4:00 pm  /  South Pasadena Library Community Room  /  1115 El Centro St., South Pasadena, CA 91030

    Jen Kuhn, the eclectic electric cellist of Special Opps (and score printing/taping Goddess extraordinaire) will be presenting a recital of works by Beethoven, Prokofiev, Piazzolla, as well as others at this recital.  This will also be the premiere of Abraham Libbos's String Quartet and will further feature Melissa Reiner and Neel Hammond on violin as well as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola.  I'm really looking forward to this concert a lot.

"No Memories, Please" Update

    First, an apology to everyone who ordered expecting to receieve their CD's on April 20th.  That was the original plan.  However, I was too busy with the Vai orchestra project and my day job to get together with Rich Pike to finish the artwork on the album.  We'll be meeting this week to do it, but then it'll be at least 12 business days after that to get the CD's printed and since I'll be in Holland by then, the release date has been pushed back to Tuesday, June 8th.  Thank you so, so much for your patience and I promise that it will be worth the wait.  For those of you who have not pre-ordered yet, why don't you?!  The first 250 pre-orders will be signed and numbered.  Here's the link to order:

    Okay, that's more than enough for now!  I hope that you are all having fun.

    Music is the best.

-- Chris Opperman 



Dweezil Zappa Guitar Solo Contest

Ever wonder what Dweezil Zappa might think about your guitar skills if he had a chance to hear them? Okay, so maybe you'd never thought about it before, but now that you're thinking about it, aren't you curious? Well we've got the opportunity for you to find out!

Broadjam and Peavey are proud to present the Dweezil Zappa Guitar Solo Contest, featuring Dweezil himself as the judge of the contest!

Whether your style is acoustic or electric, he wants to hear it! The rules are simple: the song must be your original music and it must contain a guitar solo. There's no limit so it can be 20 seconds or 2 minutes, it's up to you. Just show him what you've got-the possibilities are endless!

This is a FREE contest, so why not give it a shot? Each artist may submit up to three songs for a chance to win over $2,000 in prizes, including a Wiggy Amp, signed by Dweezil himself!

Submissions Open: March 1, 2004
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2004
Winners Announced: June 17, 2004

info: Alan Estrada, through the AZDZ newsgroup


I got this message from Debra Kadabra a couple of days ago:

U N C L E   M E E T I N G   2004
Mestre - Venice (Italy)

- the schedule -

MAY 7th

18:30 - 20.00 Videos

20:00 - 21:00 - Dinner

21:00 - 23:30 Live concert

21:00 - 24:00 Videos
THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW  /  LATE NIGHT SHOW  /  <<Stairway to heaven>>

MAY 8th

10:30 - 12:00 Film

15:30 - 18.00 - The Meeting

18:00 - 20:00 - Live concert

20:00 - 20:50 - Dinner

21:00 - 23:00 - Live Concert

23:30 - 02:00 - Late nite

MAY 9th

10:30 - 18:00 - Videos

more info at


picture sent in by Eric-Jan


  • various artists: play fastforward
        (1997, cd-promo, uk, cce)
    • If I'm well informed, this little dittie from a couple of years ago, should be extremely hard to find. It's a promotional disc for three concerts that the Britten Sinfonia gave early 1998. The program for these concerts included pieces by Zappa, Nancarrow, Reich, Stravinsky and others. This album offers these works as performed by the Ensemble Modern, The Ensemble Intercontemporain and others...


In 1992, the following info was added to Kin Vassy's "random notes" section:
"Kin Vassy died of lung cancer about two years ago. Aside from Zappa, he's probably best know for being mentioned in the lyrics of a hit song, John Stewart's "Gold"."

But 12 years later, Charles Ulrich adds:

This line is apparently actually "Oh, my buddy Tim Bass he's working pumping gas".



thank you, Charles !


  • May 22, 2004, The Metropolis Orchestra will be playing an all-Zappa concert.
    My Italian isn't what it used to be... so I think that it is organised by, or will take place at the Associazione Gheroartè, Via Gramsci 4, in Corsico (MI).

    I know the image on the right isn't too good, but that's my doing. I have to keep in mind the total capacity of this site, so I 'soften' all the pictures that I use. You get the idea what it looks like, and it doesn't take up too much memory.


A couple of days ago, I received a message from R.Stevie Moore. I'm a bit ashamed to mention that I had never heard of mister Moore (or of his music). Fortunately, it's never too late for that sort of thing, so I hope to be able to give you a bit of extra info in the near future.

R.Stevie Moore is a musician: improviser, composer, arranger, you name it. He was born in 1952, and has released over 400 (yes, four hundred) homemade albums.
His legendary first homemade LP, "Phonography", got released in 1976 (!!), and it is said that Mr.Frank Zappa owned an original pressing (of 100 copies) of this album.

In his gigantic discography, Mr.Moore also includes a couple of Frank Zappa compositions:

  • r.stevie moore: pow wow
        (1978, k7, usa, private release nj24) - incl. 'let's make the water turn black' (frank zappa)
  • r.stevie moore: man of the year vol.2
        (1986, 3k7, usa, private release nj165) - incl. 'mom and dad' (frank zappa)
  • r.stevie moore: live at tspeakeasy vol.2
        (1986, 2cdr, usa, private release) - incl. 'mom and dad' (frank zappa)

Originally released on tape (cassette or 'k7' as the french would say), "Pow Wow" and "Man Of The Year" have been rereleased on CDR.

Check out:

R.Stevie Moore also covered Zappa's 'Cruisin' For Burgers' for the forthcoming Cordelia tribute album. More info below.


You have been reading about this one for about half a year , and now, finally, the album is getting its final shape.

As Alan Jenkins says on his website:

The next Cordelia Records release will be a CD of (mostly) surf instrumental bands performing the music of Frank Zappa. The title is: Lemme take you to the beach, it has 27 tracks and it lasts 70 minutes.

Current status of this CD: It's at the pressing plant.

Here's the tracklist. A lot of these bands were kind enough to send some extra info the last couple of months, so check out the links to the band's pages.

  1. an introduction by phil dirt

  2. the spoilers: 'lumpy gravy'            (interview !!)

  3. the atomic mosquitos: 'let’s make the water turn black'

  4. fudge: 'the orange county lumber truck'

  5. estrume’n’tal: 'letter from jeepers'         (more info a bit further on !!)

  6. the bitch boys: 'memories of el monte'         (more info a bit further on !!)

  7. sr. bikini: 'jewish princess'         (more info a bit further on !!)

  8. the invisible birds: 'g-spot tornado'

  9. don’s mobile barbers: 'baby snakes'

  10. the concaves: 'we are not alone'            (extra info !!)

  11. the foolz: 'zoot allures'

  12. green windows: 'i ain’t got no heart'

  13. the muffinmates: 'love of my life'

  14. the diamondheads: 'any way the wind blows'

  15. the urban surf kings: 'i’m not satisfied'            (interview !!)

  16. the test tone five: 'you’re probably wondering why i’m here'

  17. pavlov’s woody: 'lumpy gravy'

  18. corky niedermayer: 'take your clothes off when you dance'

  19. breakfastime: 'aybe sea'            (extra info and interview!!)

  20. pollo del mar: 'peaches en regalia'

  21. the vivisectors: 'willie the pimp'

  22. the thurston lava tube: 'mr. green genes'            (extra info !!)

  23. the wrong object: 'king kong'

  24. r. stevie moore: 'cruising for burgers'

  25. our flying saucer: 'the air'

  26. "if we’d all been living in california…"

  27. frankie and the pool boys: 'lemme take you to the beach'


Sr.Bikini is a band from Mexico City. They recorded 'Jewish Princess' for the Surf Project.


  • Big Mascara: Guitar

  • Star Krill: Bass

  • Mascara Del Mar: Drums

UM: What kind of music do you normally play?

Sr.Bikini: Instrumental Classical Surf Rock.

UM: Are you a Surf kind of person or band?Is it your way of life? Do you really want to live in California?

Sr.Bikini: We just play Surf Rock, we don’t surf, but we have some friends that surf and we sometimes go to the beach to play in some contests and parties.

UM: Do you play (have you ever played) other Zappa compositions? Performed them live? Put them on record?

Sr.Bikini: Yes, we do play other Zappa compositions in concert, but we haven’t put them on record.

UM: Do you have records out? Discography?

Sr.Bikini: We have one album out, it’s called "Surf Extremo" and we have participated in 4 compilations.

UM: How did you find out about Alan's Zappa Surf Project?

Sr.Bikini:: Through Reverborama.

UM: Were you already playing a Zappa Surf Classic before you heard of Alan's project, or did you start working on it after you found out about the project?

Sr.Bikini: We were already playing the song.

UM: Why this particular Zappa composition?

Sr.Bikini: We picked ‘Jewish Princess’ because we have always found it a funny song.

UM: Is it your favourite Zappa composition or just the one that needs a Surf Treatment?

Sr.Bikini: We always loved the rubber chickens. It`s hard to change a song to an intrumental version, but we have found it harder in songs that really do mean something or that do have something to say. Often, with Zappa, the lyrics are more expressive than his music.


Brasilian band Estrume'n'tal recorded Frank Zappa's 'Letter from Jeepers' for an upcoming Zappa Surf album on Cordelia records.


UM: Who are you & where are you from?

Claudio: We are a surf-punk instro band from Brazil.

UM: What kind of music do you normally play? Are you a Surf kind of person or band? Is it your way of life? Do you really want to live in California?

Claudio: We don't want to live in California. We play instro rock. Some people call it surf, some others don't. We don't care. We like our music.

UM: Do you have records out?

Claudio: We have one CDR out, called "Estrume'n'tal encontra o ET de Varginha", and one CD released by Golly Gee Records ( called "Surfme'n'tal". And there’s more on the way.

UM: How did you find out about Alan's Zappa Surf Project?

Claudio: I heard about it from the discussion list that I take part in.

UM: Were you already playing a Zappa Surf Classic before you heard of Alan's project, or did you start working on it after you found out about the project? Have you played other Zappa compositions?

Claudio: The project came first. ‘Letter From Jeepers’ is the first Zappa composition that we play.

UM: How did you choose the Zappa composition? Is it your favourite Zappa composition or just the one that needs a Surf Treatment?

Claudio: We chose 'Letter from Jeepers', which is really (a kind of) unknown tune and it's cool as hell, and we think it will become a great instro tune despite the lack of vocals and hence story.


The Bitch Boys recorded Frank Zappa's 'Memories Of El Monte' for an upcoming Zappa Surf album on Cordelia records.

These guys have quite a lot of albums out, and some nice looking t-shirts as well…


  • Robi Biloderic-Mirnic: guitar
  • Damir Iglicar-Legenda: guitar
  • Tomaz Urgl-Murgl: bass
  • Marko Valant-Markan: drums



Here’s a short chat with Robi from the Bitch Boys:

Robi: We're The Bitch Boys, first Slovene instro surf band. We were formed in 1999 and recorded many demos , promos and albums from that day + appeared on many prestige surf compilations (REVERB CENTRAL) like Gnarly Reef, Tottaly Tubular, Locos Instrumentales... BTW Our album "...In Heat" was announced as " ever instru surf band ever by a modern surf band..." at PIPELINE MAGAZINE.

UM: Do you only play surf music?

Robi: We play only instrumental surf...well if we drink too much some times, you can actually hear us sing ha ha!

UM: Are you a Surf kind of person or band?

Robi: Surf band definitely...but person?? We count two Rock'a'billies and two happy punk rockers, and everybody loves surf...that's who we are!

UM: Is it your way of life? Do you really want to live in California?

Robi: ha ha, as we can see from many discussions, nobody except Britney Spears and similar artists can live from surf or any other kind of alternative rock'n'roll we might live from surf someday, but at the moment, we go to work. And to be honest, we have don’t have very "surfie" jobs: 2 teachers, a waiter and amechanic !!

UM: How did you find out about Alan's Zappa Surf Project?

Robi: We heard that on Cowabunga…

UM: Do you play (have you ever played) other Zappa compositions?

Robi: Not so far...I remembered "MEMORIES OF EL MONTE" and persuaded the rest of the band to play it because I'm a teen and doo wop music addict , otherwise I'm not familiar with his music. Anyway, I (we) can not understand how he ever came to an idea for that nice DOO WOP song??? I'm sure many fans and are not familiar we that track!


  the bitch boys: ghhsss
    (1999, cdr-demo, slo, private release)
  the bitch boys:the bitch boys
    (2000, cdr-promo, slo, private release)
  various artists: fv 2000
     (2001, cd, ??, fv music) – feat.the bitch boys
  various artists: gnarly reef
    (2001, cd, ??, kfjc 008cd) – feat.the bitch boys
  the bitch boys: …in heat
    (2002, cd, ??, rhit cd 001)
  various artists: the summer of 2002
    (2002, cd, ??, sw002) – feat.the bitch boys
  the bitch boys: the bitch boys present teasing with brassknuckles at playa del rey
    (2002, cdr-demo, slo, private release)
  various artists: totally tubular
    (2002, cd, ??, kfjc cd 2002) – feat.the bitch boys
  various artists: locos instrumentales
    (2003, cd, ??, isotonic records cd002) – feat.the bitch boys
  various artists: modern surf band spotlight
    (2003, cd, ??, golly gee ggr1 099) – feat.the bitch boys
  the bitch boys: behind the hound dog walls
    (2003, cdr-demo, slo, private release)
  the bitch boys: quiet bells of el monte
    (2003, cdr, slo, ikebana records) - incl.'memories of el monte' (frank zappa)
  various artists: diggin’ for gold
    (2004, 2cd, ??, double crown record dccd18 cd) – feat.the bitch boys
  • the bitch boys: quiet bells of el monte
        (2003, cdr, slo, ikebana records)
    • This is the one. Meant for the Zappa Surf sampler, but also released by the Bitch Boys themselves: 'Memories Of El Monte' (Frank Zappa)
      Haven't heard it yet, but the cover sure looks nice...


Pollo Del Mar already had an entry in UM. They recorded Frank Zappa’s ‘Take Your Clothes Off’ on their “The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution” album in 1997.

Ferenc Dobronyi, who plays the guitar in Pollo Del Mar, has another connection to Zappa. He was the graphic designer responsable for the repackaging of 40 Zappa CDs during the 1985 Rykodisc rerelease.

In 2003, Pollo Del Mar contributed to the above mentioned Zappa Surf Project, to entitled "Lemme Take You To The Beach", redoing Zappa's 'Peaches en Regalia'.

As you expected, I sent them a bunch of questions as well. Here's Ferenc's response:

UM: Who are you & where are you from?

Ferenc: Pollo Del Mar is a 4 piece instrumental rock group from San Francico CA.

UM: What kind of music do you normally play? Are you a Surf kind of person or band? Is it your way of life? Do you really want to live in California?

Ferenc: We play guitar instrumentals with a heavy surf and ocean influence. And yes, we love living in California!

UM: How did you find out about Alan's Zappa Surf Project?

Ferenc: It has been frequently suggested over the years, but Alan is the first person to actually want to put it out.

UM: What was first: the project or your track? In other words, were you already playing ‘Peaches En Regalia’ before you heard of Alan's project, or did you start working on it after you found out about the project?

Ferenc: We have been planning on recording "Peaches En Regalia" for quite some time, but
this project gives us a reason.

UM: How did you choose the Zappa composition? Is it your favourite Zappa composition or just the one that needs a Surf Treatment?

Ferenc: We love the song, and prefer the version from "Mothers Live at Fillmore East" to the studio version.

UM: Any other comments?

Ferenc: I hope we don't get sued. Oh, and I found this quote from Zappa himself:
From an appearance by Frank Zappa on KSAN Radio in San Francisco on the Tom Donahue show. It was taped in November, 1968. The show included Frank and Tom discussing music, as well as Frank spinning records from his personal collection. During the course of the show, Tom brought up Dick Dale and the huge contract that Capitol had offered him at one point in time. This eventually led to these comments by Frank, which I found quite interesting:
"We can also look forward to a resurgance of surf music in the future...The type of music; the style of music may return. And there were some very interesting things happening harmonically in the surf/hot-rod type of rock and roll music."


        Genuine Sympathy
   Copyright c 2004 John Trubee

   Many female people
   Blithely deflect and short circuit
   My earnest entreaties
   In eager deference
   To smiley-faced phony players who fuck 'em & dump 'em,
   To photogenic liars who gift them with putrid oozing diseases,
   To parasitic drug addicts who nod out in narcoleptic stupors,
   To strutting pea-brained pimps who smack 'em & spit on 'em,
   To volcanic rage monsters who stomp 'em to bits

   And I feel terribly sorry
   For those female people
   Because I wish so much
   There was something I could do
   To help.



… I thought you'd be interested to know that I will be hosting a twelve hour celebration of Frank Zappa's music along with John Tabacco, Nigey Lennon, Greg Russo (author of Cosmik Debris) and a bunch of others.  We will start at noon April 18th (EDT) and run until at least midnight.  I don't know what that translates to where you are, but hopefully you'll be able to tune in at some point.  We will be streaming the whole show via the web.  Our web site is and there is a link for listening.
  I'm hoping you'll be able to tune in.  In past years we've received E-mails from all over the globe and we hope to move the molecules in the air all over God's Grey Earth all over again.

Not Dead Yet,

-- Bill Amutis


The Ed Palermo Big Band will be playing at the Biennale concert in Bonn, Germany, 2004/06/12 !!!

More info at:


I had to pleasure to receive a concert recording of Ray White's appearance at the Zappening 2000 festival.
Great concert.
Listening to it, I tried to update my Ray White related files in this very site.

So check out the line-ups & setlists for KVHW and for The Big E.

I know, that's a lot of dates & tracks, but you really should try to listen at some of these. The ones that I have heard are really good.

Ray's latest band is called Don't Push The Clown


The picture on the right is the cover of the first KVHW album:

They also have a second album out, called "Live At The Lip", but I have never seen or heard it. One source says that they only sold copies at their concerts.

Anyway, if you have info on "Live At The Lip", let me know.


It had been a while since Teejo Tieman had sent one of his newsletters. Too late, as he explains, and chaotic as always. 

Here's a synopsis:


in the year 2000 the rosa ensemble (, a company of musicians playing modern and contemporary music, took up the idea of a tribute to captain beefheart, a composer from quite a different direction.and in march of the next year the group announced their work in progress as the theatre show A FLOPPY BOOT STOMP. a few cites from the press message:

* * * 
Next season the RosA EnSEmBle from Utrecht, Holland will present its second full production. In an arena like setting with super sized video screens on all sides RosA plays the brilliant and sometimes daredevilish works of Captain Beefheart alias Don van Vliet. Beefheart had his roots in the blues, from which he landed up in the avant-garde of the seventies. RosA, familiar with the language of the new music, peels off the rind of his music and, like a x-ray scan, examines the inside of this big bang in the music history.

Over the years Beefheart's music has been disposed of as the work of a disturbed mind, or the brilliant sounds of a visionary. Of course the truth lies somewhere in between. Beefheart's role in music history has been underexposed compared to his pal Frank Zappa. Wrongly, according to RosA. Beefheart's music style is an adventure in itself. It's a fact that till now his music hasn't lost any of its topicality and expressiveness.

A Floppy Boot Stomp is a combination of a concert and an audio visual plant. The music will be performed as instrumentals, video images replace the voice and words of Don van Vliet. The RosA EnSEmBle, complemented with a few guests, faces the challenge to pick up the odd way of playing of The Magic Band. According to The Explosive Note Theory, every note should be played with maximum intensity, as if it had nothing to do with the previous and the following note.

A Floppy Boot Stomp will be produced in fall 2001 and the playing period covers January, February and March 2002. Foreign concerts will follow next.
* * *

Teejo adds: Circumstances turned against them in the form of unwilling subsidy suppliers and other obstacles, so for a long time it seemed like nothing was happening. not in 2002, and not in 2003 too...

Spring 2004, it suddenly appeared that the rosa ensemble had re-animated their tribute project. but many changes had been made to the 'floppy boot stomp' concept. first of all, the title of the shows had become SELLING HOOVERS IN MOJAVE (something the captain once did, as you know), and next the content of it was completely different to the original idea: except that the performance contains classics of the Captain, it also deals with translating: [it are] translations in music and text. Hans Dagelet speaks, raps, sings, and plays trumpet.

Although it will confuse you, i would like to mention that 'selling hoovers in mojave' was part of rosa's 'the spinroom 03' project, and that the two first performances where part of a bigger program called 'cross linx 4 - spoken word meets new music'. Why do you need to know this? Well, simply because all the texts are in dutch.... A brave idea, but this unfortunately also decreased the potential foreign interest.

Nevertheless, that hadn't withheld the dutchmen from already planning a second series of similar shows the following year. although, it was different enough to give those 2005 performances a separate name: BLUNDERLAND (beefheart phase 2).

The Rosa Ensemble 


special event!
2004/04/12 radio & web broadcast "STOFZUIGERS VERKOPEN... (SELLING HOOVERS IN MOJAVE )" concertzender (

2004/04/15 concert "cross-linx festival 4", 'vredenburg, utrecht, nl

2004/04/17 concert "cross-linx festival 4", 'muziekcentrum', enschede, nl

2004/09/07 concert "outdoor festival", middelburg, nl


2005/04/06 concert "BLUNDERLAND", location unkown at present

-- Teejo

If anyone happened to tape one of the broadcasts (concertzender, or the 2004/04/15 nps avondconcert special, ...) please get in touch. I'd love to hear this.

-- peter (


from: André Cholmondeley

Hello and greetings

Andre' here, Having a blast on the don preston 'random chaos/confusion' tour (I'll explain in the diary) - he is a character. We just saw Hellboy tonite -it's great!!  Don is (at 71) still a horror and sci fi, fantasy movie freak - he keeps up with quality new sci fi and plays Tomb raider (really well) all the time. Last time he was out here we saw Lord of the rings..!

Anyway - some great shows in New England this weekend and a washout --we played in woodstock to about 6-8 rabid fans (thanks - 200 mile drivers!! wow!) - plus one local guy named....Tony Levin! Indeed - Tony played bass with Don in the early 70s. Watch his site in a day or so for pix with Don. (

On thurs, Don also delivered a great lecture at Berklee College on 20th century composition and approaches to notation, then and now. The Cambridge gig that night was amazing - a really cool art gallery with a phat sound system (what a rarity!) - that show was filmed - stay tuned for web clips - what made that one extra special was the excellent KAWAI grand piano - Don

Well - one more show on this tour - ASBURY PARK NJ - we hope to see you out there this Wednesday!!! Live compositions and improvisation - Electronic/Synth textures and percussion

Peace, andre'


Celebrating it’s 20th birthday, Cuneiform Records continues releasing beautiful albums:
  • henry kaiser and wadada leo smith / yo miles!:sky garden
    (2004, 2cd, usa, cuneiform rune 191/92)

  • pip pyle's bash: belle illusion
    (2004, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 193)

  • soft machine: live in paris, may 2nd, 1972
    (2004, 2cd, usa, cuneiform rune 195/196)

  • univers zero: implosion
    (2004, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 190)

  • university of errors: jet propelled photographs
    (2004, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 188)

  • gary windo: anglo american
    (2004, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 189)


Last january, Dream Theater played a gig in London.
  • 2004/01/17 concert 'hammersmith', london, england

During 'Caught In A Web', the band did some sort of Zappa tease. Haven't heard it (yet), but I'll probably have more info soon.


From:Adrian Clark
Absolute Zappa - Barbican Hall, London, April 1st

First, the setlist...

Filthy Habits, Dog/Meat, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?, Lucille, Why Does it Hurt When I Pee?, Catholic Girls, Cosmik Debris, Uncle Remus, G-Spot Tornado, Amnerika, Planet of the Baritone Women, Teenage Prostitute, Revised Music for Low Budget Orchestra, Theme from Lumpy Gravy, RDNZL, Duke of Prunes, T'Mershi Duween, Packard Goose, Outside Now, Muffin Man... (encores) Peaches en Regalia, Dirty Love, Theme from Lumpy Gravy.

All pieces featured Kristjan Järvi conducting the (20-piece) ensemble, and guests Keneally, Brock, Django Bates and the 3 X-ecutioners joined in here and there.

Criticisms... the sound. Can't be difficult to mix a huge electro-acoustic thing, but I saw David Axelrod (with similar ensemble) at the Royal Festival Hall recently, and the sound had an immediacy and clarity which was severely lacking at the Barbican last night.

The hall acoustics may also have made a few arrangements a little unconvincing. On a couple, elements such as the sampled drum loops continued throughout, robbing dynamic variation from the originals. On a couple of others, only the main riffs were used as a basis for shifting (improvised?) textures over the top. Sometimes this worked, other times it didn't, or was scuppered by the echoey hall sound.

On the plus side, though, most of the arrangements worked well, in most cases sounding like a smaller (and electrified) version of the Ensemble Modern versions. There are some particularly fine musishnins in the Absolute Ensemble, particularly the first violinist (Vesselin Gellev, according to the programme notes) who seemed equally adept with
jazz/blues improvisation and difficult written lines. The percussionist (Pablo Rieppi) was also damn good, but I'd like to have seen him get more parts. Maybe that was the problem with some of the 'textural' arrangements... there weren't enough spiky sounds to make it sound like real Zappa. All in all, though, it was a fine night out, and any ensemble which can play over 2 hours of Zappa music without an intermission deserves respect. 

The secret word of the night, judging by the drunken bugger a few rows behind me, who kept (inexplicably) yelling it out, was probably "Dogs".

-- Adrian


Petulant Frenzy is an australian Zappa tribute band. They played at least one gig (in Sydney on a Halloween).


lots of band have been playing Zappa's music lately. New entries or additional data for:


From: Kilissa Cissoko
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2004
Subject: Jon Nelson

I noticed that you don't have this updated information about Jon Nelson, of the Meridian Arts Ensemble. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Music Department of the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Here's an article about him:

Here's his faculty webpage:

-- Kilissa Cissoko


Doctor Dark is scheduled to perform on Friday June 18th at Cafe Nine (250 State St. New Haven, CT, USA). The gig will feature their new bass player, Peter Brunuelli !!
  • 2004/06/18 concert 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa 


Belgian jazz greats Mark Godfroid (trombone) and Rony Verbiest (bandoneon) teamed up in 2004 to record and perform. One of the pieces on their repertoire was / is Frank Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay'.

Marc Godfroid is one of the people behind the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, and has performed with a.o. Chick Corea, Bob Mintzer, Maria Schneider, Slide Hampton and Stéphane Grapelli.
Rony Verbiest has played with Johan Verminnen, Jo Lemaire, Roland and lots of others.

They have already played a couple of concerts, of which I saw the Antwerp one, but if you're lucky, you can still catch them:

  • 2004/04/07 concert 'hopper', antwerp, belgium
    • the concert opened with zappa's 'watermelon in easter hay'; this was a fabulous concert !! enjoyed it a lot.
    • a 102-minute audience recording of this concert circulates
  • 2004/05/18 concert 'biekorf', brugge, belgium


ZAPPENING 2000 setlists

Last month, I (finally) added data for the Zappening 2000 event

Well, here are some setlists (thanx to Taper Joe and Bengt)

Project / Object w/ Ike Willis @ zappening 2000

  • 2000/08/11 concert 'three sisters park', chillicothe, il, usa
    • project/object w/ike willis
      special guests: ray white, jimmy carl black
    • set-list
      • heavy duty judy * i ain’t got no heart (w/ ray white) * echidna’s arf (of you) * don’t you ever wash that thing? * sy borg * the blue light * big swifty * the evil prince * lucille has messed my mind up * flakes * latex solar beef * willie the pimp * cosmik debris * flower punk * bamboozled by love * brown shoes don’t make it * lonesome cowboy burt (w/ jimmy carl black) * keep it greasy * outside now * king kong
      • encore 1: andy * inca roads * peaches en regalia
      • encore 2: zomby woof
    • a 149-minute audience recording of this concert circulates

Ray White & Carr Trouble @ Zappening 2000

  • 2000/08/12 concert 'three sisters park', chillicothe, il, usa
    • hey bo diddley * let me love you, baby * in the middle of the night * city of tiny lites (frank zappa) * ring around the moon * lonesome cowboy (including ‘montana’ (frank zappa) tease) * some kind of wonderful (including 'hot rats' (frank zappa) tease) * spring water (including 'inca roads' (frank zappa) tease) * born under a bad sign *  we're gonna roll away * the illinois enema bandit (frank zappa)
    • a 121-minute soundboard recording of this concert circulates

The Grandmothers @ Zappening 2000

  • 2000/08/12 concert 'three sisters park', chillicothe, il, usa
    • line-up
      • jimmy carl black: vocals * bunk gardner: sax * don preston: keys & vocals * sandro oliva: guitar & vocals * ener bladezipper: bass * stefano ballisarone: drums
    • setlist
      • intro * call any vegetable * invocation & ritual dance of the young pumpkin * sleeping in a jar * what was zappa really like? * the little house i used to live in * what was zappa really like? * who are the brain police? * lonely, lonely nights * mom & dad * money (that’s what i want) * lady queen bee * love of my life * hungry freaks, daddy * great white buffalo * new age mumbo jumbo * holiday in berlin * junk food * mr. green genes * junk food * big leg emma * brown shoes don’t make it * ??? * uncle meat * oh no * the orange county lumber truck * trail of tears
      • encore 1: lonesome cowboy burt * willie the pimp
      • encore 2: the indian of the group * road ladies
    • a 138-minute soundboard recording of this show circulates

Banned From Utopia @ zappening 2000

  • 2000/08/13 concert 'three sisters park', chillicothe, il, usa
    • line-up
      • tommy mars: keys, vocals * arthur barrow: bass, vocals * ed mann: percussion * albert wing: sax * mike miller: guitar * jay dittamo: drums
    • setlist
      • intro * sy borg * i ain’t got no heart * tink walks amok * the eric dolphy memorial barbeque * let’s move to cleveland * marqueson’s chicken * "andy griffith" theme * dog breath (in the year of the plague) * we are not alone * sinister footwear II * uncle meat * dupree’s paradise * 20 small cigars * village of the sun * echidna’s arf (of you) * don’t you ever wash that thing? * peaches en regalia * nanook rubs it
      • encore: be bop tango * a pound for a brown (on the bus) * sofa
    • a 128-minute soundboard recording of this concert circulates

"Open Jam" @ Zappening 2000

  • 2000/08/13 concert 'three sisters park', chillicothe, il, usa
    • line-up
      • project / object
      • featuring sandro olive: guitar (*)
    • setlist
      • five–five–five * uncle remus * son of orange county * more trouble every day * i’m the slime * watermelon in easter hay(*) * black napkins(*)
    • line-up
      • alumni jam: ike willis: guitar, vocals * arthur barrow: bass * tommy mars: keys * ed mann: percussion * jay dittamo: drums * seahag: guitar * albert wing: sax
    • setlist
      • chunga’s revenge * the meek shall inherit nothing * i’m a beautiful guy * andy
    • a 80-minute soundboard recording of this concert circulates


From: Fred Hemmer
Sunday, April 04, 2004
Subject: Bogus Pomp Orchestra Show information

Hi Gang,

 We have a tentative date at The Tampa Theatre for the 2004 version of The Bogus Pomp Orchestra. Hold September 18,  and yes, it is a Saturday night this time!

Why is it tentative? The simple answer is money. The cost of putting on such a special event with 25 musicians is extremely high. As you probably know, the show last year was possible as the result of a number of people putting up donations. Ticket revenues alone do not cover the costs of putting on such a show.

We need to raise money to pay the up front costs of the event and we are offering the same opportunity for sponsors as we did last year. To be a sponsor we need a donation of $200 and in return you will get two seats for the show as well as two admissions for Zappaween X. The seats at Tampa Theatre will be right up front like last year. And sponsors will gain entry to Zappaween before the general public does in order to secure the best viewing advantage for that show.

This grass roots effort keeps the band performing for us at a level that is above and beyond what most acts deliver. Last year's BPO show was voted the Best Tampa Bay Concert of 2003 by The Weekly Planet and that is twice in the last five years Bogus Pomp has earned that award. No wonder so many people travel regularly long distances to come to BP events. BP is truly a treasure for us Zappa fans.

Please consider making the donation and securing killer seats for yourself. It is a win win situation. Checks can be made payable to Bogus Pomp Fund and can be sent to me at:

Fred Hemmer
11970 7th St East
Treasure Island, FL 33706

Please include your address, e-mail address and phone number.

(Please know that I do not and have never taken any money for helping the band. And also know that the BP band members make peanuts for their services.)

Your support is appreciated very much!

-- Fred


  • g3: live - rockin' in the free world
        (2004, 2cd, usa, epic 515021 2)
    • Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & Yngwie Malmsteen were G3. "Live- Rockin' In The Free World" was recorded live at 'The Uptown Theater', Kansas City,
      Missouri, USA, 2003/10/21.
      G3 will be touring again very soon. In Europe and with Robert Fripp, Satriani and Vai.
      The G3 DVD release has the October 20 concert from the night before, in Denver, Colorado.
      It's nice of them that they took two different shows for the 2CD and the DVD release.

G3 on tour:

2004/06/13: arrow rock festival, de schans, holland
2004/06/14: k.b. hallen, copenhagen, denmark
2004/06/15: liseberghallen, gothenburg, sweden
2004/06/16: gota lejon, stockholm, sweden
2004/06/18: icehall, helsinki, finland
2004/06/20: konserthuset, oslo, norway
2004/06/23: clyde auditorium, glasgow, scotland
2004/06/24: apollo, manchester, england
2004/06/25: city hall, newcastle, england
2004/06/26: nia academy, birmingham, england
2004/06/27: bic windsor hall, bournemouth, england
2004/06/28: royal concert hall, nottingham, england
2004/06/29: royal albert hall, london, england

2004/07/01: palais de congres, paris, france
2004/070/2: jam, bergara, spain
2004/07/03: la riviera, madrid, spain
2004/07/04: razmatazz, barcelona, spain
2004/07/06: mazda palace, milan, italy
2004/07/07: centrale de tenis, rome, italy
2004/07/08: villa pisani, padova, italy
2004/07/10: piberstein, freizeitinsel, austria
2004/07/16: pistoia blues festival, pistoia, italy
2004/07/17: les nuits de la guitare, patrimonio, corsica

Does this mean that G3 will be in Europe during the Zappanale Festival? Do I sense an opportunity?



  • gto: i'll be around
        (2002, cd5", nl, nwr nwrcd2301)
    • You probably read this before on the Idiot Bastard site, or maybe on the official Steve Vai site.
      At first I thought it was some kind of joke: the GTO's releasing a single in 2002, recording a Steve Vai composition, and with Steve Vai on guitar. But it's not. GTO is a dutch girl band.And they did record 'I'll Be Around' from Steve's "Ultra Zone" album. And he did contribute a fine guitar solo as well.



here's a reminder for Die Beistelltische  - Zappa a capella

  • 2004/03/28 concert, ‘pavillon’ (hannoverrockt spezial), hannover, germany
  • 2004/04/02 concert, ‘vorstadttheater’, tübingen, germany
  • 2004/04/03 concert, ‘landestheater’, memmingen, germany
  • 2004/04/16 concert, ‘vorderhaus’, freiburg, germany
  • 2004/04/17 concert, ‘vorderhaus’, freiburg, germany
  • 2004/05/20 concert ‘wendland’, bülitz, germany
  • 2004/05/21 concert ‘wendland’, siepnitz, germany
  • 2004/06/18 concert, ‘pantheon’, bonn, germany



Wednesday, may 19, De Foolz will be playing an all-Zappa-concert in Heist Op Den Berg, Belgium, at "Kafee 't Hoekske".

Be there !!


  • steve vai: the infinite steve vai - an anthology
        (2004, 2cd, usa, epic 513868 2)
    • Also out on Epic / Legacy is the Steve Vai anthology album. Nothing new for the die-hards, but I can imagine that this can serve as the perfect introduction.


Here's another set of
Frank Zappa related  Keller Williams setlists.

  • 2003/05/25 concert ‘three sister's park’, chillicothe, il, usa

    • setlist
      • rockumal * keep it simple > trenchtown rock > best feeling * cookies > breathe * turn in difference * freeborn man > movin' on up > kidney in a cooler * moondance > dinah-mo hum (frank zappa) * revelation  221" * theme from the pink panther * "must be a bad guitar" * freeker by the speaker > people of the earth * boob job * flying * reuben and cherise * multisyllabic * celebrate your youth * novelty song
      • encore: love handles
    • a 97-minute recording of this show circulates
  • 2002/03/11 concert (private party) ‘eric burns' house’, los angeles, ca, usa

    • keller williams, (*)with eric burns on guitar & vox

    • setlist

      • you've got to hide your love away > shakedown street > happy > movin' on up > yoni > lightning > lovin' cup * apparition * crater in the backyard * southern cross > houses of the holy > blew him away > molly maloy > stupid questions * gold plated(*) * bird song(*) * thin mint > dogs * basket case > she said she said > loup jam > dinah moe hum (frank zappa) > soul shakedown party(%) > new baritone guitar instrumental * dig a pony * flying * no expectations(*) > lonesome la cowboy(*) * inhale to the chief > victory song * take me to the tundra > long loup jam with intros/outro

      • encore: stash * outro...

    • (%)with teases of 'pass the dutchy' (musical youth) and clint eastwood' (gorillaz)

    • a 165-minute recording of this show circulates


Here's another setlist that has a Zappa tune in it somewhere: KVHW, including the great Ray White

  • 1998/08/15 concert ‘great american music hall’, san francisco, ca, usa

    • kvhw, featuring tim hockenbury as special guest on vocals, keys and trombone

    • setlists

      • set 1: tuning * spring water * pau pau go * she caught the katy * i can see clearly now * tangled hangers * city of tiny lites (frank zappa)

      • set 2: shotgun house > high-heeled sneakers * steve's lapsteel samba * hillbillies on pcp * happy birthday * nefertiti > it's up to you * many rivers to cross * it's impossible * whipping post

      • encore: poonk  

    • a 168-minute recodings of this concert circulates



And a couple of others, by moe.

  • 1995/08/27 concer ‘slider's’, fernandina beach, fl, usa

    • set 1 : defrost > akimbo * me and pat and bill and you * timmy tucker (with "call any vegetable" (frank zappa) tease ) * take the skinheads bowling * dr. graffenburg > havah negilah * moth

    • set 2: st. augustine * 32 things * recreational chemistry > the internet tune > recreational chemistry * change * jimmy jazz * yodelittle > jazz wank > yodelittle * rebubula * brent black * after hours * mexico * seat of my pants * don't fuck with flo

    • a 177-minute soundboard recording of this show circulates
  • 2001/10/31 concert ‘shea's center for the performing arts’, buffalo, ny, usa

    • setlist

      • set 1: we're not gonna take it > st. augustine * opium * new york city * stinkfoot (frank zappa) * recreational chemistry > captain america

      • set 2: "welcome to the 2nd half" * sensory deprivation bank * lazarus > head * strawberry fields forever > water > meat

      • encore: "thanks a lot for coming out" * do you feel like i do

    • debut performance of zappa's 'stinkfoot'

    • a 178-minute recording of this show circulates

  • 2003/08/22 concert 'fillmore auditorium', san francisco, ca, usa

    • line-up: moe., special guest: (*) = w/ willie waldman on trumpet
    • setlist

      • set 1: san ber'dino * mexico * crab eyes * okayalright * the faker > kids

      • set 2: meat > not coming down > wormwood > st. augustine * not coming down reprise > so long > jam > jazz wank > buster(*)

      • encore: happy hour hero(*)

    • a 190-minute recording of this concert circulates

  • 2003/08/29 concert ‘snow ridge ski area’, turin, ny, usa

    • setlist

      • intro * buster(*) > spaz medicine > not coming down > wormwood > okayalright * shoot first * new york city(**) * banter * understand * 32 things * cornflake girl > recreational chemistry * banter

      • encore: san ber'dino (frank zappa)
    • a 131-minute recording of this concert circulates



March 26, André (Project/Object) Cholmondeley launched a cry for help. One week later, things look more positif, but if you can help, contact André !!!

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Andre Cholmondeley"
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004
Subject: Web Hosting??? www_Projectobject_com is homeless.


You may have noticed the project object website is DOWN

I am soliciting help from the masses - I know that amongst you are web hosters, graphic designers, musicians and more geniuses than I can imagine.

Please drop me an email if you are interested in some hosting business from us - or know of someone you host with who would. Maybe one of you works at a company that's dying to GIVE AWAY free, stable webspace! Maybe you run one.

Here's what I need :
- hosting for 3 URLs
- musician/artist friendly company or people to deal with
- secure credit card purchase capabilities
- pro level server stability - no basement projects please
- Generous amounts of memory (Streaming & downloadable audio, video) - although we are redesigning a much leaner new site.
- to know I am supporting other independent people as much as I can, but sneak me some free space on your DoD or server and I won't blink!!

THANKS for your help

-- Andre' (looking for a home)

mail andré at


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Andre Cholmondeley”
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004

First off - THANKS to everyone who got back to me about the website fiasco.
I really deeply appreciate what great people you meet in the music world.
Well, You meet great people in ALL aspects of the world but you know what I

We are BACK online TEMPORARILY (Thanks Lou!)- I am still ironing stuff out
and I will get back to each and every one of you who offered programming
skills, server discounts, server suggestions, and even free time, space and

-- Andre'



March 28 2004

Hello everyone…

We must thank everyone who is patiently waiting for the release of Dog, the new Mike Keneally Band album.  We're deep into the production of the DVD for the special edition and when that's completed, we're ready to manufacture and ship to those of you who pre-ordered.  (And those who pre-ordered before January 1 will be getting their copy of the limited edition CD Pup along with their order.)  The album itself, and the artwork for the CD package is complete and I've never been happier with one of my albums.  Of the whole bunch of them this comes the closest to my long-time fantasy of what a basically insane rock album should sound like.  If it recalls any of the past albums it's mostly Dust Speck with a bit of Sluggo! in there too, but in reality it's a whole other thing, mainly thanks to amazing sounds made by my ridiculous band, Bryan Beller, Rick Musallam and Nick D'Virgilio.  Thanks you freaks.  You outdid yourselves.

Anyhoo if we don't get battered by fate we're still on target for a late Spring release, but forgive us if we're not foolish enough to specify a definitive release date at this point.  We have a group of amazing people helping us to make the DVD a reality and it's going to be something special and worth your while.  Soon after the limited editions begin shipping, the single-CD version will hopefully appear in stores and with online CD merchants.  We have big plans but the pieces are still being put in place, as we've been necessarily preoccupied with the construction of the actual products… 

More details about all that soon.  I think you'll dig Dog.   Oh, that was too cute by at least 30%. 

Meanwhile, The Universe Will Provide is scheduled for an upcoming release on NPS Output, distributed worldwide by Favored Nations.  This is the studio recording of my composition for guitar and orchestra featuring myself and the Metropole Orkest.  Plans call for me to do some promotional appearances and hopefully some gigs in Holland around the time of the release.  Bryan Beller will also be in Holland (he'll be performing with Steve Vai and the Metropole Orkest at the live debut of Steve's own night of music with the Metropole) and there are hopes that BB and I can do some playing when he's not furiously rehearsing Steve's thing.  We shall see how it all pans out. 

In other album news, the album of piano arrangements of Vai music I did a few years ago will hopefully see release before too much longer, and the Yo Miles! Sessions I did with Henry Kaiser, Wadada Leo Smith, Michael Manring, Steve Smith, Greg Osby, Zakir Hussain and many others will see release on a 2-CD set from Cuneiform, supposedly in May.

And there's a gig in London next week…

Mike Keneally
with Kristjan Järvi’s Absolute Ensemble,
Napoleon Murphy Brock,
the X-ecutioners and Django Bates

Absolute Zappa
Live Remixes of Frank Zappa Originals
Thursday, April 1, 2004
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS
(Barbican tube station)
7:30 p.m.
Tickets £12.50, £15, £20, £25
Info: 44 (0)20 7638 8891

Should be fun!  Come on over if you can. 

We'll also be playing at NEARfest in Bethlehem, PA on July 10, but the tickets have sold out.  However we are currently attempting to book a short East Coast tour right next to that date, stay tuned for details.

Please listen to whenever you can.  It's playing now!  I co-host it with Richard Pike whenever I've got a Monday free to drive to LA. and it's always fun.  3 to 4 hours of music and frequently absurd conversation, aired live on Monday night and subsequently replayed throughout the week until the next new show.  I won't be on the next episode 'cause I'll be on a plane to London, but listen anyway, I say. 

What else.  Here's the song listing for Dog if you haven't seen it at

Pride Is A Sin
Simple Pleasure
Raining Sound
Choosing To Drown
Gravity Grab
This Tastes Like A Hotel

Go to right now actually, if you haven't lately, and download Dog Bites, a montage of sound clips from Dog.

Those of you who have a copy of Pup already will know that at one time the song Li'l was scheduled for Dog, but ultimately we decided that it wasn't the right song for this album.  We recorded a number of additional tracks during the sessions which may see the light of day on yet another new CD before the end of the year, but that's only if all of you folks manage to cajole at least 100 of your friends into buying a copy of Dog when it comes out.  Thanks in advance.

Okay, be good, downsize unnecessary executives when the time comes, treat yourself and a loved one to a showing of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and listen to Neil Young as much as possible.  His tour bus runs on vegetable oil you know.

Seacrest out!


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Subject: Wretched, Ugly Antipoem For The Day


>    I began this antipoem with high sentiments
>    but it devolved into barfing out the darkness
>    that's in my soul. I amplify my thoughts to
>    absurd levels to make myself laugh & to laugh
>    at their possible effects on the unsuspecting
>    reader.
>    This is my entertainment. This is my fun.
>    I don't have cable, most movies disappoint me,
>    I'm not one to socialize.
>    It is rude and obnoxious to spam crap like this
>    out to the public at large with no notice or
>    warning. If you wish to be deleted from my
>    list, just ask. It is not my intent to be hurtful or rude.
>    I only want the best for everybody.  
>       Peace, baby--          TRUBEE
> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
>               Freedom
>       Copyright c 2004 John Trubee
>        Freedom is my highest value:
>        Freedom from bullshit
>        Freedom from other people torturing me
>        Freedom from rules externally imposed upon me
>            by idiots
>        Freedom from the addiction to whore after
>            effluvial consumer goods which would only
>            suffocate my life in excrement  
>        Freedom from social timewaste, ninny smalltalk,
>            vacuous chat, idiotic jokes & dishonest flirting
>            with dishonest women for that eternally elusive
>            sexual gratification which never manifests itself
>            in our space/time continuum
>        Freedom from the onerous crap values of the pygmies
>            who surround me who seek to drown me
>            in their mindlessness.
>        Imagine yourself locked into a roomful
>            of mongoloid children whose values trumped all others
>        Whose choices and activities dominated the small space
>             of that room
>        And you were obliged to go along with their bullshit
>             as you were only one against the many.
>        How soon before you'd withdraw, mute,
>              into a corner?
>        How long before you'd go mad?
>        Welcome to the Funhouse,
>               bitch.           
> John Trubee



The Magic Band is preparing its own website:

Their upcoming concert list looks like this:

  • 2004/06/22 concert ‘paradiso’, amsterdam, the netherlands

  • 2004/06/23 concert ‘concorde 2’, brighton, uk

  • 2004/06/24 concert ‘bridgewater hall’, manchester, uk

  • 2004/06/25 concert “glastonbury festival” , uk


I know, I know, it's still here, but I've got to get some sleep... The article is about a musical theatre staging of "You Are What You Is" that's in preparation in Sandviken, Sweden. No dates are specified, but apparently it will be this fall. And before you start ridiculing the beautiful language in which the article is written, please note that I actually bothered to translate most of it this time: === "Beauty knows no pain" is one of the twenty complex and musically tricky songs on Zappa's album "You are what you is" from 1981. The entire upcoming show is based on the tracks from that album. How did the whole thing really happen? - The idea to make a show with singer Per-Erik Sortti in a leading role has been in my head for a while. He hasn't been used fully as the good actor and singer that he is. At the same time, I have felt like doing something with Frank Zappa's music. "You are what you is" happened to have the theme I was looking for, it's about different roles and the songs are rather short. The subject was suitable to write lyrics about. Today is so much about "you're not good enough" - reality shows and plastic surgery - always the striving to re-make yourself, Lena Mattsson says. So "You are what you is" became "Du är den du blev" ["You are what you became"] and Frank Zappa's 80's was turned into the Swedish present. For example, "Charlie's enormous mouth" becomes "Lindas enorma bröst" ["Linda's enourmous breasts" - Linda is a Swedish reality show star - ed.], "I'm a beautiful guy" is turned into "Jag, en dokuperson" ["Me, a reality-person"] and "Teenage wind" into "Tonårsdröm" ["Teenage dream"]. - What was hip and satirical in the US in the 80's doesn't work in the 21st century in Sweden. That's why I dropped the idea of translating the lyrics and focused on writing new ones. But they're written in Zappa's spirit: daring to be audacious, not apologize and to provoke - to do what you want. Earlier that morning they'd met keyboard player Mats Öberg at the Gävle Central where he arrived in a train from Stockholm. Öberg has played with Zappa and has big experience of his compositions. Mats Öberg is blind since birth and may look lost when he leaves the train. But in the musical world he finds his way anywhere. His ear is second to none. Bertil Fält puts him in front of the synth and places his right hand over the buttons and tells him what functions they have. That's all that Mats needs to sound exactly like Zappa wanted Tommy Mars to when the album was recorded 23 years ago. Öberg joins only once a month during the preparations, but it's obvious what a musical force he is, and his presence feels necessary to make this project come to frution. With Mats Öberg in the band, the public interest might increase, and the project might stretch further that the planned ten performances in Gävle. The Zappa family, headed by widow Gail, is known to be ticklish about how his material is being treated. So Gail has been contacted and the new lyrics has been translated back to English for final approval. - Yes, I know she's difficult, but if Gail troubles us, we'll have to use the original lyrics, says Lena Mattsson, seemingly without worrying about the hundreds of hours of effort she's put into it. === All linguistic atrocities should be blamed on the translator, not the journalist.

-- info: Jon Naurin


Q+A with Youngblood Brass Band January 16, 2004 Take a Wisconsin-made meat grinder found at a New Orleans yard sale and cram it full with a sousaphone, a snare drum, a bass drum, two trombones, a sax, two trumpets, and eight people who can play the hell out of these ingredients. Then stuff in a liberal dose of hip-hop inventiveness and start crankin'. Fry this up with a healthy portion of cultural consciousness, and oo-wee, you've got the delicious (and nutritious) Youngblood Brass Band. spoke with Youngblood MC/snare drummer David Henzie-Skogen, in Cajun accents as far as you know.

Where's the Beefheart? Sarah Dempster pays tribute to the Magic Band, reformed without its infamous Captain Saturday January 17, 2004 The Guardian,11710,1124751,00.html

On Jan. 27, the Fulcrum Point New Music Project launches its "Essential Art: Essential Elements" series at the Harris Theater with "Oceans," which includes works by John Cage, Fela Kuti, George Crumb and Frank Zappa. ($20; 312-334-7777).

-- info: Hoodude


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2004/03/05 Afroskull concert 'the parkside lounge', nyc, usa

  • 2004/03/06 The London Sinfonietta concert 'concertgebouw', Brugge, Belgium

  • 2004/03/08 concert "Absolute Zappa" - 'Adelaide Town Hall', adelaide, australia
  • 2004/03/09 concert "Blood on the Floor " - 'Adelaide Town Hall', adelaide, australia
  • 2004/03/09 The Meridian Arts Ensemble concert Merkin Hall, New York City, usa
  • 2004/03/12 Afroskull concert 'the lion's den', nyc, usa
  • 2004/03/19 Afroskull The Pourhouse (Williamsburg, Brooklyn), nyc, usa
  • 2004/03/23-24 The Meridian Arts Ensemble Lafayette College, Easton, PA, usa
  • 2004/03/27 The Wrong Object concert ‘l'aquilone’, liège, belgium
    2004/03/27 Bogus Pomp concert 'palladium', st.petersburg, usa

  • 2004/03/28 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘pavillon’ (hannoverrockt spezial), hannover, germany
    2004/03/28 The Meridian Arts Ensemble concert Beacon, NY, usa
  • 2004/04/02 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘vorstadttheater’, tübingen, germany
    2004/04/02 Afroskull The Parkside Lounge, nyc, usa
  • 2004/04/03 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘landestheater’, memmingen, germany
    2004/04/03 The Wrong Object  / The Muffin Men  concert ‘phoenix arts center’, exeter, uk
  • 2004/04/05 The Wrong Object concert ‘the beehive’, swindon, uk
  • 2004/04/12 B'wana Dik & Friends concert ‘café de buut’, eindhoven, the netherlands  -

  • 2004/04/13 B'wana Dik & Friendsconcert ‘cafe alleman’, gemert, the netherlands  -

  • 2004/04/16 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘vorderhaus’, freiburg, germany
  • 2004/04/17 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘vorderhaus’, freiburg, germany
  • 2004/04/23 The Foolz concert 'café rocks', enschede, the netherlands

  • 2004/04/24 The Meridian Arts Ensemble concert Library of Congress, Washington, DC, usa
  • 2004/04/30 The Foolz concert 'café de flierefluiter', apeldoorn, the netherlands
  • 2004/05/08 "Mother's Day Freak Out" - concert 'nietzsche's', buffalo, usa

  • 2004/05/19 De Foolz concert 'kafee 't hoekske', heist o/d berg, belgium
  • 2004/05/20 Die Beistelltische concert ‘wendland’, bülitz, germany
  • 2004/05/21 Die Beistelltische concert ‘wendland’, siepnitz, germany
  • 2004/06/13: G3 concert arrow rock festival, de schans, holland
  • 2004/06/14: G3 concertk.b. hallen, copenhagen, denmark
  • 2004/06/15: G3 concertliseberghallen, gothenburg, sweden
  • 2004/06/16: G3 concertgota lejon, stockholm, sweden
  • 2004/06/18: G3 concerticehall, helsinki, finland
  • 2004/06/18 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘pantheon’, bonn, germany
  • 2004/06/18 Doctor Dark concert 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa 
  • 2004/06/20: G3 concertkonserthuset, oslo, norway
  • 2004/06/23: G3 concertclyde auditorium, glasgow, scotland
  • 2004/06/24: G3 concertapollo, manchester, england
  • 2004/06/25: G3 concertcity hall, newcastle, england
    2004/06/25 The Ensemble Ambrosius concert 'concertgebouw', Brugge, Belgium
  • 2004/06/26: G3 concertnia academy, birmingham, england
  • 2004/06/27: G3 concertbic windsor hall, bournemouth, england
  • 2004/06/27 the muffin men and ensemble 10:10  concert glastonbury, uk
  • 2004/06/28: G3 concertroyal concert hall, nottingham, england
  • 2004/06/29: G3 concertroyal albert hall, london, england
  • 2004/07/01: G3 concertpalais de congres, paris, france
  • 2004/070/2: G3 concertjam, bergara, spain
  • 2004/07/03: G3 concertla riviera, madrid, spain
  • 2004/07/04: G3 concertrazmatazz, barcelona, spain
  • 2004/07/06: G3 concertmazda palace, milan, italy
  • 2004/07/07: G3 concertcentrale de tenis, rome, italy
  • 2004/07/08: G3 concertvilla pisani, padova, italy
  • 2004/07/10: G3 concertpiberstein, freizeitinsel, austria
  • 2004/07/16: G3 concertpistoia blues festival, pistoia, italy
  • 2004/07/17: G3 concertles nuits de la guitare, patrimonio, corsica
  • 2004/07 - Zappanale