the big nOte files - march 2004

updated march 17 & 24, 2004

ZZZZZ A new G3 album / DVD
ZZZZZ Chris Opperman update
ZZZZZ Another Alternative TV album (from 2002)
ZZZZZ Eskimo Legends - The Residents
ZZZZZ Psychedelic Breakfast performed Zappa's 'Echidna's Arf (Of You)' in concert
ZZZZZ Beistelltische tourdates
ZZZZZ The latest news from Mike Keropian
ZZZZZ Frank Zappa special in French "Jazz Magazine"
ZZZZZ John Trubee's antipoetry
ZZZZZ "Zappa In France", Frank in pictures
ZZZZZ The Grandmothers in Bonn - words and pics by Thomas Dippel
ZZZZZ Gold Dust mystery revealed
ZZZZZ Deja Voodoo and Powderhouse performed Zappa in concert
ZZZZZ Ed Mann interviewed on the Idiot Bastard site
ZZZZZ Short Bits: added data for Jeff Simmons and for the Zappening 2000
ZZZZZ Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish - the Beefheart / Magic Band tribute
ZZZZZ One More Time For The World released a demo
ZZZZZ Dweezil Zappa & Lisa Loeb in concert
ZZZZZ The Zappanale 3cd set is out.
ZZZZZ Album preview and lots of updates for the Ant-Bee
ZZZZZ The Fine Arts Brass Ensemble recorded a couple of Zappa compositions
ZZZZZ Zappanale 14 - the DVDs
ZZZZZ Steve Vai's "Live at the Astoria" DVD
ZZZZZ The London Sinfonietta performed Zappa (and jammed with Evan Parker)
ZZZZZ More Doctor Dark news
ZZZZZ Frank Zappa Live Event, a band from Denmark
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp
ZZZZZ John Trubee - quote for the day
ZZZZZ Zappafest, Exeter, UK
ZZZZZ Kill Ugly Radio Dot Com
ZZZZZ Info on Extract
ZZZZZ Blues Etilicos
ZZZZZ Afroskull news
ZZZZZ Don Van Vliet
ZZZZZ The Magic Band
ZZZZZ John French, added some album data
ZZZZZ More Trubee
ZZZZZ Doctor Dark
ZZZZZ The Keneallist, latest news from Mike Keneally
ZZZZZ The Zappa Family Trust
ZZZZZ Zappa on DVD
ZZZZZ More John Trubee
ZZZZZ Dweezil Zappa
ZZZZZ Sandy Hurvitz, a correction
ZZZZZ The Wrong Object
ZZZZZ David Bowie
ZZZZZ Ben Watson
ZZZZZ and the concert calendar



still to come:

- The Ed Palermo Big Band will perform in Bonn, next june;

- Czech band the Blues Primitives recorded 'Willie The Pimp'
- Hall Of Fame records released volume number 7 in their Unmatched Zappa tribute series

- Our Rezifriends The Residents are releasing a lot of limited (and expensive) stuff on Euroralph


  • g3: live in denver
        (2004, dvd, ??, epic epc 202303 9)
    • Recorded live, 2003/10/20, at the 'Fillmore Auditorium', Denver, Colorado, USA, this DVD shows you joe satriani, steve vai and yngwie malmsteen.
      This concert is also out on album, but I haven't seen that one yet.



Chris Opperman says: Greetings from the Oppycave.

Hello, my friends, fans, and family,

I'm about to take some No-Doz and wash it down with some Mountain Dew so Tom Trapp and I can finish up the parts for the stuff that needs to go out to Holland tomorrow.  So while I'm doing that, I figured it'd be a good time to let Tom say hello to all you fine people, so here he is:

Oh crap, Tom just put Vanessa Carlton on the CD player...uh oh...that can't be good. <crack>:

"When you hear the Dew can crack...  Trouble is brewing.  Chris drinks a strange amount of Mountain Dew.  He drinks more Dew than an old lady do.  Copius.  You are all apparently already interested in Chris' personal life, because you're all a bunch of old ladies and you're on the mailing list - so allow me to be the harbinger of a strange bit of information.  He's Dew-o-sexual.  Late at night, when he thinks I'm sleeping, I've got one eye open.  Let me tell you folks, it's not a pretty sight.  

I don't want to humiliate a guy on his own mailing list and whatnot.

I did hear bits of Chris' new album.  You should purchase that album.  It has Keneally, another wonderful old lady.  The cost is negligible compared to the other ways you waste money.  Just steal some cash out of your father's wallet or knock an old lady down and take hers.  You're heavier than an old lady, aren't you?

So far, since I've been in LA this trip, I've seen Chris help 2 old ladies cross the street, buy 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, drink 2 glasses of wine, get 2 lap dances, and put 2 items into other people's shopping carts.  That was just on the way back from the airport!  The old lady thing was a fib.

The Vai work is well.  The concert will be well.  Vai is swell.  This concert will bust your nancy-asses wide open."


Hi, I'm back!  Wow, it's hard to think straight when you're high on Mountain Dew and Vanessa Carlton's drummer is laying down some of the illest drum tracks you've ever heard.  Anyway, I figure that you're all wondering where the heck I've been the last couple months, so I'm about to give you the low-down. 

Steve was nice enough to fly my friend Tom Trapp out here and put him on salary to help me finish up the massive amount of work that needs to be done to get these orchestrations and parts out to Holland in a timely fashion.  We just finished formatting the parts for a piece called "Ballerina" which is the first one that I finished and let me tell you, it was a really nice feeling to *finally* be able to put the world "Complete" in a cell on my "Vai/Metropole Orkest - The Aching Hunger Movement Status Log" Excel spreadsheet.  I'm really proud of the job that I did orchestrating that piece.  Steve gave me free reign with it and I really think I came up with something special.  We've got to finish a couple other movements tonight that we got approvals from Steve on and we're still waiting for him to call us back on a couple other movements (I told him to call us as soon as he wakes up...he's been working really hard as well and his sleep schedule's even weirder than mine).  However, I want to get as much stuff out tomorrow as possible.

I'm really looking forward to the day when I'll be able to look at my "Movement Status Log" and see the word "Complete" all the way down the line.  Co de Kloet was nice enough to have mercy on our souls and give us an extra two weeks, so apparently that day is going to be Monday, April 5th.  Of course, that's two less weeks that I get to go to the gym and practice up.  However, the music has to get done and it has to be right and that's it.  The end.

For those of you wondering about the status of the impending release of "No Memories, Please," I've decided to postpone the actual CD release party until June when I come back from Holland so I can allocate all of my "spare" time to practicing and working out until then.  However, Rich Pike is busy getting the packaging finished so I can send puffy little packages to all of you who were kind enough to pre-order the album by April 20th, which is the actual release date. 

Oh!  Here's a thing: I managed to find enough time while growing a beard and drinking 42 servings of Mountain Dew a week to lay down a couple piano/trumpet tracks for Kat Parsons's new album "No Will Power" which will be coming out soon.  The fact that I was willing to pick up the trumpet again and play it on her album should tell you everything you need to know about how amazingly special that girl's music is to me and how wonderfully talented she is.  The sessions were really fun and her producer Paul Maylone is more than capable.  It's going to be a really great record and her songs make me smile, so you should go to and pre-order her album if you are so obliged.

Oh, and props to the following people who have been very cool and supportive of me in this endeavor: Co de Kloet and everyone at NPS Radio Holland, The Metropole Orkest, Steve Vai, Tom Trapp, Amie Margoles, Kat Parsons, Charlotte Towne, Tanya Smith, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, Tiffiny Whitney, Cosette Trombino, Nicki Scott, my bosses at Universal, Usagi Yojimbo, my parents, family, and friends, and Stacy's mom.

Okay, Vanessa Carlton's seen "Twilight" and that means that it's time to get back to work.  Peace.  Music is the best.

-- Oppy



  • alternative tv: 25 years of alternative tv
        (2002, cd, uk, dressed to kill - metro914)
    • April 2001, Alternative TV played a gig at 'CBGB' in new york city. They also performed Frank Zappa's 'Why Don't You Do Me Right'.
      2001, a recording of this concert got released on CD, including the Zappa track.

THE RESIDENTS (slightly off-topic, from the Rez newsgroup)

Just when you thought that "Eskimo" was your favourite Residents album:

Can Tupperware cause botulism? (Eskimo version)
The Straight Dope 19-Mar-2004

Dear Cecil:

I worked for several years doing construction in arctic villages in Alaska. When I first got there I heard a story about how when Tupperware started making the rounds in rural Alaska the Yupik women used it to make fermented seal oil, which is the Eskimo version of ketchup. But the Tupperware made such a tight seal the oil not only fermented but created an extremely toxic brew resulting in numerous deaths. What's up with that? Is it crapola or is burping tantamount to festered oil? --Alaska Vic

Cecil replies:

Pleasure to get your letter, Vic--I can't remember the last time I had a chance to put a billion-dollar corporation into a five-alarm panic. My inquiry regarding your story elicited the following terse response from a Tupperware vice president: {Tupperware has no knowledge of the incident . . . and therefore cannot confirm or deny it.} Noted. But while there's no reason to implicate Tupperware specifically, Eskimo foods and airtight containers don't mix. One observes the following data points:

Anaerobic bacteria--that is, those that thrive in oxygen-free environments--are among the most virulent known. One such bacterium is Clostridium botulinum, producer of deadly botulism toxin. Other clostridia to watch out for include C. tetani, which causes tetanus, and C. perfringens, which gets into wounds and causes gas gangrene, an affliction that's as bad as it sounds. Anaerobic bacteria are the ones that make improperly sterilized canned goods puff up like a football. Food in this
condition should be destroyed immediately, unless you're serving brunch to Osama bin Laden.

On August 17, 2001, the "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly," published by the Centers for Disease Control, noted that three persons in a southwest Alaskan village had come down with botulism after eating fermented beaver tail and paw. "Two patients developed respiratory failure and required intubation and mechanical ventilation," the story reads. "One of the two intubated patients suffered cardiac arrest" but was revived. All three were taken to intensive care, where one needed a tracheostomy tube and then a month on a ventilator. According to MMWR, "In this outbreak, the tail and paws had been wrapped in a paper rice sack and stored for up to 3 months in the entry of a patient's house. Some of the beaver tail and paw had been added to the sack as recently as 1 week before it was eaten." No mention is made of Tupperware.

Alaska has the highest botulism rate in the States and one of the highest worldwide. According to the CDC, close to 40 percent of food-borne botulism cases reported in the U.S. between 1990 and 2000 (103 of 263) occurred in Alaska, one of the least populous states. Very rarely is Tupperware known to have been involved, however: in a 2002 outbreak reported in the Anchorage Daily News, eight people became ill with suspected botulism after eating {muktuk from a beluga whale they found dead along the shore.} I mean, really.

Later in the same article, though, we find the following: "Most botulism cases in Alaska have been linked to preparation and storage of traditional Native foods, including fermented foods [and] seal oil. . . . Between 1950 and 2002, Alaska had 122 outbreaks of botulism involving 248 people, [and all those sickened were Natives]. Botulism cases increased from 1950 to
1997, though health officials aren't exactly sure why. . . . Some Alaska Natives have switched from traditional fermenting practices--burying salmon heads, beaver tails and other foods in underground pits--to placing the food in airtight containers set above ground or in other warmer environments that are more conducive to producing the botulism toxin."

According to a 2003 planning document from the Alaska Department of Health & Social Services, in the late 90s a woman contracted botulism after eating "stink eggs" at a dinner party in Sitka. The stink eggs--basically a mixture of salmon roe and seal oil--had been fermented in Tupperware on top of the refrigerator. To confirm the toxin's source, two public health nurses had to go Dumpster diving until they found a discarded Tupperware container full of ripe stink eggs. So you're the marketing manager for Tupperware's Alaska division. You've got time-honored and for all you know sacred native food-preparation practices on the one hand, botulism on the other, and your company's reliably, nay, proudly airtight container in the middle. You know there's nothing especially pernicious about Tupperware--in this context, even a bucket sealed with plastic wrap could cause trouble--but nonetheless the brand's good name is in peril. What do you do? Put a little slip inside each Tupperware container saying "Not Recommended for Making Stink Eggs"? Apply for a job at Sears selling socket-wrench sets? Well, suck it up, chum, things could be worse. You could be a public health nurse.


Cecil Adams can deliver the Straight Dope on any topic. Write Cecil at



Psychedelic Breakfast performed Zappa's 'Echidna's Arf (Of You) in concert 
  • 2004/02/18 concert 'kings tavern', saratoga springs, ny, usa
    • puppetry * sleeping beauty * dimension 5 * beef barley -> l.a. woman -> inner glimpse * fairy * drum solo * may fly disarray * language of the gods -> echidna's arf (of you) -> score




Die Beistelltische will be touring. Try to catch them:

  • 2004/03/28 concert, ‘pavillon’ (hannoverrockt spezial), hannover, germany
  • 2004/04/02 concert, ‘vorstadttheater’, tübingen, germany
  • 2004/04/03 concert, ‘landestheater’, memmingen, germany
  • 2004/04/16 concert, ‘vorderhaus’, freiburg, germany
  • 2004/04/17 concert, ‘vorderhaus’, freiburg, germany
  • 2004/05/20 concert ‘wendland’, bülitz, germany
  • 2004/05/21 concert ‘wendland’, siepnitz, germany
  • 2004/06/18 concert, ‘pantheon’, bonn, germany


Mike Keropian says:

Hello All,

I thought you might be interested in one of the projects I am currently working on.
Below is an update letter I have sent out to those interested in the Zappa Memorial Project and those who never heard of such a thing!

This is a progress report about the Zappa Memorial model I am currently working on. Below is a link to the two Zappa pages on my site which have photos and more info. The photos show the 4 foot clay figure (still in progress) of Frank with his Gibson SG. I am now working on the base with various objects and symbols of his life and music. I am currently selling portraits of Frank to help pay for the memorial model. It is my intention to eventually get funding for enlarging the model to life-size or larger and have it installed in a respectable location in the US, Europe and/or other locations where people
appreciate Frank Zappa.

*Also to come in 2004, A number of people will be happy to know I will be creating smaller versions of the Zappa Portrait in bronze and bonded bronze which will be less expensive. They will be available from my site and ebay hopefully by April.

Best Regards to you!

Mike Keropian
Zappa memorial:
Zappa Portrait in bronze and bonded bronze:
Zappa portrait also on ebay: Type in "Zappa sculpture" in search.


Last December, we had quite a couple of magazine with a Zappa special. I haven't seen them all, but I have seen a few, and I have to say that the best one comes from France. 12 pages with very fine articles and sublime pictures.

Contributors include  Guy Darol, Pierrejean Gaucher, Christophe Delbrouck, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Philippe Thieyre (from the "Zappa In France" book, a bit further down) and Philippe Carles.

They know their Zappa.




      While You Were Making Love
            Copyright c 2004 John Trubee

       While you were making love
       At the orgy of parasitic drug addicts
       I was clanging a hammer upon an anvil
       At the work factory
       In the timeless day

       While the beautiful rich people in white clothes
       Were celebrating whatever it is that they celebrate
       At their elitist Caribbean resort
       I scrubbed toilets at the hardware store
       In service of an empty myth

       It is essential that an army of lowly little people
       Waste their lives in empty grubwork
       So that the weak and infantile upper classes
       Reside in comfort
       And don't have to think about anything.


ZAPPA IN FRANCE - 1968 / 1988

How do you make a great Zappa photo-book?

Easy: follow these steps:

  • take a well-known photographer (who also is into Zappa)
  • select pictures from every concert that Zappa did in France
  • also include Amougies, because the festival was intended to take place in France
  • let a well-known rock-journalist / writer / Zappa fan write the text to go with the pictures
  • make it BIG, something like 32 x 23 cm

This is a must-have.

Available from Editions Parallèles
(47, rue Saint-Honoré, F - 75001 Paris, France)
phone: 01 42 33 62 70
but also in every major bookstore.

ISBN: 2 911290 03 8


words & pictures by Thomas Dippel
((a small part) translated in some sort of English by yours truly)

Date: Monday, the 26th of January 2004
Time: 16.30 h
Location: the former capital city of Germany, Bonn, today, reduced to the backyard of the nation


After 29 gigs, without a break, after a nine-hour drive from Kiel, two tired Grandmothers stretch their legs.
”Is this really the place Beethoven was born? Doesn’t look like it.” Is about the only thing that Dr.Don had to say. He only added “Nice to see you, sorry, no time, have to rehearse.” After which he and Roy disappeared.



Napoleon was a bit more cordial. He didn’t want to pose for a picture (too early) and he didn’t want to do a real interview: “Not necessary. Come and listen to the show, that’s better than a thousand interviews. I told you two years ago, the voice is back.”

The same evening, the band greeted about 500 fans.

Napoleon opened with: “We won’t play any Zappa music tonight. We will make love to Zappa’s music tonight for you. You will also realise that we are not the Grandmothers, you will see and listen to the GRANDmothers. And this is not my saxophone, it’s my SEXophone.”



The show kicked off with an excellent ‘Florentine Pogen’ and everyone was impressed how the band, with only five persons, could perform a song that was meant to be performed by a much larger band. But after the final chord of ‘Florentine Pogen’, things went wrong. Napoleon lost a piece of his saxophone. At a certain moment, everyone on stage was looking for the little piece that had fallen off Nappi’s saxophone.

Don and Roy filled the gap with ‘Hey Joe / Hey Punk’ and guitar player Ken Rosser used the opportunity to show all his chops.

After 15 minutes, Napoleon joined them and the show could go on. It has to be said that Napoleon’s singing, dancing and saxophone playing was incredible. This guy obviously loves what he is doing.


Sure, the Mothers aren’t as radical as Newsweek once said, but they can still play a hell of a show. After 2.5 hours of absolute joy they had to quit (shows in Bonn have to end at 23.00h). I said it before: Bonn, reduced to the backyard of the nation.


Extra info (including cover !!) on the Gold Dust recordings that have been circulating for quite a while:



May 2001 Deja Voodoo changed its name to Powderhouse. That did not stop them from performing a Frank Zappa composition in concert every once in a while.
I added concert playlists for both bands. Take a look and be amazed.


The fabulous Idiot Bastard Son Of T'Mershi Duween (UK Frank Zappa News Site) presents a very fine interview that Andrew had with Ed Mann.
Mr.Ed Mann, as you should know, will be featured at this year's Zappanale.

Read all about it at:

And, of course, there's lots and lots more to read at the Idiot Bastard's site. Be sure to check it out !!

short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits


  • var. art.: neon meate dream of a octafish
        (2003, cd, usa, animal world recordings)
    • "Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish" is a Captain Beefheart tribute album. I didn't know any of the contributing artists, so I was rather curious as to what to expect.
      The result is very impressive. The album has a nice balance between bands that play the song as we know it, and others, that do something completely different with it. I like it a lot.

      Point of interest for the Zappa fan: the album also includes a rather bizarre version of  'Willie, The Pimp: a completely distorted vocal, mixed against a cello and a clarinet. Fantastic.


  • one more time for the world: live at kb
        (2004, cdr, swe, private release)
    • A little while ago, I told you about One More Time For The World, the band that plays the music of Frank Zappa and that features Hans Annéllsson on lead guitar.
      November and December 2003, the band played a couple of gigs in Sweden. This demo album presents a recording of their 2004/12/04 concert at the 'Kulturbolaget' in Malmö. Excellent stuff, including 'Wet T-Shirt Nite' and 'What's New In Baltimore'.
      This is a great record and it has a lot of Zappa classics on it. We can only hope that we get the opportunity to see these guys live.


You knew that Lisa & Dweezil were touring somewhere in the US, right? Well, I got to hear one of their concerts, and it sure sounded like a lot of fun. And it included a very fine Frank Zappa medley as well.

Lisa Loeb: vocals, guitar
Dweezil Zappa: guitar
Mark Meadows: bass
Matt Beck: keyboards & guitar
Joe Travers: drums

  • 2004/02/22 concert 'paradise rock club', boston, ma, usa

    • i control the sun * do you sleep * everyday * taffy * eruption * car tune * you don't know me * diamonds * 
      take me back * probably * i do * frank zappa medley * dinosaur * wiggy shuffle * hurricane * hand me downs * stairway to heaven * stay

    • a 107-minute audience recording of this concert circulates

The Frank Zappa medley included fragments of 'eat that question', 'pound for a brown', 'florentine pogen', 'i'm the slime', 'cosmik debris', 'montana', 'echidna's arf (of you)', 'zomby woof', 'willie the pimp', 'muffin man' and ended with a complete 'peaches en regalia'. Superb, to say the least.



I had a lot of bad links in the Ant-Bee section. Corrected them all (I think), so now you should be able to take a look at his different projects, covers and all.
The Ant-Bee's latest project is called "Electronic Church Music" and it's something that he has been working on for years.
I had the opportunity to listen to the rough mixes & basic tracks:


  • ant-bee: electronic church music
    rough mixes, basic tracks and outtakes
        (2004, cdr-pro, usa, private release)
    • "Electronic Church Music" still isn't finished, but it's nearly complete. It's a typical Ant-Bee album. Lots of psychedelic influences and lots of room for experiments. The album starts rather calm with 'Birth' and 'Living', but really takes off with the excellent 'Body Language' and the up-tempo 'Eye Of Agomoto', the Don Preston composition, featuring both Don Preston and Bunk Gardner. Another highlight is the 'Mallard Flies Towards Heaven' track. Featuring Zoot Horn Rollo and Rockette Morton, this composition teams up the best Magic Band rhythm section you can imagine.
      'Mannah', track 10 on this promotional disc, features Jan Akkerman on superfast melody guitar notes. Certain parts remind me a lot of Zappa's 'Speed Freak Boogie'.
      And did I tell you that the final track on this disc has Don & Bunk plus the one and only Napoleon Murphy Brock in a fine motheresque piece?

      Good Grief, Billy, you need to get this album released. This is excellent stuff.
    • Support your Ant-Bee at



  • fine arts brass ensemble: a to z of jazz
        (2003, cd, uk, nimbus ni 5703)
    • British Fine Arts Brass Ensemble recorded a couple of Frank Zappa compositions on their " A To Z Of Jazz" album: 'Theme From Lumpy Gravy' and 'Dog Breath Variations'. The latter one's arrangement is based on the Ensemble Modern recording of the piece.
      If you take a closer look at the track-list you'll see that the Fine Arts Brass Ensemble picked tunes from a lot of different musical genres. The booklet says: ragtime, dixieland, charleston, musical theatre, boogie woogie, bebop, big band swing, jazz fusion and frank zappa. Indeed, the A to Z of Jazz.


Have you decided yet? Will you be attending Zappanale 15? If so, here's the preparation that you need. If not, get an impression of what you'll be missing:

320 minutes of mostly music. Lots and lots of Zappa music, but also a bit of Beefheart.

jazzproject hundehagen, zappanoia, landeier, octafish, eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black, prawns with horns, alternative tv, muffin men & jimmy carl black, sheik yerbouti, doctor dark, sex withouth nails bros., phillip boa, the lizard kings, stu grimshaw & ike willis, the paul green school of rock music, sex without nails bros. feat. napoleon murphy brock, mike keneally & friends


  • steve vai: live at the astoria, london
        (2003, 2dvd, usa, favored nations)
    • Finally available in Yurrip, here's Steve Vai, live at The Astoria in London, December 6th & 7th, 2001.
      If you ever caught him in concert, you know what to expect. This is a very impressive show, presenting a lot of classic Vai songs / compositions. The show is very well recorded, showcasing all of Steve Vai's technical abilities.
      As you might have noticed, it's a double DVD set, where the bonus disc features interviews, a rehearsal and discographical data. Total running time is something of four hours.


Saturday, 2004/03/06, The London Sinfonietta performed at the 'concertgebouw' in Brugge, Belgium.

the program:

  • set one
    • Frank Zappa: Jazz from Hell ( arr. Django Bates)
    • Django Bates: Django's Umpteenth Violin Concerto
      solo: Ernst Kovacic: violin
    • Jonny Greenwood: smear
      solo: Valerie Hartmann-Claverie & Bruno Perrault: ondes martenot
  • set two
    • Jonny Greenwood: Bodysong
      • love
      • birth
      • dreams
      • death
    • Markus Stockhausen: Portrait for Tara
      solo: Tara Bouman: bassethorn
    • various: Premature Celebration: a birthday tribute to Evan Parker (arr. Django Bates)
      solo: Evan Parker: sax & Paul Lytton: drums

You have to admit that such a program does sound impressive. It has a bit of Zappa, a Django Bates piece and it will feature Evan Parker. What else do you need?
Well, ... I wasn't too impressed. Zappa's 'Jazz From Hell' didn't have the swing that I expected and the Django Bates composition was not my cup of tea. As if that wasn't enough, Greenwood couldn't convince me neither, so set one was lost. The second set combined the Greenwood pieces with some movies (he should stick to Radiohead, or whatever his band is called). Next up was the lovely Tara, wife of Marcus Stockhausen and performing one of his pieces. I thought this was okay, but then again, maybe I was too distracted by Tara...
Lucky for us, the final piece was sublime. The London Sinfonietta played a creation by 60 composers (each had donated two bars of music to the puzzle) and Evan Parker and Paul Lytton improvised on what they heard, only having heard the piece one time before (at the previous concert in Leeds). 


December 12, Doctor Dark played a gig at '50 Fitch Street' in New Haven, CT, USA. Suburban Poser Records recorded and released the concert as a (very) limited edition. I'm very glad that a copy of this show hit my mailbox. I've been a fan of Doctor Dark ever since I first heard them. Seeing the band at last years Zappanale (with an exceptional Bill Saunders on vocals) was one of the highlights of the festival.
  • doctor dark: electricity
        (2003, 2cdr, usa, private release)
    • What I like about the music of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band is that every musician plays something completely different, but together they make the composition. It's like you have this big train that's rolling, and when you listen closely you have all these different sounds. One seperate sound doesn't make you move, but put them all together and you've got a rolling train.
      Doctor Dark knows how to put the pieces together. "Electricity" shows us 92 minutes of pure energy. Great!

September 28, Doctor Dark opened for John Sinclair. For the second part of the evening, Doctor Dark drummer / percussionis Stephen Chillemi was asked by John Sinclair to sit in to play the drums, which he did. Must have been quite an adventure. Listening to the recording of the concert (another suburban poser records underground production), you sure wouldn't say that he hadn't even rehearsed with the Sinclair band. Must have been quite an evening.



Danish band Frank Zappa Live Event plays and interpretates the music of american composer, musician etc. Frank Zappa (1940-1993).

Frank Zappa Live Event was formed in 1996 by three old highschool friends, Søren Nørup, Thomas Ulstrup and Lars Studs. After playing some Zappa-music at school-concerts, they discussed the opportunity of creating a kind of Zappa-jam-group, and so they did, but not until ten years later! It has allways been the groups meaning to interpretate the music and connect the different pieces in new, humourous, technically difficult ways, but allways true to the universe, that is so
typically Frank Zappas'. Also on stage, it is important for the nine musicians to give to the audience, not only an audial, but also visual experience.
And what happens around in the world and on the road, allways provides the group with a constant source of amusing material for happenings on stage.
Frank Zappa Live Event have played all over Denmark and gigs and the crowds are getting bigger all the time.



info forwarded by Fred Hemmer 2004/03/05:

Event:   EMIT concert with Bogus Pomp
Where:   the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg
Date:             Saturday, March 27 at 8 PM

Bogus Pomp ( is a 10-piece Frank Zappa repertoire band based in the Tampa Bay area. The band has been featured with The Persuasions, Florida Orchestra and the Buffalo Philharmonic, among others.

Bogus Pomp will be performing on the EMIT series at the Palladium Theater on Saturday, March 27. We are subtitling this concert - “Tasty Little Suckers” in reference to Zappa’s 1969 lp Burnt Weeny Sandwich and since the repertoire featured in this concert includes selections from the lp as well as other jazz and new classical works by Zappa. This is the 73rd concert presented by EMIT.

This concert will have a wonderful acoustic sound because Bogus Pomp will use the new Bose Personalized Amplification System -  a new technology that combines monitor and main speakers into one small package and produces an amazing natural, if not acoustic-sounding result. We are the first band in the area to use the Bose system.  More info about the Bose system:

The repertoire will include: The Little House Where I Lived, 20 Small Cigars, Little Umbrellas, Amnerika, Sleep Dirt, Blessed Relief, What’s New in Baltimore, Uncle Meat, G-Spot Tornado, Idiot Bastard Son, Dwarf Nebula, Big Swifty, Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus and more.

Admission is $12 general and $10 for seniors and students. The Palladium Theatre is located at 253 Fifth Ave. North in St. Petersburg. Call (727) 822-3590 for further information. Warning - we start EMIT concerts on time, so don't be late!


David Manson
EMIT series


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The Future Sound of Exeter and the St David's Ambience Society present:


Saturday, April 3, 8pm - Midnight, Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, Gandy Street, Exeter, UK
£12adv/£14door, box office tel 01392 667080 / tickets online from

further info from

venue details from

In the auditorium: THE MUFFIN MEN live feat. Jimmy Carl Black, plus Belgian jazz-rockers THE WRONG OBJECT playing their special Zappa set. Plus DJ Ambiessence mixing Zappa complete with cinema-size psychedelic Zappa video
In the bar: DJ Shiny Beast cranks up the Zappa-Beefheart jukebox - and there'll be some happenings too!


Even if my therapist hadn't told me to do so, I would still visit very often. It's a way of life.


Brian Dean was kind enough to send me some extra info on Extract:

Extract was formed in the fall of 2002 in Austin, Texas, by the same members of the band Grackle, specifically for the purpose of performing Frank Zappa music at the 1st annual Frank Zappa Hoot Night at The Cactus Cafe in the student union of the University of Texas campus on Tuesday night October 1, 2002.  Our band name was actually inspired by the Beefheart tune "Dirty Blue Gene" ("'s extract...the shiny beast of thought....If you got gotta listen").
We returned the next year for Zappa Hoot Night #2 on Wed. night Oct., 8 2003 at the same location.

Band line-up:

  • Brian Dean  (a.k.a. Lonnie Velvet) - vocals, vibraphone

  • Michael Hays - guitar

  • Brendan Vlass - bass

  • Matt Gibbs - drums


  • 2002/10/01 concert 'the cactus cafe', austin, texas, usa
    • lonnie velvet: vocals, vibraphone * michael hays: guitar * brendan vlass: bass * matt gibbs: drums

    • special guest: aubrey nash (ex freddy fender side-man) on stunt guitar

    • the radio is broken  (edited vocal intro) * ms. pinky * panty rap * wind up workin' in a gas station * willie the pimp  (with aubrey nash) * the gumbo variations (with aubrey nash)
    • the secret word for the evening was "shitake"
  • 2003/10/08 concert 'the cactus cafe', austin, texas, usa
    • lonnie velvet: vocals, vibraphone * michael hays: guitar * brendan vlass: bass * matt gibbs: drums
    • drowning witch  (vocal intro) * central scrutinizer * carolina hard core ecstacy * panty rap * king kong * wedding dress song/handsome cabin boy * dropout boogie (beefheart tune) * chunga's revenge * wind up workin' in a gas station
    • the secret word for the evening was "adapter"


In our series "references to Zappa by other artists", here's a bit of news from Brasil:

There is a blues band in Brasil called Blues Etílicos. The group already recorded about nine albums. One one of these,  "Água Mineral", the group recorded a tribute to Zappa entitled "Frank Zappa vai para a Martinica", or in english "Frank Zappa goes to Martinica".

-- info: Anselmo Chere


2004/02/29 Afroskull wrote:

The month of March is bringing you a double dose of funk/rock insanity!

Friday, March 5th - 8pm - The Parkside Lounge - corner of E. Houston and Attorney

Two primal forces of nature collide at the Parkside Lounge!!! Afroskull's keyboardist Matt Iselin will be out of town for our return to the Parkside Lounge, so we have decided to overcompensate for that loss with a dose of classic over-the-top Afroskull excess.  David Kobayashi (a.k.a. the Wild Koba), best known for his work with The Corporation and the St. Francis Prep Freshman Concert Band, will be joining us for a musical DUEL TO THE DEATH.
Our usual set of musical acrobatics will be augmented with some special cover tunes and a one-time only appearance by the new HORNS FROM HELL as we find out what the Wild Koba is made of.  COULD THIS BE THE END FOR WILD KOBA?  OR HAS AFROSKULL MET ITS MATCH?  Find out at the Parkside Lounge.

Friday, March 12th - 11:30pm - The Lion's Den - 214 E. Sullivan St.

The ultimate funk/rock orchestra takes it to the stage at the Lion's Den! 
Afroskull will be back at full strength for our first headlining set at the Lion's Den.  Join us for an extended set of funk/rock sludge starting at 11:30pm.  This is an 18-and-up show so bring your little sister too.  ;-)

And coming soon:
2004/03/19 - The Pourhouse (Williamsburg, Brooklyn), nyc, usa
2004/04/02 - The Parkside Lounge, nyc, usa



Take a deep breath, and take a look at

Don Van Vliet
Riding Some Kind Of Unusual Skull Sleigh

It sure looks beautiful...


The Magic Band is preparing its own website:

Their upcoming concert list looks like this:

  • 2004/06/22 concert ‘paradiso’, amsterdam, the netherlands

  • 2004/06/23 concert ‘concorde 2’, brighton, uk

  • 2004/06/24 concert ‘bridgewater hall’, manchester, uk

  • 2004/06/25 concert “glastonbury festival” , uk



Ian McCaughan asked for extra info on the John French discography, so I added a couple of albums:


         Copyright c 2004 John Trubee

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     I seek a Sikh to tweak my beak
     A Sikh with whom I can sexually peak
     I'd be piqued with a Sikh who can tweak my beak
     A Sikh who doesn't reek of leeks
     With whom I can sexually peak

     Into a men's room full of teak
     I must now go to take a leak.

-- John Trubee


Doctor Dark is working in a new bass player. His name is Peter Brunelli


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Hi all!

Sorry for not writing more frequently lately - we're diligently preparing for the releases of Dog, the Dog Special Edition and The Universe Will Provide and it's kept us real busy. 

Big news for this weekend, though, is this:

Mike Keneally Band
Saturday, February 28, 2004
The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91604
(818) 980-1615
Open at 7:00 PM
Shows: 9:30 and 11:30

We haven't gigged in quite some time, and we won't be able to gig for a little while after this (our ever-busy drummer Nick D'Virgilio is going to be playing with the reformed Tears For Fears on the road this year (more delightful scheduling problems for us, but many congrats to Nick).  So if you can possibly make it to this show please do.  We'll be premiering a number of new songs from Dog at this gig.

More soon!  Thanks!

-- Mike


Record Collector
reports that the ZFT plan to issue several FZ archive audio and video recordings later this year, including Frank Scheffer's 'classical music' documentary, Dance Me This, Trance-Fusion, two films (The Rage And The Fury and The Roxy Performances) and their soundtracks. Can we sue if we don't get them all?...

-- info: Dirk Laforce


Several Zappa, Beefheart and related DVD's have been spotted. None of these are official; all are DVDR. I haven't actually seen these DVDRs, but I have seen them on sale / for trade, which in my humble opinion, does mean that there is a market for DVD's.
Included for you visual enjoyment:


"People who need to put a price tag on everything and who always think only in terms of money have lost their ability to discern what is truly of value in the world."

--John Trubee


from the AZDZ newsgroup:

Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb are playing a several gigs around the country as part of their TV show. Check ot the link below to find out when they are coming to a venue near you:,1976,FOOD_14517_18395,00.html

-- info: Simon Sonny Ladygo

I also noticed that the Dweezil discography needed some work, so I added info to the following albums:


Hasi sent a correction to the Sandy Hurvitz entry from last issue:

"Sandy's Album Is Here At Last" has been released on Verve (V6-5064, 68-12-09), not on Discreet, as the Discreet-label has not been founded until 1973.

-- info: Hasi


A couple of new concert dates for the Wrong Object have been added:
  • 2004/03/13 concert ‘le petit théâtre’, verviers, belgium

  • 2004/03/27 concert ‘l'aquilone’, liège, belgium

  • 2004/04/03 concert ‘phoenix arts center’, exeter, uk  

  • 2004/04/04 concert ‘the toucan’, cardiff, wales, uk
  • 2004/04/05 concert ‘the beehive’, swindon, uk

  • 2004/07 - Zappanale



David Bowie's band: The riot squad:

(This is all from "the complete David Bowie", and I haven't read it in ages..)

The Riot Squad was a band that Bowie joined in 66/67 as a sax player/singer (I think). They were a typical garage band, but Bowie got them doing stuff nobody else was, notibly incorperating mime into the show. They also played a few covers, like The Velvet Undergrounds "Waiting for the man" and Frank Zappa's "It can't happen here". Bowie said something to the effect of "it didn't go over too well.. Frank's stuff was pretty much unknown at the time.."

More if I can remember/get ahold of info.

-- info: Shiborugu


Did you know that author Ben Watson appears on the latest PrimeTime Sublime Community Orchestra album?
I know, you already read this, but I still have to classify it.... The article is about a musical theatre staging of "You Are What You Is" that's in preparation in Sandviken, Sweden. No dates are specified, but apparently it will be this fall. And before you start ridiculing the beautiful language in which the article is written, please note that I actually bothered to translate most of it this time: === "Beauty knows no pain" is one of the twenty complex and musically tricky songs on Zappa's album "You are what you is" from 1981. The entire upcoming show is based on the tracks from that album. How did the whole thing really happen? - The idea to make a show with singer Per-Erik Sortti in a leading role has been in my head for a while. He hasn't been used fully as the good actor and singer that he is. At the same time, I have felt like doing something with Frank Zappa's music. "You are what you is" happened to have the theme I was looking for, it's about different roles and the songs are rather short. The subject was suitable to write lyrics about. Today is so much about "you're not good enough" - reality shows and plastic surgery - always the striving to re-make yourself, Lena Mattsson says. So "You are what you is" became "Du är den du blev" ["You are what you became"] and Frank Zappa's 80's was turned into the Swedish present. For example, "Charlie's enormous mouth" becomes "Lindas enorma bröst" ["Linda's enourmous breasts" - Linda is a Swedish reality show star - ed.], "I'm a beautiful guy" is turned into "Jag, en dokuperson" ["Me, a reality-person"] and "Teenage wind" into "Tonårsdröm" ["Teenage dream"]. - What was hip and satirical in the US in the 80's doesn't work in the 21st century in Sweden. That's why I dropped the idea of translating the lyrics and focused on writing new ones. But they're written in Zappa's spirit: daring to be audacious, not apologize and to provoke - to do what you want. Earlier that morning they'd met keyboard player Mats Öberg at the Gävle Central where he arrived in a train from Stockholm. Öberg has played with Zappa and has big experience of his compositions. Mats Öberg is blind since birth and may look lost when he leaves the train. But in the musical world he finds his way anywhere. His ear is second to none. Bertil Fält puts him in front of the synth and places his right hand over the buttons and tells him what functions they have. That's all that Mats needs to sound exactly like Zappa wanted Tommy Mars to when the album was recorded 23 years ago. Öberg joins only once a month during the preparations, but it's obvious what a musical force he is, and his presence feels necessary to make this project come to frution. With Mats Öberg in the band, the public interest might increase, and the project might stretch further that the planned ten performances in Gävle. The Zappa family, headed by widow Gail, is known to be ticklish about how his material is being treated. So Gail has been contacted and the new lyrics has been translated back to English for final approval. - Yes, I know she's difficult, but if Gail troubles us, we'll have to use the original lyrics, says Lena Mattsson, seemingly without worrying about the hundreds of hours of effort she's put into it. === All linguistic atrocities should be blamed on the translator, not the journalist.

-- info: Jon Naurin


Q+A with Youngblood Brass Band January 16, 2004 Take a Wisconsin-made meat grinder found at a New Orleans yard sale and cram it full with a sousaphone, a snare drum, a bass drum, two trombones, a sax, two trumpets, and eight people who can play the hell out of these ingredients. Then stuff in a liberal dose of hip-hop inventiveness and start crankin'. Fry this up with a healthy portion of cultural consciousness, and oo-wee, you've got the delicious (and nutritious) Youngblood Brass Band. spoke with Youngblood MC/snare drummer David Henzie-Skogen, in Cajun accents as far as you know.

Where's the Beefheart? Sarah Dempster pays tribute to the Magic Band, reformed without its infamous Captain Saturday January 17, 2004 The Guardian,11710,1124751,00.html

On Jan. 27, the Fulcrum Point New Music Project launches its "Essential Art: Essential Elements" series at the Harris Theater with "Oceans," which includes works by John Cage, Fela Kuti, George Crumb and Frank Zappa. ($20; 312-334-7777).

-- info: Hoodude


the concert calendar * the concert calendar