the big nOte files - 2003/09/07

In short:
- Belgian duo Tegennenoam is doing a short tour again;
- The Laughing Lunatics sample Zappa and Keneally;
- The Institute Of Formal Research features Zoot Horn Rollo;
- Bogus Pomp / Florida Orchestra concert review;
- John Trubee: antipoem and another quote for the day;
- Whatever happened to: new info on Erroneous aka Alex Dmochowski;
- A new album by Eric Sardinas on Favored Nations;
- Allan Holdsworth's "All Night Wrong" (feat.Chad Wackerman) out on Favored Nations soon;
- B'wana Dik is preparing a new album;
- new releases:
    - Zappa covered by The Squirrels on their "The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon" album;
    - Zappa covered by The Mist Beets on their "Dorkabilly sounds" album;
    - Zappa covered by Electric Blue and the Kosmik Truth
    - a Residents Tribute by the Moles
- the others of invention: lots of new data and entries for artists playing the music of Frank Zappa.  (and I need more info on these !!)
- a new DVD by the Residents: the Demons Dance Alone Director's Cut Live DVD
- The Don and Bunk Show is touring again
- Check out the Uncle Meat website: great pictures and downloads !
- The Grandmothers Newsletter
- A long list of "short bits", including additions to the site, new releases, radio broadcasts and more
- John Trubee interviewed
- The Concert Calendar

And Harry should be glad, 'cause I'm trying to use my SHIFT key every once in a while.



Sunday, September 7, 2003, Tegennenoam performed in 'Jeugdhuis ZigZag' in Merksplas, Belgium. Besides being quite funny, this duo also used to have Frank Zappa's 'In France' on their setlist.  They didn't play it this time, but if they perform in your neighbourhood, you should definitely try to catch them.

info: Ive Hapers


  • the laughing lunatics: the water suite
        (2001, 2cd, nl, luny music lmcd200101)
    •  Artists from all around the world have contributed to this impressive project. The cd-booklet mentions The Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Zimbabwe, Russia, Australia and Gambia (and I might be forgetting a country or two). The common theme is water and although, at first, I hesitated a bit to put in my cd-player, I have to say that I really like it. Multi-cultural, jazzy music.

      Track 11 samples Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally, Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa. Frank says: 'Let's get serious' and that's it, but as I said a couple of lines earlier: I really like it.


  • the institute of formal research: file under subconscious

        (1997, cd, uk, bubblehead records bh005)
    • From the I.O.F.R. website: 
      I.O.F.R. is a project put together by award winning composer Stephen W. Parsons. Steve has been composing music for television, film and commercials for almost 20 years now. He has won several awards for his work over the years. Before he was composing, Steve was touring the world in the 70's and 80's fronting such acts as Baker/Gurvitz and The Sharks. This is a collaboration work with guitarist Chris Spedding, Zoot Horn Rollo & Mick Taylor

      And I would like to add:
      This album was released in 1997 and I only came across it recently. You need this. This is great. And it features former Magic Band member Zoot Horn Rollo (Bill Harkleroad) on guitar.


Bogus Pomp and the Florida Orchestra performed the music of Frank Zappa on 2003/08/21.
The following link is to the review in the St. Petersburg Times.

And pictures can be found at:

info: Fred Hemmer


Copyright c 2003 John Trubee

The human race ends with me.
Woman expects too high a price
in exchange for a seven second orgasm.

Why ought a proud man
submit to a woman's unreasonable demands?
I harbor more worthy aims
and higher plans for myself
than to be woman's fool.

Why trick my progeny into existence
only so that they can be tormented
by other human beings?

I could not bear to watch
my children tortured by my enemies.

Why provide slaves and blood fodder
to my despised executioners
the tyrannical mediocrities
who dominate the human socioeconomic dungheap?

Release the earth back to the beasts;
they are more worthy of it
than are the demonic humans.


* quote for the day *

"Moral relativism strangely evaporates when your enemy is pressing a cocked gun to your temple."

--John Trubee

whatever happened to ----- ERRONEOUS a.k.a. ALEX DMOCHOWSKI

            From: Paul Soper
I believe that Alex was credited under a pseudonym because he was working in the states without a green card at the time. Alex still plays and gigs in the London area with musicians such as Eugene  Hideaway Bridges, Earl Green, and Jimmy C and the Blues Dragons as well as several House Bands.


New album by Eric Sardinas on Favored Nations.  It's called "Black Pearls" and will be in the stores August 26th, 2003.


Allan Holdsworth's "All Night Wrong", japanese only release - featuring Chad Wackerman on drums, will be released in the US of A on September 9, 2003 on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label.


I told you last time how impressed I was with B'wana Dik's albums.  Well, B'wana Dik and the Excentrifugal Forz are preparing a third album !!
The grapevine says it might include 'Mother People / Andy / Florentine Pogen' and 'Teenage Wind / Pound for a Brown'.

Saturday, September 6, 2003, B'wana Dik was to perfom at a private party. I don't know if it happened as the bad weather kept me home. Anyway, B'wana Dik is alive and kicking, and that's what's important.

If you don't have B'wana Dik's "Zappologies", order a copy at (phone) +.31.(0)40.21 29 934


nEW REleasES * nEW REleasES * nEW REleasES * nEW REleasES



  • the squirrels: the not-so-bright side of the moon
        (2000, cd, usa, poplust pl-2001)
    • American band the Squirrels recorded an album called "The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon", a Pink Floyd pastiche. Track 5, 'The Great Gig In The Sky', suddenly turns into Frank Zappa's 'The Torture Never Stops', including the guitar solo.

info: Andrew Greenaway


  • the mist beets: dorkabilly sounds
        (2003, cd, can, get fisted records gfr101)
    • Canadian band The Mist Beets covered Frank Zappa's 'Hungry Freaks, Daddy' on their "Dorkabilly Sounds" album.


  • electric blue & the kosmik truth: nothin' but the truth - live at the iron horse
        (1999, cd, usa, electric blue)
    • Electric Blue & The Kozmik Truth is an american jam band. As the title of this album suggests, it was recorded in concert at 'The Iron Horse' in 1999.  The album includes an 11-minute version of Frank Zappa's 'Willie The Pimp'.
      The album was released in 1999 as well, but it wasn't the easiest one to find.
      I like this one !!


British Residents' fan base The Moles, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Residents with, among others, a limited cdr release called "Worm Pizza". Twenty copies were made, nine of which were given to the Cryptic Corporation during the 2003 European tour.

A couple of months later, additional copies were made, called "Worm Pizza Re-Heated", and these are available through the Moles' website:

info: Ive Hapers




Charles Pater supplied with a lot of new data. Thank you, Charles. And I also had a list lying around that I received from Patrick Neve about half a year or so ago. Thanx again, Patrick.

The following entries were added to this site:

  • Agharta performed 'Peaches En Regalia' (Frank Zappa)
  • The Bent Sceptors performed 'Trouble Every Day' (Frank Zappa)
  • Frank Blake performed 'Anyway The Wind Blows' (Frank Zappa)
  • Boucher Hinds performed 'The Orange County Lumber Truck' (Frank Zappa)
  • Peter Carlsson & The Blue Frogs performed 'Mystieke mannen' (= 'Cosmik Debris') (Frank Zappa)
  • Chanco en Piedra performed 'Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?' (Frank Zappa)
  • Elio E Le Storie Tese performed 'The Poodle Lecture', 'Broken Hearts Are For Assholes', 'Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?', 'You Are What You Is', 'Sofa' and 'Tell Me You Love Me' (Frank Zappa)
  • The Florida Symphony Orchestra performed 'Strictly Genteel' (Frank Zappa) - 2000/12/20
  • Freak Kitchen performed 'My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama' (Frank Zappa)
  • John Frusciante performed 'Inca Roads' (Frank Zappa)
  • The Genkin Philharmonic performed 'Marqueson's Chicken', 'Run Home Slow', Peaches En Regalia' and 'Echidna's Arf (Of You)' (Frank Zappa)
  • The Globetrotters performed 'Cosmic Debris' and 'Stinkfoot' (Frank Zappa)
  • Harmonie '67 performed 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black' (Frank Zappa)
  • Mark Harp performed 'Carolina Hardcore Ecstacy' and 'Peaches En Regalia' (Frank Zappa)
  • The Hooch Gang performed 'Dirty Love', Florentine Pogen', 'I'm The Slime', 'Pygmy Twylyte' and 'Son Of Mr.Green Genes' (Frank Zappa)
  • Jiant performed 'Blessed Relief' and 'Camarillo Brillo' (Frank Zappa)
  • Lax 'n' Busto performed 'Harder Than Your Husband' (Frank Zappa)
  • Mikko Leinonen performed 'Nite School' (Frank Zappa)
  • John Levy performed 'Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?' (Frank Zappa)
  • Moonart performed 'My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama' (Frank Zappa)
  • Nomad Music performed 'The Uncle Meat Variations' (Frank Zappa)
  • Michael Ort performed 'Florentine Pogen' (Frank Zappa)
  • Pavlov's Woody performed 'Dynamite Show', 'Theme From Lumpy Gravy' and 'Extremely Lumpy Gravy' (Frank Zappa)
  • Les Percussions de Strassbourg performed 'Black Page #1 and #2' (Frank Zappa)  -  1994/07/20
  • Phish performed 'Peaches En Regalia' (Frank Zappa)
  • Polydactyl performed 'King Kong' (Frank Zappa)
  • Ray's Music Exchange performed 'Peaches En Regalia' (Frank Zappa)
  • Riley performed 'Magic Fingers' (Frank Zappa)
  • John Staley & Gary Worsham performed 'Peaches En Regalia' (Frank Zappa)
  • The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra performed 'Dupree's Paradise'  (Frank Zappa) -  1995/08/13
  • Tom's Trio performed 'Bobby Brown' (Frank Zappa)
  • Vallanzaska performed 'We Are Not Alone' (Frank Zappa)

Now I need extra info on these.  All that I know of these artists is mentioned above.  I want to know more.  Were these songs performed live or were they presented / released on an album? If so, what date or what album.
If you know anything about the above mentioned artists, fill me in as well.
Even if you notice a spelling mistake, let me know!



the Ralph Crew says:

Okay, the moment we've all been waiting for... almost here!

You can now go to and PREorder your copy of the Demons Dance Alone Director's Cut Live DVD. We do expect this to sell out quickly, and this is a very fancy, limited edition hardbound book, hand numbered collectible. Not to mention that this is the only place you can find the amazing footage from the DDA US tour. So Buy or Die! friend.

All the fine print and exciting details are available on the site for you to peruse. Some of the points you might consider: 5.1 Surround Dolby Digital! Widescreen format! Bonus Surround Mixes! Easter Eggs! Hardbound numbered edition! (Take note, Low Number Subscriber members, this is one of yer pieces!) Unpublished photos in the book! But best of all...The
Residents performing their most powerful live show on DVD!

See you at the Ralph America store - we expect these to begin shipping by mid/late Sept.
-- The Ralph Crew!


Saturday 2003/08/23, The Don And Bunk Show performed at ‘The Downtown Playhouse’ in Los Angeles, CA, usa

The Don And Bunk Show Featured:

  Don Preston - Piano, Synthesizers, Electronics
  Bunk Gardner - Tenor And Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Alto Flute
  Roy ‘Orejon’ Estrada
  Christopher Garcia

UNCLE MEAT performs the music of Frank Zappa * UNCLE MEAT performs the music of Frank Zappa

Uncle Meat is a Detroit based quartet that plays the music of Frank Zappa.

Sure, you knew that.  But did you also know that they have a brand-new website at:

It's a very funny site, with lots of info.
Great Job.

And they're looking for a drummer! So if you live in the Detroit area and you think that drumming Zappa is your thing, contact them!


  1. The Grand Mothers  will be appearing in Frankfurt Germany at the German Jazzfestival Frankfurt 2003, with jazz legend Bobby Bradford as a special guest.
    The website address is:
    It's the oldest still running jazz festival in the world (since 1953!)i.e., this is their 50th anniversay..
    Very old but always open minded and on the cutting edge to the future.
    The festival is happening in the Radio Hall of Hessischer Rundfunk, the radio broadcast station in Frankfurt, the hall has a capacity of around 1.000 persons.

  2. Napoleon, Roy, Bunk and Don  were interviewed for DOWNBEAT magazine, marking the 10th year of FZ's passing, coming out in December

  3. Napoleon, Roy, Bunk and Don  were interviewed for the German BBC in Los Angeles, it will be broadcast the week of the tour

  4. The String of Fire concert filmed in Leipzig in February 2003, is in circulation in Europe on the ARTE channel, as well as European MTV and VH1

  5. The Grand Mothers will be touring Europe for 1 month in January

STAY TUNED FOR MORE POOP...............................


  1. I took a couple of friends to see the "Grand Mothers" show at Victors in San Diego last Friday night.It blew us away. All three of us were very moved by the show. Especially Napoleon¹s performance! His voice sounded GREAT. I saw FZ many times but never had the pleasure of seeing Napoleon with him.He and the Grand Mothers really filled the void we feel with FZ gone.We will drive from San Diego to LA on a moments notice to see the Grand Mothers perform again.When is the next So-Cal gig? We are there.Thanks for a great show!

  2. I apologize for not demanding that you go. Who knew? 3 hardcore Zappa fans were blown away.If you like FZ at all, it is a must see show.I saw Santana last night at Coors. It was a great show. It barely distracted me from how great Fridays show was.Santana kicked ass and all I can think about is how well the Zappa songs were done.

  3. Thanks for the great Grand Mothers show at Victor's in San Diego. You guys had those golf playing yuppies scratching their heads all night long. Great job! I was singing right along with Napoleon and everyone around me was whispering "Holy shit, he knows all the words!" I was hoping you would hear me and ask me to come up on stage........ but I guess that is why you guys make the big bucks...Leave it to the professionals, right? Well, thanks for keeping the Mothers alive, and please let me know when you play in San Diego again. I will fly all of my Mothers fan friends out from Baltimore to come see what a fabulous job you've done to keep the band together.
    Frank would be proud.
    Thank you,
    A loyal fan...

  4. Thanks! The Grandmutha's ROCK!!!! It was neat to hear'em do a couple of Zappa tunes, but I like some of their original stuff better. I got a cd at the show. Love it! The show at Victor's in PB was VERY cool. The band really opened themselves up for the crowd. They were very accessible which is friggin' unheard of these days. So enough rantin' and ravin'...Just wanted to say thanks again...
    Tracy Reynolds an AVID Fan hopeully not too fanatic....

I talked about Zappanoia's latest cd in the previous big nOte, but several people have informed me that the site and address that I mentioned were incorrect.
Well, I'm working on that right now. So I'm hoping that I can give you the right coordinates next time.

Be patient.  It's worth your while.

short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits

  • The Foolz (dutch zappa re-coverband) has a cd out ! It's called "Live In The Cherrytree"
    • tracks: heavy duty judy * keep it greasy * tryin' to grow a chin * dancin' fool * city of tiny lites * zoot allures * the torture * why does it hurt * drafted * more trouble * inca roads * peaches * tell me * bamboozled
    • more info soon
  • The Foolz' Fanclub has made a tape available from a 2003/04/02 acoustic set the Foolz played in their rehearsal studio. The tape is called 'You Can't Beat The Boots Off Stage Anymore Volume 1', subtitled 'The Unofficial Bootleg – The FoolZ Unplugged Live In The Rehearsal Room'.  (Their site says: 'Quality sucks, Foolz Freaks Only')
    • tracks: peaches en regalia * joe's garage * why does it hurt when i pee? * tell me you love me * bamboozled by love * montana * zoot allures * dancin' fool * inca roads * elvis has just left the building * cosmik debris * let's move to cleveland * you didn't try to call me * suicide chump * jumbo go away * ms. pinky
    • more info soon
  • And there's more Foolz Music at their web-site
    • a "demotape": dancin' fool * inca roads * cosmik debris * zoot allures * tiny lites 1 * tiny lites 2 * alien orifice * cleveland
    • download stuff: bamboozled * tell me you love me * zoot allures * orifice * city of tiny lites
  • I added a tracklisting for
  • The Reinecke Trio has an album out called "Reinecke Trio Live With Orchestra" on which they perform a Frank Zappa piece.  (the orchestra in question is called Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana)
  • The brand-new latest album by the Reinecke Trio is called "Music From The Last Century" and also has a Zappa composition.
  • 2003/09/07 radio show 'concertzender' (Dutch radiostation) had Corrie van Binsbergen as a guest. Corrie commented on the music that she had chosen (from Zappa to Stravinsky). The same radio show also presented a fragment of the Moers Festival concert of CVB4.
  • Last Saturday, August 30, 2003, Corrie van Binsbergen performed 'I Wasn't Talking' (her answer to Frank Zappa's "Shut up 'n' play yer guitar") for solo guitar and tape. The previous performace of this piece was at the Holland Festival in 2000. This was broadcast on Radio 747 (Dutch radio station) on the Faros Cultuur radio show.
  • Not satisfied? Read more about Corrie van Binsbergen at
  • Dutch radio 4 (NPS) broadcasted the Fast 'n Bulbous concert from 2002/08/25. The Gary Lucas and Philip Johnston Captain Beefheart Project.
  • Primus has rereleased their "Frizzle Fry" album.  It has 'Hello Skinny/Constantinople' as a bonus.
    (info: Ive Hapers)


John Trubee said:
“Old pal Bob Dubrow is interviewing me for LA-based SCRAM Magazine. He's feeding me the questions in chunks. You may not be interested in all this crap so please forgive the intrusion.
Forgive the rambling. Forgive the profanity. Or maybe not. Maybe you like those things..."

Q: John, I may prod you a bit more on the questions I've already asked and which you have already responded to.  It could get "deep".What about Jason Trainor?  What do you remember about that guy?

Trubee: His name was MIKE Trainor. And what about him? He was a fucked up little shitwad, that's what.
I was the camp bugler--I blew reveille at dawn and taps at twilight and meal calls throughout the day. I wasn't a really great horn player but I was all they had. I had taken trumpet lessons in school at my mother's insistence.
Mike Trainor one day was visiting the camp--he wasn't a regular camper at the time although he had been in earlier years. He showed up off of the Greyhound bus onto which his stepdad had shoved him just to be rid of him--at least for a while. Trainor stole the bugle I was using to sound calls (the bugle was camp property) and he pissed all over it--in it and on it. I had done nothing to goad him into this--this was a clever little stunt he dreamed up himself. I remember taking the
bugle down to the lake and swimming with it for a long time, repeatedly rinsing it with soap and flushing it with water--and it still stank of piss!
Evidently the powerful nitrogen compounds, ammonia, and uric acid in Trainor's piss had permanently bonded with the bugle's tarnished brass oxide, rendering it a new, hybrid musical instrument redolent of the potent urine stink of little brat Mikey.
Trainor was shortly thereafter put on an outbound Greyhound bus by head counselor Jim Duggan to ensure no more wanton damage to camp property by Little Asshole Mikey.

Q: When you say "Stay the fuck away unless you can be civil & decent," isn't that just another way of saying "I don't want you around unless you can accept me as a human being worthy of respect?"  This is what I mean by acceptance.  You know, John, you talk a very hard game in this interview and in your poems and song lyrics but I know you to be a gentle and giving person.  How do you reconcile that person with the angry posturing persona you present to the world in your art?

Trubee: There are 6 billion human beings on earth. We all have different temperaments and proclivities. We are all 6 billion unique individuals, different as snowflakes. We like to say of human beings that we are social creatures and require social interaction to be fully integrated, healthy, and human---but not all of us need the same QUANTITY of human interaction. I prefer as little human interaction as possible, as the tenor of my life experiences informs me that other human beings in general cause me greater sorrow and distress than happiness.
My greatest joy in life is creating music for which I need absolute solitude. I cannot dream or reflect or think for my projects with another person around distracting my thoughts. There's not a lot of people with whom I enjoy hanging out and the ones that I do hang with on occasion must be brilliant or talented or insightful or be an alienated freak.
For instance, not too long ago I spent a day in San Francisco hanging out in succession with 3 friends---Dennis Kitsz, an amazing composer & renaissance man; Brently Pusser, a longtime musician friend from Texas; and Kaos Kitty aka Kaosmik McKitty, an extraordinary performance artist and singer with a brilliant sense of humor and an astounding intelligence.
I also enjoy hanging out with Carl Franzoni and Catherine Huberty-- both of whom are talented poets and artists and photographers. 
I also chat regularly by phone with Zoogz Rift who verbally gores me and mocks virtually everything I say and I brutalize back at him-- yet we are still great friends.
I'm choosy about people with whom I hang out. They must be amazing. 

 The above sounds brutally snobbish and elitist and aristocratic-- so be it. I am a rarified aristocrat of my own world. I have learned to be discriminating and selective. It's my coping mechanism. 
He who is rejected learns to reject--and to discriminate.

That part of me which is warm and vulnerable I'd like to kill. It works against me when I'm negotiating for things I want-- especially with women. My heart is a happy dog which escapes his kennel at inopportune moments. My brain, the brutal Nazi, then goes to reign him in and stuff him back into his kennel where his drooling love can't thwart my need for toughness and clear thinking.
By then it's too late and the woman gives me the "let's just be friends" cliched bullshit routine and then goes on to fuck the heartless shitheels and moronic mediocrities of the earth.
This is why the world is full of shitheels and mediocrities.

Q: What were you reading during those early-mid teen years?  And who were your guitar heroes and why?

Huxley's 'Doors of Perception' and 'Brave New World', 'The Book' by Alan Watts, 'Listen, Little Man!' by Wilhelm Reich (a heartfelt tirade against the unnecessary cruelties of the world), '1984' by George Orwell, and other groovy subversive stuff.
I have no guitar heroes now. Heroes are for kids. We ought to emulate those qualities we most admire rather than vicariously admiring them in others. We all ought to live heroically every single day. Kids need to admire heroes because they require external models upon which to model their future behavior.
The term 'hero' in conjunction with a guy who plays guitar amazingly well is a misnomer. A hero risks himself for the welfare of others or to accomplish some formidable task. He shows courage by overcoming a potent fear of something dangerous. We all have fears; the hero overcomes his fears to accomplish something difficult and dangerous which often benefits others.
A great guitar player overcomes stage fright, maybe, and works his ass off to play ethereally---but this is not heroism in the true sense of the word.

Nonetheless, since you asked, I GREATLY ENJOY the guitar emissions of Eric Clapton from his Cream/Blind Faith/Derek & The Dominos glory days. When he became a junkie it sucked all the fire out of his playing. His guitar playing ever since his heroin rehab 3 decades ago is that of a tired and jaded and spoiled rock star. Sorry, Eric.

I love Hendrix's playing. Too bad he choked on his vomit. Drug abuse does that sometimes. I visited his grave in Renton, Washington like a ghoulish groupie.

Zappa, of course. I love his guitar playing and his prolific and amazingly varied musical output. For that I'll forgive his idiotic foray into politics (leave politics to the assholes who thrive on it), that he was an insufferable control freak, and that he occasionally said stupid things such as stating his belief that smoking has no connection to cancer.

Steve Vai, too, is an amazing guitarist. I met him a few times. The Ugly Janitors of America played on the same bill as his band at a Hollywood club eons ago.

Q: What was the genesis of the wild cartoon drawings you were doing at the time?  Man, that stuff was just hilarious and shocking, in much the same way your prank phone calls were at the time.  What was it that spurred you on to draw in this way and pick up the phone to "express yourself" to strangers on the other end?

I remember drawing pictures of 19th century sailing vessels when I was 7, 8, 9. I don't know what fascinated me about them. Maybe something romantic--that they represented a voyage and as a kid I was on the cusp of a great voyage--the journey of life.
Perhaps I started drawing the idiotic cartoon characters saying and doing idiotic things to be offensive and stupid to those around me.
I hated the adult world--their obsession with money and possessions, their grave lack of humor, their need to stifle any spark of life and spontaneity in their children, their incessant joylessness and Nazification of all life's grand purposes into some sort of control game in which we must always submit to others, heed the rules, keep up appearances, worry about what the asshole neighbors think, and become the soulless drones, the pod people, of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.
The adult world was forever commanding me to sit down and shuttup.
It said I had no value except as a passive pawn in their scheme of things. I absolutely hated all their bullshit.

If this was what "society" was all about, I wanted no part of it. I felt a great chasm, a huge disparity between the values foisted upon me by my elders and what I felt was really vital and important in life. I needed to spew out my rage and disgust with their world and how I perceived it. People traditionally ignore and disparage children---yet children have thoughts and feelings which need to heard. There was a vast gulf between what I was told by my elders and how I experienced the world.

My obnoxious drawings were the only safe way I could say 'fuck you' to the world of mediocre normalcy and not get killed or locked in an institution. If I lacked creative outlets I would have killed somebody a long time ago.

The prank calls grew out of my fascination with tape recorders in the early 70's. I was getting interested in music and recording--- trying to discover how music was assembled, how things got recorded. I experimented recording my band "Gloop Nox & The Stik People'---sometimes micing amps, sometimes direct lining them, getting all sorts of awful noises from impedance mismatches, using crappy, cheap mixers from Radio Shack---4 pots and 4 inputs and 2 outs and nothing else! I obsessed about someday getting into a real recording studio. I still, to this day, have regular night dreams about recording my music and making records--I can't get it out of my system. They have supplanted what few yearning sex dreams I occasionally have. The dream women always leave me waking with a sense of sad longing. Now I long to get this music out of me or else I'll die.

Before I started recording my teen band I'd tape prank calls and send the cassette to you---then you and your brother John and the dipshit Axelrod brothers would erase over the cassette, record your own prank calls, then send 'em back to me. We lost hours of great early prank calls this way---but I have a number of the cassettes still in my archives--dating back to 1972! 31 fucking years! Jesus!
I recorded the prank calls out of a fascination with tape recorders and from the impish impulses typical of adolescent boys being awash in their first huge waves of testosterone. I wanted to start shit, I wanted to topple the established order, I was a moneyless slave in my Father's house crushed by rules and authoritarian imperatives.
I wanted to pull it all crashing down--not unlike a young ape chafing to subvert and attack and destroy the alpha male of his ape clan.
I discovered I could prank call a stranger, fuck around with him, record the whole madness for future amusement, to distribute by making and disseminating copies (essentially publishing), and this was as exciting and liberating to me as it would be for an inmate on death row to discover a secret escape tunnel from his cell the evening before his execution.
What prank calls taught me is that the rules are not ironclad--they only have the power over you that YOU ALLOW the assholes with their rules to have over you. Reality is malleable. Human interaction is subject to some of MY RULES and MY precepts for interaction-- that I could be the instigator, the creator of reality in the minds of others, that human social interaction is a game into which I could inject some of my play and madness and rage rather always being a passive slave at the mercy of THE RULES of others.
That I was able to record my prank calls and not be caught and suffer horrible shit consequences and die in Hell forever as implied by my elders let me start not allowing myself to not be so intimidated by them, as they were obviously full of shit.

This was the beginning of my love affair with freedom, my highest value.


the concert calendar * the concert calendar


  • 2003/09/09 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘orpheum’, wien, austria
  • 2003/09/10 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘orpheum’, wien, austria
  • 2003/09/11 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘orpheum’, wien, austria  
  • 2003/09/11 "Zappa Festival" in bordeaux, france
    • Les Polissons play Zappa (Bordeaux)
      La Campagnie des Musiques à Ouïr play Beefheart 
      Zappaventure (Eysines-Izon)  
  • 2003/09/12 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘orpheum’, wien, austria  
  • 2003/09/12 "Zappa Festival" in bordeaux, france
    • Children of Invention (Nice)
      Andy Emler (Paris) solo piano
      Nasal Retentive Orchestra (Poitiers) plays "Tales of Brave Flegmar", a theatrical piece based on Zappa’s oeuvre
  • 2003/09/13 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘orpheum’, wien, austria
  • 2003/09/13 "Zappa Festival" in bordeaux, france
    • Graphiose Band (Bordeaux)
      Gary Lucas (USA) plays Beefheart (co-production Musiques de Nuit Diffusion) solo guitar
      Zapping Buzzband (Suisse)
  • 2003/09/15 belgian radio show 'cucamonga': magic band interview
  • 2003/11/07 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘circus crone’, münchen, germany
  • 2003/11/08 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘löwensaal’, nürnberg, germany
  • 2003/11/09 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘steintorvariete’, halle, germany
  • 2003/11/10 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘bka’, berlin, germany
  • 2003/11/11 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘bka’, berlin, germany
  • 2003/11/12 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘bka’, berlin, germany
  • 2003/11/13 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘bka’, berlin, germany
  • 2003/11/14 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘alter schlachthof’, dresden, germany
  • 2003/11/15 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘millenium’, braunschweig, germany
  • 2003/11/16 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘delphi’, hamburg, germany
  • 2003/11/17 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘delphi’, hamburg, germany
  • 2003/11/18 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘delphi’, hamburg, germany
  • 2003/11/19 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘brückenforum’, bonn, germany
  • 2003/11/20 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘stadthalle’, gersthofen, germany
  • 2003/11/21 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘congressforum’, frankenthal, germany
  • 2003/11/22 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘forum am schloßgarten’, ludwigsburg, germany
  • 2003/11/24 sex without nails: "joe's garage" performance ‘hugenotten-halle’, neu-isenburg, germany
  • 2003/11/28 psappha: "psappha plays zappa", Manchester, UK
    • "An evening of music by the world-renowned Frank Zappa performed by Psappha's 26-strong ensemble. The concert will include works from the Yellow Shark Album alongside arrangements new to the UK from the Frank Zappa estate."
  • 2003/12/04 Asko Ensemble "Proms in Paradiso", 'Paradiso', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • incl. compositions by Corrie van Binsbergen and Frank Zappa
  • 2003/12/06 Asko Ensemble "Proms in Paradiso", 'Muziekcentrum', Enschede, The Netherlands
    • incl. compositions by Corrie van Binsbergen and Frank Zappa




A Zappa festival will take place in Bordeaux in September.

info: Manu

just take a look at these bands:

Thursday september 11, 2003 
Les Polissons play Zappa (Bordeaux)
La Campagnie des Musiques à Ouïr play Beefheart 
Zappaventure (Eysines-Izon)

Friday september 12, 2003
Children of Invention (Nice)
Andy Emler (Paris) solo piano
Nasal Retentive Orchestra (Poitiers) plays "Tales of Brave Flegmar", a theatrical piece based on Zappa’s oeuvre

Saturday september 13, 2003
Graphiose Band (Bordeaux)
Gary Lucas (USA) plays Beefheart (co-production Musiques de Nuit Diffusion) solo guitar
Zapping Buzzband (Suisse)

September 11 - 13: expo & video
August 19 - September 15: at the library: all the zappa album covers

Saturday September 13, 2003
at 12:00h : book signing by Christophe Delbroucke and Guy Darol, who both published books on Zappa

music is the best, peace,

-- peter van laarhoven