the big nOte files - 2003/05/11

in short:
aki takase and alex von schlippenbach play zappa;
- uncle meat in concert
- news flash about the magic band;
- sandro oliva is alive (and kicking);
- bbc television says it doesn't know what i mean;
- short bits
- richmond art center features "ralph records" stuff
- project object off-spins, an update by andré cholmondeley
- the usual added data & pictures;
- 'new' frank zappa bootleg surfaced: "rabbits in bondage"

happy mothers day everyone !



  • aki takase & alex von schlippenbach: piano duets - live in berlin 93/94
        (1995, cd, ger, free music production fmp own-90002)
    • aki takase & alex von schlippenbach performed frank zappa's 'you are what you is' in berlin, germany, march 13, 1993.  the piece was performed in a church on two full-size bechstein grand pianos.
      part of the concert, including the zappa composition, were released on album in 1995.
      i had heard the aki takase trio before (and i liked that), so i was very curious about this release.  i wasn't dissappointed.  this is a great album: it's a perfect mixture of the angular jazz from thelonious monk (of which they perform quite a number of tunes) and free improvisation.  the zappa composition actually is the 'you are what you is' theme as a backing for some circular improvisation. great stuff! (and released in 1995 !!)
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"Uncle meat" no longer is the title of one of your favourite zappa albums.  "Uncle meat" also is a detroit based quartet that plays the music of frank zappa.

Uncle meat is

They have a (temporary) site at:

The band has been gigging since december 2002 and they have a couple of concerts scheduled in the near future:

Check them out !!

(there's also a belgian band called "uncle meat", they even have a couple of albums out, but they don't do any zappa)



(originally, i intended to go to the uk and to attend one of the shows.  as things turned out, april turned out te be quite hectic and i didn't go.)

the magic band 2003/04/06 concert was broadcast on bbc radio.
(info: Danny Mathys)
the web-site said:

Tuesday 29 April - Magic Band Live from All Tomorrow's Parties

Captain Beefheart's legendary Magic Band have reunited and we are playing their set from the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in it's entirety on the show. The Magic Band will include Mark "Rockette Morton" Boston on bass, John "Drumbo" French on drums, Gary "Mantis" Lucas and Denny "Feelers Reebo" Walley on the Guitars.

The band decided to regroup so they could perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festivals. They also recorded their rehearsals for the festival which people were able to buy from them at the festivals and they will be available to the general public this summer.

and yes, you read it right. the rumours about their upcoming release have been confirmed!

check out for more info on all this.



there's new from sandro oliva.  in a (highly distributed) newsletter, he wrote:

From: Sandro Oliva []
Sent: sunday 2003/04/27
Subject: muzik

We're glad to announce that the following CDs are finally READY: "WHO THE FUCK IS SANDRO OLIVA" - remixed, with an extended version of "NON C'E' AMORE" "JUNK FOOD/Live '96 with Jimmy Carl Black" - the Official BluePampurio's Bootleg "LIVING WITH A MOUSTACHE", S.O's second LP; remixed with bonus tracks

The new "HEAVY LIGHTNING" CD is available too, featuring Jim, Don, Bunk, Ener and many more.

They will all be commercialized on CDr limited edition as soon as all the copyright stuff will be worked out. We charge 15 Euro each, plus shipping. A bonus CD single ("TOOK ME/THIS WORLD") if you buy all four CDs. We still have a few copies of the Grandmothers Tour Book left, at 5 Euros.

Before the end of the year it will be available the remastered/remixed version of my first album "ARIA MALSANA", while another GRANDMOTHERS' live compilation  ("SMELL OF THE LEFTOVERS") will be released by Jimmy's label
Inkanish records.

-- Sandro Oliva/ObviousMusic

sandro's website:



you all know that people tend to look at you in a funny way when you tell them your musical taste.  and yes, haven't we all tried to enlighten our neighbours by playing them some material from "trout mask".  i'm even pretty sure that a lot of us did or tried to do some sort of school project about zappa half a lifetime ago.
but the bbc goes even further than that.  they go into the minds of the little ones, learning them small parts of essential albums by the mothers of invention.  don't tell me you hadn't noticed. the nice people at the bbc told me they did not know what i was talking about, but i only wanted to congratulate them.
sure, it's one of zappa's best albums.  it's called "burnTWEENIESandwich".  my kids just love it - they don't mind the spelling.


short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits * short bits

gotan project will performing in '013',  tilburg, the netherlands, on 2003/05/16
(info: Guus Veldhuis)
* * *
last issue mentioned an album on which arno hintjens plays van vliet's 'gimme that harp boy' live.
jeroen added that recordings of a dutch radio session on which arno plays 'gimme that harp boy' are circulating as well.
(info: Jeroen Janssens)
* * *
lisa popeil is about to release an instructional dvd - cd package called "the total singer"
* * *
the idiot bastard son of t mershi duween, subtitled UK FRANK ZAPPA NEWS SITE, has lots of news.  check out:, and read all about
- dweezil zappa has a cameo on new al yankovic album called "poodle hat";
- "when worlds collide" will get another performance;
- "thing-fish  -  an adaptation" will be performed in the UK somewhere;
- the mike keneally band contributed to a new 2cd set called "a fair forgery of pink floyd";
- a new captain beefheart album called "railroadism";
and much and much more.
* * *
there's a new frank zappa bootleg out, with the compete madison 1984 concert.
* * *
the russian ensemble 433 has recorded a piece in which they play variations on zappa themes.
* * *
the german jazz festival frankfurt has scheduled a frank zappa memorial of three concerts. the german jazz festival frankfurt is held from the 2nd to 5th october, 2003.
(info: Uli Mrosek)

* * *

Richmond Art Center Features Ralph stuff *Richmond Art Center Features Ralph stuff

Ralphamerica says:
"If yer in the Bay Area, you might take a stop at the Richmond Art Center ( and check out a show of local graphic design specializing in music packaging ("Scenes and Zines") as well as zine culture.
Anyhow, most all the Ralph releases since 2000 are there, along with lots of other fine looking stuff. It closes May 31st.
There's not really any Ralph stuff there you haven't seen before (unless you haven't purchase any of the limited editions), but it's an interesting show and we thought you might be interested...."


PROJECT OBJECT off spins * PROJECT OBJECT off spins * PROJECT OBJECT off spins

i know, i know, you've been checking on a daily basis, and you can't get enough.  well, here's something that might help:


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  • frank zappa: rabbits in bondage
       (2002, cd-bootleg, ger, moustache's magic music mmm-02-5)
    • no cover art for this bootleg.  it's just a disc.  the music on this cd is really fabulous.  it features a couple of my favourite zappa pieces.
      but... nothing new, as the selection was taken from the "läther" box.
      so, to my ears, this little shiny thing has no extra musical value whatsoever. it's collector's material only.
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** the program **

thursday, 2003/07/24

20.00 - steffen moddrow (germany): "mono sapiens music"

friday, 2003/07/25

13.00 - ben watson with jim cohen (uk / usa):
         "the phenomenology of one size fits all: georg wilhelm friedrich hegel and frank zappa"
14:30-15:30 - jazzprojekt  hundehagen (germany)
15:45-17:15 - zappanoia (portugal)
17:45-19:15 - octafish featuring mike keneally (germany)
19:30-21:00 - eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black (usa / germany): "the jack and jim show"
21:30-23:00 - muffin men featuring ike willis and napoleon murphy brock (uk / usa)
23:00-00:30 - prawns with horns (australia)

saturday, 2003/07/26

12:00 - jim cohen "zappa meets the presidents" (usa)
14:00-15:00 - alternative tv (uk)
15:30-17:00 - muffin men featuring jimmy carl black and eugene chadbourne (uk / usa)
17:30-19:00 - sheik yerbouti featuring mike keneally (germany)
19:20-20:20 - dr. dark featuring jimmy carl black (usa)
21:00-23:00 - sex without nails bros (austria): " joe's  garage "
23:30-01:00 - nina hagen & band (germany)

sunday, 2003/07/27

12:00-13:30 - the lizard kings (germany)
14:00-15:00 - ike willis & stu grimshaw "der fremde" (usa / germany)
15:30-17:00 - the paul green school of rock music (philadelphia,usa):
     "the music of frank zappa as played by 12-17 year olds"
17:30-19:00 - sex without nails bros featuring ike willis and napoleon murphy brock (austria)
     "roxy and elsewhere"
19:30-21:00 - mike keneally & band
21:00-21:45 – finale  


music is the best,

-- peter van laarhoven