the big nOte files - 2003/05/04

in short:
arno recorded a live version of captain beefheart's 'gimme that harp boy';
- jerry outlaw's latest project is called d'yea, and is ready to take a start;
- meridian arts in concert
- the asko ensemble is to perform zappa, eötvös and van binsbergen compositions later this year
- chris quinlan celebrates 200 episodes of the melbourne musos !
- added a lot of data (mostly pictures) of various albums
- the zappanale program



  • arno: the best of arno
        (2001, 2cd, eu, delabel 8103812)
    • belgian rock legend arno hintjens admires don van vliet.  that's no secret.  he recorded 'gimme that harp boy' with his charles et les lulus project in 1991 and a couple of years later, in 1994, he took on van vliet's 'hot head'.
      last year, i found this compilation called "le best of arno".  i had heard about it, but i thought that it was a single disc and that it did not include any van vliet material.  much to my surprise, the album that i encountered, was a limited edition 2cd set.  the second disc was a live recording,
      2000/11/24, at the jet studios in brussels, belgium, and yes, this includes a superb version of 'gimme that harp boy' (van vliet).



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from: fred hemmer - 2003/05/03
subject: bogus pomp sister band??

The following e-mail is from Jerry Outlaw and is about the first performance of his new band. While different from Bogus Pomp, the music is unique and worth checking out.
And don't forget the August 21 show at Tampa Theatre with Bogus Pomp and the chamber orchestra ensemble with Florida Orchestra musicians. I will let you know before tickets go on sale.
-- Fred

Hello everyone!!!   I am happy to say that my original funk-rock band D'YEA is finally going to do our first show.   It will be our CD release party at the State Theatre on friday, May 30th.   I'm sure we will have another band there too but who it is has yet to be confirmed.   The radio station  97.1 FM (97-X) has played one of our songs a few times and has gotten a good response on the request line.  I would like to invite everyone to please come out and see the debut of this great new band that I'm very proud of.   It's different that anything I've done before and it has a good chance of getting a record deal.  
Also, please call 97X radio station at 727-217-9797 and request D'YEA (pronounced DEE-YEAH)  The song they were playing is called "All around the world".   I hope everyone gives me the benefit of the doubt and comes to see this new original band.  It's nothing like Bogus Pomp but I'm very happy with the way it is developing.  I've been working on this band for two years and this will be our very first performance.  Once again, D'YEA at the State Theatre on friday, May 30th.  Please come out and see us play!!!!  I hope to see lots of Bogus Pomp people there.  

sincerely....  Jerry Outlaw



The MAE will be performing at the Chautauqua Festival on July 21, 2003, and in Holland in mid-November. Check back for more details as they crystalize.

2003/11/22    concert 'plusetage', baarle-nasseau, the netherlands - 21.00h

(info: tom baeten)

i don't know if this means that they'll perform some zappa or beefheart material.  if anyone know, lemme know.



1999/06/25, the asko ensemble, conducted by stefan asbury, performed: "frank zappa and the fathers of invention".

now, i wanted to tell you that they have a very fine website at and that they have quite a number of albums out, even two on which they play but compositions by edgar varčse !
(info: geoff wills)

checking out the site, however, i also came across a couple of scheduled performances.  take a look at this:

Péter Eötvös
Snatches of a Conversation

Asko Ensemble
conductor Etienne Siebens
trumpet Marco Blaauw

and new works by a.o.
Corrie van Binsbergen, Django Bates,
Astrid Kruisselbrink and Ron Ford and arrangements of works by Frank Zappa

December 4th 2003
Proms in Paradiso
Paradiso Amsterdam


Péter Eötvös
Snatches of a Conversation

Asko Ensemble
conductor Etienne Siebens
trumpet Marco Blaauw

and new works by a.o.
Corrie van Binsbergen, Django Bates,
Astrid Kruisselbrink and Ron Ford and arrangements of works by Frank Zappa

December 6th 2003
Muziekcentrum (Podium Twente) Enschede




last time i told you that doctor dark will be performing at the zappanale festival in a couple of months.  as i'm writing this, i'm preparing a couple of questions for stephen chillemi, the driving force behind doctor dark. if all goes well, this means that will have a doctor dark interview the next issue or so.  in the meantime, if you haven't already, check out:



chris quinlan is happy to announce the 200th episode of his "melbourne musos" tv show on australian tv.  if you don't know about the "melbourne musos", maybe this short fragment from chris's website will make you wonder why your local tv station does not have a show like this.
chris quinlan: "i had the chance to meet and film ex-zappa people like terry bozzio, chad wackerman, steve vai and the ensemble modern for the tv show and find out a few inside stories and learn a few tricks on how to play the really tricky stuff. terry bozzio let me put my camera literally under his armpits while he was showing me some of his licks, some treasured memories."

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From: "chris quinlan"
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003
Subject: melbourne musos 200th episode

Press Release 1st May 2003

Melbourne Musos TV Show
Producer: Chris Quinlan


Melbourne Musos TV Show reachs 200!

The 200th episode of Channel 31's long-running and much loved music tip show "Melbourne Musos" will air Friday 8th May at 6.00pm.

A labor of love for the shows creator/producer Chris Quinlan, the show first aired in 1995 and is one of Channel 31's longest running and popular shows.

Melbourne Musos could be best described as a .... "musical cooking show" .... with segments such as "The best muso you never heard in your life" and "How the hell did you do that?" ... The show quickly found a niche of dedicated viewers who appreciated the musical tips given and the local talent unearthed.

A format change in 1999 (due to a happy accident!) saw melbourne Musos turn into a dedicated drumset clinic with Chris Quinlan demonstrating drum techniques and drumset music in a raw, live to camera format with minimal editing ...
.... this change of style gave Melbourne Musos a freshh lease of life and in 2000, Chris Quinlan received the inaugural award ... "Best educational TV show on Australian Community TV"

Chris Quinlan produces Melbourne Musos from his West Suburban located in Seabrook ....

For more details, contact Chris Quinlan




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i received confirmation that i have a place to stay, and it took me some effort.  if you're planning on going, and you haven't reserved a room yet, you'd better hurry.  room's are going fast!!
check out the addresses at the arf society website.
it's the same place where you can order your ticket.

** the program **

thursday, 2003/07/24

20.00 - steffen moddrow (germany): "mono sapiens music"

friday, 2003/07/25

13.00 - ben watson with jim cohen (uk / usa):
         "the phenomenology of one size fits all: georg wilhelm friedrich hegel and frank zappa"
14:30-15:30 - jazzprojekt  hundehagen (germany)
15:45-17:15 - zappanoia (portugal)
17:45-19:15 - octafish featuring mike keneally (germany)
19:30-21:00 - eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black (usa / germany): "the jack and jim show"
21:30-23:00 - muffin men featuring ike willis and napoleon murphy brock (uk / usa)
23:00-00:30 - prawns with horns (australia)

saturday, 2003/07/26

12:00 - jim cohen "zappa meets the presidents" (usa)
14:00-15:00 - alternative tv (uk)
15:30-17:00 - muffin men featuring jimmy carl black and eugene chadbourne (uk / usa)
17:30-19:00 - sheik yerbouti featuring mike keneally (germany)
19:20-20:20 - dr. dark featuring jimmy carl black (usa)
21:00-23:00 - sex without nails bros (austria): " joe's  garage "
23:30-01:00 - nina hagen & band (germany)

sunday, 2003/07/27

12:00-13:30 - the lizard kings (germany)
14:00-15:00 - ike willis & stu grimshaw "der fremde" (usa / germany)
15:30-17:00 - the paul green school of rock music (philadelphia,usa):
     "the music of frank zappa as played by 12-17 year olds"
17:30-19:00 - sex without nails bros featuring ike willis and napoleon murphy brock (austria)
     "roxy and elsewhere"
19:30-21:00 - mike keneally & band
21:00-21:45 – finale  


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* there's two new zappa bootlegs out.  the first one's called "rabbits in bondage", the second one "madison 84", or something like that.
* a new zappa coverversion has surfaced: piano duo
Aki Takase & Alex von Schlippenbach / Piano Duets - Live in Berlin 93/94
* chad wackerman is on the latest allan holdsworth album "all night wrong". it's a japan only release.  it's not that hard to find, but it is rather expensive. i've heard it and have to admit that it's really good.

in preparation for one of the next big nOte newsletters:
- an interview with candy zappa on her "my brother was a mother" book;
- stephen chillemi on the upcoming doctor dark gig at the zappanale festival;

arf (society), he said,

-- peter van laarhoven