the big nOte files - 2003/03/23

in short:
- added a bunch of album covers
- fred hemmer reports on the latest whereabouts from jerry outlaw (from bogus pomp)
- whatchamacallit will perform the music of frank zappa
- john trubee speaks
- the magic band reunion
- baby snakes on dvd
- a new book/dvd/cd project by the residents
- irma coffee
- project/object on tour
- chris federico's new book on frank zappa


whatchamacallit plays zappa

friday, 2003/04/25, whatchamacallit will perform the music of frank zappa.  the concert will take place in lede, belgium.  for the geographical fanatics, that's somewhere between wetteren and aalst.  i was very impressed when i heard them in january.  i'll try to be there.

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From: "John V Trubee" <>
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003
Subject: What Proper Socialization Has Taught Us

   "You should always allow fear to circumscribe
   the parameters of your life and you always ought
   to heed public opinion and the approval of others---
   for everyone else is always right and you are always
   shit wrong."

    (Excerpted from 'Diary of A Craven Weakling')

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From: Fred Hemmer - Saturday, March 29, 2003
Subject: From Jerry Outlaw

Hey folks,
                  I'm no longer playing on sundays at the Rare Olive in downtown St.Pete.   It was cool to do a few weeks down there.   For those of you who still need your weekly guitar freakout, I will be playing downtown again very soon (hopefully every week) with my Neo-Trio.   Updates coming soon.   
                                                                 thanks...........  Jerry Outlaw
               PS-- is coming soon..........

in his latest electricity newsletter, teejo collected info on the magic band reunion.  there is a release scheduled as well !

for more on this reunion, try:


or go to gary lucas's website

friday, june 20, 2003, at the juttersfestival in wijk aan zee, the netherlands, the complete joe’s garage epos will be performed.

it’s a juttersfestival production by egon kracht and paul pleyers.

the music will be performed by

irma coffee, the female vocalist that joined frank zappa in concert in passaic, nov 18 1974, released at least two 7"s.

the other one is: 

project/object shows this week!!

2003/3/26 chameleon club, lancaster, pa, usa
2003/3/27 murray's inn, wilkes-barre, pa, usa
2003/3/28 the tralf, buffalo, ny, usa
2003/3/29 trocadero, philadelphia, pa, usa
2003/3/30 webster theatre, hartford, ct, usa

check the website for frequent updates and info:

and the p/o newsgroup:

project/object with ike willis, napoleon murphy brock and don preston
performing the music of frank zappa

chris federico wrote a book about frank zappa called "zappology"  he says:

"The problem with books that are decent general overviews (like Dangerous Kitchen) is that they don't really provide what the Zappa fanatic craves -- attention to minutiae within conceptual continuity, brand-new observations, etc. Anything that HAS
contained such features has been approached with some sort of ludicrous political or literary agenda (i.e. Poodle Play).

Therefore, about seven years ago, I began writing the sort of book that I, as a mammoth FZ fan, always wanted to read. It's finally been completed, revised, finished up, etc., and if you're interested, here's the link (it's currently posted for free online
reading in its entirety):

I hope you like it."

i haven't read it yet, but it sure looks like i'll be browsing through it the next couple of day.  chris is asking for comment, so feel free...

ike willis is featured on a grateful dead tribute album by joe gallant & illumnati called "terrapin" on (which? records 5656)

new releases

  • the residents: kettles of fish
        (2003, book + 3cd + dvd, ger, euroralph box 029)
    • i bought this beautiful book / cd thing at the best residents' show i ever saw, a couple of weeks ago. actually, one of the best shows i ever saw. period. i haven't gotten to playing all this stuff as the live show is still playing in my head and i want to keep it there as long as possible.
      a quick glance however, learns me that the dvd only differs in some details with the "live on the outskirts" disc from a little while ago and that the audio cds are various live fragments, from various shows on various locations. 
  • frank zappa: baby snakes
        (2003, 2dvd, ??, room entertainment room 101005)
    • well, to be honest, i don't think this edition is ligit. it's a beautiful dvd box, it includes two discs and presents the superb "baby snakes" video, but it's on room entertainment (??). and i hadn't read anything about it on the zappa site.
      i guess that there's only one way to prevent bootleggers from publishing this kind of material, and that's the zappa family trust publishing all this material themselves.
      quality could have been a little better, but it had been a while that i watched it and i really enjoyed it.  let's hope the next zappa dvd that surfaces, is an official release.
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new entries

in the picture - frank zappa cd bootleg album covers

that's all for now,

talk again to you soon,

-- peter van laarhoven