the big nOte files - 2003/02/09


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june 2003, two new books will hit the shelves !  the first one's called "my brother was a mother" and is a zappa family photo album, compiled by candy zappa.  the second one is a new edition of nigey lennon's "being frank - my time with frank zappa", originally released in 1995.
more on both of these books soon.

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juan antonio de blas added a frank zappa web-site to the world wide web.

if you don't know who juan antonio is, check out your copy of 

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-- info: ulli mrosek

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het vlaams radio koor (the flemish radio choir) will perform "airs à gogo", a mixture of pieces by various contemporary composers:

performed on:

i'm only familiar with the music of luc breways and of frank nuyts, but that's already reason enough to go.
(it's sponsored by the national radio, so maybe we'll get a radio broadcast as well...)

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next wednesday - 2003/02/12 - corrie van binsbergen will play in 'het bimhuis', in amsterdam, the netherlands.  corrie put a couple of short stories by toon tellegen to music.  literature translated to music.

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the frank zappa halloween dvd-a is out.  haven't seen it yet, but affz is discussing it.

-- info: marco "kallie" kalnenek

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new releases
  • franz hohler: der gross zwärg
        (????, cd, suisse, zyt 4452) – incl. ‘iss dys gmües’ (= ‘mr. green genes’) (frank zappa)
    • this reissue makes the very hard to find 'iss dys gmües' track available once again. 'iss dys gmües' actually is frank zappa's ' genes', but with swiss lyrics.
      franz hohler is a swiss writer / musician who first released 'iss dys gmües' in 1973 ! 
hohler_zwargcd.jpg (57228 bytes)
  • kokoo: supernova
        (2000, cd, jap, king record co kicp716) - incl. 'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)
    • the internet told me that kokoo is a japanese improvisation trio. it features one japanese bamboo flute and two kotos.
      this album presents a lot of well-known compositions, including frank zappa's 'peaches en regalia'. to be quite honest, the album does not sound all that improvisational to me at all.  i like it a lot, but it's all very clean.  nice arrangements, yes, but improvisations, ...?
      thank you, graham connah, for mentioning this album to the affz.
kokoosn.jpg (30731 bytes)
there's a new frank zappa bootleg scheduled / out.
it's a 4cd set, called

-- info: hans-peter schmidt
-- track-list scan: dieter  (click on the album title)

i haven't seen the actual thing / book / box or whatever you call such a 4 cd set.  but a look on the track-list does not impress me that much.  i'll get back on this when i have more info.

mothers_universe.jpg (20851 bytes)
  • zappa / mothers: money demos
    • okay, this one's hard to find, but well worth the effort.  it's my guess that there are a couple of collectors behind this one.  fine artwork all over: a beautiful cover (taken from the spanish comic book "zappa y los madres"), nice booklet & info.  and a superb contents: the "we're only in it" demo acetate, a couple of studio outtakes from the same period, tracks from the german "beat club" tv show, ...
      the booklet says something about another release with the "lumpy gravy" capitol demos.  let's hope this is true...
moneydemos.jpg (71661 bytes)
  • frank zappa: santa monica's night owl
    • another moustache's magic music release.  and quite a release it is.  this 2cd-set presents the complete 1980/12/11-late show concert.  that's the one that supplied a couple of tracks for the sixth volume of zappa's stage series, as well as a bit of 'blue light' for the "tinseltown album", and of course, also 'nite owl'.  great show.
      filler are seven tracks from the early show of the same date.
      this must have been quite a night!
      if you like the artwork for this album, try any of tanino liberatore's comic books - yes, he's the one who did the superb "the man from utopia" cover.
sm_nightowl.jpg (70644 bytes)

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not so new releases  
  • juicy lucy: lie back and enjoy it  (2)
        (1970, lp, usa, atco sd 33-345) – incl. ‘willie the pimp’ (frank zappa)
    • from 1970, this lp.  i added data & a picture.
juicylucylieback.jpg (43686 bytes)
juicylucy2.jpg (17049 bytes)
  • arno: give me the gift   //  compilation album
        (1997, cd, ??, caroline records / gift x) - incl. 'hot head' (van vliet)
    • arno hintjens released don van vliet's 'hot head' in 1994 on his "water" album.  this compilation includes the van vliet track as well as numerous other arno classics.  if you don't have anything by the man, this is fine introduction.
arno_giveme.jpg (37032 bytes)
  • various artists: what surf III
        (1987, 12", usa, iloki il 1008) - incl.ten foot faces: 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)
    • i don't know too much about this one.  i just added the track list & the cover.



well, that's all for now, peace,

peter van laarhoven