the big nOte files - 2003/01/14

new releases

dan bäckman: sjunger jan banan (& nio andra lägereldsklassiker)
    (2002, cd, swe, sony / epic epc 510166 2) - incl. 'jan banan' (= 'bobby brown') (frank zappa)
  • swedish comedian felix herngren's alter ego dan bäckman, recorded a coverversion of frank zappa's 'bobby brown goes down'.
    "sjunger jan banan" is a very funny album (and i'm talking about the music, 'cause i don't understand a word of what he's saying).  madness, iggy pop, the clash, ... they all get a treat.  zappa's 'bobby brown' is also a very fine version.  great violin work.
    i like it a lot.
    thank you,
    Bossk (R), for bringing it to our attention (and for guiding me to a record story where i could find this album !!).
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dan bäckman: jan banan
    (2002, cdsingle, swe, sony / epic epc 673178 1) - incl. 'jan banan' (= 'bobby brown') (frank zappa)
  • this is the single of the above mentioned album, including the zappa coverversion.
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another frank zappa bootleg (2cd) is released: "santa monica's teenage prostitute", released by moustache's magic music,
digipack and soundboard. it has the 1981/12/11 early show concert in the santa monica civic auditorium.  it features lisa popeil on superb vocals, nicholas slonimsky on improvised piano parts, craig "twister" stewart on harmonica and ahmet zappa on dancing.
-- info: hans-peter schmidt

frank zappa: santa monica's teenage prostitute


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the other moustache's magic music release isa called "happy halloween 1978".  i mentioned this bootleg a couple of issues ago.
this one has the complete superb 1978/10/31 halloween show on 3 discs.  wowie zowie.
l.shankar on violin and uncle frank on heavy guitar.  great show !

frank zappa: happy halloween 1978

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lisa loeb: cake and pie
    (2002, cd, usa, a&m records 493 242-2) - feat.dweezil zappa, lala sloatman, joe travers
  • lisa loeb's latest album (from half a year ago), has a prominent role for her beau, dweezil zappa.
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the residents' latest is called "eskimo surround sound dvd"
-- info: ralphamerica

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a message from john trubee:

Cowboy Versus The Gadabout Candyass Delusional, Paranoid Quote For The Day

      In all life's battles and struggles
   there are winners and losers. The winners don't
   cry--they don't need to. The losers do.

   The winners can often be sociopaths, stomping
   on everyone else, unaware of and unable to feel
   the pain they cause the losers. The losers brood or
   plot revenge or take solace in booze or cry
   or go to counseling. Or fly airplanes into the WTC.

      You don't see victorious, masterful people crying
   on a couch. They got what they wanted. We should
   all get what we want--or get it often enough to
   feel generally happy and good about ourselves.

   My objective is to continue becoming stronger
   and quicker in my responses in life so I become
   more masterful and a winner in life's struggles
   rather than a touchy-feelie sob sister with
   a thousand heavy and crippling regrets.

   The mythical cowboy--solitary, strong, masterful,
   taciturn, resilient, self-reliant, fiercely independent--
   strongly appeals to me.
   The new type of person more valued in modern life today--
   the team-player, gadabout, promiscuous socializer,
   glad-hander, political manipulator, back-slapper,
   insincere charmer, craven sycophant, currier of favors,
   parasite, conniver, schemer, weakling candyass, corporate
   butt-kisser, ambitious in the bad sense, acquisitive,
   status-monger, overly concerned with the good
   opinion of others--
   is a repugnant type to me. I find these qualities
   to be repellant and characteristic
   of weak personal character.


      Please challenge the above statement if you are
  so inclined. Withering criticism of my expressions will
  help me to hone & buttress my vicious arguments, making
  me the most subversive motherfucker I long to be.  

        Thanks for tolerating my bullshit.

                Love,    Trubee

"If you utter the truth about things they will chase
you out and exile you; they need to keep their
con games flourishing."
                                            --John Trubee

John Trubee
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa Ca 95402 USA
"A junkyard dog staked to a short chain
 chasing himself in tight circles of sorrow and madness."

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corrie van binsbergen will be performing with CVB4, her latest quartet:
(late, i know, but i try to get a newsletter out every week and i get these messages only a couple of days in advance...)

Corrie van Binsbergen - gitaar
Pieter Jan Cramer - accordion, piano
Ernst Glerum - bas
Nout Ingen Housz - drums

17 januari Paradox, Tilburg (21:30)
20 januari Wilhelmina, Eindhoven (21:30)
23 januari Mahogany Hall, Edam (21:00)

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morgan ågren has a new video out, called "trum".  flyer says: this video consists of the music live from the new cd "on air with guests".  additional features are an interview (in swedish) with, and demonstrations by morgan ågren.
-- info: g&s

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jimmie d. has info on the forthcoming project/object tour:

Confirmed dates so far:

with Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Don Preston
Performing The Music Of Frank Zappa

Ike Willis - (Ld Voc/Gtr)
Napoleon Murphy Brock - (Ld Voc/Sax, Flute)
Don Preston - (Keys/Synth)
André Cholmondeley (gtr/voc)
Dave Johnsen (bass)
Glenn Leonard (drums)

Date     City                Venue
3/6   Northampton, MA      Iron Horse
3/7   Trenton, NJ         The Conduit
3/8   Falls Church, VA   State Theatre
3/9   Pittsburgh, PA      Club Cafe
3/10  Pittsburgh, PA      Club Cafe
3/14  Chicago, IL          Martyrs
3/15  Chicago, IL         Martyrs
3/19  Asheville, NC     Stella Blue
3/21  Atlanta, GA        Variety Theatre
3/22  Charlotte, NC       Visulite Theatre
3/23  Carrboro, NC       Cat's Cradle
3/28  Buffalo, NY      Tralf Music Hall

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"fz:oz" is now available for UK £ 20.25  (to yurrip) or 22.25 (worldwide).
-- info: g&s

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sugercane harris' 1970 album "sugercane" has been re-issued on cd.  it also features shuggie otis!
-- info: g&s

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i ordered my copy of the latest elliot ingber album in japan a couple of weeks ago.  and now it looks like i'm not the only one who found a copy  :-)

Elliot Ingber/The 4
Japanese release of songs recorded by Elliot between 1967-1995 with Larry Taylor-guitar, Johnny Dyer-harmonica, Phil Parker-drums, John Orvis-vocal, Richie Hayward-drums, Ira Ingber-guitar,bass,drums.
Tracks: Rails, Rails B, Amma, Boppin’ Rockin’ Baby, Rroom, Flying Low, Dove, Oobie Doobie Woman, Gingerwail, Bop On Down The Line, Trone, A Bit Blue, No Excuse Me, We Don’t Feed No Livestock Here.
-- info: leo klienbannink

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another new release: 

Missing Persons/Lost Tracks (enhanced cd)
Compilation cd put together by Warren Cuccurullo after a one-time reunion concert in 2001. The archival edition with rare (live) material. Tracks: Mental Hopscotch acid samba remix, Dark & Dangerous Guy, Bad Streets, Action Reaction, Throw Money, Words, None of Your Business, Face to Face, Rock & Roll Suspension, Give, Hair & Kiss & Makeup, Dark & Dangerous Guy, Centerfold Girl, On Vacation.
-- info: leo klienbannink

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new band to check out: shadowgraphic city.  haven't seen or heard them, but as it includes mauro pawlowski...

listen to cucamonga radio on monday night and find out about their latest release.
also in real audio:

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mike keneally is featured in andy west's latest album:

Andy West with RAMA/RAMA 1
Solo album by Andy West [Tubes/The Mistakes]. All songs co-written by Mike Keneally [also guitar synths and vocals] and Rod Morgenstein (drums), Jonathan Mover (drums), Mike Portnoy (drums), Toshi Iseda (guitar), Jens Johansson (keys/synths), Tom Lavitz (keys/synths), Kit Watkins (keys/synths). For Keneally and Mistakes fans. 
-- info: leo klienbannink

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i think i mentioned it before, but here's a link to a fine article about the next zappa release:
jimmie d. says:
"Cool link to the details of the 5.1 project."

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there's a new zappalinks page at:
<a href=""></a>

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three new king crimson releases !!
"ladies of the road", "the power to believe" and "happy with what you have to be happy with".
-- info: g&s
and while i was at it, i added a king crimson discography as well.  if you see anything that's missing, let me know.
-- info: danny mathys

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the latest weather report album is a 2cd set, filled with various live recordings from 1975 - 1983.  it features chester thompson.
-- info: g&s
and i added a weather report discography - corrections welcome.
-- info: danny mathys

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terry bozzio has a new album out, it's a collaboration with billy sheenan called "nine short films"

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lot's of news next time, my mailbox is loaded...

talk again to you soon,