the big nOte files - 2003/01/05

best wishes for the new year, everyone.

no no no, this is not the final thing, but it's quite an upload, so i'll finish this tomorrow.


new releases? well, almost:

various artists: for collectors only
    (2002, cd, nl, disky pure gold go 905010) - incl. various studio Z recordings
  • nothing new under the sun.  this is a reissue of the very fine "cucamonga" cd from a couple of years ago.  if you couldn't find that one, or if you have the "rare meat" cd and you'd like to hear some more from zappa's early years, this is your thing.  it's cheap and the music that's on it is essential listening.
go905010.jpg (71234 bytes)
dog eat dog: in the dog house
    (2000, cd, uk, roadrunner records rr 8527-2) – incl. ‘why does it hurt when i pee?’ (frank zappa)
  • here's a dog eat dog sampler from a couple of years ago. i had never seen this compilation, it just caught my eye when i was in a record shop to pick up the pink floyd tribute album (below).
    "in the dog house" has zappa's 'why does it hurt when i pee?', as previously released on their "if these are the good times"single from 1994.
dogitdh.jpg (67532 bytes)
various artists: an all star line-up performing the songs of pink floyd
    (2002, cd, usa, purple piramid records) - feat.dweezil zappa, vinnie colaiuta, aynsley dunbar
  • here's the pink floyd tribute that i mentioned a while ago.  well, the 'all star' part of it is true.  the album features a lot of famous artists: tony levin, greg bissonette, roben ford, steve lukather,... and even a couple of zappa alumni.
    to be honest, the album sounds nice and it's always good to hear dweezil play a guitar solo (a very funny one as well), but i'm sorry to say that it doesn't come close to the original recordings.  so my advice is: only buy this one if you have all the other pink floyd albums.
dwfloyd.jpg (70017 bytes)

* * *
the 3-cd bootleg "happy halloween" is out.  it has one of frank zappa's 1978 halloween concerts.  hans-peter schmidt says: "the sound is not so good - but you can hear a fantastic version of packard goose."

* * *

the acid mothers temple have a new album out.  doesn't the album cover remind you of something?  i would have sworn i knew it from somewhere!
-- info: Danny Mathys

and for those who doubt it, the album is called
"St. Captain Freak Out And The Magic Bamboo Request"

actually, the acid mothers temple have four new releases out.  i don't know if "live in japan" is one of them, but guess what...  here's another familiar looking cover.
i know it's a small picture, but i couldn't find a larger one.
-- info: Danny Mathys


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