the big nOte files - 2002/12/13

well, it's my son's birthday today (december 13), and that just asks for an extra newsletter.

* * *
in a message to, romān garcia unveiled another piece of mothers' history.  romān found the info in an on-line book called "fuzz acid & flowers" by vernon joynson:

vito paulekas (one of the l.a. freaks at the time of "freak out" ) recorded a 7" in 1966, produced by kim fowley and featuring the mothers of invention.

"on this kim fowley produced 45, a long hippie rap turns into an acid garage freakout. it featured vito backed by the mothers of invention... vito was a bohemian sculptor and dancemaster, who led a group of los angeles free spirits, holding love fests and parties, back in the sixties.
originally from lowell, mass., he came from a very artistic background and learnt wood carving at an early age. in 1938 he was convicted of attempted robbery, but released into service in 1942. after the war he relocated to l.a. where he latter became inolved with the circle of freaks surrounding the mothers, fraternity of man and kim fowley.
vito eventually became mayor of the small sonoma town of cotati, a hippie enclove near santa rosa. he later died from a blood disease.
compilation appearances include: vito and the hands on kim fowley's "underground animal". "
(stephen m.h. braitman/max waller)

* * *
belgian sextet whatchamacallit is scheduled to perform the music of frank zappa:

i was very impressed with these guys, the last time i saw them.  check them out !!  (more details on the exact location, etc, will follow soon)

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(christine &) joão sent me a flashy logo for zappanoia.  take a look at it here.

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ed mann sent a message to about robert wiener. robert wiener travelled to yurrip with the zappa band in 1979 to help them out in the non-english speaking countries.

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a couple of months ago, a nice package arrived at my doorstep.  it was a package of cdrs.  i still haven't listened to all of them, as i try to take my time for these sort of things.
one of the cdr labels read: "the residents: 19 mysterious tracks", and that's exactly what it is.  eyeball-buddy kim tried to figure out the track-listing and was as surprised as i was.
you can read a bit more about it here: the residents: 19 mysterious tracks, but if anyone has any extra info on this little dittie, please help me out.

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new entries, additions, corrections, ...:

and, thanx to danny mathys, i added some record label data, my friends.  lists, lists and lists.  please take a look at:

as you can tell, this latest entry, "muffin records" still has a lot of gaps.  i was able to add two titles to danny's list, but i'd like to complete the thing.  so please check your record collections and send me the missing titles in the "muffin records (productions)" list. thank you.

peter van laarhoven