the big nOte files - 2002/11/10

there's quite a bit of news and additions, actually, so here we go: 

* * * 1957 * * *

october 2002, someone offered the 1957 and the 1958 antelope valley high school yearbooks for sale through ebay.  these contain pictures of zappa and of his band at the time, the blackouts. the seller was kind enought to add these pictures, so they're now included in united-mutations.
go to:  > frank zappa > high school yearbooks

* * * 1962 * * *

in 1962, ronnie williams' band, the masters, recorded a 7" at pal studio in cucamonga.  the b-side was a williams / buff / zappa colaboration and was the first recording that zappa appeared on.
go:  > frank zappa > discography > studio Z
and take a look at the label of this rarity.
the masters recorded another 7" at paul buff's pal studio.  (and also on paul buff's emy label)  tracks & label are included in united-mutations.

* * * 1962 - 1964 * * *

thanks to isamu s., i was able to add quite a number of labels for the various cucamonga singles.  as you can see, we're still missing some pictures of some labels, so please check your collections and mail additions to
and yes, the list includes the tornadoes who recorded at pal studio in cucamonga and who had a couple of singles engineered by frank zappa.

i also added data for the various cucamonga samplers:

* * *

and while we're at it, does anyone know if there are recordings circulating of the ron roman single?  and of the conrad & the hurricanes single?  if so, let me know.  i'd love to hear these.

* * *

frank scheffer's documentary "frank zappa: phase two - the big note", premiered in the states a couple of days ago (2002/11/08) as a part of the eyes and ears festival.
EYES & EARS: The Other Minds Film Festival
FRIDAY–SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8–10 at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco

FRANK ZAPPA: Phase Two–The Big Note
(Preview of a “work in process”)

* * *

early 2002, dutch guitar player ton engels performed frank zappa's 'sofa' in concert.  he did it at least 2 times, the first time in januari, the second time in february.  both concerts took place in eindhoven, the netherlands.  his band was called "ton engels en de medeplichtigen".  (info: wouter bessels)
* * *
added a couple of album covers to the x-legged sally page  (scans: danny mathys)
* * *
added a couple of album covers to the pierre vervloesem page (scans: danny mathys)
* * *
added a bunch of data to the ensemble modern's concert page (info: uli mrosek, jon naurin)
* * *
added data to the caca page (info: bill lantz)
* * *
added data to the meridian arts ensemble concerts page (info: bill lantz)
* * *
added a discography for renaldo & the loaf  (i have been listening to them the whole weekend  -  this really is great stuff  -  thanx again, patrick)

* * *

that's all for now, see you again in a couple of days
(with info on the magic band reunion; the latest napoleon murphy brock album; the japanese zappa cd sequel (but a beautiful one); and lots and lots more)

-- peter