the big nOte files - 2002/10/13

pre-part: tomorrow night on belgian vrt radio 1: 'cucamonga'

part 1: records 'n' all

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part 3 - (a)live and kickin'

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post-part: short bits

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new order has a new album out on, but it's some sort of 'new order's picks':
dmc records has this series called "back to mine".  it's some sort of compilation album.  the message said: "New Order
chose the tracks that they would play if you went back to there place after a night out."  the first track is a captain beefheart composition.
* * *
george duke will be featured in a television special next thursday on dutch television.  he will be the main attraction at 'de marathon' festival in groningen, the netherlands, this year.
* * *
ray white is performing with the big e.  a band with bobby vega, alan hertz and tal morris.  they performed various zappa compositions in concert.
talking about ray white.  danny mathys says that kvhw has a second album out, called "life @ the hip".  anyone heard about this one?  or info on where to get it?
* * *
the residents "demons dance alone", has now been made available as a single disc.  (jewel case in the states - digipack in germany).  the deluxe version (2 cds) is still in the shops, but, as they say, going fast.
* * *
the next residents release will be the "freak show deluxe 30th anniversary edition":
the site sez: "the package is a 48 page bound book, measuring 12,7cm/5.5" (wide) by 25,4cm/10" (long), so there`s a lot of real estate for some great photos and stories you probably haven`t seen before. the first disc is the original freak show release but includes the "blowoff" ep, plus a few introductions by tex, and the second disc is a bunch of previously unreleased tracks, with most of them from the freak show live show in prague. but there are a couple live tracks and remixes. only 1000 made, hand numbered."
pre-orders are possible through euroralph & ralphamerice.
* * *
the track-listing for the 2 new zappa samplers (zappa picks) were mailed by ryko.  if you want to take a look at it, go to zappa / discography / fz&moi / samplers /
* * *
volume three and four of the steve vai archive series (= the box set) are in the final stages of production.  release dates will be announced soon.
* * *
and there's more, yes !  the zappanoia band is from lisbon, portugal.  founded in 1996 by eduardo cunha and rui sousa the band plays compositions by frank zappa. the line-up of the band varies from trio to octet, but lately the band has been active as a quartet.
i've heard their 'zoot allures' and was impressed.  i don't know how active they are, but more info can be found in the site.  look up under "zappanoia band".  it even includes a couple of snap shots of the band.
* * *
here's another "quote for the day" from john trubee.  i know, it doesn't make you happy, but you have to face the world you're living in:

"Politics: a ceaseless tug of war between two teams who, despite the surface veneer of their ideological differences, are composed of identical mobs of pompous brats.
I soon lose interest in observing the tiresome antics of these diseased personalities whose foolishness flourished before I was born and will continue unabated after I die."
     --John Trubee
* * *

that's all for now - talk again to you soon