the big nOte files - 2002/09/15

first things first:  my e-mail provider had some troubles the last couple of weeks (starting somewhere in early august), and they said they might have lost 'a couple' of my e-mail messages, both sent & received ones.
problems should be over know, so i've you've sent a message to bignote@yucom (or one of my other addresses) lately, please send it again.

part 1 - you can't do that on stage anymore

belgian band whatchamacallit performs frank zappa's music on friday, september 20 in the 'N9' in eeklo, belgium.  i've heard them and they're great.  so try to be there !!

* * *

part 2 - you can't do that on the radio anymore

2002/09/09, belgian radio show 'cucamong' aired part of a sandy dillon concert (from the 2001 cactus festival).  it included the excellent 'this is the day' by don van vliet.

* * *

part 3 - news from affz -

joe chiccarelli is working on the next zappa release, the 1978 halloween concert.  it will be an DVD-audio album.  joe started working for zappa in the late seventies.  the halloween concert that he is preparing was the first concert that he recorded for frank zappa.  i added him to the site.

* * *

part 4 - news from the mailbox

john trubee wrote an antipoem.

                THE DEVIL'S HATE POEM
                Copyright c 2002 John Trubee

                 In the midst of the night I awake
                 Quietly mouthing "I hate you
                 O how I hate you"
                 To those who deceived me
                 Shunted me aside
                 Fired me
                 Cast me asunder
                 Cast me under

                 To the smiley-faced normals of polite society
                 There needs to exist
                 An equal and opposite ballast
                 To counterbalance
                 Their hypocritical, sunshiney world.   

                  I am that ballast
                  The dark man
                  The ugly one
                  He who must be punished for no reason
                  Except to expiate the sins of the hypocrites.
                  I am that proverbial fall guy,
                  The forgotten man,
                  Creep, asshole, and worse...

                  My father habitually screamed at me
                  And sent me away from the family dinner table
                  For no reason other than his rages.
                  I'm not complaining,
                  Merely explaining
                  Why I chose the devil as my defense attorney.

                  The devil is my symbol--
                  Not the devil of sorrow and distress,
                  But the devil as the image of the solitary individual
                  Persecuted by unjust authority;
                  Dr. Richard Kimble and Charlie Manson and
                  Satan and Jesus are brothers.

                  Light requires shadow
                  Day needs night
                  Happiness depends on sorrow
                  Wealth is bound to poverty
                  The wholeness of the universe 
                  Requires the metaphysical linkage between polar opposites--
                  Look at Goya's paintings:
                  His chiaroscuro informs how shadow defines light
                  And vice versa.

                  This is a cliche and you know it.

                  You persecuted me
                  For no reason
                  Now I indict you and your world
                  I hate you
                 O how I hate you    


* * *

part 5 - various bits of info
* * *
dean hegerty wrote a booklet on zappa's straight label.  he just released a new, second edition.  i should have more details real soon.
* * *
ed mann will is performing with project/object.  check the concert list for more details. (well, euh, next time....)
* * *
pascal comelade covers a don van vliet track on "danses et chants de syldavie"
* * *
john french's drumming is used on derek bailey's "playbacks" album.
* * *
the september issue of british "uncut" magazine has a sampler with zappa's 'peaches en regalia'
* * *

next time: news from the ant-bee, more john trubee, the latest residents release & zappa's fz/oz.