the big nOte files - 2002/08/25

italian fanzine Debra Kadabra is preparing a zappanale special before the end of september.  they did lots of interviews and stuff at the festival, so now there transcribing, translating and editing like crazy to get this issue done.
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 Yes! Next Week!
 It's true. We begin shipping next week. Hopefully everyone will have
 their orders by the week ending August 16th.
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well, that's about now.  so copies of "fz/oz" should be hitting mailboxes, right?
* * *

  1. hordern intro  - incan art vamp

  2. stink-foot

  3. the poodle lecture

  4. dirty love

  5. filthy habits

  6. how could i be such a fool

  7. ain't got no heart

  8. i'm not satisfied

  9. black napkins

  10. advance romance

  11. the illinois enema bandit

  12. wind up workin' in a gas station

  13. the torture never stops

  14. canard du jour

  15. kaiser rolls

  16. find her finer

  17. carolina hardcore ecstasy

  18. lonely little girl

  19. take your clothes off when you dance

  20. what's the ugliest part of your body

  21. chunga's revenge

  22. zoot allures

  23. keep it greasy

  24. dinah-moe humm

  25. camarillo brillo

  26. muffin man

  27. kaiser rolls rehearsal

it's not the 'complete' concert, as i had hoped it would be.  but i'm anxious to hear it.
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john tabacco has a web-site on which he has some mp3s for downloadable purposes.
more news next time.
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i mentioned the frank zappa rykodisc "threesome" samplers a couple of months ago.  threesome 1 including "freak out", "absolutely free" and "we're only in it..."; threesome 2 collection "hot rats", "waka / jawaka" and "the grand wazoo".  box and labels designed by cal schenkel.  i added pictures of the boxes at zappa\discography\samplers.
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there was something wrong with the pictures at zappa\fanzines\society pages.  thanks for mentioning, aad. it should be fixed.  i also added pics for t'mershi duween, the british fanzine.
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2002/07/15, mike keneally did a mini-concert plus a "meet & great mike keneally" thing at recordshop plato in rotterdam, the netherlands.  aad hoogesteger took pictures and shows them at:
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2002/08/18, dutch radio 4 repeated the "supplement" radio show that aired 2000/12/04: "frank zappa - greggary peccary and other persuasions" by the ensemble modern
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