the big nOte files - 2002/08/18

yes, i know, it has been too long.  blame the damn virus.  the battle was good, whish i hadn't lost.  it left me without my computer for two weeks.

zappanale tales & pictures at:

from aad hoogesteger:

from andrew greenaway: 

Day One        The Second Day        Day the 3rd

and from jon naurin:

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pierre verloesem has a new album out called "grosso modo".  he could be heard talking about his album on belgian vrt1 radio show 'cucamonga' on 2002/08/12. * * * bogus pomp news: fred wrote:
"That's right, after a (too) long siesta, Bogus Pomp will perform the Eight Annual Zappaween on October 26 at the State Theater in downtown St. Petersburg. All the regular band members, including Napoleon, will be there. As well as some special guests. I will be getting back with you with more details in the near future. We just wanted to get the date out so all of the out-of-town fans can make their plans."
* * *
and speaking of bogus pomp, i added a bit of discographic info for iratowns, the band that jerry outlaw (of bogus pomp fame) sits in with every now and then.
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steve chillemi's beefheart band, the one that i talked about in the previous issue, is called old farts at play.  they did one concert in new haven, ct, usa (where they also played zappa's 'willie the pimp').
so there's a couple of new entries in the website: steve chillemi, old farts at play and invisible them.
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two new (at least, new to me) zappa bootlegs:

frank zappa: king biscuit plus
frank zappa: st. patrick's day

the first one has the fm-broadcast of the 1980/07/03 concert in münich, germany (as found on many boots) and a part of the 1981/12/11 concert - early show as an extra.  the 1981/12/11 santa monica civic center concert had a lot of guests (lisa popeil, slonimsky, ahmet zappa, craig 'twister' stewart), but none of these are on the featured tracks.
the second one has the complete 1988/03/17 binghampton concert.  good show.
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and geoff wills supplied another of his excellent notes / biographies.  this time, he took a closer look on allan zavod.  thanx geoff !
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