additional info (2002/07/25): bad link alarm: links on the bottom of the artist pages don't work yet.  only chapter "a" has been corrected.

the big nOte files - 2002/07/15 - 2002/07/22

i did some 'redesigning' the last couple of days.  it should translate in fewer frame-related problems, and it should make it possible to show larger pictures as well.  so i added a bunch of (new) album covers as well.

try anything from chapter 'a' to see what i mean: chapter 'a'

anyway, hope to see some of you at the zappanale festival in a couple of days !!!

* * * news * * *
the satriani / vai tribute album that i talked about last time, is a very nice album.  some of the tracks do not have the 'punch' that i like so much, but the artists show a different approach and that's always nice to hear.

* * *
the august issue of the british "total guitar" mag (no.99)  includes a sample of the latest vai album:

* * *
the august edition of the french "guitar part", another guitarist tutorial mag, includes "the 50 greatest guitar solos of the century".  performed and transcribed by j.-j. rébillard, patrice deschamps and bruno da sylva.  of course, it includes a vai & satriani track.