the big nOte files - 2002/06/30

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there's a new beefheart title out - teejo already reviewed it at: .
as i understand it, this disc should not just exist as a cdr, but also as a 'silver' factory pressed cd.
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a new frank zappa tribute album, called "a jam band tribute to frank zappa", has been spotted - no details as of yet - should be due out any day - i only found a couple of band names: mantra, david kalish band, gringo floyd, ...
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the hurricane brass band played with zappa at the 1974/07/15 concert.
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the stanford marching band joined zappa on stage at the 1977/11/19 concert.
(both items taken from the affz newsgroup - discussion between gary, charles & jon)
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kontra - random notes

my dog popper


nurse with wound


n.f. e i virtuosi dal pianeta talento

omnibus wind ensemble

zjakki willems

pierre vervloesem

peter vermeersch

x-legged sally

gotan project - random notes

'sugarcane' harris

trevor charles howell

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there's some great new info on sue glover (thanx geoff, this is exactly the kind of info this site needs !)
sue glover
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john trubee sent in a review of a project/object concert he attended.
2002/06/23    concert 'petaluma mystic theater', santa rosa (?), usa
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and john was in a good mood, because he also sent a message that included "groovy album titles - free to any bands that want 'm."  John Trubee.  take a look at:
john trubee - random notes
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2002/07/14, the ensemble modern will perform the french premiere of  zappa's "greggery peccary & other persuasions" at the 'centre pompidou' in paris, france.
conductor: jonathan stockhammer
soloists: omar ebrahim, david moss
arrangements: ali n. askin
syclavier-transcriptions: todd yvega
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part one of an excellent interview john trubee did with carl franzoni:
"Last of The Freaks: The Carl Franzoni Story"
          (As Told To John Trubee by Carl Franzoni)
thanx again john !!!
you gotta read this andrew, it mentions the "you are what you eat" movie!
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