the big nOte files - 2002/06/19

about: john trubee, the ant-bee and napoleon murphy brock !!

john trubee's latest releases (on his "space & time world enterprises" label, mentioned in the previous big nOte file) are US $ 11.95 each, postage & packaging included, even for yurripean folks.
details at big nOte file 2002/06/16

the ant-bee’s web-site has quite a lot of news:  the ant-bee is still working on the next album “electronic church muzik”.  it features guest appearances by: daevid allen, gilli smyth, bunk gardner, don preston, michael bruce, peter banks, jan akkerman, zoot horn rollo, rockette morton, napolean murphy brock, moogy klingman, roger powell, motorhead and bob harris !!!

and there’s more on nappy brock !  the ant-bee’s web-site says:

* * * “the legendary napoleon murphy brock is back on the music scene again, much to the elation of his fans worldwide! napoleon, who is best known for his work as lead vocals, sax, and flute with frank zappa and george duke, has recently been performing around the country with project object. he will be performing in europe this coming summer with the grandmothers as well as appearing on their next album. most recently, napoleon unearthed some vintage recordings he made right after he left frank zappa's group in 1975, and before he joined george duke's ensemble. 
    these records are a rare glimpse into the innovative artistry of napoleon murphy brock, all of which showcase his incredible vocal talents. hopefully to be featured on the recordings is keyboard extraordinaire george duke. these recordings are now being considered for release on cd this year. watch this page for future updates and ordering instructions.” * * *

the same site also mentioned that bunk gardner and don preston along with roy estrada are recording a new grandmothers album and that don preston is writing his autobiography.

wowie zowie - check out for the latest info.

and those of you who thought that billy james had taken a couple of years off, should take a closer look at his “mailorder muck” section:  it contains a lot of surprises:

i knew about his fabulous mothers of invention book:
“Necessity Is...The Early Years Of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention”

but in the meantime he also wrote books on todd rundgren, michael bruce and grand funk railroad.

and there’s new music as well:

* * * *
addition: corrie van binsbergen's "kado uit de hell" is nominated for the dutch Edison Jazz Awards.  go to

and vote for corrie !!  it's all in dutch, but it's worth your effort.
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