the big nOte files - 2002/05/20

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2002/07/24 - 26    concert 'suntory hall', tokyo, japan
steve vai will perform ichiro nodaira's "fire strings", a concerto for guitar and 100-piece orchestra (the tokyo metropolitan symphony orchestra, conducted by yutaka sado).  the concert program also includes bernstein's "candide overture" and stravinsky's "le sacre du printemps.
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vai's newest release "the elusive light and sound, vol.1" was previously released in the limited "secret jewel box".  it's a collection of film contributions.  as you might expect, from a commercial point of view, the album has a different cover than the one that came in the box.
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2002/06/29    film: frank scheffer: frank zappa: phase II - the big note
frank scheffer made another documentary on frank zappa.  it will premiere on a big screen as part of the docuzone film festival in amsterdam on 2002/06/29 - 16.00 h, and will be followed by a discussion with producer frank scheffer.
subjects include: 200 motels, zappa's friendship with captain beefheart and (!!) unique footage about the grand wazoo tour, thanx to malcolm mcnabb's private archives.
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someone asked if lowell george contributed to robert palmer's 1974 "sneakin' sally through the alley"; that the album listed no line-up.  the question was forwarded to me, so i don't know who wants to know, but in danny mathys's database, the line-up for this album looks like this:

so i guess the answer is positive.


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