the big nOte files - 2002/05/18

i added my two favourite websites in the links page. check them out.
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big news from terry bozzio's site ( )

"Terry has agreed to take on the musical director hat for the Frank Zappa tribute in NYC, on October 31, 2002. This will be a tribute featuring Zappa songs with special guests from Zappa's bands. As of this date the lineup is: Terry Bozzio, Steve Vai, Patrick O'hearn. There will be more players announced as the date approaches. Please check back often for more details.
Please request three (3) songs in order of preference that you would like the Zappa tribute band to play on October 31, 2002 in NYC."
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fred h.'s "bogus pomp" newsletter says:

* 2002/05/18, Saturday, Jerry Outlaw will be on WTAN 1340 from 9-11pm on the Forest Funk Jazz show. He will be talking and playing Bogus Pomp and Zappa music. A nice plug for the band indeed!
you can get the station on the internet at: or use this link:
Click here: Tan-Talk 1340 AM Radio Clearwater Florida

* Zappaween VIII will be held at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg and there are plans in the works for another show, hopefully the Clearwater Jazz Fesitval, before that.
* Jerry is looking for anybody who has a good video copy of the June 2001 Club More show. There were plenty of tapers in there but a good copy has not found its way to Jerry yet. His e-mail address is Also, he is looking for good copies of the last two Zappaweens too. Please help if you can.
* And last but not least- Bogus Pomp needs a drummer!!!!! If they could find somebody to fit the bill we would have more opportunities to see them. Please contact Jerry if you know of anybody.
-- Fred
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the latest corrie van binsbergen project is called cvb4, and sometimes, cvb5.
cvb4 = corrie van binsbergen - gitaar / pieter jan cramer - accordion, gitaar / ernst glerum - contrabas / nout ingen housz - drums
cvb5 = cvb4 + joost buis - trombone

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also known as, corrie en de blazers, did a couple of gigs 2002/04.
the 2002/04/12 concert (broadcast on 2002/05/08 on dutch radio 4) can be listened to at:
and the 2002/04/05 concert will be broadcasted on dutch radio 4 on 2002/06/16.
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for the latest info on corrie's musical adventures:
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and between all these huge stacks of news, i'm still cutting and pasting from splat's pages.  latest additions include: