the big nOte files - 2002/05/12

* * * happy mothers day everyone !! * * * play their music all day long.

* * * the residents have a new cd out.  it's called "petting zoo" and is compilation (although it also includes two tracks from their forthcoming album).  u.s. version in a jewelcase.  yurripean version is a digipack and the japanse version is a 'mini lp' cd.  * * * "eat exuding oinks" is another residents release.  it's one of those ralphamerica limited releases (about a 1000 numbered copies).  the title doesn't give it away, but "eat exuding oinks" actually is the (never released) 1977 radio special in which the residents and snakefinger perform frank zappa's 'king kong'.  tape recordings of this radio special were circulating (originally released by the cryptic coorp in a very limited edition) but it's good to know that it will be available on cd.  'king kong' could already be found on a uweb (fanclub) release, but this is the source. * * *  the residents contributed to a sampler celebrating 30 years of german kraut rock band faust.  the album is called "freispiel" and will carry the residents' version of 't-electronique'. * * * belgian top djs the fucking dewaele brothers released "2 many djs", an excellent compact disc on which they sample the residents' 'kaw-liga'. * * * vinnie colaiuta, robben ford and jimmy haslip have a new album out called "jing chi" (tone center).  it's an instrumental fusion album. * * * yes, you're reading this right: there's a vai & satriani tribute album out.  various artists: "lords of karma: a tribute to vai & satriani" (mascot / versailles) * * * reinier parengkuan wrote me a mail with new concert dates for the muffin men & cucurullo brillo brullo.  he's also the european booking agent for the european grandmothers & candy zappa.
Reinier Parengkuan
phone: 015-2625279
mobile: 06-47076865
* * *

the muffin men featuring jimmy carl black
cuccurullo brillo brullo

the muffin men:

* * * british band wagga jawaka plays the music of frank zappa.  and they have an album out.  more info next time. * * * the first six zappa / mothers albums have been re-released once again.  zjakki willems will feature them one at the time for the following six weeks in his 'cucamonga' radio show on belgian national radio vrt1. * * * and tonight 2002/05/12 on dutch national radio: a 5 h mike keneally special ! ! -

* * *
Sunday 12th May Mike Keneally night at Dutch Radio 4, 20.00 - 01.00 hrs (CET). Here's the programm:

01. How To Bluff Your Way Into Keneally Part One
02. The Musicians Speak
03. NONKERTOMPF Live, Complete Show
04. Just Another Mike Keneally Interview Part One
05. How To Bluff Your Way Into Keneally Part Two
06. Just Another Mike Keneally Interview Part Two
07. European Debut Of BEER FOR DOLPHINS,Complete Show
08. Mystery Postlude

Simulcasted via internet:
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and check willem schwertmann's site for pictures from the above mentioned concerts: * * * take a look at the nasal retentive orchestra page and try out the link to their web-page.  they also have a new album out, called "have a bun".  their previous album, "fric out", was one of the best albums i heard last year, so i'm pretty curious to what "have a bun" will bring us. 
more info soon.

the nasal retentive orchestra

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