the big nOte files - 2002/04/03

the latest project by the nederlands blazers ensemble is called "corrie en de blazers".  it is performed by corrie van binsbergen (guitar), hans hasebos (vibes & marimba) and dionys breukers (keys & sampling); het nederlands blazers ensemble, and 100 young musicians (assembled in the town where they will be performing).  corrie wrote the first part of the concert, the second part consists of 'in c' by minimalistic contemporary composer terry riley.  i like what terry riley does, but i'll be going to the concert to listen to corrie van binsbergen's piece.

there's a new album out by the chicago symphony orchestra, conducted by pierre boulez , on which they play edgar varèse.  on deutsche grammophone (and no, it's not the same as the sony release from a couple of years ago).