zita swoon group

nothing that is everything

2015 cd bel starman records

also released on vinyl
    (2015, lp, bel, starman records smr058)

stef kamil carlens: vocals, percussion, programming, guitar, bass, piano, hammond,...
aarich jespers: percussive guitar, nylon string guitar, percussing, xylophone, vibraphone,...
wim de buser: upright piano, korg, vocals,...
bart van lierde: bass  4, 6, 9
seraphine stragier: cello  6
inge van bruystegem: vocals
misha downey: vocals
kapinga gysel: vocals
eva-tshiela gysel: vocals

written and arranged by aarich jespers & stef kamil carlens

produced by stef kamil carlens

  1. introduction
  2. dada for spring radio
  3. dada makes people taller
  4. why say it once?
  5. interview with a big head
  6. what are you looking for when you make a ptretor?
  7. crocodile tears
  8. give-smile-take-smile
  9. karawane people
  10. sleep-dance-sleep