zita swoon group

new old world

2014 cd bel starman records


stef kamil carlens: electric, acoustic and resophonic guitar, casioclub, solina, philicorda, glockenqpiel, percussion
aarich jespers: drums, percussion, xylophone
tomas de smet: upright bass
wim de buser: upright piano, philicorda
karel coninx: viola
seraphine stragier: cello, harp, autoharp, vocals
jeroen baert: violin, acoustic guitar, mandoline, autoharp, solina

all music written, arranged & produced by aarich jespers & stef kamil carlens

  1. move on  (a.jespers)
  2. masked conversation  (s.k.carlens)
  3. the chariman  (s.k.carlens)
  4. small pavillion house  (a.jespers)
  5. the world is on fire  (s.k.carlens)
  6. the machine  (s.k.carlens)
  7. picnic  (a.jespers)
  8. new old world  (a.jespers)
  9. weekend  (s.k.carlens)
  10. too much information  (s.k.carlens)
  11. loss  (s.k.carlens)
  12. time that comes  (a.jespers)
  13. death of an elephant  (a.jespers)