zita swoon

i paint pictures on a wedding dress

1998 cd + bonus cd benelux warner music benelux 3984 25088 2

a limited edition with bonus cd got released at the same time

stef kamil carlens: vocals, piano, electric and acoustic guitar, synths, rhodes, farfissa, melotron, sampling
tomas de smet: upright bass, bass, percussion, vocals, electric guitar
bjorn eriksson: resophonic guitar, pedal steel, lapsteel, acoustic and electric gutiar, vocals, rhodes and melodica, upright bass
tom pintens: electric guitar, vocals, synths, sampling, clarinet, rhodes, piano
aarich jespers: drums, percussion, accordion
malcolm burn: programming

all lyrics by stef kamil carlens
all music performed and arranged by zita swoon, except 1, 7, 9 arranged by zita swoon and malcolm burn

produced by malcolm burn and zita swoon

  1. she = like meeting jesus  (carlens)
  2. ragdoll blues  (carlens)
  3. still half my friend?  (carlens)
  4. the rabbit field  (carlens)
  5. song for a dead singer  (carlens)
  6. one perfect day  (carlens, de smet, eriksson, jespers)
  7. about the successful emotional recovery of a gal named maria  (eriksson, carlens)
  8. our daily reminders  (carlens)
  9. my bond with you and your planet : disco !  (carlens)
  10. stamina  (de smet, eriksson, carlens)
  11. 50 years in dope jiettery  (carlens)
  12. the french trombone  (eriksson, de smet

bonus album - the sound hobbyist

  1. best wishes to everybody  (jespers, carlens, eriksson)
  2. ragdoll blues, another version  (carlens)
  3. the night i was going to die  (eriksson, carlens / bukowski)
  4. 6th night  (carlens, eriksson, de smet, pintens, jespers)
  5. how can i resist kissing her on the cheeks  (eriksson, carlens)
  6. hi-ho bar waltz  (jespers, eriksson, carlens)
  7. natalie laughs  (eriksson)
  8. greetings from waikiki  (eriksson)
  9. i need new animals  (eriksson, carlens)