zita swoon

music inspired by sunrise, a film by f.w.murnau

1997 cd bel chikaree / play it again sam bias 341 cd


  aarich jespers: drums, percussion
  tom pintens: electric and acoustic guitar, korg poly 800, grand piano, s-10 sampler, vocals, harmonium, melodica
  tomas de smet: upright bass, bombo, spanish nylon string guitar, vocals
  piet jorens: percussion, marimba, ymaha v-80, melodica
  stef kamil carlens: vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, piano, bass
  benjamin boutreur: saxophones, vocals, piano, melodica, accordeon
  klaas janzoons: violin, roland jv-800, trumpet
  bart maris: trumpet
  laurence bourgeois: vocals

all songs performed and arranged by zita swoon, klaas janzoons and piet jorens

  1. titles: a song of two humans  (jorens)
  2. woman of the city  (de smet, boutreur)
  3. the waiting  (jorens)
  4. meeting by the swamp  (de smet, boutreur)
  5. come to the city  (jespers, pintens)
  6. the skeem  (boutreur)
  7. couldn't she get drwned?  (carlens)
  8. trip to the city  (carlens)
  9. the city  (zita swoon)
  10. where's my love  (carlens)
  11. at the barbers'  (pintens, carlens, de smet)
  12. at the photographers'  (pintens)
  13. casino swing  (zita swoon)
  14. pig chase  (janzoons)
  15. peasant dance  (carlens)
  16. 3 angels song  (jorens, carlens)
  17. a new moon  (boutreur, jorens)
  18. the storm  (janzoons)
  19. the gathering of the men  (janzoons)
  20. the search  (jorens)
  21. the return  (de smet, boutreur)
  22. sunrise  (boutreur, jorens)
  23. coda: a song of two humans  (jorens)
  24. giving up the hero  (carlens, jorens)