(2001, cd, benelux, warner  8573 71542 8)
(2001, cd, benelux, warner 8573 86832 2)
signed copy

zita swoon

life = a sexy sanctuary

2001 cd benelux warner music benelux wea lc04281 8573 71542 8  (+ home movie)

originally released as a digipak booklet with a cd

    (2001, cd benelux, warner music benelux wea lc04281 8573 86832 2)

stef kamil carlens: vocals, piano, guitar, midi programming
tomas de smet: bass, percussion, synth, drums, vocals
aarich jespers: drums, percussion, sampling, organ
tom pintens: grand piano, guitar, synth, bass, clarinet, vocals
bjorn eriksson: guitars, keyboard, vocals

produced, arranged & performed by zita swoon

  1. fun for free (skc)
  2. hot hotter hottest (skc)
  3. people are like slamming doors (skc, eriksson, pintens)
  4. my heart belongs to someone else (i wish it was mine) (skc)
  5. teacher (de smet, skc, eriksson, pintens, jerspers)
  6. the bananaqueen (eriksson, skc, pintens)
  7. the quiet place in my city mind (eriksson, skc)
  8. nice (skc)
  9. josiewitchgirl (skc)
  10. moving through life as prey (skc)