zita swoon

live at the jet studio, brussels

2001 cd eec warner music benelux wea lc04281 0927 41726 2

recorded live at the jet studio, brussels, on the 10th of april, 2001

stef kamil carlens: vocals, acoustic guitar
tomas de smet: electric bass, vocals
aarich jespers: drums
tom pintens: grand piano, electric guitar, vocals
bjorn eriksson: electric guitar, vocals

  1. my heart belongs to someone else (i wish it was mine) (skc)
  2. hot hotter hottest (skc)
  3. fun for free (skc)
  4. people are like slamming doors (skc, eriksson, pintens)
  5. josiewitchgirl (skc, pintens)
  6. moving through life as prey (skc)
  7. she = like meeting jesus (skc)
  8. video