zita swoon

the bananqueen remixes

2001 cd eec wea lc04281 - 8573 89528 2

all remixes april - may 2001

  1. the bananaqueen radio mix
    performed, arranged and produced by zita swoon
  2. tom tom club remix
    additional production by chris frantz & tina weymouth
  3. praga khan remix
    remix and additional production by praga khan
  4. mŃs o matsi remix
    remixed, edited and performed by tomas de smet
  5. cj bolland remix
    remixed by cj bolland
  6. coconuts keep falling on my head
    programming and bird-watching by porino
  7. 2000 monkey remix
    remixed by tom pintens
  8. my darnest shades
    by bjorn eriksson
  9. + video "the bananqueen"