zita swoon

giving up the hero

1997 cd bel chikaree / play it again sam bias 337 cd

[1]  stef kamil carlens: vocals, electric guitar, piano * tom pintens: electric guitar, vocals * klaas janzoons: violin * benjamin boutreur: saxophones, vocals * piet jorens: melodica, percussion, marimba * tomas de smet: upright bass, vocals * aarich jespers: drums
     recorded on september 1996 at galaxy studios, mol (belgium)
     engineered by filip heurckmans, assistant engineer: tim roggeman
     mixed by jo francken with rudy trouvé, stef and tom
[2]  klaas janzoons: piano, drums, sample, violin
     recorded may 1996
[3]  stef kamil carlens: piano, martin backpacker guitar, melodica
     recorded june 1996
[4]  klaas janzoons: piano, violin, synthesizer
     recorded sometime in 1995

  1. coda: a song of two humans  (jorens)  [1]
  2. giving up the hero  (carlens, jorens)  [1]

    song sketchs : 4 track home recordings
  3. the storm  (janzoons)  [2]
  4. trip to the city  (carlens)  [3]
  5. pig chase  (janzoons)  [4]