zita swoon

plage tattoo / circumstances

2001 cd eec warner music benelux wea lc04281 8573 82117 2

"plage tattoo / circumstances" is a music / dance / play by koen augustijnen, tamayo okano, bjorn eriksson, aarich jespers and stef kamil carlens

music performed by zita swoon


  1. up to the moon (daytime)  (eriksson)
  2. circumstances  (carlens)
  3. stay with us  (jespers)
  4. spider grinder  (carlens, eriksson, jespers)
  5. spider grinder  (carlens, eriksson, jespers)
  6. into his arms  (carlens, eriksson)
  7. hungry  (carlens, eriksson)
  8. for blood effects in the mouth  (jespers)
  9. learn to dance with her  (jespers)
  10. drop  (jespers, eriksson)
  11. people can't stand the truth  (carlens)
  12. i am a lover  (carlens, eriksson)
  13. the washing  (carlens, eriksson)
  14. little marie  (carlens)
  15. no midi  (jespers)
  16. up to the moon (nighttime)  (eriksson)