z.e.r.o. / zappa early renaissance orchestra

- all compositions by frank zappa

2015 cd uk cordelia cd067


kevin crosby
prarie prince: 
rupert kettle
ted clifford:
juliana brandon:ike willis
rob morgan
rob mitchell
jimmy thomas
john greene
mick zeuner
michael wansley
matt fox
karen luke fildes
fred händl
andrew greenaway: narration

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. my dog has fleas

  2. who are the brain police?

  3. montana

  4. son of mr.green genes

  5. my dog has fleas #2

  6. little house i used to live in - solo piano intro (revised)

  7. take your clothes off when you dance

  8. little house is used to live in

  9. king kong

  10. village of the sun

  11. dilemma

  12. let's move to cleveland

  13. any way the wind blows

  14. sofa #2