z.e.r.o. / zappa early renaissance orchestra

money? what money?
- all compositions by frank zappa

2015 cd uk cordelia cd061


kevin crosby: myriad things with strings, sequencing, sound effects, narration
prarie prince: drums
rupert kettle: many stringed instruments
juliana brandon: vocals
alli bach: vocals, harmonica
rob morgan: vocals, kazoo
baby cheevers (aka joey kline): vocals
ted clifford: fake banjo, melodica
kurt silver: trombone, sequencing
jimmy thomas: electric guitar
bruce laven: piano
mick zeuner: 12 and 6 string acoustic guitar
rob mitchell: drum rendering

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. variant #1

  2. let's make the water turn black

  3. lumpy gravy

  4. idiot bastard son

  5. my guitar wants to kill your mama

  6. pygmy twylyte

  7. 555

  8. dirty love

  9. orange county lumber truck

  10. oh no

  11. holiday in berlin

  12. centerville

  13. america drinks / bow tie daddy