stef kamil carlens

stuck in the status quo

2017 cd bel pias recordings piasb468cd


stef kamil carlens: vocals, electric, acoustic, resophonic and bass guitars, hammond l-100, eminenent solina, casiotone 101, casioclub m-100, farfisa, basse aux pieds, percussion, xylophone, glockenspiel, programming
alma auer: vocals, harp
nel ponsaers: vocals
nicolas rombouts: upright bass
wim de busser: vocals, upright piano, hammon l-100, wurlitzer, fender rhodes
jeroen baert: strings
jo francken: additional drums and percussion  5, 6
pieterjan maertens: additional drums and percussion  5, 6

written, arranged, played and recorded by stef kamil carlens

1, 2, 4, 7, 8 produced by stef kamil carlens
3, 5, 6 produced by jo francken

  1. the journey will be long
  2. empty world (for yasmine)
  3. i'm going away
  4. dream blues
  5. after i'm gone
  6. stuck in the status quo
  7. the longing stays inside
  8. going home