frank zappa

joe's menage  (84)

2008 cd usa vaulternative records vr20081

1975/11/01 concert 'college of william and mary', williamsburg, va, usa

frank zappa: guitar and vocals
norma jean bell: alto saxophone and vocals
napoleon murphy brock: tenor saxophone and vocals
andré lewis: keyboards and vocals
roy estrada: bass and vocals
terry bozzio: drums

original recording & cassette produced by frank zappa
vaultmeisterment & cd compilation reconstruction by joe travers
recordist davey moire
mastering & audio restoration by john polito
concept, liner notes, photos, art & other directions by gail zappa
title layoutside now & flawless renderment by keith lawler

all compositions and arrangements by frank zappa

  1. honey, don't you want a man like me?

  2. the illinois enema bandit

  3. carolina hard-core ecstasy

  4. lonely little girl

  5. take your clothes off when you dance

  6. what's the ugliest part of your body?

  7. chunga's revenge

  8. zoot allures