frank zappa

zoot allures (22)

1976 lp usa warner brothers
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released october 29, 1976

frank zappa
terry bozzio: drums, background vocals
davey moire: vocals
andre lewis: organ, vocals
roy estrada: bass, vocals
dave parlato: bass
napoleon murphy brock: saxophone, vocals
ruth underwood: synthesizer, marimba
donnie vliet (= captain beefheart): harmonica
lou anne neill: harp
ruben ladron de guevara: background vocals
sharkie barker: background vocals

  1. wind up workin' in the gas station
  2. black napkins
  3. the torture never stops
  4. ms. pinky
  5. find her finer
  6. friendly little finger
  7. wonderful wino  (zappa, simmons)
  8. zoot allures
  9. disco boy