frank zappa & the mothers

mudshark live

2015 cd uk keyhole

also available on lp

1971 ckgm-fm radio broadcast

frank zappa: lead guitar, vocals
mark volman: lead vocals
howard kaylan: lead vocals
jim pons: bass
ian underwood: woodwinds, keyboards, vocals
bob harris: 2nd keyboard, vocals
aynsley dunbar: drums

side one

  1. daddy's home
  2. the polka / drum solo
  3. mudshark
  4. magdalena
  5. station id by frank zappa
  6. jam (incl. pirate jenny / nikki hoi)

side two

  1. daddy daddy daddy
  2. she painted up her face
  3. band intro by mark volman
  4. oh baby don't drop it
  5. happy together / penis dimension
  6. outro by frank zappa / polka reprise
  7. chom